Invites For Press Only T-Mobile HD2 Event Pop Up


We’re guessing our invite somehow got lost in the mail, perhaps a misspelled email address, but the folks at Engadget received an invite to the above-pictured launch event.  We’re talking about an invite only HTC HD2 launch party in NYC on the 16th of March.  T-Mobile is continuing their emphasis on the HTC HD2 being a multimedia powerhouse, even using “a larger than life entertainment powerhouse” as a tagline.  Yes, we’re all sticking with the March 24th release date because we got information today that Tmo is mandating that all reps finish the HTC HD2 training prior to the 24th. This, of course, jives nicely with the anticipated launch.

Let me just say that having had my hands on this “multimedia powerhouse”, I agree that it’s one hell of a device and I can’t emphasize that enough.  After just one chance to hold it, you’ll be wooing it with wine and talk of fancy dinners on the town.  You bring it flowers and it will give you Blockbuster movie rentals and an e-reader!  Until the release date,  enjoy some red carpet pictures!

Before you ask, it’s an INVITE ONLY PRESS EVENT so don’t go looking for extra invitations!  That’s our job :-)



  • Nitaino

    htc HD2 woohoo Quietly Brilliant, Yes! Thanks T-Mobile! Best Company:) Here on Las Vegas I am ready for the Device with over 8 mbps speeds Woohoo! Next one? htc Obsession (Diamiond3)

    • jacknjill

      amen brother, i too from las vegas and their service is awesome here

    • B-Mobile

      i second that over here in Richmond, Va bring the HD2 and the Obsession/Diamond 3!

  • JulioG

    Si man.

  • Twitch110

    That’s freakin LAME that they didn’t invite you guys. I really am put off by that a little bit. This isn’t some small site. A lot of people know and check this site religiously for everything tmo. I’ve talked about this site with lots of tmo reps and all that, so it’s kind of a punkish thing for the execs to do without sending you guys an invite. Keep up the good work though :)

    • Matthew

      I second that!

    • wojax2

      i completely agree!! crapengadget is so pro-iphone it sickens me..this is the best site for tmo products period!!!! why didnt you guys get invited?….who cares .All i know is when the hd2 gets released,this will be the only site I’ll be logging in to…nuff said.

  • J-Hop2o6

    they should just release it Nationwide the same day of the Event.

  • Alex V

    so when are they going to play with the nations balls? if you dont play with the balls you cant get us up to go buy the damn thing. ADVERTISE! HYPE IT UP!!

    • TmoNinja

      As far as we’ve heard they aren’t planning to.

      • Lance

        I wouldnt advertise a product thats been out overseas for months now, to be honest. I can see why there isnt much fanfare over this phone from Tmo’s advertisement team.

  • TM-Tech1

    I will get the HD3 when the time comes with WM7, right now, I’m going to enjoy the HD2 and all here multimedia super ROM…. No Android needed or required…(lol)

  • pecoy

    they need to release this phone already. the wait is just too long.

    • dj lu

      I 2nd that!!!

      • efjay

        True, if there is not going to be any advertising why not just release it already?

  • Joe Pa

    Why not just launch this nationwide on the 16th? Another week of waitning doesn’t make sense to me…..especially if they aren’t going to mass market this puppy.

    • J-Hop2o6

      thats what i said above

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I demoed this device today at my local Maggy store and left knowing that it will be my next device. I was feeling like Carlton when Will gave him his Chicktionary. HAAA!!!
    Reference here:

    Anyway, it’s a nice phone and I wonder what the press even will be about? EARLY RELEASE FOR THE HD2 TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    • enjoijams


      That wouldn’t be too far off seeing the things they’ve been doing as far as loyalty promotions lately.

    • poopman

      Huge thumbs up for the chicktionary reference.

      still not sure if i want to commit to two years on a contract with this phone.


        Only worry about that if you are gonna switch companies. After only a year with t-mobile (halfway through a contract) you can almost get a full upgrade.

    • Twitch110

      Your reference gave me cold chills.

      My daily routine:

      wakeup at 6:30
      surf sites till 7
      watch fresh prince reruns from 7 to 8.

      Fresh prince makes my mornings absolutely grand. I’m glad you appreciate it still. It’s the only childhood show i can still watch and laugh my head off.


  • Sgt. Cell

    As stated above me, why not just release it on the 16th? I went to my local T Mo and they did not get the display/tester model in yet.

  • DM

    Engadget just updated with the release date being 23rd! with tip they have received from MobiTV

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just caught it from your comment, thank you!!

  • MoniQ

    I called my Dallas area tmobile store today and they did not have a demo unit yet :(. BUT the rep told me the phone was releasing on the 17th for sales!!!! That date jives with this press event so hopefully she was right and we get it a week early. (fingers and toes crossed….)

    • JonB

      Magenta store manager in West County St Louis said they would have HD2 available on 3/17 as well. I’ll be there early!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As to release dates, I thought T-Mo usually debuts phones AFTER the start of a new billing period, this so the computers put the charges on one’s next month bill.

    Isn’t the debut date of the HD2 after the new billing period, which I think is March 23 or thereabouts?

    Maybe that’s coincidence. Just throwing that out there.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The Market Street store here in San Francisco had the Touch Pro2 back when no other store had it, that is, before it went on sale.

    I’ll head over there and see if someone has the HD2 in his or her pocket.

    Maybe I’ll get a new sales rep who does not know that the phone is not to be sold yet and I can say “I’ll take one of these” and he will ring it up. Well it’s fun to fantasize about that happening.


      LOL I would enV you.

  • Oce

    Called all my locals. No one has it. Didn’t really expect them to. Boo-Hoo! I have never been so syked about a phone release!

  • Went by my local store here in S. Tampa today. They didn’t have a demo. The rep said he was going to training Saturday, but didn’t seem to know if it was including the HD2. Didn’t seem to be too on top of things actually.

  • gargoyle999

    What time is this event supposed to take place?

  • Phalosopher

    Im thinking(hear me out) that BIG event tomorrow will hopefully allow the phone to be preordered on the 17th which is one week away from the 24th..?! That would be AWESOME if they did that..

  • RCornelous

    Hey moderators, did you guys ever receive an invitation to this event, seeing that you didn’t get it initially?

    • David, Managing Editor

      No, we don’t get invited to T-Mobile events, we aren’t on their Christmas card list.

  • RCornelous

    That really sucks!!! They need to recognize you guys!!

    • David, Managing Editor

      I’ve been trying for as long as this has been open to the public, no dice!

  • RCornelous

    I appreciate all that you guys do to get us the most up to date information, and just MAYBE they’ll see the light sooner than later!!

    • Alex

      We sure hope so!

  • A lot of people know and check this site religiously for everything tmo. I’ve talked about this site with lots of tmo reps and all that, so it’s kind of a punkish thing for the execs to do without sending you guys an invite.