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Nokia Nuron Overclocked

You read that right, the Nokia 5230 (or the Nuron) has been overclocked.  The question here is why?  Why would someone in their right mind undertake the task of (or even want to) overclocking the Nuron.  Well, the simple answer could just be that it can be done and we have the technology (or maybe they were bored).  Either way, someone did it, and now that 434MHz ARM11 chip screams at 800MHz.  This “fix” hasn’t … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Update Rolling Out?

The Nokia Nuron is one of those phones that runs a fine line between smartphone and dumbphone and does it well. For those of you who took the leap with this one, a software update awaits your calling. Details regarding this update remain unknown, however the description of “Improves phone’s performance and brings you the latest features,” has to mean something good right? We’ll be hunting for more details but if you’ve managed to … [read full article]

New Ovi Store Payment Options

Wish you didn’t have to pay right away for Ovi Store purchases on your new Nuron?  Starting today, March 29th, Nokia 5230 Nuron owners will have the option to bill charges for downloaded content purchased from the Ovi Store to their T-Mobile bill in addition to the credit card option which is already available.  If you choose to charge downloads from the Ovi Store to your T-Mobile bill, the purchase descriptions will be displayed under “Premium Services” … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Now Available


Mostly overshadowed by the release of the HTC HD2 today but not to be forgotten is the Nokia Nuron which is out now.  I’ve had some hands on time with the Nokia Nuron here at CTIA and I have to say that, while the reviews have been less than stellar, I honestly think it’s a cool little device.  Yes, it’s not fancy shmancy like Android or the iPhone or even the HD2.  The reviews[read full article]

Nokia Nuron In The Wild Video

The Nokia Nuron is shaping up to be a touchscreen delight with minimal monthly addition.  Having already grabbed images of the phone in the wild, it’s only right that we move on to the next step of phone leak evolution: the video.  Without further ado, we present the above and while it’s less than two minutes, it’s enough to get a glimpse at the phone’s touchscreen in all its resistive form.  While it’s likely … [read full article]

T-Mobile Advertising The Upcoming Trifecta

Nothing says “buy me” like a glossy advertisement and that’s exactly what T-Mobile is dropping in their stores.  The trifecta of upcoming phones arguably covers the entire gambit of needs for smartphone lovers everywhere.  If you want some Android goodness, the Cliq XT with some MotoBlur window dressing has you covered.  Perhaps you want a touchscreen without all the smartphone frills but with some extra horsepower over that standard flip.  The Nokia Nuron is waiting … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Confirmed For March 24th Launch

We’ve been hearing whispers through emails and smoke signals that the Nokia Nuron was indeed facing a short delay to launch.  We can now officially confirm the delay as well as the March 24th launch date.  Originally slated for the 17th, we’re not sure what the cause of the delay was and, frankly, since this phone only requires a $10 data plan, we’re willing to wait an extra week.  The pricing details were missing from … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron Poses For The Camera

Looking for a cheap feature-first phone with a full browsing experience at your fingertips?  Then the Nokia Nuron is for you!  If the previous pics Mr. Blurrycam provided weren’t enough to sway you toward this handset, perhaps some of these HD quality snapshots can change your mind.  Another one of our ninjas also provided us with a comparison chart which clearly shows the Nuron killing the competition.  Hit the jump for some more high-res snapshots … [read full article]

HTC HD2 Finds Mr. Blurrycam Along With Its Friend, The Nokia Nuron

Arguably, the HTC HD2 is one of the most anticipated devices T-Mobile has launched in recent memory.  As a Windows Phone powerhouse, it may be the device to bring those who might have otherwise snubbed their nose at Windows devices back into the fold.  While we wait for more news, rumors and gossip regarding a possible or unlikely upgrade to Windows Phone 7, this phone will be here in just about 2 weeks.  Thanks to … [read full article]