T-Mobile Advertising The Upcoming Trifecta


Nothing says “buy me” like a glossy advertisement and that’s exactly what T-Mobile is dropping in their stores.  The trifecta of upcoming phones arguably covers the entire gambit of needs for smartphone lovers everywhere.  If you want some Android goodness, the Cliq XT with some MotoBlur window dressing has you covered.  Perhaps you want a touchscreen without all the smartphone frills but with some extra horsepower over that standard flip.  The Nokia Nuron is waiting for you.  Then, of course, there is the prize, the Transformers viewing, E Reading, 4.3-inch screen browsing Windows Phone bad boy.  The HTC HD2 needs no introduction on this blog but I do love watching Transformers over and over and over.  I know it’s a Michael Bay movie but I watch it for the explosions and testing my subwoofer, not the storyline!  Duh!  Anyway, this advertisement is ready for showtime come March 24th and you can bet T-Mobile is looking for this trifecta of devices to lead their second quarter charge.

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