HTC HD2 Coming March 24th, Zeppelin Called Cliq XT?

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While we have no reason to doubt the authenticity of such images, this one comes the way of and a user on their forums. A few notables here are the launch date of the HTC HD2 on 3/24, Moto Cliq XT (aka Zeppelin) on 3/10 as expected and the Nokia Nuron, on 3/17. First things first, the Nokia Nuron and Moto Cliq XT are AWFUL names. Seriously, what does the XT stand for? Extra Tall? Extra Thin? The Nokia Nuron? That is just too easy to make fun of so I will just let that go. Either way, we’ve already been confirming the dates for the XT (hehehehe) and the Nokia 5230 aka Nuron (AWFUL!!!) for some time now. Of course, I know our readers, you never mind reading anything that confirms dates. So while again, we can’t confirm the above image as authentic, we have no reason to suspect anything is fishy here.

Seriously T-Mobile, the Cliq XT, Nuron? Have we just started throwing dates at the alphabet on the wall and voila, names?


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  • Duck Dodgers

    Now that we have a date all we need is a price.

  • ig0tno0dles


  • Rob

    I believe a more intelligent assumption would be “eXtra Thin”

    • David

      That is very true, I shall add that in!

  • HD2

    HD2 I cant wait i already messed up my tp2 had it in my pocket with my keys and its all scratched i must know how much so i know how much to put aside for it :D

  • coco

    Nothing on the Motoroi though. Hope it is still coming.

  • jtc24

    whats whith the weak android phones? first we have the g1 and mytouch. mytouch is basically the g1 without the keyboard. Now were getting the cliq without a keyboard? Why do we neeed the same phone twice? i want some android phones with amazing specs. Im tired of tmobile getting the same phone twice. Not very smart. I dont like windows mobile but i may be getting the HD2 just for the power.

    • David

      I don’t know why you don’t like it but I have Touch Pro2 and I love my Windows Mobile phone. No problem with speed and performance and lots of Apps available for it on marketplace or other places and websites and many of those Apps are free.

      And with specification of HTC HD2 it will be even better exprience. Plus Windows Mobile 7 upgrade later this year can make it even better that what it is already.

  • Rhino

    its on, HYC HD2

  • CO_Yeti

    Hopefully they don’t push back the date, as they have been known to do and hopefully HTC lets me have one before 3/24 because I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  • Rob

    You used my part of my comment in your post…

    Can I put that on my resume??

  • David

    Can’t wait to get HTC HD2 for all lines on my family plan. Hopefuly price will be right to be able to afford 5 of these HTC HD2.


    • B


  • Music328

    The new Nokia 5230 is a pretty awesome phone. Had the chance to test it out a bit.

  • Dreday

    Hell yeah HD2 comes out on my birthday.

    • john


  • manus

    Dang I was hoping to get a nice qwerty slider for my girlfriend but the gravity 2 is too high school.

  • max

    I hope that’s not all for 1 st quarter cuz I don’t see the Moto Roi.David any news?????

  • peter fitzenwell

    Motoroi motoroi motoroi …..updates if any …thnx

    • David

      I’m sure as soon as the info comes out it will be posted, hang in there!

  • randall

    yes, need some motoroi news.

    And whats happened to the unanounced HTC phone you guys were touting in the “comfirming our own handset info”

    • T-Michael

      HTC Bravo PLEASE! **crosses fingers**

  • Voiceofreason

    I’m kinda disappointed; I wonder if the sholes tablet aka MOTOROI is still coming to T-Mo. Never-the-less you can’t beat that HD2.

  • saintory

    Maybe the Moto Cliq XT would sell better if they called it the Moto XT Cliq, aka Moto XTC. :-)

  • randall

    Why does Tmo keep bring back all these rehashed phones.Looks like ill be waiting to upgrade longer than i planned

    • Spike

      Well, I just have to point out: There only is currently available TWO (1…2… TWO) powerful Android phones available amongst FOUR carriers. So to complain about Tmo’s selection is a case of thinking the grass is greener. Seriously, outside of the Droid on VZW or the Nexus One, all the others are lame. Including my aging, rooted G1.

  • whyhellomichael

    these are all accurate dates…for reaaaaaaaaal. trust me shhhhhhh….

  • randall

    who cares if the dates are accurate, is there a phone in there worth getting excited about.BLEH

    • justme

      with ya on that.

      really wish they’d quit rehashing phones. release it once and then move on to something different.

      • john

        All the people hating on the phones, I have a question. Which phone did they “Rehash” with the hd2?

      • justme

        i was talking their android line up, john, so take a deep breath. sorry i didn’t specify.

    • David

      Randall, by the tone of your posts, I doubt there will be any phone that will make you happy.

      • randall

        Nah, not true, I love the Tmo service I have in my area, the flexabilty tmo allows, theres only one thing Id change, and that would be the hardware

    • David

      Randall, by the tone of your posts, it sounds like any phone offered any quarter this year will not excite you. Settle down already.

      • randall

        Sorry if I offended you David, I dont really have a tone, and if its coming across that I do, I appologize

  • Not impressed with HD2… Really waiting on the HTC Bravo… HD2 looks like a big brick…

  • newspeak

    the current crop of android phones on tmobile are basically all the same spec wise

    i am waiting to upgrade as well….its getting tiring

  • Mockerfab4

    Woohooo! Price please. Esp. the non-contract price. Got my tax refund and putting that sucker in savings until this phone comes out.

  • SEFan

    Is this why Google rolled the Nexus One for T-Mobile first? To show T-Mo users a state-of-the-art Android device? Because, left to their own devices, T-Mo has an annoying tendency to be behind the curve on their Android offerings. If you’re going to bring an updated Cliq it ought to be UPDATED – current ver of Android, fast processor, etc.

    ‘Course Google could take a few lessons from T-Mobile on customer service, but that’s another story….

    • rob

      T-Mobile had the first Android device.

      • T-Michael

        and then? … and then and then and then and then?

  • Sgt. Cell

    Come one T Mobile March Th? might as well be April. I’ll wait patiently, but I won’t like it!

  • tmoboss

    ATT and VZW has good phones all locked up – BB Storm2, Moto Droid, Eris etc.
    Why cant TMO get any of the VZW’s models in GSM version?
    Wonder if Tmo execs PROACIVELY negotiate super deals or wait for the manuf to sell
    elsewhere first and then come to tmo for non-sold ones ;)

  • Tuck

    i work at a limited partner and my ADR just confirmed that document, he said he literally just got the email with this in it before he got to our store.

  • Sanjay

    Good news. My TP2 seems to have slowed down after the upgrade to 6.5. Still wondering about the lack of a physical keyboard. Any firmer news on whether it will come with WM7? Microsoft needs to get that going or risk it being irrelevant. I hope WM7 is a step up lime Windows 7 was over Vista. It needs to be faster and manage memory loss. I can’t recall the name of the other snapdragon WM device coming out later that I think did have the slidout keyboard. Can someone remind me please?

  • T.P.

    Cant expect to move out of fourth place if you continue to do the things that put you there in the first place! Let’s go T-Mobile!

  • randall

    T.P youre 100% correct

  • David

    1st quarter is over in less than 8 weeks and we can expect to see many more devices offered up this year. The htc hd2 is actually pretty thin and really nice, I had a chance to hold a real one for literally 2 minutes and let me tell you, it is really, really sick! I do not like windows mobile but I was really impressed with this device! Looks like the iphone will have some serious competition soon. I know some of the devices for 1st quarter don’t impress most of you but there are many types of t-mobile customers that want many types of phones. I think this will be the best year for handsets for t-mobile..lots of cool stuff to come yet.

    • pecoy

      the euro version or did u hold the official us version? i know they are the same phone but just wondering if u got ur hands on a tmo usa version..did it feel too big in the hand?

      • David

        It was the us version, I have a friend at t-mobile and got to check it out. It is solid but not to heavy. I love android and wish the hd2 was android! I may have to get one and make myself like winmo lol.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And after all, it is the regular customer who matters, not the geeks and fanboys of this or that who hang out on these forums. Like I said before, the millions of customers who will be buying the HD2 think that Snapdragon is some kind of game on the phone.

      Despite all the negativity from people on here who are never satisfied or who are skilled at finding something gnat sized issue to complain about, T-Mobile’s handset lineup is fantastic. They have quality devices to suit every niche.

      How soon people forget that it was T-Mo who got the exclusive on RIM’s new consumer phones, starting with the Pearl in 2006. And later, they got the exclusive on the first Android phone, the G1.

      And despite non-WinMo-users continuing to pick apart WinMO, IMHO WinMo 7 will be a fantastic success, much the same as Win 7 is. (Check out MS earnings in 2009, all because of how well Win 7 has sold).

      WinMo 7 will be perfect for the HD2. I believe Microsoft when they say WinMo 7 will provide the user with a rich, premium experience. Matter of fact I am such a believer I sold my T-Mobile Touch Pro2 because it won’t work with WinMo 7.

      As part of MS dual mobile platform strategy, MS will continue to develop new versions of WinMo 6.5 and updates. However, WinMo 7 will work only on certain powerful phones, including the… drum roll please… the HD2.

      (By the way, that’s another reason that we know the HD2 will be getting WinMo 7. MS said that “Windows Phones” will have the Windows key to indicate it can run WinMo 7. A Windows Phone must have a fast processor and lots of RAM. The U. S. HD2 will have all those things.

      When I heard what MS was planning with WinMo 7, on phones such as the HD2, I put my TP2 on eBay instantly as if by magic.

      All you WinMo haters can continue to hate, but me? I’ll be enjoying the new and fantastic HD2. ;)

      And it will be a blast to see what XDA Developers comes up with. Within two weeks of having mine I will be doing a HardSPL and customizing the heck out of the phone. I might even be watching cable TV on it. LOL.

      • Mockerfab4

        Great post. I am waiting on WM7, but some of the news about it is making me back off a little.

        Do you if WM7 will be able to run the Sense Flo UI on the HD2? From the news I hear about it, WM7 will not allow sense to be layered over it. This was really the selling point for me on this device.

        I guess I’ll have to wait to see what WM7 does, and then make my decision whether to get this phone.

  • thats good but how bout t-mobile improves their coverage over here in puerto rico? better yest when da hell are we getting 3G over here in puerto rico??? has t-mobile forgotten about us? we are still part of the usa.. i dnt want to have to move on to at&t or claro because they do have 3G only problem is they are much more expensive i am tired of being stuck on edge on my g1..

  • analog spirit

    “Nuron” and “Cliq XT?” What crap names! They can come up with better names than that… “Zeppelin” is better.

  • eiead

    I was able to play with the HD2 for about 30 minutes the other day. I already knew I wanted it but now I cant wait, it is a beast of a device so it may not be for everyone, but if you use your phone for videos there is nothing better (even the god phone). It has no lag when playing videos & even skipping forward in a movie it doesn’t flinch. The camera is awesome with the dual flash working great. More of a usable user interface then android. My MyTouch 3g always has problems bringing my home screen up after using the internet & that wont happen on the HD2. Best phone I have ever used & I think a real game changer for T-Mobile (since when would T-Mobile get the best phone on the market all to themselves).

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for this great post. I sold my T-Mobile Touch Pro2 in anticipation of getting the HD2. In the meantime we have been using an old Pearl and a G1. So I just bought the BlackBerry Bold 9700. That is a beautiful phone. So the question is:

      Do I tie us up with two very expensive smartphones (I am not entitled to discounts) or should I send the BlackBerry back and get the HD2 for myself. (And let my girlfriend continue to use the G1.

      I am leaning toward keeping both the HD2 and 9700. After all, by April 2010 her G1 is really getting outdated. LOL.

      Anyway, what do you mean it is a beast of a device? I suspect you mean it’s a huge phone. It looks big so I imagine in person it’s as big as it looks.

      I posted before that the HD2 is about as big as a phone can get before it starts looking ridiculous because we would look like fools holding a netbook up to the ear when talking on the phone.

      Agree with the balance of your post and I suspect that T-Mo and Microsoft intend to use the HD2 as an iPhone killer.

      But also like you say, it may be way too big for a lot of people. I guess it depends how it feels compared to the iPhone. While I hear that it is thinner than the iPhone, width and length it looks too big for most people, those who want something easy to tote. Maybe I will wear it around my neck.

      Sidenote: Truth be told I have been using the BlackBerry for a few weeks now. I really, really miss Windows Mobile. I liked the level of customization I could achieve and there were many features that I used and enjoyed (one was TV Out that I used when teaching). And I loved the HTC Sense user interface.

      But as David and others have noted in here, POCs (my term, “plain ol’ consumers”) don’t care about most of this stuff, not even the faster processors and loads of RAM.

      They care about looks, ease of use and is it popular. In fact, ask any of them about the HD2 having Snapdragon they are gonna ask “Is that a game? Sounds cool.”

  • khaltz

    Are you serious I invested hundreds into moto cliq for tmobile to come out with a new a few months later straight BS on Tmobiles part. I can’t wait for a better functionin iphone on tmobile meaning 3g works because I’m thrownin this piece out.

    • coco

      This new cliq is pretty much the same phone as the old one without a keyboard. Nothing really to be upset about.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    March 24th, I will have 1 of 2 phones. Either the Xperia X10, or the HD2. Whichever phone comes first.

    • khaltz

      I know that but it would be nice to have a better touch screen on the moto cliq and not be so thick or heavy. The moto cliq I have is a plastice piece of crap. Motorolas cosmetic crap sucks.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      If it were I, HD2 would be the one. :)

  • branon

    I thought Tmobile was going to bring HD2, Nokia n900, Motorola Sholes, Xperia x10, HTC bravo according to tmonews last month. Now all we are left with is the HD2?

    • David

      When and where did we ever promise the N900 and HTC Bravo to T-mobile?? I think you misread some earlier posts!!

      • ppmcdoodles

        simpletons get confused between “it has TMO 3g bands” and “its coming to TMO”

      • branon

        Just embellishing…

    • Davidohio

      Tmonews never said that those were coming for sure. Read it again.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I want to know where the Motorola is and if its even coming to Tmobile or not. I want a nice Android phone to replace my G1… and while we could use the Nexus One… current customers are unable to upgrade at the new customer price and we are unable to keep our grandfathered plans. Unless Tmobile starts to sell the Nexus One I don’t see any next Gen Android phone hitting T-Mobile besides the Motorola. Please TmoNews can you confirm this phone to be coming to Tmobile or not and if so…. any ideas when? My G1 is getting old… the extended life battery makes it seem like I am carrying a brick and the memory is horrid.


    I really hope they allow t-mobile customers to get it 1-2 weeks before public release like they did with the cliq! I don’t wanna wait anymore! =]

    • amen brother i just wish they would come out with the hd2 right after the MWC on feb. 15 i am tired of them releasing all of these inferior phones first lets bring out the big dog tmo

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      They might, but even being a long-term, big spending customer they have never given me a break, at least not on product debuts. They have given me phones at two year discounts even though I was not entitled to such.

      But to me, that was T-Mo of old. They seem to me to becoming a harder company to deal with. Customer service is going down the toilet. (I have a detailed post that I will be putting somewhere that tells of my recent debacle with T-Mo.

      Hint: I did not get my Bold 9700 for two weeks because they said I did not send back a signed e-mail confirming the deal. Well I never got the e-mails they sent because they spelled my e-mail address, that has “sanfrancisco” in it, with an “s” instead of a “c” — sanfransisco. So the e-mails they sent or somewhere in the black hole of the Internet. Sigh.

  • BeachGirl14

    Where’s the Motoroi???

    • J-Hop2o6

      maybe Q2?

      • BeachGirl14

        I hope!! :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Interesting that they are calling the HD2 an “entertainment device.”

    I say this because Windows Mobile has always been the office power user OS. But WinMo 7 is supposed to be more geared toward a “rich multi-media experience.”

    Does this description hint that WinMo 7 will either be on the HD2 when it debuts or at least a free update?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Since these posts solicit speculation, ahem… comments, does calling it an entertainment device indicate that perhaps this will be lower priced than the T-Mobile Touch Pro2?

    Any guesses on price? I don’t like that it will include a 16GB microSD chip, T-Mo has to get that money back, so the price will include $50 additional for that. Also, that chip may indicate T-Mo trying to justify a higher price?

    Of course we have now reached what I call the “default price” for high-end smartphones. That would be about $450 to $500. So $450 is my best guess and not more than $475.

  • carla t

    Will the HD2 be associated with Gmail?

  • eman

    Hello guys will HD2 will run on 3G network and not Edge?

    • Kickstar13

      It Has compatibility for both T-Mobile’s EDGE network and T-Mobile’s 3G network. So yes, you will be able to use EDGE.

  • abe

    will they ever make a touch screen and uma phone

  • anonomous-x

    This beauty wouldn’t surprise me if it does cost since I’ve been saving my money for over a year, watching this come to life, I’m ready even if the hints about the Huashan are starting…

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