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T-Mobile Expanding HSPA+ Markets Today!

Today, T-Mobile is announcing the expansion of its HSPA+ network, bringing the total number of cities covered to 25 and total customers covered to 75 million by the end of June.  Covered are T-Mobile customers in  Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans and Charleston.  In addition, HSPA+ has been expanded to Bentonville, Ark..  Anderson, S.C.  and Fayetteville, N.C. are now good to go … [read full article]

T-Mobile Announces HSPA+ WebConnect Availability in New York City

T-Mobile formally announced the availability of the webConnect Rocket in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Providing HSPA+ speeds the webConnect Rocket is the first T-Mobile device to offer theoretical speeds of 21+ Mbps. Costing $50 after rebates the webConnect Rocket is an expensive way to get into the HSPA+ game especially with the specialized T-Mobile data plans currently offered. Phonescoop T-Mobile

T-Mobile webConnect Rocket To Launch In More Philadelphia Locations


The webConnect Rocket is T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ device and really is the first glimpse at the T-Mobile future of data. Up until now, it’s only been available in limited retail stores if you live in the Philadelphia area but, starting April 25th at 18 additional locations, you will be able to walk into a T-Mobile store and walk out with the future. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure exactly where those locations are, but you … [read full article]

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Sold Out?

Word on the street is that the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is sold out!  Were not sure if Magenta didn’t order enough or the netbook was just super popular.  From everything I heard though, the device was in very high demand.  We can’t confirm it was sold out in stores yet, so if you are desperate you might want to try a retail location.  Will update this when we know more! Also, have you voted for … [read full article]

TmoNews Goes Hands On With The webConnect Rocket And Dell Mini 10


So my streak of T-Mobile luck continued this morning with a one-on-one with some super super nice T-Mobile PR folks who allowed me some hands-on time with the Dell Mini 10 and webConnect Rocket.  Let me just say, the webConnect Rocket is fast, very fast.  The Dell Mini 10 is no slouch in the speed department either but the webConnect Rocket is the real story. It’s been one thing for me to read the reviews from [read full article]

Live from CTIA 2010 T-Mobile HSPA+ Event!

Today was a monumental day for me, for TmoNews, our readers and for humanity in general.  Just kidding on that last part!  Andrew already touched on the HSPA+ announcements just a little while ago.  However, for the first time, TmoNews found itself at a T-Mobile event and I didn’t even have to sneak in!  It was an experience in and of itself and, while it wasn’t some huge event with balloons and hoopla, to me it … [read full article]

webConnect Rocket Officially Announced, Available March 14th

T-Mobile has officially announced (again) the availability of the webConnect Rocket, its first HSPA+ data connect card.  Available starting March 14th, the webConnect Rocket will run $99.  Along with the announcement of their very first HSPA+ data card, T-Mobile has revised their webConnect data plans.  Customers can now choose between an Even More webConnect data plan, which requires a life sentence two-year contract, and get 5GB for $60 per month or 200MB for $30 per … [read full article]

webConnect Rocket Gets Another Trial Run

Michael Oryl, the top dog over at Mobileburn.com, got his hands on a webConnect Rocket over the past month and took it for a spin on T-Mobile’s Philadelphia HSPA+ network.  As expected, he came away pretty impressed with the range of test speeds.  In optimal conditions, it peaked at speeds well above current offerings.  Using the webConnect Rocket in an area of a “reported good, but far from perfect signal”, he hit download speeds … [read full article]

More Launch News For The Dell Mini 10, webConnect Rocket & Dark Project

If you recall, our super ninjas have told us the Dell Mini 10, T-Mobile’s very first netbook,  would be launching March 24th.  As shown above, we continue to confirm the March 24th launch date (that is, if there aren’t any potential delays).  On the very same day the Dell Mini 10 releases, T-Mobile will also be launching  the webConnect Rocket, T-Mobile’s first USB modem that can take advantage of HSPA+ 21Mbps.  Do keep … [read full article]

T-Mobile Webconnect Rocket Preview

All jealousy aside, Kevin Tofel of JKontherun got a first glimpse at the Webconnect Rocket, T-Mobile’s first foray into HSPA+ USB modem goodness. In a word, “wow,” the speeds he experienced are everything we can hope for, with the best yet to come. At best, he saw 9.11 Mbps on the download side. Damn, that’s fast. With plug-and-play installation, a microSD memory slot and speeds that will impress your mom, the Webconnect rocket should … [read full article]