The Magenta Mothership Confirms HD2 Launch Date


Finally, after months of speculation and rumors, rumors and more rumors, the Magenta mothership herself has confirmed the date of launch.  It’s March 24th.  So get your piggy banks cracked open or beg and plead for money from your Mom but come one week from this very Wednesday, this baby is all yours.  If the price is right.

It’s been a nice run of HTC HD2 posts though up till now, right?

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Thanks Jack!


  • Lee

    I think you guys are being a bit harsh. Isn’t it still a great phone without WP7S upgrade?

    • Mojo..HD

      yes it is…a phone is a phone….and no one keeps a phone forever…but we all like to get the best phone as long as we love the phone….so this phone will be mine….wp7 is an OS..not a phone…(me im shopping for a phone)..wp7 will or will not land on a phone that i am loving such as the HD2…(a great OS can be on a crappy phone(2″ screen, no touch screen, bulky and plain ugly) and no one will buy it…but if you had a truely outdate OS(like the first wm os or what was there before an OS was ever invented)on a phone that can change into a car or fly into you hands with voice command, you will difinitly buy it…right?)…point made….great phone can’t pass it up until the next great PHONE comes out…

  • thats an awesumm phone too bad t-mobile doesnt have 3G over here in puerto rico its a shame its only going to work on crappy edge…
    o well i guess ima have to get at&t or claro cause they do have 3G over here…

    • Ok no windows 7 but confirmed march 24th sounds good to me lol

    • RayLebron

      I feel your pain mariana. I heard TMobile is going to deploy 3G this year but your are going to be lucky if you live in the Metropolitan area (San Juan). I myself am thinking of getting it even if it only going to work on Edge. A small price to pay for having the best phone with the best monthly payment.

      • enjoijams

        Yah EDGE isn’t too bad actually.
        I was running off EDGE until middle of last year.
        It worked fine. I was able to download a 5mb song in 2-3 minutes.

  • yaaaaaaay! LOL

  • AnturA

    Does anyone know if we will be able to upgrade our phones for $199 also? Thanks in advance.

  • AnturA

    I ask because ask because as Mojo HD stated, a good phone is a good phone, and software can always be modified more to your liking (IMHO WP7 does not look as appealing as the Sense UI i have seen on this site). The HD2 will be mine!

  • Jack

    yes you can also get the phone for $199.99 for qualifying upgrade

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hey, who was it that authoritatively posted on here that the launch date was postponed while T-Mo dealt with software or Mobi TV issues?

    I want to remember who that person is so that I can mark him as a major BSr.

  • johnny

    looks like i gotta get that old tent out and start preparing lol

  • Twitch110

    Noooooooiiiiiccceee!!!! SWHIING!!!

  • Booyeah


    • useless


  • N00b

    I have a really noob question. What exactly is the benefit of having a gig of ROM? I just don’t understand what ROM does exactly. I know all about RAM, and how it contributes to the phone, But why is it better to have more ROM? I would really appreciate an answer. It’s been pissing me off. Nothing online is explaining it well.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You know how RAM is temp memory, well ROM is non-volatile meaning it’s “permanent.” When you turn off your phone anything is RAM is lost, anything in ROM remains.

      A phone’s ROM is where the OS is stored or installed. A ROM is also where applications and programs reside.

      Think of ROM as your phone’s “hard disk.” But unlike your hard disk’s platters that spin, a ROM is simply a chip with circuitry and other electronics that acts as a hard disk of sorts.

      As it is with a hard disk on a PC, the larger the ROM the more space there is to installs programs, apps and fun stuff.

      • Jeff

        Excellent description. I love techy stuff, but don’t always understand what makes them “tick”. I knew the purpose of RAM and ROM. I just could never remember which was which.

    • chris p

      lots of benefits…i’ll try to explain stuff in non technical way.

      ROM is what people refer to as internal memory. Think of a ROM as your closet at home. You buy clothes and put them in your closet so that you don’t have to go to the store to get one. Think of the sd card as the store. And think of ur travel time as the bus speeds on the motherboard. Having to store apps that you want on the rom will be a little bit faster than storing it in your sdcard. Remember WinMo phones allows applications to be stored in the sdcard. Some are explained by ItsMichaelNotMike so i don’t wanna reiterate stuff.

      • Jeff

        Another excellent description. I believe I could learn a thing or two around you guys.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Forgot to say the obvious:

      ROM is an acronym for “Read Only Memory”

      RAM is an acronym for “Random Access Memory”

      In the old days a ROM chip meant you could not write to it like you could to RAM chips.

      Eventually ROM came could be written to by you, the user. Some called this a “Flash ROM” which meant it was a ROM that one could “flash” data on to it.

      Now everyone assumes that a ROM can be accessed by the consumer. So while “flashing” (or writing/downloading) to a ROM chip is assumed and commonplace, describing a ROM that can be written to as “flash ROM” is no longer used all that much.

      But ROM data being “permanent” (until written over or erased) is still a difference between it and RAM that’s a “temp storage space” for data, data that is lost when the phone is physically powered off.

  • Joe Pa

    I’m officially taking the 24th off of work. ……can’t wait.

  • Nitaino

    Yeah boy HTC HD2 will be mine too (for my Wife so mine lol), Puerto Rico stil edge? uff thats sucks hey Mariana come here to USA, I am from PR too. Soy de Carolina Wepa!

    • @ nitaino puerto rico is part of the usa

  • wp7 is not really needed if you listen to what they said you use the UI most of the time never really using the wm6.5 pluss there are so many sights right now with ppl changing up their hd2 so you can get that/// andorid is the best OS right now amd hd2 is the best phone right now if those 2 were to come together then ok but i dont really care about wp7

    • David


      “Andorid is the best OS right now”

      No I don’t think so. Maybe you can say Andorid is a good OS but not the best for sure. Still Android has many problems, lack of features, bugs and etc. so defently not the best OS!

  • wojax2

    DAVID!!! just wanna say… you rullllleeeeeeeee!!!!!!HD2 BABA!!!!!!

  • Jack

    cant wait woot woot, get it then off i go to vegas for spring break!

    • wojax2

      get it and then head down to Orlando fl for a week. I gotta show this beast off to my brother(who happens to be a manager at Verizon and droid owner) just wanna show him what he’s missing!! this is gonna be an interesting vacation. lol-hd2 baba!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    What is that chart talking about at the bottom when it says “other Windows Mobile devices allow messaging and data to meet the data requirement… the HD2 will require a data feature to meet the data requirement.”

    It sounds like they are saying someone who has a data plan must get a data plan to meet the data plan requirement. Huh?

    • coloradogray

      When you upgrade to a data device/Smart phone on a discount one is required to get a contracted service with it. This is usually in the form of the Unlimited data plan, but one could conceivably get just the unlimited messaging for the line and that would fulfill the requirement as well. What it is stating is that on the HD2 this trade off can not be made. One would need to get the data plan to fulfill the contract requirement.

    • gargoyle999

      Funny, that’s what I thought too. Should say other Windows Mobile Devices that allow messaging OR data…

    • TmoNinja

      They put this note in there because although the Shadow was WinMo it only required phone-first, $10.00 web. So, they are saying although that phone only required phone first web or messaging, this phone will require the REQ data.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thank you all for the explanations. Sounds like an inside thing. I don’t know how to talk the talk.

  • BenWah

    What do we talk about once HD2 ships? The forthcoming gravity 3?

    • David

      HTC HD3 with Windows Phone 7 Series… ;)

      • gargoyle999

        Is there a release date and price for the HD3 yet? :D

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well there’s the Touch Pro3, the HD3 and the full line of superphones coming out in October-November.

      As I said before, this holiday season is going to be a wild ride for us on the consumer side.

      At that time I will be passing on my “OLD” HD2 to my girlfriend or I will sell it on eBay. If I sell it on eBay we will be getting TWO superphones in November.

      I am intoxicated with excitement and I don’t even have the HD2 yet. Guess that’s a good thing, not being in love with any one phone or OS.

      I’ll tell you what I’m waiting for.

      My cable TV and broadband service are about $150 a month. With the HD2 I intend to disconnect both those services and:

      Use the HD2 for TV news coverage (Mobi TV gets CNN, ABC and MSNBC).

      Use the HD2 to tether to my computers.

      Use Netflix for DVD movie rentals (Have been using NFX for years).

      And drum roll please:


      I am already wireless at home (no land line phone), been that way since year 2000. So cutting the TV/Broadband cord will not be that big a deal for me.

      Besides, on my Touch Pro2 I was using Manila TV to watch live broadcast MSNBC. I discovered that watching the news and other programming on that little screen was fine. (Watching Mobi TV on the HD2 can only be better since that screen is 4.3″ as opposed to the TP2’s 3.6″ display.)

      So off with Comcast’s head. And the money I save ($1800 annually) can go toward superphone purchases and upgraded T-Mo services, assuming T-Mobile eventually goes to tiered data plans, pay more $ = get more use and faster connection.

      My fantasy on all this is arriving home, connecting my superphone to a dock, and this connects me to the 42″ flat panel, phone extensions in every room, and provides a net connection to all my computers.

      That is what we are going to, I just wish it was here now. I predict next fall we will see this technology, for example, some superphones will have HDMI ports enabling a 1080p HD connection to huge flat panel monitors, 5.1 audio will connect to surround sound speakers.

  • ya tu sabe a todo los boricuas. Here in El Paso we finally have 3G and it is fast. I can’t wait to get this HD2. I just read the cons over at and trust meI cannot live with many of them and I am actually ecstatic to stay with wm 6.5 no phone is a perfect phone to the world as a whole, but perfection is merley an opinion and in my opinion the HD2 will hold me over for a very long time. Other than that zune stuff what else can the classic os not do? I have spoken to a few reliable sources and have some confirmation that the hd2 will get a netflix app that instantly streams movies along with silverlight. Hey even google is going to release google gps for the hd2 and 6.5 os. people should really appreciate the fact that many of the cons mentioned for wp7 do not exist in our beloved WM 6.5

    • Bdar

      Excellent point. There’s been so much praise of the WM6.5-Killer WP7 that its nice someone took the time to point out the drawbacks. I get the impression that they’re trying so hard to make a product that is as successful as the iphone that they’ve forgotten their roots. They’re abandoning that which makes them different from the iphone. I will that much more proud to own a WMClassic HD2 than an early iteration of iWP7 once it rolls around.

    • RayLebron

      Saludos papa desde PR. I just made the decision to get the HD2 even if it is not getting the upgrade to 7 cause it’s an awesome phone with awesome capabilities. Also I think that phone is going to still be relevant in a year (hardware wise), and by then I’m going to be renewing my contract. I just hope I can learn how to put Android in it. (Does somebody know how to delete that ugly Blockbuster icon?)

  • Bdar

    This will be a quiet blog on the days following the 24th. Well, aside from people returning to say how awesome their HD2 is, probably from their HD2. :)

    • beej

      That’s what I was thinking, too! Hehe!

  • Mojo..HD

    man..ok..I just really now took my first look at windows 7 series review….and i hate it…its to much like the zune and i hated that..i can’t stand the chopped gives me a headache…i hate the keyboard…I hate the squares…i never wanted a zune and this to me looks like a zune with phone capabilities…I love the HD2 htc sense…it way better(look wise)….trust me I am not in a hurry for wm7…i have more envy for the HD2 and that wm7 OS….(it gives me a headache…to much crap going on with the different size text…I am a graphic designer and the text mixture is horrible…(simplicity is sometimes better but wm7 is simplily messed up)…

    • David

      I am designer too and I am not agree with you at all. Perhaps we have different tastes…

      I love everything about Zune and Windows Phone 7 Series. I Really love Zune HD and Windows Phone 7 Series design and the way it looks. Very Cool and modern looking.

      Can’t wait to get a new HTC phone with Windows Phone 7 Series.

      • Mojo..HD

        your right the modern look is what was attempted..but its also kind of boring for a cell phone…if it was my appartment, i would keep that simple modern look..but for a phone its way to square shaped.(your right it could be a taste thing…but that taste on a cell is not interesting enough for me or should i say graphical enough…I need more animation/graphic to my cell phone…like i said the modern is in now days and most of my appartment and organization is modern..but cell phones need an edge to catch your eyes..)..the htc sense UI is MODERN but also gives you a good amount of animation and graphics (the weather for example)…(the one thing I would say i like about the wm7 is the moving/animated icons…) like i said i get a headache when my text say people but i can only see the ople or the peop..very cool and i can see the what they are trying to do, but on a cell phone it just makes me feel like the screen is too small…its like most internet browsing on most phones…you wish you could see the entire page..not just chopped paragraph where you have to scroll over and over..and that is what the wm7 make me feel like i am doing..

  • justsayin

    no matter wat technology is outdated by the time it comes out thats how it always is if u never by a product becuz sumthen new is cumen out ull never by a product thats technology…good phone tho im a andoid fan but after ive played wit it im gettin it

  • gargoyle999

    At least I’m off work next Wed (normal day off) so I can get to my local store (<5 minutes away) bright and early and scope it out.


    Finally I can stop punching babies in the face. Atleast until they start to delay wm7 until March 2011


    It’s about DAMN time T-Mobile! WTF took so long to confirm the launch date? You could have lost possible customers that got tired of waiting and playing the guessing game. Anyways, the important thing is that you still got me ;) so see you on March 24th Tmo reps!!

    • Davidohio

      Really it does not matter because the launch date was going to be 3/24 so even if they confirmed that a month ago you would still have to wait. I mean, it’s just another smartphone.

  • waiting

    I can’t wait! I’m so excited, it’s like Christmas has come early. Now if they would only do a pre-order..

  • Uchenna

    HTC phones are garbage, i am tired of hearing about the garbage HTC phone. I wish google will stop using HTC nad motorolla to make there signature phones. they both make poor quality phones. HTC is an expensive poor quality phone that drops calls fron t and back

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Um, and you come here to vent your frustrations about HTC and Motorola? What kind of sense is that? Why not do something like sit down and write a lengthy letter about your frustrations and send it to HTC and Motorola. Perhaps they will listen to you.

      (I swear, the logic some people apparently lack)

    • Davidohio

      Uchenna….we all get that you hate HTC. Maybe you should find a good theropist to help you work through this deep hatred for HTC. I personally have a HTC G1 and never drop a call so…..I don’t really get what you are whining about. Maybe you live in a cave in the desert or something.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Same thing here… I have a TP2 and I have a MT3G. Neither phone drops calls even when I am getting one bar and Edge service (west side of Phoenix sucks for that reason, among others)…

  • bigc

    FINALLY T-Mobile, it took long enough. The HD2 is a great phone, windows phone 7 upgrade or not but like I said earlier, on the 24th, it’s not just gonna be the HD2, it’s gonna be MY HD2. Oh yeah, it was pretty nice giving a valid release date on my birthday “Happy Birthday To Me”. Well, at least today we’ll find out some more if not all about this mammoth of a phone, I’ll post more latter, peace out.

  • mike

    Uchenna its the network that drops the calls not the phone. HTC and T-Mobile combine for a no call droping awesome everything.

  • Uchenna

    Ok i had touch pro 2, the battery dies in like 5 hours. I had a shit load of dropped calls. I changed to blackberry bold 9700. The dropped calls stopped and my battery lasted all day!! Tell me something that i don’t know!

    • deeone

      naija boy!!! htc ain’t that bad, trust me atleast not this one.

      • Uchenna

        Lol well i hope you enjoy the HTC bro!

    • Inuyasha

      5 hours? How much do you use it? My TP2 battery always has between 50-70% left when I get home from work. I went to a gun show a couple of weeks ago after I got out of work and my battery was still at 20% after being off the charger for almost 24 hrs with moderate usage.

      • Davidohio

        Haha his battery only lasted 5 hours because he was on the internet for 5 hours non stop..yeah, that would kill the battery.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        That’s how the battery in my TP2 is. I can go all day without charging while doing txt, phone, and internet. The only time my battery drains quickly is when I am WiFi tethering. *shrug*

  • Steven

    What about the Launch party today for the HD2. I have heard nothing this morning. I wonder if anybody is live blogging from it with the latest info.

    • JonB

      The press conference/party is at 7pm ET tonight, I believe.

    • JonB

      The press conference/party is at 7pm ET tonight, I believe.

  • chicago081

    None of these mobile phones will be able to do everything, that’s why we still have our laptops. Will this phone let me listen to Sirius, that is what I want to know!

  • Big C

    I can’t stress enough how awesome this phone is. The best news for me is that it doesn’t come with WP7S. Have you seen those new pics of the 3 confirmed sets? Look at the home screens…..BOOOOOORING!! Looks so DULL. HTC Sense is the SHIZZ!! I love it. It’s beautiful and colorful. Tons of eye candy which WP7S lacks. I can’t wait to show off the phone to everyone. I have never been one to try to be first in line for a phone but the HD2 is a different MONSTER….I mean, story. Haha. I wish I could get it before the 24th. That’s too long of a wait for me right now!!

  • Deep

    Did anyone else notice the note on the bottom saying that unlike other Windows Mobile devices that require messaging and data, the HD2 will require a “data feature” in order to meet the special data requirements. Is this T-mobile’s way of tacking on another charge for additional internet usage on this phone???? If so then that along with limited app availability for WinMo 6.5 will cause me to pass and probably move on from the Magenta…

    • cdrobinson83

      it just means you need the internet plan ($30?) on the line that the phone is on to be eligible for the 199.99 price. that’s all.

    • TmoNinja

      They put this note because unline the Shadow, which was a WinMo device, you have to have the REQ data and not just the $10 phone first data or messaging.

  • Big C

    I’m positive that T-Mobile will have a good plan for this phone. They have the best prices….usually. We shall find out.

  • sortamad

    wow it feels like a journey has come to an end. we’ve been following this phone since what the end of november. We’ve gone from not having the slightest info to knowing every bit of this phone before it comes out. wow it feels like graduation time, and i just cant wait for the 24th to roll around.

  • The HTC HD2 will be 148.88 (New or Upgrade) at Wal-Mart, it is launching March 28th at Best Buy. The Cliq XT is already out and for 69.99 (New or Upgrade) at Best Buy Mobile. The Nokia Nuron will be 29.99

    These are facts. Count on them..except the Cliq XT, it has already been out and being sold more than a few days, so I don’t know wtf is up with chu guys. 99 dollars, what kind of sucker pays that.

  • Jose

    ughhhhh cant wait already put in vacation and got it approved and NO SCHOOL!! lol ill be outside my t-mobile. and great responses on the questions on the ROM.

  • Lebron1189

    Damn I hope the data plan will atleast stay at the 34.99 for me. I hope its cheaper though

    • TmoNinja

      I’d be amazed if the data plan prices change AGAIN.

  • cdrobinson83

    i have a blackberry right now with the 19.99 unlimited plan. well TMO keep that price for me when i get the HD2?

    • TmoNinja

      No, you’re going to be required to take the 2 year contracted data for an upgrade price.

    • cdrobinson83

      i’m not eligible for upgrade right now. little over a month away. and the stores i’ve talked to won’t work with me on that. so i’ll be paying full price. will that allow for me to keep my data plan price @ 19.99?

      • TmoNinja

        yes. any time you pay full price you have the option of keeping your old data.

  • DK Brothers

    I assume a pre-sale will start tomorrow. There’s a big get together today annoucing the HD2 to the media.

  • chrisrj28

    I agree with the comments about Sense being more desirable than WP7, every screen I have seen and demo has not impressed me whatsoever, I mean who would want that on their HD2 and not be able to use awesome Sense anymore.

    So anyway I went to the store to take a deeper look at the phone my wife wants one now too lol. I looked at the sdcard and transformers movies, they are not copy protected and that really suprised me, anyone that buys one can easily copy and distribute the movies with ease. I thought Tmo would restrict that but oh well lol. And the movie sizes are 1.3gb & 1.43gb so I don’t think they skipped on the quality. The T2 on the HD2 is as good as the blu-ray rip I have on my TP2

    So yeah with the Tmo rom has about 275mb free Ram on a fresh boot, I am looking forward to seeing what a custom Rom will have available.

    • efjay

      I am not a fan of Sense and applications like the AP Mobile one that was demoed look a lot better IMO, with a sense of depth that is lacking in Sense. However the underlying architecture of no multitasking, no removable storage, no freedom to install applications makes WP7S an identical copy of the iphone. Whatever the differences in UI this is nothing but a Microsoft iphone and cant see it selling when you can have the original.

      Only hope I have, since I do want the Xbox and media functions is that Xda are able to find a way to “jailbreak” it to at least take it some way to being usable. Microsot have proved once again that they have no ideas of their own and just copy their competition with a slight twist and call it their new creation.

      Death to WP7S!!

      • Bdar

        ^ This.

  • chicago081

    I am buying this phone, already ordered a case for it on ebay, they have a million of them there. I wonder will they do a presale on T-mobile’s website.

  • shawn1224

    IS THERE ANY OTHER NEWS BESIDES THE HD2 … dammit I’m tired of hearing about how sleek and gorgeous this phone is.

    * don’t mind me, I’m just a lil salty because I can’t get it anytime soon. This is like watching the kid down the street break out his “Big green machine” on Christmas while you’re stuck with a damn “speak & read” <<>>>> … my precious ….

  • Bryan

    I may wait till XDAndroid becomes available and maybe an HSPL that will allow energy roms if the Tmo rom is too bloated. It’s been intriguing dual booting android on my ATT fuze. Android may be my next phone after the HD2 since having to leave my old apps on winmo 6.5 levels the OS playing field.

    Then it’ll come down to
    att’s 3g vs Tmo’s (I know it’s cheaper but I still need some speed to be usable),
    if you can still tether once in awhile,
    Tmo coverage and how well tmo 3g can penetrate walls.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I’ll agree that TMO’s roms are usually way too bloated. However, why do you need to leave your old WinMo 6.5 apps behind?

      Also, there are already cooked roms for the HD2 (not Android):

      “att’s 3g vs Tmo’s (I know it’s cheaper but I still need some speed to be usable)”
      Here in Phoenix, AT&T’s speed is horrid while TMO’s rocks (depending on which side of the valley you are on).

      “if you can still tether once in awhile”
      You should be able to tether with a number of different apps.

      “Tmo coverage and how well tmo 3g can penetrate walls.”
      Again, here in Phoenix, it really depends on where you are, but I work downtown and get stellar coverage in the basement of my building. Almost always at least 3 bars +3G no matter which device I am using.

  • NCole

    Has anyone heard any news from the press conference being held today?

    • TmoNinja

      The conference isn’t until tonight around 7pm

  • Joe Pa


  • Tyrone

    Well for anyone to say this phone is sorry i feel sad for you. I’ve been playing for the phone for 3 weeks and all I can say is for once the iphone has a challenger. This phone is excellent in everyway because of the processors and led screen. Most if not all video is all hd via 3g hsdpa. Mobile TV service is superior, you tube is the same and the phone never slows down. The screen is so beautiful and just amazing. The camera will be the focus point of the phone. Hd photo, video, quick uploads. Just amazing. Furthermore it comes with 2 movies and 16 micro sd card. What more can I say. I’m so happy that tmobile finally have there first exclusive phone to them and they took there time to make it perfect to benefit everything. I will have mines wed @ 9. We also have in the bravo/passion also. The unit will have a different name but its just the same as the hd2 just sense on top of android this time. Tmobile has plans of there sleeve so just be patient and stay ready.

  • shawn1224

    Has anyone seen the new Samsung device set to run winmo 7 … it looks like a game changer

    • Bdar

      They’re all ugly and don’t change my game.

  • JR

    I don’t understand why everyone wants Windows 7, is it just because it’s the next version? When I read all the press and see the photos, it is a glorified Zune software, which I hate BTW and isn’t the most attractive. Also, WinMo7 won’t be out for another year so all of you belly aching about the HD2 not being good enough because it won’t be upgradeable, think about how long you actually own your phones? Also, think of ALL the bugs that it will have at at launch and that isn’t even mentioning that who knows when launch date will be.

    I think the Sense UI makes this a winner and for me, I need multitasking, something Android doesn’t do well. Personally, I feel WebOS is probably the best OS out there right now, but until they come out with better and more H/W choices I’ll pass.

    Enjoy the HD2 for what it is now and not what you think you want it to be.

    • Davidohio

      You are 100% correct. They want win7 only because it’s the latest. It isn’t even coming out for 8 months…or more. And it is ugly ugly ugly and looks like Zune. It is really just a new look and not much more at all. Windows mobile 6.5 is a good OS for the most part and I don’t understand why its such a “travisty” the HD2 won’t be getting win7..big deal, you will be eligable for another upgrade a couple months after it is released and WILL be upgrading again anyway. Geez.

  • Srinivas

    no news from the invite only press event?
    I am a business customer, will not able to pick one at the local store. Hopefully they will let us order one early and ship it for 24th

    • DM

      Event is scheduled for tonight, so well probably hear something shortly after…

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Isn’t the press event tonight?

    • Bannie

      Purely FYI,
      I am also a business customer and was told I HAVE to call the number go through them, but once I spoke wth the Tmo store they assured me (by looking up the business) that they could take care of it in-store. So off I go on Wed for the phone. Call your local store and find out if they can sort it out for you. The bus. number c.s. also said “we don’t always have the same release date as the stores.”

      Good luck.

  • Tyrone

    Multasking i not needed when you have a 1ghz processor in the unit. All apps open up in miliseconds.

  • zavtrak

    Right now I have T-Mobile Web (GPRS/EDGE) for $5.99 (kind of old TZones). Will this count as data req for upgrade ? I know it is not 3G, but it is OK.

    • TmoNinja

      For a full discount upgrade, no.

  • Big C

    HD2 with Sense UI ROCKS!! I am SO glad WP7S is not going to be on my HD2!!! That’s the best thing about the HD2. I will wait until next year when all the bugs are fixed with WP7S to see if I want to jump on it. All these people complaining about WP7 and they haven’t even used it yet. It cracks me up. Microsoft doesn’t even know how good it’s going to be yet. It is a work in progress. Jeeeze! Anyways, the more people that pass on the HD2 the better for me. That way I know for sure I will be getting one on the 24th.

    • Mike

      That’s what I’m saying! People don’t even know how Win 7 mobile is going to turn out. By the looks of it. It looks horrible. Colored block square? I hope that’s not the final version.

    • HerbieDerb

      Agreed. Im more excited for Android to be XDAed to HD2 than to have WP7S. Hopefully it will be dual booted. BTW.. the 1st version of a new OS will have to be debugged by its users.

    • C Dot E

      Couldn’t have said it better!

  • zavtrak

    Another question … will I be able to buy it at $450 with 35% T-Mobile Bing Cashback ? :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great. Now I’m still hoping for an early release for out-of-contract Tmo customers at least.

    • Joe Pa

      Same here

  • Tyrone

    Any questions on hd2 let me know. When i use it again ill post a video from the store with pics on youtube.

    • Joe Pa

      Can the HTC HD2 solve world hunger?

      • tato22

        smart ass

      • HtotheDtothe2

        actually yes. HTC donates 30% of its proceeds from mobile sales to Feed the children and to also donates to

  • birohazard

    Hey maybe if I wait a bit I can install Android on this!

  • Ktwist

    Wow, been playing with this phone for a full day now. Let me tell you it’s nothing but spectacular! I opened up multiple window, like all of them and no lag:)

    This baby can tether and be used as a wireless router too from what I gather in the manual. Haven’t tried it yet but this phone will kill you with its good looks and fast processor. Personally, W7 is too far away for me to pass on this beast and I will wait for a W7 HD3 or something lol. It’s one of those phones you pull out and a crowd gathers around, no joke. I’m an Android user but this phone does everything I need it to and more. I do recommend getting the screen protector called invisibleShield, its made to protect helicopter blades. Other than that, it comes with a nice black silicone case that does the job.

    • iPwnNubs4Fun

      I love your post, but it is called ‘InvisiShield’…not Invisible Shield. Just in case someone wants to purchase it, he is correct though about it’s durability. I won’t use a phone without InvisiShield installed on it. It has saved me $100’s of dollars already with phones i’ve dropped in the past.

  • Bigg

    Ok so does any one know if we can still do a 1 year upgrade? Pls let me know, because I just saw some leak pricing for the cliq xt at tmotoday and on the flyer it showed a one year pricing for that phone. I would think they have a 1 year pricing for this one also?

  • Bannie


    I feel like a new mom to be setting up a nursery and waiting for the delivery…LOL.
    I too have been waiting since last Oct. and am leaving Sprint after 8yrs. They asked me today “why are you leaving?” I replied, “the best phone wins in today’s market and Tmo has the best phone. Not to mention the lackluster customer service.”

    I have had confirmation concerning price (199), date (3/24), BOGO with hd2, this is at a Northshore MA store.

    I am so excited to get this phone it’s ridiculous. Also, I have heard, based on reviews, the ‘Bodyguardz’ invisible cover is much better than Invisishield, just fyi that’s all. I am too looking to order the ‘Bodyguardz’ for the hd2 so I have it ready for the ‘arrival’ LOL!! I hope you all enjoy your new phone.

  • MLB1906

    I just had this phone in my hands from T mobile and let me tell you this is a beast!!!!! I think I am going to have to break down and pick this bad boy up!!!!!!!

  • manushka

    I thought there was a leather case that came with it?

  • RCornelous

    I have had the pleasure of having this beast of a phone in my hands on my lunch break today. I must say it hurt me to have to give it back to the T-Mobile rep here in Raleigh, NC. I thought I was going to pick the phone up on my lunch break next week, but it’s looking like I will have to plan to get it first thing in the morning! Oh my…Wednesday can’t get here soon enough!!

  • Just got mine and slapped an xoskin on it. This phone is freakin sweet!