T-Mobile Advertising The Upcoming Trifecta


Nothing says “buy me” like a glossy advertisement and that’s exactly what T-Mobile is dropping in their stores.  The trifecta of upcoming phones arguably covers the entire gambit of needs for smartphone lovers everywhere.  If you want some Android goodness, the Cliq XT with some MotoBlur window dressing has you covered.  Perhaps you want a touchscreen without all the smartphone frills but with some extra horsepower over that standard flip.  The Nokia Nuron is waiting for you.  Then, of course, there is the prize, the Transformers viewing, E Reading, 4.3-inch screen browsing Windows Phone bad boy.  The HTC HD2 needs no introduction on this blog but I do love watching Transformers over and over and over.  I know it’s a Michael Bay movie but I watch it for the explosions and testing my subwoofer, not the storyline!  Duh!  Anyway, this advertisement is ready for showtime come March 24th and you can bet T-Mobile is looking for this trifecta of devices to lead their second quarter charge.

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  • beej

    LOL, look at how huge my next phone looks compared to the other two. I’d bet they’re all shown to scale (in proportion to eachother) in the same scale, too…

  • dave

    Is tethering available on the HD2?

    • bartlebee

      yes, the internet sharing is available. using the phone as a wifi router/tether is not but there’s an app for that

      • tchez27

        Watch out now bartlebee, apple may be looking to sue you for that “there’s an app for that” remark, lol.

      • YanivC

        @bartlebee actually it does have wifi router built in.

  • NCole

    No, I don’t think so……

    • tato22

      How do u guys put your pics on the Icon ?

      • David, Managing Editor

        What do you mean?

      • jkspike3


  • tchez27

    Sweet! Its nice to see it all come to fruition. Now I can only hope the BOGO deal is available in my market. HD2 for me and Cliq xt for the wife. I’m going to be greedy now, a pre-order for existing tmo customers would be nice. Btw my local tmo store manager put my name on a “preorder”/ call list for first dibs/offers. Maybe you can do that instead of the camping idea. Basically he’s gonna call me on release morning, ask if I still wanted and keep one reserved for me if I do. Glad I don’t live in the SF Bay area, they probably still don’t know when its coming out, lol.


    Why no pre-ordering available?

  • lebron1189

    Finally! Some Advertising lol but jus wait it off until I buy my phone so I don’t have to stand in line to purchase this baby!

  • Galen20K

    Great Job T-Mobile! You have a different kind of Smart Phone for EVERY type of Potential Smart phone buyer, a Far cry from your old strategy.

    Bravo! Please don’t stop!

  • Tdub

    T-Punkt has offered tethering on all their other HTC devices, so I don’t see why ift wouldn’t be included in this one as well. I use mine on the Touch Pro2 all the time. (The app is Internet Sharing)

  • Big C

    I also had a Tmo rep at my local store write down my info but I don’t trust it. I am not going to wait on a phone call. I will be there bright and early waiting for the doors to open. I might be there BEFORE any of the employees!! I’ve been waiting TOO long for this phone. I remember when the original HD Touch came out I wanted it SO bad and it never ended up coming to the states so you can just imagine how I feel about the HD2!! I already bought a comforter set and some pj’s for my HD2 to sleep snuggly. Just kidding. LOL.

    • Joe Pa

      Yeah, I already talked to two stores in my area and both said they weren’t taking names. They told me first come, first serve. I plan on getting at the store very early…probably 5 am and wait it out until the doors open on the 24th. I’m getting one of these bad boys day 1 guaranteed!

  • umaluver

    I like this add campaign for TMO. I think its effed that HD2 wont have WP7S, but at least they are getting a jump on advertising. A step in the right direction for a good company (imo).

    Unlike the Behold 2 commercials I’ve just started seeing. What a waste of cash.

    • john

      Good thing most of that bill was paid for by samsung

  • JM

    I can hardly wait to see it in person…I just want to see if the eReader is any good but none of the early previews have shown it. Everyone plays Transformers as though I need to know that the phone has a video player.

  • Giddy

    I put my name down on the list for those who want the HD2 @ my local store. They said they would call us in a few days to make sure we still want the phone (duh!) and to let u know how many they’d have available. I’m number 12 on the list, so I’m sure I’m good :-)….Asked about the demo and they said tomorrow. A sales rep has had the phone for a week already and hasn’t been sharing all the goodness. Just Stingy.

    • laphoneuser

      I just got back from my local T-Mobile store, and the rep there would not show me the demo phone. He said he’d lose his job if he did.

      • laphoneuser

        Went back to the same store just now and a different rep let me try the phone.

        FANTASTIC! Beautiful screen, responsive performance.

        Definitely getting one next week.

  • Big C

    I was lucky enough to be able to play with the HD2 at my local Tmo store. The phone is SPECTACULAR!! Finally a hot phone comes out that I can get. I wanted a phone that the whole world doesn’t already have(Iphone) that is super nice and cool. Finally the time has come. Better late than never!

  • JazzYodle

    Well it’s nice that T-mobile finally has some decent phones BUT they’re still missing out on the GREAT phones. I personally like Android so it would be nice to get some fantastic new Android phones not another version of a phone we already have!! I’m looking for a Droid, an Incredible, a Legend, a Desire, something groundbreaking. I mean we did get the G1 and that was pretty slick when it first came out but we’ve lost our steam. What’s amazingly special about the Cliq XT and the My Touch with a 3.5mm jack???? Shouldn’t we be getting NEW phones. These are phones that haven’t really made any leaps or bounds when it comes to technological updates. We do have the HD2 which has very promising specs and I wouldn’t completely discount this phone because it doesn’t have Android, I won’t be that exclusively fanatic about Android but it would be nice if the phone was upgradeable to winmo 7.0. I would totally be satisfied with the Nexus 1 but its a bit pricey with its pseudo subsidized price for current Tmobile users. Now if we really ever do get the Motoroi, Xperia X10, or the Dell Mini5 as it has been rumored in the past, then I’d be truly excited.

    • SEFan

      I’m with Jazz here. Where are the high-horsepower Android sets? T-Mo got to Android first. Why is it that other carriers are running the hot, 2.0 running phones? I’m still intrigued by the Nexus One, but I want to see and handle a phone before I spend that much on it. Come on T-Mobile! If you’re planting your flag around Android then bring us the best of Android!

  • Phalosopher

    Yea im on the glorious “list” as well for when the phone becomes available.. HOWEVER im still banking on after the launch party today-(what time is it taking place anyway?! bc im gonna be refreshing this site allllll night to see if any new info comes out) on a possible preorder tomorrow since that would put pre-existing customers a week in advance for the release date on the 24 for the general public.. nonetheless im on the list and will def get my hands on one!

  • Big C

    Yeah in the Android dept, Tmo has been slacking lately. I do agree. I have a G1 and I’m waiting for the HD2. The Android phones on Tmo compared to the competition SUCK in my opinion. I don’t even consider the N1 to be a Tmo phone because you can’t even get it through Tmo so Google can kiss my @$$ with their pain in the @$$ way of getting the N1. HD2 ALL THE WAY for me. I can’t wait! When it comes to WP7, like I have said before, the home screens of those phones look boring and dull. I much more prefer the HTC Sense on the HD2 but that’s just me.

  • JazzYodle

    Right, the best Android phone we have…we don’t really even have, damn you Google.

  • Mike

    Does anybody know if the HTC HD2 runs the apps on the background. Not like the iphone that you need to open the app in order to receive your messages?

    • J-Hop2o6

      yes.. apps can run into the background until u have little RAM left.. this is WM

      • Mike


  • Lee

    I am torn Between the HD2 and the rumored HTC Desire. I love them both, But I would hate to pass this up waiting on the Desire that never comes. Decisions, Lol.

    • tchez27

      Most blogs and signs seem to point to a Verizon release for the HTC Desire. Keep that in mind, unless you have a verizon account or are out of contract. The blogs are typically right. Hence all of the accurate info the good peeps at tmonews have given us.

  • Mike
    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Seriously? The Cliq XT? no way… compared with the HD2, wait… it can’t even come close to a comparison. lol

  • Joe Pa

    Just saw this in a article….looks like the 17th is still a possibility. YAY!!!!

    “The HTC HD2, a 4.3 inch Windows Mobile phone will arrive at T-Mobile stores next week. The official sell date is March 24, but two Los Angeles T-Mobile locations tell us that they may be able to sell the phone before that”


    • tchez27

      Thanks for the post Joe Pa but that column was stupid. The guy seemed like a moron who had nothing else to write about. Calling WM6.5 outdated when its the latest version and comparing it to what’s going to be a completely different OS. It’s funny how everyone complains about this phone not having WM7 upgrade option but most of us, myself included, are probably running an older version of Windows on there PC. I have Win98 myself. lol.

      • Joe Pa

        Yep, I know I even commented on the article about how dumb the “outdated” comment was….

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        *laughing* I just read through the comments… what an idiot!

  • ka

    ‘Smart Phones for the Smart Family’ — seems to me a ‘smart’ family would want a family data plan. Will that be offered too?

  • Stargate

    All you that want the “Wifi Router” by Tom Gordon, extracted from the Euro HD2, same “WiFi Router” that’s suppose to be on T-mobile’s HD2, it works like a charm on my current wm PPC. Go here http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 down to the very bottom of post #1, there you will find the “WiFi Router” by Tom Gordon, install to the main memory only…

  • JB6464

    Can one buy a HD2 outright with no contract and use the Web2Go $9.99 for the internet like iphone users can ? T-mobile says you have to have the $24.99 data plan but thats BS. I’ve been using my unlocked iphone for months on the $9.99/month Web2Go plan and it works exactly the same.
    Now i know i’m not getting 3G but evrything else works the same.

  • citizeninsane89


  • mike

    if your family doesnt have smartphones does that mean your family is not smart?

    • Joe Pa

      I would argue it makes them smarter….lol

  • tchez27

    I know I posted part of this as a reply, but now i’m curious.

    For those of you who don’t want this phone because it may not be WM7 upgradeable, what are you running on your home or office PCs. I’ve passed on the following, Win2000, WinME, WinVista and Win7. My Win98 still does everything I bought the PC for, to be a PC.

    • DavidB

      Even more important as far as “obsolete” goes…many companies STILL sell lower cost PCs with WinXP as well as Vista. They still work fine, still can go to MS’ site and get drivers, software and drivers, etc.

      Now as far as applications and future development, since WP7S is a completely new OS, it could be tricky. But I’m betting that MS won’t completely drop WM 6.5, and that gives me hope. At least for this year :).

      • DavidB

        Please disregard a “drivers”. Thank you.

  • Lee

    @tchez27 Your old PC may run just fine, But it won’t run the latest and greatest software either.

  • Lee

    HD2 is sweet!!! Won’t be much software development for it for very long though I suspect.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Your suspicion is very wrong…

  • Lee

    I agree this is the PERFECT phone to get us through the next year at least.

  • tchez27

    For you Tmo reps or phonewizs. Is there any possibility that and older SIM card can affect your phone’s performance and/or speed by switching between 2G and 3G due to a worn/scratched SIM?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I went through that very same scenario about a year ago with my Sammy Instinct (no jokes, please)… I kept having horrible issues with reception and dropping connections randomly. What finally fixed it was replacing my 2 year old SIM card with a new one. Magically, everything started working perfectly.

      You should be able to walk into any TMO store and request a new SIM (I believe for free).

  • I’m SOOOO disappointed in tmo’s lineup so far this year. nexus one=FAIL. hd2’s winmo=FAIL. cliq xt’s motoblur=FAIL. NONE of them having physical keyboards=FAIL.

    I’m seriously considering jumping ship on tmo when my contracts are up in august. blah.they’ll have to roll out something great between now and then to get me to stay.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      The Nexus One == FAIL, I’ll agree with that one. Cliq XT == FAIL, agree with that one too.

      However, HD2 fail? Are you serious? It is the most powerful device on the market right now. Let me guess, it’s because it has WinMo 6.5 on it and not upgradable to WP7S?

  • Angel

    I live in the San fernando Valley in L.A. County and I just got word that a local TMO store got an HD2 that people can play with. It’s about time! =D

    • laphoneuser

      Really? Which store?

      I went into the North Hollywood store yesterday, and the rep there told me he could lose his job if he pulled the phone out.

  • Michelle

    Can we please get information about the rebate for the 2 yr contract? I want to know if it’s $199 then what do you pay upfront why waiting on a rebate? Is it $249 or $299? Please

    • Michelle

      Excuse me. I mean WHILE we are waiting on a rebate?

  • chrisrj28


    The HD2 for Tmo does not have the Ereader tab for some reason, Im running a custom Rom on my TP2 that has the Ereader tab and it’s pretty sweet. Clean UI and straightforward operation. It’s slow as hell on my phone but Im sure runs great on the HD2. But no tab in Sense for it, I didn’t get a chance to look for an actual app for it but I did see the Barnes & Noble app.

    • Duck Dodgers

      @Chrisrj28 – Which ROM are you running on your TP2?

  • tchez27

    @Michelle, I just received a text message from TMobile_USA that states the following…….”HTC HD2 available Marth24!$199.99 w/2yr agreement & qualifying plan (+tax/fees). http://ow.ly/1hh5m

    I haven’t heard anything about $249 with a rebate. Should be $199 as long as you’re eligible for a full upgrade.

    • tchez27

      Sorry about that Michelle and everyone else who clicked on that link, it should be a capital M at the end. Here’s the right link http://ow.ly/1hh5M.

  • chrisrj28

    OMG I just read that article Joe Pa posted and that guy is a complete fool. Does he know anything about his actual source material. Calling WinMo 6.5 and outdated OS?? 6.5 was released within the last few months, that makes it outdated?? And running Android is possible but WebOS?? Where the hell did you steal that nonsense from?

    Not only is his grammar bad but the whole article seems like something he made up based on what little “knowledge” he has about the HD2 & WinMo in general, it’s articles like that that will give people the wrong impression of what the phone is and can do

  • chrisrj28


    I agree that Tmo has had some hiccups with their lineup but they are definitely improving, the N1 is one of the best phones out but the pricing structure and terms that Google set up were the fail. Cliq XT is a waste as was the Cliq, 3.1″ touch screen is way to small. The HD2 is an awesome phone though, have you had a chance to use one? WinMo isn’t the greatest but does offer a lot of functionality and Sense is really great to use.

    I was like you and was a hardcore keyboard fanatic but with the size of the HD2 screen it’s not really an issue. Try one out and you will see why people are going ape shizzle over it

  • ItsMichaelNotMike



  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • oldguybob

    Why does Tmonews keep insisting on saying that the Nuron is not a smartphone. Look at the specs: Text, IM, Push email, Calender and contacts syncing, GPS (with free maps and NO DATA PLAN required), Voice recognition, Tethering, an app store, Office docs and pdf reader, facebook, twitter, etc apps, what more do you want? Oh right Wifi. So just because it doesn’t have wifi its not a smartphone? C’mon guys you can do better than that. Sure the HD2 is a really powerful and pretty phone, but aside from wifi what can it do that the Nuron can’t? If anyone is looking for a solid all around smartphone thats nice and small and actually fits in your pocket and only cost 10 bucks a month for a data plan don’t overlook the Nuron. I have its big brother the 5800 which btw does have wifi and it is a really solid SMARTphone.

    • Jim

      agreed, it runs series 60 symbian…it is a smartphone.

  • chrisrj28

    I gleaned a few of their tweets from the live event and Im done with WP7, no multi-tasking we knew but no cut & paste? Can anyone say iWP7. No thanks I will take my HD2, custom flash WM6.5.5 on it and be good

  • MoniQ

    Question- does this Tmob HD2 have the WiFi router app that lets me turn the PHONE into a Wireless access point for my laptop (aka tether)? I saw the above post to DL the app to let you access the phone remotely. I want to be able to use it as a true WiFi router like the Euro version does. ANyone know if this app remains on our beloved TMo version or was it taken off?

  • chrisrj28


    No it does not include the app but you can find it easily

  • Jim

    quote, “Perhaps you want a touchscreen without all the smartphone frills but with some extra horsepower over that standard flip. The Nokia Nuron is waiting for you.” You do realize it runs series 60 symbian right? A real full fledged smartphone OS?

  • Polokidd

    quick question sense my mom is eligible for an upgrade.. can I use her upgrade to get my hands on the bogo special or do I have to be eligible for an upgrade also?

  • JazzYodle

    I’ve never really used a windows phone but I believe when people complain that 6.5 is outdated I don’t believe they’re referring to the actual date it was released but the fact that the OS isn’t the best and not quite optimized. With talk of 7.0 coming soon which is basically suppose to address most of the issues and revamp the OS overall then yes, 6.5 starts sounding a bit outdated.

  • “without all the smartphone frills?”

    What are you missing? Installable apps? Got em. Open SDK? Got it. Built in PIM? Got it. Over-the-air or wire syncing? Got it. Touch interface? Got it.

    How is this not a smartphone, but a Blackberry somehow is?

  • HDTweezy

    How can people talk about WP7S being the latest and greatest? Yeah, it’s the latest (that’s not even available yet) but it’s DEFINATELY not the greatest. Nobody has even been able to use it so how can you say it’s the greatest? Nobody has used it PERIOD to praise it so much. I don’t doubt it will be AWESOME but let’s keep it real! That’s like telling everyone how awesome a movie is without even seeing it. I am DEFINATELY getting the HD2 the second it comes out. I already took the 23rd and the 24th off of work! I will be passing on the WP7S phones when they first come out. I will wait until all the bugs and kinks are fixed and make a decision from there.

  • PlasmaShark

    “the Cliq XT with some MotoBlur window dressing has you covered.” NO IT DOES NOT!

  • Helen

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