LetsTalk Confirms HD2 Release Date As March 24th


At this point, we have had fairly good indications that the HTC HD2 would hit on March 24th and that was further boosted by a story from Laptopmag yesterday. Thanks to the good folks at LetsTalk who are (perhaps accidentally) confirming the March 24th, date as the available-to-order date. That is the first time we have seen a reliable “source” as in a retailer discuss the release date. Well actually, it is the second time if we include the mysterious Mobitv tweet. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that all the hype for March 24th will come true and your HD2 dreams will be fulfilled come that morning. This is as concrete as we have gotten regarding a date so if you’ve been trying to figure out exactly how long you have to save those pennies, T-minus 14 days. Well actually 13 days and 12 hours. Will you be lining up? Will you be at your local T-Mobile retail store waiting with your face pressed against the glass bright and early?