Live from CTIA 2010 T-Mobile HSPA+ Event!


Today was a monumental day for me, for TmoNews, our readers and for humanity in general.  Just kidding on that last part!  Andrew already touched on the HSPA+ announcements just a little while ago.  However, for the first time, TmoNews found itself at a T-Mobile event and I didn’t even have to sneak in!  It was an experience in and of itself and, while it wasn’t some huge event with balloons and hoopla, to me it was fantastic just to be there.  Yet again, it helped reaffirm the love I have for T-Mobile and the desire I have to help in its success.  That being said, you all want details and forgive me if I touch a little on what was posted earlier.

  • 97% of the US is covered with 2G right now; 47,000 cell sites covering 206 million people
  • HSPA+ currently is available in New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Washington DC and the suburbs west of DC with Los Angeles coming soon

  • Over 100 metros will enjoy HSPA+ goodness before the end of 2010; that equals 185 million pops
  • “HSPA+ will rival the speeds to LTE”
  • Easy overlay to the existing footprint, utilizing spectrum blocks purchased a few years ago
  • HSPA+ is 4G-like speeds with the footprint better than LTE AND Wimax in the near term
  • HSPA+ isn’t just specific to T-Mobile; the ecosystem is maturing; global technology path for 40+ carriers
  • 1 in 5 households are now mobile only
  • 60$ of T-Mobile customers choose 3G smartphones; the average Android users on T-Mobile uses 20 times more data a regular smartphone user
  • Dell Inspiron Mini rolling out tomorrow
  • Webconnect Rocket, first HSPA+ device

Cole Brodman and Neville Ray, our two speakers, went on to discuss a few more details before taking some questions. One of their highlighted bullet points was that T-Mobile offers the best value, with flexible plans on a faster network which is something that tends to be overlooked by some of the T-mobile faithful as they peer at the other carriers with stronger device lineup.  One of the most interesting facts was that websites would load some 40% faster than Wimax on HSPA+.  In addition, Cole Brodman emphasized that an 800mb download will be 3x faster than the Verizon EVDO network.  When it comes to T-Mobile pricing, there is emphasis on delivering the best value with the most competitive options and there is a strong focus on smartphone pricing.

Here is what you really want to know.  HSPA+ capable devices WILL BE available in the 2nd half of 2010. Of course, what devices those are remain unknown but I think it’s a safe bet to think T-Mobile has an understanding that, at those speeds, users will want powerful smartphones and I believe they are prepared to deliver on that.

When it came to marketing, T-Mobile emphasized that they are among the top 20 advertisers in the US.  However, what is lost in translation and a source of my own complaints is that they are outspent by both Verizon and AT&T who are the top two advertisers in the US right now.  Cole Brodman made a sharp point to say that he wants to move the conversation away from terms like “3G” and “4G” and more to “blazing fast internet” and “download movies faster.” They want to change the lingo and whether or not that is due to the fact that the competition is likely to play the name game, it’s a great strategy because the average consumer doesn’t care about the lingo.  The consumer wants to hear things like “blazing fast internet,” because that is what a customer will remember.  I don’t know what kind of marketing T-Mobile has in store, but I look forward to a commercial that doesn’t involve this terminology because every time I see a Sprint commercial praising their 4G network, I want to throw something at the TV.

One of the questions asked during the Q & A revolved around tethering and/or a Mifi-like service.  Brodman deflected the question of tethering away and pretty much gave a we don’t think so kind of response but more important was his confirmation that a Mifi-like device is on the T-Mobile roadmap for this year.  Emphasis was placed on the idea that the theoretical speeds of HSPA+ are 21mbps but the network is like to run between 10-12mbps.  Still, all things considered, that’s pretty damn good.  It’s certainly expected to be faster than the Clear Wimax I’m running in the pressroom right now.

That’s our recap for the T-Mobile HSPA+ announcement from CTIA.  We’ll be wandering around the CTIA hall looking for more info at our very first (and definitely not last) wireless convention!


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  • Wilma Flintstone

    Cool!!! I will be locked here for a while

  • Suspicious man is suspicious.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Ummm what?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I take it that he means the guy with the cup is looking suspicious. That’s all I can make of it.

    • Galen20K

      LOL I was thinking the SAME thing looking at that Big Man with the Cup! AHhahahhaaa

    • umaluver

      that dude on the left is instant rofl.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yeah, who is that guy looking like he’s guarding the POTUS. LOL.

      Or is there a group of bikini-clad girls over at the Sprint booth?

  • Yail Bloor

    That you on the left, David?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Haha no, I’m behind the camera!

      • Yail Bloor

        Oh, right. I always forget about that side of the camera.

    • maybe the guy on the left is boy genius report dude

  • wheres the speed increase for chicago i mean come on the jersey people get it first

  • watbetch

    Why didn’t they mention 3G coverage improvements for existing areas?

  • Galen20K

    GO T-Mobile!!! I Hope one of those HSPA+ Devices this year is a version of the HTC EVO 3G+, make it happen and bump up the processor and RAM for a fall release.

  • Aston

    i cant wait to go back to nyc to experience these speeds. along with the new blackberry webkit browser. this is bliss. <3

  • Oreos4HD2

    Very Interesting very interesting I do wonder what is in the smartphone line up now hhhhmmm

  • Oreos4HD2

    Also the guy with the cup with devil eyes is creepy lol T-mobile made a deal with the Devil and I’m glad to be there minion lol

  • chrisrj28

    Lmao @ryaninc

    I read your comment and didn’t understand until I looked at the pic again. Best laugh I had all day

  • Mike

    I am a longtime T-Mo user and don’t have plans to switch, but what’s the big deal about HSPA and HSPA+ when it only affects a few cities? HOw about actually building up the 3G network? Really, am I supposed to be excited about getting a nice shiny HD2 when it will only run on EDGE?

  • john

    Wow. That’s it? We knew about this a while ago. What about the damn phones? Where’s the Desire, X10, Streak, etc. for the US? Where’s the HSPA+ phones? US TMO sucking my left…. And I’m a long time customer.

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah what ever happened to the whole 3.5g improvements over the whole 3g network that was supposed to be “turned on” before 12/31/09?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    “Over 100 metros will enjoy HSPA+ goodness before the end of 2010…

    I hope San Francisco is included because on getting the HD2 I am canceling my Comcast TV and broadband package and will be tethering for my net connection (and watching MSNBC on MOBITV).

    So the faster the connection, the better.

  • Matthew

    Congrats on the invite! I hope this is only the beginning…

  • fort

    I work in the Washington DC area. I’m going to check these speeds tomorrow on my nexus one. As advertising go. Forget what place their in and point out how they don’t brage about their 3g speed, great phones, customers who love what they are doing and have to offer. Sprint 4g,Verizon more 3g, At&t fastest 3g and T-mobile?

    • ty

      I live in Arlingoton, VA and I have no bump in speed. On MT3G

      • Matt773

        I live in Arlington, VA and work in Reston, VA (both “western suburbs of DC”) and have no speed increase on my G1.

    • fort

      After testing for three days I found no speed bump. Where did you get your info?

  • rob

    hspa+ in l.a. is all well and good, but will it be seen a little south in orange county? i use the app on my g1 almost daily and the most i can get is 900kbps. i’m ready for some speed!

  • dave

    so what phone will TMO have that supports WM7?

  • More phones will be unvieled this week guys.. It’s the first official day of ctia.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You say: “97% of the US is covered with 2G right now, 47,000 cell sites covering 206 million people.”

    Don’t you mean 3G? I dunno that 2G coverage is anything to brag about. ;)

    • Sunnyb

      And 97% is wrong too. US population is about 300 million so 206 million is about 66% of that.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I think that means 97% people who can get a cell signal, regardless of carrier. It’s not based on raw population figures. So that’s 206 million people within the geographic regions who could potentially get a signal. It does not mean the entire U.S. population.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And color me stupid, but exactly what is the idea behind “Stick Together?”

    What or who is supposed to be doing the sticking together. I don’t get it.

    Sidenote: I thought that was lame when it appeared on my Touch Pro2 boot screen.

    • phoneguy

      I think the stick together pertained to when they were pushing myfaves, but now thats its gone, they should really change their slogan…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Do they have any cool swag that you can raffle off to we who hang around here (or just send it all to me to save time)?

  • ruben

    Can some one just please flip the switch in Puerto Rico and give us plain old 3G. We are stuck on edge. I dont want to switch to AT&T wich has 3G all over the Island. How hard can it be to have 3G coverageon a 100 miles long by 35 miles wide pice of land. Come on Tmobile hurry up or I as many others will be force to move to a faster 3g network in Puerto Rico such as Claro or AT&T

  • ruben

    Can some one just please flip the switch in Puerto Rico and give us plain old 3G. We are stuck on edge. I dont want to switch to AT&T wich has 3G all over the Island. How hard can it be to have 3G coverage on a 100 miles long by 35 miles wide pice of land. Come on Tmobile hurry up or I as many others will be force to move to a faster 3g network in Puerto Rico such as Claro or AT&T

  • ryan

    i wish everyone in the US would send me a buck! $ $ $ $ :)

    • That’s a helluva lotta deer!!!

  • kathi17

    I’m hoping that the reason they didn’t come out with the great Android devices yet is because they want the best new phones to be HSPA+ capable devices. Hopefully, we will see some of those great devices on T-Mobile in a few months.

  • mike V

    I thought the miami market was suppose to get hspa+ soon?

  • jeff

    yeah how about simple voice coverage in suburban areas. i am tired of the bs promises.

  • Anthony

    When are the new phones announced?

  • FILA

    YESSS I cant wait till second half this year…21Mbps Android!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Excuse me T-Mobile, but this is what you need to do and how to do it. HOW COME I DON’T SEE ANY NEWS MEDIA TALKING ABOUT T-Mobile AND ITS HANDSETS??

  • Reece


    This stuff is falling on deaf ears, because HTC today made it official about their Supersonic Android phone that plays with Sprint’s 4G network while running specs that’d make even a Nexus One blush. This is while lots of G1 users is off contract/coming off of contract.

    This combined with the fact that Verizon and Sprint’s current lineup poops on T-Mobile’s lineup of Android phones. Sorry the Behold II, Blur or MyTouch Slide (no need to mention my now ancient G1) is not touching a Droid, Moment, or even the Hero spec for spec. Combined with many high profile devices coming out and no official word or even rumors that T-Mobile is getting anything?

    Overall, this summer season is a deadline for T-Mobile to get their act together and come out with a superphone. The HD2 is running a lameduck OS and not eligible for WinMo7 upgrade. And the Nexus One compromises users to kill any good plan they may already have (esp family plan subscribers). Get a Nexus One’ish phone that’ll play along with current plans AND these upgraded networks T-Mobile, or say goodbye to a lot of your users come the summer season.

    • Amen!

    • ps

      While I agree with most of the stuff here, I don’t think they have to worry about any summer released handsets. The G1 was launched in late Oct of 2008 and with 2 year contracts expiring then, I think they have some time before really worrying. I hope they come sooner but I am not sure that they will.

  • kc74

    Well as a T-Mobile customer of 5 years, currently out of contract with an iPhone 3GS, I was looking forward to more talk of a Mi-fi type device for us on T-Mobile. Am currently 3 days into trying out the Sprint Overdrive and it’s a POS, but I see it’s potential. The sooner T-Mobile get on that bandwagon, the better. I mean, all this talk of which new phones will T-Mobile bring out to support 3G+ is pointless. As long as you have a half decent phone with Wifi, we can all enjoy 3G/3G+ speed, and T-Mobile will finally be able to lose all the iPhone T-Zones users.. I, and a lot of people like me really don’t mind paying $5.99 a month for Edge, but give us access to 3G or 3G+ via Mi-fi and I’m sure they’ll get plenty of takers.

  • msrltrrider

    It doesnt matter about summer handsets because the upgrade on smartphones is every 12 months right now. G1 users could be looking for a new phone now but t-mobile has no android phones worth the money, bar a n1 (through google). Wait it out though there will be a powerful android based phone available this year from them.

  • Davidohio

    My friend at T-mobile told me in august they are getting an LG android phone that is hsdpa+. It is cool they are finally going to carry lG phones like T-mobile in europe.

  • Flapjack

    If you are so unhappy why don’t you go to at&t. Please. Now.

    • Reece

      Because AT&T is the one carrier who’s selection of sub’d Android phones is weaker then T-Mobile’s :P

    • Reece

      The one major carrier who’s selection of Android phones is weaker then T-Mobile’s? yeaaa… thanks but no thanks

      • Reece

        ….I hate double posts :(

  • Davidohio

    Wow nothing here but a bunch of complaining babies.

  • wojax2

    HEY!David, Managing Editor- They gave you a shout-out at android central!! .They were talking about t-mobs hspa +. just thought you should know.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Where did you see this??

      • Android central!. Good job you celebrity!! Lol. It’s a great thing to get your name mentioned other sites. Good for you and tmonews.! You guys rock!!!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well I plugged T-Mo News on Walt’s section of the Wall Street Journal, The NY Times and Huffington Post.

        I really should be getting a cut of the action.

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    While HTC is a handset manufacturer and has a lot more to show off and announce at CTIA, compare that shot of T-Mobile’s booth with HTC’s setup:

  • wacko

    really 4g is in nyc ?

  • wacko

    ive noticed that dl speed actually got slower these days

  • Emmanuel McDonald

    “97% of the US is covered with 2G right now; 47,000 cell sites covering 206 million people.”

    That is a lie! Take a look at the coverage map for Mississippi. 3G is almost nonexistent. Sad, because I want to join T-Mobile.