HTC HD2 Coming March 24th, Zeppelin Called Cliq XT?

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While we have no reason to doubt the authenticity of such images, this one comes the way of and a user on their forums. A few notables here are the launch date of the HTC HD2 on 3/24, Moto Cliq XT (aka Zeppelin) on 3/10 as expected and the Nokia Nuron, on 3/17. First things first, the Nokia Nuron and Moto Cliq XT are AWFUL names. Seriously, what does the XT stand for? Extra Tall? Extra Thin? The Nokia Nuron? That is just too easy to make fun of so I will just let that go. Either way, we’ve already been confirming the dates for the XT (hehehehe) and the Nokia 5230 aka Nuron (AWFUL!!!) for some time now. Of course, I know our readers, you never mind reading anything that confirms dates. So while again, we can’t confirm the above image as authentic, we have no reason to suspect anything is fishy here.

Seriously T-Mobile, the Cliq XT, Nuron? Have we just started throwing dates at the alphabet on the wall and voila, names?


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