T-Mobile HTC HD2 “Coming Soon”


Well, folks, you’ve already seen some blurry snapshots (Courtesy of Mr. Blurrcam), and then some HD quality snapshots, and now T-Mobile has officially listed the HTC HD2 on their website as “Coming Soon”.  We’re still expecting a March 24th release with a $199.99 new 2 year contract price tag and a $449.99 retail price.  How many of you are going to camp outside a T-Mobile store the night before?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • Oce

    Check out the footnotes. 112.50 down w/ 3 monthly installments of 112.50. I may go this route and save my upgrade for later! Can’t wait!!!!


    I’ll be the first one in that store, so you know im camping

  • dj lu

    I ll be there before they open but I dont really think its gonna be that crazy to camp out. Alot of people dont know about this phone plus T Mo has nt advertised it at all. SOOOooooooooooo Exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bring it all ready T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter

    Am not gonna camp out. I am gonna utilize the good old pre-order rout.

    • Kevin

      which there won’t be

  • nexus4ever

    Why do we need this phone, when there is the nexus one

    • Inuyasha

      Because not everyone wants Android. Why is that so hard for you people to grasp? I have not been impressed by Android at all.

    • The Hammer

      Again HOLY CAMEL NUTS……….We havent heard that before……….Stupid Douche

    • Mockerfab4

      How I feel about Android…

    • Nick

      @ nexus4ever

      Nexus One sucks because of it’s crappy Android OS. That’s why we need much better phones like this HTC HD2 Windows Mobile.

      Go back to your hole troll.

      • Davidohio

        HTC HD2 sucks because of it’s crappy Windows OS. That’s why we need much better phones like the Nexus one with Android 2.1.
        Now, do you see how STUPID your comment is? I said the same thing you did but with the phone I like. Are you smart enough to see the point? Just because you don’t like Android and love windows mobile does not mean that everyone else does. The HD2 in a fantastic device, and so is the Nexus one. Keep your stupid comments to yourself because nobody really cares to hear them. Idiot.

      • Newcleus

        To DavidOhio
        I understand your point, but concede to this at least: this is a bloh about the HTC HD2, which everybody here knows is runnin WM6.5. So, all these comments about it needing Android are pointless and annoying. The Android fans are beginning to sound a lot like the other fanbois and nobody wants that.

        However, we should all be happy that we have a choice between these awesome phones and shouldn’t be calling eachother names either.

        Just my $0.02.

      • Nick

        @ Davidohio

        Actually you are the one who is idiot and I will explain it to you why.

        I was replying to that nexus4ever (Andriod troll) guy to show him how STUPID his comment is.

        Just because you don’t like Windows Mobile and love Android does not mean that everyone else does. Are you smart enough to see the point?

        Keep your stupid comments to yourself because nobody really cares to hear Android fanboys comments here.

        Read before comment. Idiot.

      • Mockerfab4

        I feel ya Nick!

      • just some d?de

        Why on earth would you want the HD2 it has WM on it. I guess some people dont know what there doing.

        Android Rules.


      Just for the record, Android is a good operating system. Even so, comments like this never cease to annoy me. They display such ignorance…

    • Jrossf1

      Just got back from the T-Mobile store, where a rep let me play with her HD2, One word “Wow!”

      Can’t wait to replace my Android phone with this one. Don’t get me wrong, Android is ok, but the HD2 was slick. With Android, I often have to wait after I press home, for the icns to come back to the screen. Sometimes I can’t even pull up the application tray because the phone is not responding. The HD2 was instand, and smooth, a major improvement to android. It was also very finger friendly, but I think that is due to the big screen. I have to say, the HD2 blows away my android handset, can’t wait until teh 24th

      • dsim91

        Yeah when your using a junk phone it will be slow my wife has the N1 and its blazing fast its not always about the OS

      • Jrossf1

        Even on a junk window phone, the OS is faster than on the My Touch 3G. I used to have an HTC Fuze, on AT&T, same chip as in my current phone, and that was quite peppy, compared to the Android OS on the phone I had. I had many more apps on that phone, than my current one.

        I could always make a call by pressing the talk button, but on this android, it can take a few minutes, sometimes. To me, it seems that my Android’s memory management is not as good as WinMo, and the responsiveness just isn’t there. I should not have to wait to make a call, after all, it is a phone. While the N1 may be faster, a good OS should function well on all platforms it is on. Based on your comment, This is not the case for Android.

        Therefore, for me, WinMo is far superior to Android, when it comes to stability, speed, and ease of use [the last one being subjective, as I have used WinMo for many years]

        I wanted to like android, I really did. This is my 2nd android phone, having returned the Cliq, for simmilar reasons. while future revisions of the OS may get better, I don’t want to wait, when a beauty like the HD2 is availabe now [March 24th per the sales rep who lent me her phone]. I have wanted that phone for some time, and am clad to be going back to a more stable, OS, that will let me make calls, without the wait, and the Wait/FC dialog showing half the time I go to make a call…

        I think Android is good for a starter smart phone, for the person who like a full web experience [no flash] and gmail, and maps/navigation. But I think it is more of a toy than a serious phone, and as such isn’t as good for power users like me.

        That’s why there are several phone OS’s out there, there is something for everyone. But apples to apples, WinMo is far better than Android right now, we will see what the fututre holds.

    • Yaniv

      This is in no way meant to bash the nexus one, but… the nexus one is not all they say it is. I’ve had the g1, the mytouch, the cliq for my wife, the Droid, AND the n1 … and I can say this from a prosumer point of view and as a software developer, now that there’s hardware…. windows is gonna rock!
      all this time there wasn’t enough power for winmobile, now finally there is.
      I can honestly say I’m dropping my nexus one and getting the hd2. and even if they don’t “officially” release an upgrade to 7, there will most definitely be the ROM floating around the net.
      WooHoo 16 days.

  • vic

    No need for me to camp as my local store is less than three football fields from my house so I will just get up extra early to be there before they open

  • ndy500fan

    What do you mean are you gonna? I’m already camping outside my T-mobile store.

  • A.Minor

    Seems To Me The HD2 Has Been Coming Soon For A Decade Now


      I know right.

    • Joe Pa


  • Andy

    Pre-order isn’t available yet and even if I do pre-order it I’ll be the 1st one at the store to pick it up. I’m a little sad this device hasn’t received the advertising it deserves. I called my local T store last Friday and the manager said I was the 1st person to ask about the HD2. I told her a lot of stuff she didn’t know about the device and almost had her converted from her BlackBerry! If only 3G would go a little further than major cities I’d be completely happy.

  • exemptednut

    After a hands on training with this phone I’m 100% sold and ill be buying for sure

  • Mark

    Camp out? Why bother? No marketing=no lines! :-)


      I guess they are leaving this phone to those who understand its power. T-mobile doesn’t want to waste money on advertising. Some people can’t handle a BEAST like this.

    • CO_Yeti

      Tmo has started to require manufactures to market and advertise (ala Apple and At&t) their phones starting with the Cliq. We will see commercials from HTC shortly after the phone has launched.

  • Cpiper80

    Winmo…… I’m not camping for winmo!

    Where are the android 2.1 phones for tmobile? (without going online to buy)

    This winmo phone will not be receiving flash 10.Whatever, and will not be able to upgrade to winmo 7 for web flash usage.

    • Nick

      Here we are again! Another Andriod fanboy or maybe better to say troll in Windows Mobile related post.

      It’s better you go back to your hole and stay there till they give you your Craproid 2.1.

      Don’t spam here tool.

    • dsim91

      who cares about wm7 I’m buying for what it has, and if anyone wants flash support all they have to do is use the skyfire browser .

    • The Hammer

      Again HOLY CAMEL NUTS……….We havent heard that before……Stupid Douche Seriouly we all know yall android fan boys love android but for the love of god STFU

      • Mockerfab4

        I don’t mind these Android fans anymore. For every WM bash there’s like 15 people coming to it’s defense and spewing why Android sucks.

        Every time these jokers show up I try to write my explanation on how it sucks. Hopefully some interested Android buyer will read my horrible experience and will be turned off, and I will save one more person from the agony of owning that phone!


        I just realized how right Mockerfab4 is.

      • Cpiper80


        I must of missed your detailed explanation of the problems with android operating systems. Forgive me if it is in plain site somewhere – can you give me an explanation? You also stated that there is a mob of 15 people defending winmo behind every 1 potential android customer giving detailed reasons of how android sucks. I have yet to pin point these detailed reasons.

        * saying something sucks or anything else of that nature doesn’t attack or support an argument or stance – aswell as pulling the troll or tool card… *

        I’ve never owned an android phone – please give me your professional detailed opinion of major flaws withing the OS so I do not regret signing a contract on an android phone.

      • RevenG101

        Can’t we all just get along? I love Android, but the HD2 will probably be included in my phone line up because the specs are just crazy. However, I still find Android to be superior to WinMo, with the exception of 7. You cant beat Xbox Live integration. We are all T subscribers, so lets just get along. If anyone is going to bash on anything, it should be the Deathstar or Big Red.

      • Mockerfab4

        Cpiper..I’d gladly share my pains! I wrote down a huge document, so instead of filling up space here I’m posting it elsewhere. Here ya go. Enjoy!


      • cpiper80


        I researched your MT3G problem. It was very common for the MT3G and had nothing to do with the Android software. It was Hardware issues on HTC’s part. There was a plethora of problems in relation to the SIM card and HTC in that specific phone. It was an isolated issue having to do with “HTC” and not Android – not to say Android doesn’t have its problems – just saying that your little blog about your problems reflects issues with HTC and not Android.

        My wife recently purchased a Motorola Cliq, and she didn’t experience any of the problems you speak of. (Thank God)

        I’m personally interested in the Sony x10… but it lacks the AMOLED screen :( which the HD2 does as well. Not sure what I’ma do yet.

      • Mockerfab4

        Sorry Cpiper, the hardware issue you speak of was only related to the wireless. The other 90% was software related. What does the hardware have to do with email? Or opening PDF’s on pop3. Missing appts due to lack of calendar syncing? Or the FB upload issues? Or the phone crashing? The trackball worked fine. The buttons I had no issues with. Touch screen was ok in response as well. So what hardware issue aside from the wireless did I mention? Enlighten me…

      • Mockerfab4

        Sorry, needed to add as well, that when I brought these same issues to the attention of my Twitter account, several Android fans advised me to get the Cynaogen mod. Now, isn’t a modified version of the Android software? Apparently that was to get rid of the bugs…

      • cpiper80

        “What does the hardware have to do with email? Or opening PDF’s on pop3. Missing appts due to lack of calendar syncing? Or the FB upload issues? Or the phone crashing?”

        HTC’s hardware issues with the SIM card working correctly, will effect many connectivity issues and sync issues. I’m guessing that after their firmware updates these problems shrank.

        I’ve yet to hear any complaints from my wife using her motorola cliq. But if she does – we will create a 2 day blog for ya.

    • Mockerfab4

      cpiper – Not familiar with Motorola, but doesn’t Blur run on top of Android? Similar to how Sense on the HD2 covers up the WM6 experience? Again, not sure so I could be wrong. In that case, hopefully Motorola fixed the bugs with the native Android system because the native version sucks.

      As for the syncing issues, that’s not a hardware issue. Sorry. Purely Android. Android being it doesn’t sync outside of Google products. Read the post again for why. Google forces you to use Google products not Outlook, so it’s going to have syncing issues. Until they make it available on their software like they do for VZW users. And the Pop3 issue is a known issue for Google. It’s in there forums. Good luck getting anyone to help you though from Google or Tmo.

      Like I said, all the issues I mentioned were from Android, not HTC. Hardware worked fine. Software inside not so much. Put WM 6 on that HTC MyTouch hardware and 70% of the issues mentioned wouldn’t exist. Plus the sim card I had was only a month old at the time.

  • Kal

    Although I have 2 N1s I still love the HD2. Who knows maybe my daughter needs a smart-phone, Yea she is 10 but hey… it will get the HD2 in the house for me to play with.


      Lol I cant imagine a 10 year old with this phone. Sounds like to much.

      • Kevin

        Yeah, it will be like watching a movie on a bigscreen tv to her

  • Oscar

    I’m used to the iPhone , will sense be a smooth tansition?

    • Davidohio

      Oh, your battery hasn’t exploded yet? My sisters did :(

    • Mockerfab4

      I’m wondering the same thing too Oscar. I tested the Android and that was a HORRIBLE transition. So much so, I shipped the phone back and went back to my iPhone. The HD2 looks promising, but we’ll see.

  • Nick

    I am ready to buy 5 of these HTC HD2 phones for my family plan. Can’t wait!

  • Chris

    This says 16gb SD card. Its a micro slot, and have heard its on a 8gb thats coming with it. Have already had the Euro HD2, sold it the other day to get the US version, these cards are HARD to get out. You have to have something sharp to get them out. Why they made this like this is beyond me. Hopefully they did something better on the US version to where you can slip them out easier. Loved this phone though! Everyone will be well pleased with it. Alot of people have said its to big, which its not big at all. Once you get it and actually hold it, it feels nice. The screen is awesome, I loaded SWYPE on mine to see how it works, and this is definitely the way to go with texting and other options for typing. You can use a screen guard without it interfering with typing. Someone asked that in another HD2 comment section. But one thing to remember, you don’t need a screen guard with this phone. Its true glass so no scratching will occur unless you use something sharp against it, and you know how glass is, its still hard to scratch. Its a fast phone, easy to use. Looking forward to the US version to get this again.

    • chaoscentral

      It is a 16GB that comes with it not an 8GB. I can’t wait for this phone though, getting it on day 1 for sure :)

    • Kevin

      Yeah, its a 16gb (class 2, of course), and actually has the movies and 3rd party apps on the card preloaded, so there is actually about 12gb of free storage out of the box. Switching cards looks like it will be tricky, because its not known yet whether or not the apps can be copied/pasted to a new card of larger or faster capabilities.

    • TheDude

      Wouldn’t you want a screen protector to help against smearing, smudging, and greasy substances on your fingers? I mean, it’s capacitive, so fingernails and a stylus are out. Protector on my iPod brings the smudge county to zero, and I like it that way, easier to see.

  • DarkCloud

    OMG man I Cant wait man I exactly how I felt when the ps3 and Xbox came out every day just feels restless “Come on man HURRY UP ISH!!! I have to have this phone. I wish I could just go to sleep till the 24th man I’m about pop a blood vessel the way I keep look up this phone and how long it’s taking. I bought a nexus one and i don’t even use it I’ve been using my TP2 FPSECE baby but that’s not all just all the stuff you can do with winmo other than being a app crazed lunatic. Also I just bought a MSI BGP100 Bluetooth Gamepad, and the extend battery with kickstand and a bunch of other stuff just waiting. But if there not hyping up the phone just release it already man I’m dying here LOL.

    • Davidohio

      Wow..you seriously need help.

    • Davidohio

      Darkcloud…seek help, please.

    • TheDude

      He’s just as crazed as the avatar next to his name. U need professional attention :D

    • Reading this post cracks me up! Talk about a hyped phone addict. Whoa come down, it’ll be out soon. LOL!!!

  • Terry

    This phone is amazing, having had hands on time with it. I love android but the hardware combined with sense is just beautiful. The screen is large enough that there is no need for a physical keyboard even in profile. Sorry, I’m not paying half my mortgage for a nexus when Google is letting Verizon sell the cdma nexus in store.

    • Kevin

      I’m with you there 100% that makes me angry. Its all ok though, I have been wanting th HD2 for at least 6 months. So close

  • The Hammer

    I would be first in line at my local store if i wasnt on a damn project out in the middle of BFE Utah in the snow………….But you can bet damn sure illb be on the phone with tmobile and having it shipped to the hotel…..lol

  • Ernie

    Android is very overrated.

    Seems all the kids like Android and thats fine but for me I would like a serious OS and thats why I am going with Windows.

    Android still feels like nintendo 1985 to me.

  • vic

    I just left my local tmo and the rep had one and he let me play with it. It is such a nice phone and this just made me want it even more.

    The rep thought he knew a lot about the phone but I gave him some pointers and some info that he had no clue about. He than gave me that rep I’m not sure of the release date but it could be. Before the end of the month speech and I just replied the 24th great sounds good. He looked at me funny but that’s what they do.

    I really hate clues less reps but he was nice enough to let me have a go with it so I am not mad but I can not wait for it any more.

  • Newcleus

    I don’t know that I’ll need to camp out, but there is a T-Mobile about one mile from be work so I’ll be going down there just before they open. I expect to be the first there since it seems few people know about this. Even the reps at a different T-Mobile store didn’t seem to know much and they definitely weren’t as excited as they should’ve been had they known about it.

  • lev

    I hear ya, I was at my Local Tmobile store in south Florida and asked when the HD2 came out, she told me there was no date, and that they cant officially say a date until they get an email, same with the Cliq XT, I dont know why my stores never have the demos, must be a Florida thing, oh well, either way this phone looks very promising

    • dj lu

      im in miami waiting for 5 months now, how stressfull

  • Bdar

    Auggghhhhh! T-mobile = c*ck-tease. We all know it’s coming “soon”. Just give us the official price & date already. I’m definitely heading to a store today to go try to play with one. And I’m taking off work to be there on the 24th at opening.

  • randall

    put up the preorder, got the CC handy

  • Jonathan

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s Android fanboys that are the problem but more the Nexus One owners. I absolutely love Android and have had less-than-par experiences with Windows Mobile but I am willing to give it another go with this hardware. But wait… If I am not completely satisfied with Sense and Windows Mobile, I can just wait til XDA comes out with a working Android port and here it comes… HAVE A BETTER ANDROID PHONE THAN THE NEXUS ONE OWNERS. How about you all stop bitchin’ about how it doesn’t have Android. Honestly, the remarks are useless rhetoric.

    • Cpiper80

      I wasn’t aware that their was a problem @ all. I don’t mingle with many people when it comes to technology. My T-Mobile contract is up soon and I’ve been seeking out a potential replacement phone. For my personal usage – I think android OS fits my usages better. Light weight OS combines with the a snap dragon processor is what I want for the most speed.

      I guess that if people are seeking something that integrates with their windows @ home and are in love with Microsoft – win is the way to go. I personally find it disappointing with the lack of web flash until winmo 7 comes out – coupled with the idea that the hd2 will not be able to upgrade to winmo 7.

      I personally have not messed around with winmo within the last 2 years.

      I’ve also never owned an android phone.

      What I’m looking @ is specs and performance. How long does it take for the phone to respond to what I want to do?

      Linux shines here.

      Also – how long before this technology is outdated?

      • chaoscentral

        Too bad Android can’t use the power of the snap dragon properly. Even 2.1 on my friend’s Nexus Feels slow and clunky compared to the video’s I have seen of the HD2, and there’s ALOT more going on on the HD2 than the Nexus when it comes to home screen.

        Oh and he has Cyanogen Mod 5 loaded up with the himem kernel, and that device still seems too slow and primitive for me to justify purchasing.

      • Cpiper80

        I unfortunately have not had my hands on either to try them out. But since you mentioned videos I went and looked some up. The ones I viewed were from techno buffalo and phonedog.

        Both of those reviews were in favor of the nexus one in comarison with the hd2 when it came to speed.

        Can you point me to the videos that you’ve seen?

        * the videos I watched were HD2 vs nexus one – side by side comparisons *

        ** I’m not saying nexus one is better – I’m just relaying my interpretation of their opinions**

      • Mockerfab4

        Cpiper, hopefully you read my post earlier where I shared my Android experience (or epic fail). If you missed it a few posts up, here it is:


      • cpiper80


        Read it – it was an isolated issue with HTC MT3G and not the OS.

      • Mockerfab4

        Cpiper, see my response to you above. I’ve heard similiar problems especially with the phone crashing from the Eris, whom I know people who own it, and advised if they could to return. Hardware was fine with me. It was the software…If you put WM on the HTC hero, about 70% of the issues I mention would not exist…

    • Davidohio

      Agreed. Enough whining, it has win6.5 and nothing will change that until xda can do something about it.

    • CO_Yeti

      I know 2 N1 owners that have hands one with the HD2 and will be putting their N1s for sale as soon as the HD2 comes out… My guess is there will be a lot of cheap N1s on craigslist starting early April!

      • just some d?de

        HD2 dead in the water, waste of money. no multitasking no flash old outdated OS no chance for upgrades. LOL. Just goes to show some people are clueless.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Dude are you done? We talked about this once and you are just filling up this thread with wasted space…enough.

  • Phalosopher


  • sdadell

    I have been waiting for years for a good Mobile Phone and went with the G1 phone when it came out. I got burned when I camped out for the TouchPro 2. What a disappointment that was so I took it back the next day. I hope the HD2 will sync with our Business Contact Manager contacts instead of just contacts. Otherwise it is worthless and we will have to stay with Android.

  • bigc17

    WOW, this phone seems amazing. Sorry android but, this is my next phone. Come on, how can u say no to this phone 4.3″ touchscreen, 1ghz processor, 5mp camera w/flash, multitouch, 16gb micro sd card included, and a design as slim as a pencil, what’s not to like about this phone. After all that, and a 199.99 price tag, man, this is gonna be my next phone. Yes, it is true that lots of teens like android (other than the ones who like the iphone) because I’m a teenager myself and I have an android phone but, I know a lot about electronics and the nexus one doesn’t have a 4.3″ screen, the slimest form factor on any smartphone, more video formats and entertainment capabilities, a wi-fi router/modem or a 16gb sd card included with the phone. Android may be a pretty nice os and windows mobile may have a kinda bat rep sometimes but, with windows mobile 6.5 w/sense ui on top of that, you know it’s gonna be an amazing phone. This isn’t about whether it’s an iphone or a nexus one killer or not but, it’s better than both of them in my book.

  • waiting2hd2

    I included accessories does not mention the HTC sleeve that came aboard in the Euro models. So does that mean it will not come with a cover/sleeve for the hd2? If not does anyone know if there is a way to get one (htc sleeve)? thanks

    • Mockerfab4

      eBay. I just bought 2 hard cases, soft case, retractable car charger, screen protecter, all under $20. Of course, they are all coming from China and will take 10 months to get here.

  • Matt N

    I love the hardware specs of this phone, and don’t mind the OS either (although MW6.5 is seriously show it’s age). Before I had my current G1 I was running an HTC Tytn (Hermes) and loved it…


    For this kind of cash, I could not justify it without hearing 100% ironclad confirmation from both HTC and Microsoft that it will have a WM7 upgrade available. If I could get that promise, I would preorder this device right now, as it is I’ll likely be an N1 owner until the first crop of WM7 devices come out this fall.

    What I want to see, really, is a phone like the HTC Diamond that works on the T-mobile USA 3G network. My wife had a Euro model diamond and, seriously, it was the sexiest handset ever. It makes the iPhone look like Joe Merrick.

    (Additional flamebait so I don’t leave anyone out: windows mobile sucks, android suck, iphone sucks, htc sucks)

    (additional additional flamebait: if you take all these comments and change ‘android’ to PS3 and ‘windows mobile’ to ‘xBox 360’, It’s just like the IGN forums!)

    • Nick

      @ Matt N

      I am sorry but there will be no Windows Phone 7 Series Upgrade for this phone.

      But Windows Phone 7 Series will be on their next phone HTC HD3. ;)

      • Mockerfab4

        Nick, that will definitely be my next phone, after HD2. ;)

  • Garet

    1 reason not to get it is they have already said this phone will not get winmo7 update it doesn’t meet the requirements I think it was the amount of buttons. and there you have it an outdated phone.But like someone stated XDA will most likely have Android or Winmo7 to put on if you don’t mind hacking your phone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I will not be camping out for a phone. I will, however, be getting this phone on day 1. I’m just wondering what’s the best way to buy it (For Data Plan reasons), unlocked or Subsidized?

    • chaoscentral

      unsubsidized you end up saving 300 over the 2 years and its 20 a month cheaper

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yes Unsubsidized paying outright would be cheaper if you go the EM+ route.

        It’ll be about the same as subsidized if you go unlocked with 20 payments because they add it to your bill which will push the $79 unlimited everything back up to around $99 and then you end up losing because now you have given up your upgrade discount for no contract but are still paying regular subsidized pricing. After the $20 months, then yes.

        I’m asking because if I want to buy the HD2 under subsidized pricing but want to get unlimited everything for around $84. I’m paying $50 for unlimited talk and $15 for unlimited text right now. My bill is usually around $72 a month. If I get the bundled Unlimited Text and Web for $34, that’ll be $84 a month for unlimited everything before taxes of course. I just don’t want to pay $100 for unlimited everything.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thanks for helping though. I may just buy it Unlocked in full.

  • ryan

    All i have to say is Andriod Lovers = the retards of the world

    • Davidohio

      Ryan, you are a dick. Go crawl back under the rock you crawl out from under! Loser.

      • John

        @ Davidohio

        And you are a douche. Go back to your hole Android troll.

    • just some d?de

      Ryan do you get embarrassed when you tell people you have a WM phone, I feel so sorry for you dude. I bet you bought a ZUNE too. LOL.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I think at this point we are all embarrassed for someone who trolls the comments looking to make Windows Phone jabs.

      • just some d?de

        I take it Dave your a WM fan then.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Does it matter if I am a fan? What matters is that I don’t go around inciting argument unnecessarily because I have nothing better to do. Give up bro, people love the OS that they love. End of discussion.

      • just some d?de

        dont feel bad for dave, i do this on most WM and some android/WM forums, I also have multiple user names and IP’s on this board and on others. Its a living.

  • Bob

    You guys look bored with all this waiting so I thought I would give you something to do to pass time. Here you go:
    When is the next high end Android phone coming to TMO?
    Knock yourselves silly…

    • Mockerfab4

      Hopefully never. One less post on the many problems it will have. :)

    • TheDude

      Hopefully soon so we can flood the post with comments like “I would get this if it had WP7 on it” or “Why get this phone when there are better Windows phones out?” and the like ;)

    • just some d?de

      Don’t know about T-mobile, but i do know my high end nexus one kicks butt.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey all HD2 fans, I just logged in to my Tmobile account and searched for “HD2” and it came up with a button for “Upgrade”. I’m not sure if this qualifies as preorder or what but I just thought I’d let all the HD2 fans know. Hope it helps.

  • dj lu

    Android fag boys I mean fan boys need to stop hating on the HD2 Hello!!!!!! we should be on the same teem HTC makes android phones too!!!!! Forget it I take it back keep hating it just shows how much you love the Beast!!! lol………………………………………………………………………..

    • Green Robot


    • Mgoggles

      I don’t think any of them are hating. Sure they want the HD2 to run Android because it’s a sexy phone with 4.3″ screen. It’s just a wish. And Hello!!!! If we are the same team then calling Android fans ‘fag’ seems immature.

    • Davidohio

      @dj lu…teem is spelled team. Winmo fag.

      • dj lu

        @DavidGayOhio thanks for the heads up on the word team. Sorry but I was texting that from my Gay Android Phone that is to small for my fingers.

      • just some d?de

        @DJ lu dont knock the Android phones they are rocks solid, built on a unix platform. unlick those crappy WM phones.

    • just some d?de

      The beast? what the heck does that mean?

  • Mike

    I’m going to get it. But how much would the HTC HD2 data services be??? Adroid,blackberry,sidekick has there own prices for unlimited web/text plan. Does anybody know???

    • tato22

      same price as blackberry g1 mytouch nexus one moto cliq there all the same price

  • bigc17

    I’m on a 2 year t-mobile contract, anyone know how much the hd2 will be if I want to upgrade. I already have a data plan (for android though) but I would rather get this phone so, cany anyone tell me. Ps/ does anybody know if any t-mobile stores have a working hd2 display or even a dummy phone.

    • Davidohio

      Call customer care, it depends on how far along you are in your contract. As far as the phone, call your local store.

  • vic

    I just wanted to say that as a long time blackberry fan and an owner of an nexus one I get where all of the android talk is coming from but really its not needed. Every phone has its bright spots but to say dumb shit like some have said is just plan stupid. And btw for the person that said flash is not no this device check your facts because the explore web browser does have flash and you can use skyfire. But if you android fan boys can’t find anything else to do but put down a phone go play with the IPhone fanboys because both of your devices are not that great.

  • Aston

    i’m waiting for winmo7. :)

  • Cybersedan

    I own a nexus one, but plan to add the HD2 to my handset lineup.

    All the bashing both ways is simply childish.

  • Matthew

    I will definitely be among the first to get this phone!

  • jp2dj1

    I second that motion!!!!!!

  • well with my luck the local tmobile store probably wont get any in like they did with the touch pro 2. ended up having to order it and wait even more days, i am crossing my fingers hoping they have them in stock on the 24th.

  • jp2dj1

    I love my g1, but I need a better phone. The nexus one, there two problems with that (1) it doesn’t have a physical keyboard and (2) the way you have to buy it totally sucks! Where the htc hd2 has one problem, that it hasn’t have a physical keyboard, but I could go to tmobile and buy it in payments. I’ll buy this until the nexus two comes out!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose

    i am diff gonna get this phone bye bye iphone hello HD2 :-) i have class from 8-10 so am going to race to the closes tmo store and hopefully dey have it.

  • Straptin958

    My question is… Do you think that this phone is slated for a march 24th release date still? I feel like its some what early to be putting the phone on the site for a release date that is more than 2 weeks away.

    When the TP2 came out the phone only appeared on the site 2 to 3 days before it came out… Believe me I was on that site every couple of hours to check.

    Wouldnt mind seeing an earlier release date but the 24th isnt that far away regardless.

    And for the individuals that keep bashing this phone because it POSSIBLY MIGHT NOT get WM7 upgrade, I ask has XDA ever failed us before.

    Lookin forward to trying to fit this huge ish in my pocket.

  • Rigel

    I am using Sprint and am coming to T-Mobile just for this phone. Sprint may be getting the HTC Supersonic later in the year, but I am to buy “Now”. ;-)

  • Sam


    • Jose

      so its the 17? not the 24? are you 100% sure?

    • Joe Pa

      Is this true? Man, I hope this is true!

    • Straptin958

      how sure are you about that wise one?

      • Mockerfab4

        Woot! Woot! Hope you’re right!!!

    • SADavidohio

      SAM is full of crap. It IS NOT launching on the 17th. It is launching on the 24th. SAM needs a life.

  • Joe Pa

    I’ve heard this 17th date a few times now on these message boards. Anyone care to elaborate on this date?

  • rob

    i owned a g1 the day it came out. keyboard buttons started sticking and messing up after 1 year so i bought a used mytouch off craigslist i rooted both. i like android but i think they are a little slow and a memory hog, the market is fragmented (u cant use that app becuase u dont have that phone or latest firmware, example moto cliq xt coming out is running 1.5 no turn by turn by google maps for them, they need 1.6) why are these new android phones coming out with out dated firmware? im still using my mytouch but i think im going to get the hd2 i heard mix feelings about wm6.5 but im willing to take that chance. i hope the windows market wont be the same as android when windows phone 7 is out. i would of got the nexus one but like everyone else here i dont like the way u buy it.

    • Bob

      Man, I wish my G1 would break finally. Sadly, after a year and a half it’s rock solid with no problems whatsoever. It’s also more stable and faster than its ever been with the latest Cyanogen mod I just put on it. I wish this thing would finally kick the bucket so that I can justify spending money on a new device. As it is I’m stuck with it…

      • Johnny

        that should be a good thing lol

      • Newcleus

        You can always sell it (not that you’d get much) and put it towards the purchase of a HD2.

  • I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dj lu

    well i did here that someone went to a tmo store and a rep told him the 17th. But only for current costumers. Is this true, me dont know…

  • just some d?de

    Whenever it comes out you will get an old OS on it, and a crappy one at that. That sucks.

    • efjay

      No, really? Please do tell.

    • Straptin958

      I rarely write comments on here but instead only read what other people have to say but through out this subject you’ve done nothing but bash the OS. Cool I get that WM isn’t ya thing. How bout you just buy the device, root it to android later and go on bout ya day dude.

      • dj lu

        dont even know why they are browsing thru here if this has nothing to do with android. Why dont they just scroll down to the moto clic and
        admire their lil OS. They are just hating on the fact that the best looking phone out there is not running their boring android OS. so sad : (

      • Bob

        One word for you: Android…..

      • Johnny

        yea Android beats WM anyday…

      • John

        And my brain and knowledge beats yours anyday.

      • John

        @ Johnny

        And my brain and knowledge beats yours anyday…

    • Mockerfab4

      I don’t mind if he/she posts. It just proves how much of a failure Android is based on their users. Bash away dude!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Whenever JustSomeDud posts we get the same old comments and crappy ones at that. He sucks.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      No Just Some Dude, see I won’t be getting an old or crappy OS on my HD2 at all. I’ll be putting SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3 on mine. Great looking OS that works through WinMo. Here:s the link:

      SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.3

      I just went to my local Maggy store and demoed the HD2 and I like what I demoed. I wasn’t blown away or anything but I did enjoy everything about the phone from the feel to the web browsing. HD2 is a great phone that I will be getting. I really wish the Android only people would stop trying to down this phone. I like Android and I like WinMo. Both are great OS’ and Both have issues.

      • MoJo..HD@

        would downloading that SPB shell mess cover the HTC sense UI on the HD2?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        For those wondering about SPB Mobile Shell, I had that on my Touch Pro2.

        That is a shell, NOT an operating system.

        Yes, it goes over HTC Sense because you can have only one shell operating at a time.

        SPB Mobile Shell is a great product. It has lots of eye candy (such as the 3D rotating column with different programs/apps/functions on each side).

        Using SPB is not a big deal because you can simply tell the handset not to boot up with it or close the program and the shell will disappear.

        IMHO SPB has its benefits. It’s something different than WinMo or HTC Sense.

        But I found I liked HTC Sense better so I uninstalled the SPB Shell. It’s really a matter of tastes. For example, I really like the HTC Sense shell (user interface) because of the animated weather. And I also like the level of customization HTC Sense provides.

        For example, on your home screen you can set up what’s called “Quick Links” to your most often used programs. Then there’s the Tab Bar at the bottom where you can set up tabs for your favorite programs (e-mail, media player, pic viewer, etc.)

        As an alternative, there’s also some free shells from XDA that are quite nice too and the price makes them cooler.

        Keep in mind that these are all shells. Installing them on the HD2 (assuming they can install on an HD2) does NOT void the warranty or change out or swap the WinMo OS. You are simply installing a different shell or theme, much the same as you can do to a notebook or desktop computer.

      • just some d?de

        looks bloated as hell, just like WM

    • Green Robot

      One word for you: Android…

  • Bigg

    I dont know about camping out but I’m getting one for sure.

  • manushka

    I can’t wait! So it cannot upgrade to WM7 big deal! When Wimo7 comes out it will be glitchy as hell and will take 6 months to get it right. By then I’ll be bored of the HD2 and get a new phone.

    Yes I know that the Androidgeeks believe that there are no issues with Android, that it has been perfect from day 1 and the Nexus has not had, does not have, and will never have any problems and that the Android/Google Customer service is and has been so perfect that angels wish they had it so good. But guess what all OS have issues, Even Android. I like the I-phone but it is not perfect, I tried android but just did not like it (it is good but not for me) and I still have an Axim51 that even with all of it’s issues is of some use.

    Oh and the androidfreeks that hate the I-Phone so much are morons. Apple changed the way phones look and work with the I-phone. Admit it, if not for them we would all be using crackberry/palm knock-offs! Are they the best? no but give credit where credit is due.

    I am buying this phone because I am not a techhead, I use it for work/play that is it? I am not going to dig in its software because I do not have to or want to. I need a phone that is cool and fun and can synch with work and that can provide a game, book, music or movie for the train or plane etc.

  • What I find odd is that if you go to T-mobile’s page for the phone all the specs are there except for the SIZE and WEIGHT which are both listed as “TBD”….shouldn’t they know that info by now? It’s not like they plan to change the size and weight before it comes out. Right?!

  • R-JAY


  • camp- a- lot

    I’m already at my local t-mobile store with my lawn chair and blanket. People walk by and look at me funny, but there’s nothing funny about my HD2 when i get it, this is serious business. like they say…”it’s all fun and games until someone gets an HD2.” SHAZBOT!!!!

  • frackin T-mobile!!! how dare they tease me with the following link only to call and have them tell me that it is not yet upgradable.


  • Kinara


    1st time posting here… Just a quick thought…Does the Picture on T-Mobile’s site look any different to you guys ( especially the bottom – with a grayish curve ) ? Could that be the reason why the Height and the Weight are still TBD?

    I know this happened with the Tmobile’s Touch Pro 2. Their version looked completely different than the Original or the other Carriers ( ATT, VZN, SPRINT )


    Kinara :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    My post may not be much of an update, but here is some info:

    I called T-Mo to get them to straighten out a $80 overcharge to my account. While on the phone I asked about the HD2. The rep could only confirm it was coming. She was unaware of pre-orders for current customers, etc.

    Remember that page one could sign up for to be updated on the HD2? Well on that page it asked if you were a current customer and if so to include your phone number (which is a “backup” account number of sorts).

    Did they ask for that info because current T-Mo customers may get a pre-order opportunity? Just speculating, you never know. Does not hurt to hope.

    About T-Mo Credit:

    Technically it’s called the EIP (Equipment Installment Plan).

    I asked about my credit for financing phones.

    1. She said there’s a single internal T-Mo credit amount regardless of the number of lines (I have two). So if you have two or three lines, you do NOT get three separate credit limits. It’s account based, one account with three lines = one credit limit.

    2. Credit limits (EIP limits)range from $90 to $600. As you may suspect, $90 is for new customers, $600 for long term customers with a good payment history.

    3. As a T-Mobile internal credit program T-Mo does NOT run a credit check when you want to finance a phone purchase.

    4. There’s two ways to pay for phones on credit, both with a “down payment,” then the balance paid over three or 20 months (20 months is only available to More+ accounts. IMHO this makes the phone loan act as a sort of early termination fee, an incentive not to cancel T-Mo until the loan balance that must be paid off gets lower).

    T-Mo technically calls the payment options “4 months or 21 months.”

    5. You can pay off the balance remaining by contacting T-Mo (so they don’t apply your payment to your plan, that would result in an over payment instead of it going to the phone loan).

    6. If you switch carriers and still owe on the phone, the balance remaining goes on your final bill.

    7. Your credit can be used on any number of phones. Query: Technically T-Mo says you can purchase in excess of your credit limit, the amount in excess of your limit goes on your next bill.

    If you bought two HD2s under the More+ that would be $900. I suspect a call to a supervisor could get both phones financed on equal monthly payments, especially if one has been with T-Mo a long time and paid monthly bills promptly.

    8. You can call T-Mo and ask what your credit limit is; it’s not a secret.

    EIPs make sense if you do not qualify for a full upgrade discount or are like me, where you get a new phone every six months. E.g., an Even More + customer can buy the HD2, finance it for 21 months, then sell it in November, use that money to pay off the phone, and then get a new phone such as a WP7S superphone coming out.

    Where you really make out like a bandit is if you can sell the phone for as much or just a little less than what you paid T-Mobile for the HD2, for example.

    If I sold my HD2 for a modest $300 in November, for example, that would mean I got to use the latest and hottest phone for $19 a month ($450 – $300 = $150 ÷ 8 months = ± $19 From past history of selling my used phones since the 2006 Pearl, the HD2 in November would more likely sell for $350 to $375.

    Hope this helps, especially those who are wondering how the heck they are going to pay for an HD2.

    • DavidB

      That’s kinda what I did with my G1. Bought it when it became available to existing customers back in Oct of ’08, sold it last week on ebay for $200, will use that to pay for the HD2 with contract extension. So I basically traded up for free w/contract. And in 12 mos., I can trade up again if I want.

    • gargoyle999

      Thanks for taking the time to post the details on this! I may end up using this since I have two lines eligible for full upgrade.

    • gargoyle999

      I just called T-Mobile to see if I was eligible for the EIP and they told me I was and that I was eligible for “up to $1200”. I have two lines. So one of us got the wrong info since I was just told it was $600 per line.

    • chaoscentral


      The EIP definately isn’t capped at $600, I’ve got $1000 available for my single line(800 credit score ftw)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Thanks again Chaos for posting this. You saved my butt. I should have checked a second time with someone else about EIP and ECL.

  • sortamad

    unfortunately its a school day so im going to have to wait until i get home to go get it. Hopefully my tmobile store has them instock once im free!!

  • dj lu

    Called 3 t mobile stores, only 1 told me the 24th the others acted like they had no clue.

    • Joe Pa

      I’m suprised you got one of them to say the 24th…..since it really isn’t official yet.

  • Naveed Cheraghi

    Lol My dad owns a T-mobile store and has already gotten one for me

    • Joe Pa

      My dad owns a unicorn farm and lets me fly around on them when I want.

      • beej

        LOL, that’s great!

      • dj lu

        lol….. @Joe

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        lmfao!!! is that what I just saw whiz by?

  • papito007
    • Joe Pa

      nice find. interesting…this might line up with the 17th as a launch day possibility.

  • MobilePaddy
  • Theundying1

    man i had a hard decision to make between this and the google nexus one. I chose the Nexus one but still haven’t bought it yet(like many people here, i don’t like how you have to buy it) so i’m waiting to get a hands on with this phone

  • Beetle

    I think the old TFT LCD screen is looking a bit old on the HD2. Newer up-market devices are now coming with AMOLED screens, including most of HTC’s range, but the HD2 will have the less-bright TFT backlit screen.

    • HD2BEAST

      Amoled Screen sucks in the sunlight. And who do you know that likes to set there screen brightness to %100??

  • rushmore

    If any of you camp outside for this thing I will stop and laugh at you- then ask if you would like some hot coco.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Good info Gargoyle and Chaos.

    Gargoyle, I would not say one of “us” is wrong, it’s the CSR who is giving inconsistent info. We are simply repeating what we were told. ;)

    When I asked about “multiple limits” versus one limit for an entire account I was very clear and detailed about my question. I even used an example and said I was writing a magazine review on “T-Mobile’s great new payment plan” (a true statement and also to impress on her that I needed accurate information).

    Sidenote: She seemed knowledgeable enough, but later when I asked another question she at first appeared hesitant. While this told me she might not be experienced, when she had to enter the $80 credit info she read her computer screens fast, quickly found the issue and rapidly typed in the credit while talking to me at the same time. So at that point she appeared quite able and competent.

    So yes, one of the CSRs is mistaken.

    T-Mobile CSRs are known to be misinformed and often inconsistent. The most recent experience I can mention was when we were all wondering about pricing for the Touch Pro2, in August 2009. Everyone got different answers from their respective CSRs. It was ridiculous.

    Financially I would speculate it’s $600 for an account and not $600 for each line. This because I can’t imagine On-A-Budget-T-Mobile giving free credit and assuming the risk on financing 10 million phones, for example, compared to the lower cost and reduced risk of financing perhaps 2 million phones (I don’t know the numbers, I am speculating).

    As to the $600 credit limit, maybe I don’t have good credit with T-Mobile and the CSR was simply trying to be nice. But she did say it ranges from $90 to $600, on the account, not each line. So I can’t imagine her statements were based on MY rating.

    Since this is for a mag article I have to call back and talk to a supervisor. Hopefully I will get good info because I can’t publish erroneous info.

    Assuming people in here are interested, I’ll report back what I find out.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, called and got the answers.

    1. EIP credit available is based on an account, NOT the number of lines. So Gargoyle if you have two lines and a $1200 limit, that is NOT because you have two $600 limits, that’s just coincidence with what I mistakenly said about there being a $600 account limit.

    2. So you can talk the talk with a CSR, T-Mobile calls the EIP credit limit the “ECL” (Equipment Credit Line).

    3. There are no lower or upper credit limits (ECL). It can start at zero and go up to $1200 (see below).

    The computer uses a matrix to “spit out” an ECL tailored to that customer. She said that based on my account, she was noting the file to reflect that I would be going on the EM+ plan and to increase my ECL (see below).

    4. My $600 ECL limit is currently based on my NOT being an Even More Plus account (I erroneously assumed that the $600 on my T-Mobile account page reflected being on EM+, but I returned my BlackBerry and went back to my old plan. So the ECL was not an EM+ ECL, so to speak.

    Sidenote: When getting subsidized phones $600 is plenty to finance two phones. E.g., Although I did not get payments, the $600 ECL would have covered my two Pearls, two Curves, G1 and the TP2.

    Stay with me here.

    5. Because Even More + customers are paying full price for phones the ECL limit for EM+ customers has been increased. (This makes sense since if one bought two HD2s that would be $900).

    6. While there is NOT a set or published upper limit for EM+ accounts, she said that generally it works out on average to be $1200 per account (again, not per line).

    Bonus Comment: If you are on a contract with T-Mobile and will be switching to the Even More + plan, make sure to inform the CSR to update your ECL to reflect your now having to pay more for your phones (aka increase your credit limit).

    Great posts guys, without your comments I would have got the info all wrong in the article and I would have looked like a dumb ass. Was meant to be, I guess.

    • gargoyle999

      Thanks for getting it all straightened out. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to buy subsidized or not. But at least this EIP will help if I decide to buy the phone outright in not having to have such a large expense up front.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Forgot to mention, she said your ECL is not automatically adjusted, there has to be an event to prompt looking at it. Events include switching plans, buying expensive phones or asking for an increase.

    So make sure to ask for your ECL to be updated if you intend to buy two HD2s, for example (one for you, one to keep the wife from complaining about your weaknesses).

    The impression I got was that all you have to do is ask (for an ECL increase) and you shall receive. Assuming, of course, you ask nicely and are not a creep.

  • tchez27

    Sorry, if you’re reading this post from me again from another blog on here but I want to make sure we all get to enjoy this magnificent specimen in all the glory we can get……….

    Check this out HD2oids! Incase you’re like me and just can’t get enough of this beast of a phone. The HTC website has a 7, thats right 7 minute video about the features of and using the HTC HD2. I’ve personally watched it three times. Have fun! Here’s the link http://www.htc.com/www/product/hd2/overview.html. Click on the green take a closer look button.

    • tchez27

      ps. the seven HD2s at the end is no mere coincidence. WM7 here we come.

    • gargoyle999

      The video shows the phone as being a WI-FI access point. Think this will be available in the T-Mobile version?

  • poagester

    I will definitely be waiting for this phone as I already have been for oh so long!