webConnect Rocket Gets Another Trial Run


Michael Oryl, the top dog over at Mobileburn.com, got his hands on a webConnect Rocket over the past month and took it for a spin on T-Mobile’s Philadelphia HSPA+ network.  As expected, he came away pretty impressed with the range of test speeds.  In optimal conditions, it peaked at speeds well above current offerings.  Using the webConnect Rocket in an area of a “reported good, but far from perfect signal”, he hit download speeds of 5600Kbps and 1009Kbps up.  What happened to the speed in a prime signal location?  It was downright impressive. Download speeds maxed out during the trials at 6629Kbps and upload speeds at 3155Kbps.  What happened when he tried to download a 100MB AVI file?  Try getting ‘er done in 3 minutes 13 seconds.  Of course, that’s under the most optimal conditions.  With T-Mobile focusing on the backhaul and running a proper fiber network to its towers, hopefully those speeds will be available to all when HSPA+ launches nationally.

For the full speed report and a comparison to Wimax, hit the full article over at Mobileburn!

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  • JR


  • TehAndroid

    We’ve already had about 60% of the towers here in southern california go live with HSPA+ so excited. Hope once its fully up and running tmo rubs it in at&ts face about being the fastest network. Can’t wait to start using the HD2 on HSPA+ *drool*

    • watbetch

      Would the 60% be able to experience the faster speed now, or are there other steps that need to happen before that?

  • Mike

    Geeee….HPSA+ launching nationally…..On the smallest 3G footprint of all the major carriers…WOW…..How bout T-Mo get their butts in gear and finish rolling out 3G to the rest of their paying customers before upgrading for the ones who already have it!!

    • watbetch

      Last I checked, they haven’t stopped 3G from going into new cities due to these upgrades…WOW…what a shocker….WOW.

  • J-Hop2o6

    i thought Philly was suppose to be HSPA+ (21mbps)? those are HSPA (7.2mbps) speeds.. but still nice nonetheless! im currently running at 2.1mbps in SW Seattle.. can’t wait for, atleast, 7.2 HSPA here!

    • watbetch

      It’s not always going to be at it’s maximum especially during high traffic hours

  • Jorge

    Good for T-Mobile. I hope this helps shut AT&T up about being “the nation’s fastest 3g network” and gets Luke Wilson off the air. Nothing against him but those ads suck.

  • Jak Crow

    Why should we believe HPSA+ is being deployed nationally when the supposed 7.2Mbps nationally wasn’t true?

    • watbetch

      You’re right, they’re not lauching HPSA+. Liars

  • J

    I live in Philly and there isn’t even hspa still umts

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