Invites For Press Only T-Mobile HD2 Event Pop Up


We’re guessing our invite somehow got lost in the mail, perhaps a misspelled email address, but the folks at Engadget received an invite to the above-pictured launch event.  We’re talking about an invite only HTC HD2 launch party in NYC on the 16th of March.  T-Mobile is continuing their emphasis on the HTC HD2 being a multimedia powerhouse, even using “a larger than life entertainment powerhouse” as a tagline.  Yes, we’re all sticking with the March 24th release date because we got information today that Tmo is mandating that all reps finish the HTC HD2 training prior to the 24th. This, of course, jives nicely with the anticipated launch.

Let me just say that having had my hands on this “multimedia powerhouse”, I agree that it’s one hell of a device and I can’t emphasize that enough.  After just one chance to hold it, you’ll be wooing it with wine and talk of fancy dinners on the town.  You bring it flowers and it will give you Blockbuster movie rentals and an e-reader!  Until the release date,  enjoy some red carpet pictures!

Before you ask, it’s an INVITE ONLY PRESS EVENT so don’t go looking for extra invitations!  That’s our job :-)