The HD2 Release Date Game Continues, Coming March 23rd?


At this point, the round robin release date game for the HTC HD2 is getting a little tired and we should preface this post by saying we can’t confirm this info.  We were confident of a March 24th release date after the leaked retail slide. After that, a leaked Blockbuster Video press release also stating March 24th, further verified the leaked slide info.  Then, of course, we had a little birdie whispering in our ear that maybe, just maybe, we might see a middle of March release date.  Now T-Mobile has decided to go and tease us with their familiar, “coming soon” page which lends further hope to a close release date.  MobiTV, one of the included multimedia apps on the HD2, has posted on Twitter that their app will indeed be included on the device which is set for release 3/23 as pictured above.  We assume that MobiTV is pretty good at what they do and that this is no accident.  Nobody, of course, will complain about the phone releasing one day early, but let’s just hope this isn’t an accident or someone is going to get fired over this.

MobiTV Twitter