HD2 For $149.99! ‘Nuff Said


Okay, so we’re literally 1 day away from the T-Mobile HTC HD2’s official launch (although a few of you might have been lucky and snagged one from Walmart a bit early).  As you probably already know, the HTC HD2 will run you $199.99 with a 2 year agreement, and $449.99 outright directly from T-Mobile.  Want to save an extra $50 (who doesn’t?)? Courtesy of WMdeals, you can snag a brand new T-Mobile HTC HD2 for $149.99, starting tomorrow, March 24th.  Hit the jump for full details!


  • Purchase one HTC HD2 with both Voice and Data services on a 2-year term for $149.99
  • Limited Time Offer (March 24th – 31st): Purchase two HD2 units with both Voice and Data services on a 2-year term for $199.99*
* Note: After March 31st, the HTC HD2 will cost $149.99 each with activation of Voice and Data services on a 2-year term (We aren’t sure if this promotion is limited to new activations only, but we have a feeling the deal applies only to new activations.
Take advantage of this exclusive offer by calling 866-464-8662, press option 3 for new service, and mention promo code “Windows Mobile” when placing your order. This offer is only valid via the 866# provided (offer not available at authorized T-Mobile retail stores).
Sidenote: Our sources tell us that RadioShack will also sell the T-Mobile HTC HD2 for $149.99 with a 2-year agreement starting tomorrow.

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  • Teddy

    This is the most underrated phone in the Real World. But the most anticipated in Geek World.

    I’m forgetting it’s my brother birthday tomorrow! This phone is equal or more important!

  • HerbieDerb

    Sprint and Supersonic really stole the thunder from this release… besides the fact that T-Mo didnt advertise this monster.

    • Jack Chord

      Ummm yeah! Andoid 4g with 2 cams outch. Play with this HD2 for a few months then Sprint on over…mmmm

    • wojax2

      the supersonic wont be out for months…on top of that all it is ,is just an rehashed hd2 with android…woooooow! thats so revolutionary!!!…not!! .oh i forgot its got an 8mp camera compared to the hd2s 5mp..big deal. its got an front facing camera 1.5mp-for grainy stuttering video chat..bout the only thing i like over the hd2 is the hdmi out. its a great phone,but lets calm down here a bit ,the hd2 can still hold its own-considering they still have basically the same guts inside.and 4g?!! sorry sprint, technically thats not 4g your running.

      • HerbieDerb

        Face the facts.. what you just listed is pretty dam awesome for a phone.

      • twitch110

        You have a point……but so does herbiederb. It really is a nasty phone. But yeah, HD2 is still a monster. This release just made me realize that i’m going to buy it unlocked. That way if tmo gets an upgraded version of the HD2 i will have an upgrade to buy it. The EVO really is stunning.

  • Tim

    I’m getting up early tomorrow to go on a 3.5 hour road trip to get two of these. :)
    Gotta go to a retail TMobile location cause I’m on the even more plus and I want to do the installment plan.
    To an adult, tomorrow is as close as it comes to the excitement that Christmas used to bring

  • what?

    Can one use an upgrade or is this offer just for new lines/contracts?

  • ahh

    already put my alarm clock on to wake me up bright and early this phone is a must for me

  • Gr8ful1

    I’m getting one for that price anyhow. I was offered full discount plus 50 bucks off. Talked to CC today, since I’ve been having problems with my phone lately.

  • Richard

    Was gonna pick this up but now may wait for the HTC Evo on Sprint or an equivalent on T-Mobile

    • ag

      I am with you! There is no point to go down the Windows 6.5 route when that beast of a phone will be out in the summer.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Being a former Sprint customer and literally loathing every day of my contract with them, I say enjoy your time with Sprint… they literally are the worse cellular company on the planet.

      • manus

        agreed my friend just switched from sprint and my dad has sprint and everytime he calls me i have no idea what he says

      • wojax2

        i agree ,i was in the same situation.I dont care if sprint gets the iphone6g!i will not go back to sprint!!!

      • SirMac

        Same here, Sprint has been the worst service I’ve had thus far. If the case was Sprint getting the HD2, I’m sorry, I just would have had to pass, I would never go back to Sprint after the stunt(s) they pulled.

      • uselessfaith

        Yeah I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. After having Sprint for 1 year I could not wait for my contract to expire so I could go to T-Mobile. I ALWAYS had problems like not getting phone calls, not getting voice mails, not getting text messages… they are the worst. Plus they overcharge for their service. Maybe they just have shitty service in my city and they are awesome everywhere else, who knows. As badly as I would love to have their version of the HD2 giving them any more of my money is just not worth it at all to me. Also the great thing about a GSM company is I can always buy a phone off ebay or something and pop my sim card in it. Not possible with CDMA like Sprint….

  • ceo2be

    sigh…this or wait for the Sprint Supersonic…decisions..decisions.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I am a day late and a dollar short on commenting about a hands-on with the HD2. But I just stopped by the T-Mobile store next to my post office box and asked if there was an HD2 I could look at. The guy I asked whipped his out of his shirt pocket. He was real helpful and I could tell he wanted to show it off.

    The size is smaller than I thought. Seems not much bigger than my Touch Pro2. Yes, display is the selling point of this device. It’s a top shirt pocket device. Put it in a jeans pocket that glass screen is gonna crack.

    Also like the responsiveness of the capacitive screen. Overall feels and looks expensive. HTC makes rock solid, quality handsets. IMHO best in the business.

    Since I have been using WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2, the HD2 was unremarkable in that regard. Was like buying a new car that’s the same as one I have. Of course the hot things for me were the added apps, including the e-reader and MobiTV. I want that MobiTV.

    Oh, when I said the MobiTV comes with a 30 day trial he said that it was a 60 day free trial. I did not question this since I will know soon enough if it is 60 or 30 days.

    You know how people nickel and dime the price of these things. I think one thing people are overlooking is that this has a 16GB microSD chip. That’s an additional $40 item that should be considered in the value of the phone.

    He showed me the movie playing. Wow, this is indeed a media player. Bright, sharp colors.

    So I am getting it for its multi-media capabilities. I am canceling my Comcast cable TV and will be using Mobi TV to watch MSNBC on the HD2. I also play movies a lot on my handsets, so this will be great (I used to buy portable DVD players that cost $600 and played on screens smaller than the HD2!)

    Oh… it was a lot thinner than I first suspected. Over all it is small enough that one will not look stupid talking on it.

    It’s heavy, one drop on to a hard surface it is toast. Since it does not have a lanyard hole or loop I am going to have to make one, maybe drill a hole through the metal cover.

  • manus

    i know this is off topic but check this out

  • Ahh Yo!

    I guess because the HD2 won’t support Windows 7, that’s why they lowed the price. Sprint will dominate the HTC with their EVO.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Or maybe, TMO realised that they have really fallen down when it’s come to advertising this phone.

    • why you say dominate because it has android? haha android sucks compared to windows mobile. you android fans are blind!

  • Decisions!

    I’m really confused on what to do because of the recent network upgrade coming along in Los Angeles. Either I could get the HTC HD2 or wait until summer when HSPA+ compatible phones are released…that way I’d get more for my money it seems like. What are the pros and cons?

  • mordawkubel

    I just called my local RadioShack and the guy told me that the price is $249 for a full upgrade and $149 for a new activation. Why isn’t it $199 for an upgrade? Anybody have any ideas? And the T-Mobile site still has no pricing information. Sigh… it’s gonna be an interesting day tomorrow.

  • t-mizzle

    Oh F! I’m actually pi$$ed because they should have announced this earlier! I can’t wait for the phone because of the shipping ordeal so I’ll pick it up at the store regardless. Thanks a lot, wm deals!

  • Brave

    I have gotten hands on the HD2 and this phone shall be in my pocket. 4.3 display screen,5 megapixel camera,capacitive touch screen. What more can you ask for. Hi there Windows mobile 7!

  • whyhellomichael

    all of our stores in our area have an average stock of only 5 with the most being 10. my store personally WILL be sold out by 10:30 est tomorrow. the mobi tv app is 30 days free but honestly it kinda sucks, not much goodness in there unless you only want it for news stations.

  • MTC44

    I have a smartphone upgrade available, but am a few months away from a full upgrade. Will I still be eligible for this?

    • Janrei

      If you have been on your contract for at least 1 year you qualify for the full discount. I called and was completely surprised

  • tchez27

    My local tmo store guy called me todaay to let me know they were opening an hour early and if I didn’t get there by 10 (when it normally opens) they were putting it out for sale. That was in the morning, I went to the store at night and another guy told me their two page list of people who asked for it dwindled down to half a page when they called to confirm. I don’t think anyone will have a problem getting this phone at any stores tomorrow. Either bad marketing or the news or new phones coming this summer along with no WM7 has really killed the hype of this phone.

    Fyi-for those of you on a family plan, like me. Upgrading to a new phone doesn’t affect any other lines but apparently changing the plan your on affects the entire account. My wife has had the same phone for 28 months, so she’s outta contract right, wrong! Because I changed plans last feb it changed the entire account and she can’t cancel until feb 2011, BS right, I only found out because I was going to cancell her line and establish a new one to take advantage of the BOGO deal. May still add a fourth line to do it but wanted to give you all a heads up on that.

    Anyways, ill be getting this bad boy bright and early. I even pathetically took the day off, what a nerd, lol. Have fun1

  • Newcleus

    I was all set to go to a T-Mobile store tomorrow and pick this baby up, but it is snowing like crazy here in Denver, CO and the surrounding area that I don’t even know if stores will be open tomorrow. This sucks!!!

    • manus

      yes it is snowing like a mother

  • NJchic

    heres the link 4 a Video on how to make a lanyard for the HD2

  • benjitek

    It’s great that a discount is being offered here… but… WireFly will have it for $99 :)


    Ahhh the GREAT thing about living in Miami,Fl. The weather is beautiful. I will be waiting outside the doors with my shades on. Woo Hoo! Can’t wait.

  • The Shack Slave

    This is the same price at The Shack aka Radioshack and we open at 9am sharp for business we also have the nokia nuron which is available for 19.99 on a two yr contract.

  • lev

    I have no full upgrade, is this phone worth me shelling out $449.00, or should I wait for the next best thing?

    • poopman

      there will always be a next best thing, the question is when.

    • sortamad

      each great thing comes to an end, so obviously this phone will not be on the same placeholding in several months to a year and so on and so forth. Each phone will be taken over by the “next great thing” so just do whatever you feel like doing. I say if your current phone is in great working condition, wait. My phone on the other hand, not so much so I WILL be there tomorrow morning at the TMOBILE store, waiting for mine to be in my hands. And o yea, does anyone know if that BOGO thing is still going on and if it applied instore?

    • id say pay and get the phone now. this will be the best phone t-mobile has ever released period. next phone coming out with interest would be the new sony android phone. so if you really like android then I would wait.

  • sortamad

    but i have a feeling that the wirefly price is only for new customers, b/c thats how their pricing usually is. Man it would be nice to get the phone for 150 but i dont qualify for this “new” line of voice and what not. And i just dont think i can wait for the delivery times anyways. As for the people that are talking about the advertising… i think tmobile is taking a new approach as by releasing the phone and seeing the popularity it has without the advertisement, and then advertising it later. They did this to the samsung behold II, it was not advertised before and has just recently begun its ads. cant wait for tomorrow!

  • GreenRobot

    I’m so happy that this thing is finally getting released. Maybe now we can move on to the next greatest thing (which will hopefully finally be a fully TMO subsidized Android phone that does not suck for a change). TMO really needs to get out the Android junkyard it’s been stuck in.

  • phatmanXXL

    Since its not upgradeable from WM6.5, this phone will be obsolete before the end of the year…’nuff said….pass. Well just have to see what the XDA devs do with this.

    • Jose

      hahaha i agree with you cant wait to see what xda will do this is why i am gonna get it.

  • tato22

    ill be up early 930 to grab 2 already called the guy ill be first yay

  • alan

    my stores got 30 of these phone and we trying to go through em in one day!!!! better get to the store early people cuz i heard other stores only got like 6

  • jyf

    haha sweet!!! i have a feeling this phone will be sold out at least near where i live! will the nuron?

  • BL@Z3

    I actually work for T-Mobile and this phone is real nice if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask and yes this phone is available for the BOGO if your adding a line and also upgrading a and already have 2 or more lines and 1 is eligible for a full upgrade

  • BL@Z3

    also my store has 12 of these devices alot of managers are not really trying to let this phones go for upgrades so if you there at opening and they say they don’t have any there lying and also the MobiTv doesn’t only have news but also music videos and other channels as well

  • NCole

    @BL@Z3 can you get the $149 price at Tmo?

    • BL@Z3

      No you can’t this is a deal only offered through radio shack and maybe best buy and this is because once T-Mobile gives them the phones they can sell the phone for as much as they want truthfully

  • BL@Z3

    And also to all the geeks or ppl in general that play with these type of phones im pretty sure the boys over at xda-developers will make a port so that Andriod 2.1 can b ported over and used on this phone winmo normally sucks but on this phone it is incredibly well takin care of with lil lag and i haven’t seen any freezing as of yet and also the phone is expandable to a 32GB sd card so plz keep that in mind

  • gargoyle999

    wirefly shows the hd2 as in stock now..but when I click on it it goes to some phone from att.

  • gargoyle999

    now it shows..$99 is with new service

  • BL@Z3

    Some ppl who already have t-mobile can login to My T-Mobile and the phone could possibly b available for upgrade right now

    • gargoyle999

      it gives me an upgrade button but when I go further it doesn’t give me the HD2 to choose from to upgrade, only the TP2 from HTC.

  • gargoyle999

    $200 for upgrade on wirefly

  • Don

    Its working now. $539.99 with out contract. forget that

  • gargoyle999

    the stick together site for the HD2 which was a big FAIL from t-mobile since I was hardly the first to know about it…is now changed.

    • gargoyle999

      oh wait…just got an email from T-Mo telling me I can now be one of the first to own it… lame.

  • Mel Cali

    wirefly its $99 with new tmo account. wow

  • Teddy

    Some rep told me if you bring your old cell phone, you can get a discount on your HD2. The higher and better the quality of the phone, the more it’ll be discounted. She said an iPhone3GS would be discounted $150 on your HD2.

  • sortamad

    Blaz3… i have 4 lines and they are eligible, so if i upgrade one line and pay 200 for it then upgrade another line, i can get another one for free?

    • BL@Z3

      if u upgrade one line with the hd2 u get the 2nd HD2 free

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You know that signup page where we gave our e-mail address?

    Well I got an e-mail saying the HD2 is available tomorrow. LOL.


    • Mel Cali

      i got an email too..

      in big letters next to an hd2 “the big picture is here”

      right below it… Be one of the first to own the ultimate
      Smartphone in mobile entertainment.

      ..im thinking its already available but tmo site still says ‘coming soon’

      when u say tommarrow, you mean 25th? because mine doesnt say anything about tommarrow

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I said tomorrow because when I posted this it was the 23rd and the e-mail said “tomorrow, the 24th.”

  • NCole

    I just received my LAME EMAIL TOO!! Wack

    • Gator

      Me Too.

  • NCole

    @ BL@Z3 do you have any information concerning trading your cell phone in for a discount towards the HD2?

    • BL@Z3

      I haven’t heard anything about that from the ppl at my store

  • all i know is that allot of ppl are going to leave tmobile and get sprint because its the same phone with more features and better battery

    • Mel Cali

      the phone maybe better than the hd2 with those other features but the network its on sucks in my area.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You don’t know squat. You are just saying that maybe because you like the phone. If you know a “LOT OF PEOPLE” identify who they are.

      Right now that phone is a pipe dream. There’s nothing on debut date, selling price or other details. People don’t stop what they are doing and wait because of an unknown, or multiple unknowns when it comes to this phone.

      While it is a great phone believe it or not there’s “a lot” of people who don’t like Android or prefer the business-oriented Windows Mobile platform, there’s “a lot” of people who won’t do business with Sprint, there’s “a lot” of people who like the HD2, and finally there’s “a lot” of people who like T-Mobile.

    • haha more features? so the kickstand, front camera, and little more ram gonna cause people to go cdma. probably not you stay locked down with sprint i like to stay gsm and open.

  • Ricardo

    Just a few more hours. I can’t sleep but i have to unless i want to wake up too late. Ohh man. Just as i said that a shiver ran down my back. Sweet.

  • Brave

    I’m just bumped up!!!!!

  • the htc evo runs android which is better than windows it has 2 cams for video calls and a bigger battery for longer life but i guess with the android it might last less but if you have android you would know what im talking about

    • it may have the front camera but will they let you use the front camera is the question. i have owned plenty of phones with front cameras and only one of the phones even let you use the front camera. plus android is over hyped and windows mobile owns android.

    • miggedy

      What good is a front camera for video calls if the the people you talk to do have it too.

  • BL@Z3

    I see everyone talkin about Sprint but if u think about it look how sprint takes care of there phones they don’t mail u a new 1 like t mobile u go into the store wait on a long line and get ur phone fixed or get a refurbished one right then and there i’ve heard alot of complaints about sprint phone bills and the way they treat even loyal customers not 2 mention its the most dropped calls network. Also what they say is 4G is really not 4G they haven’t yet expanded anything as far as there network goes and if they did i don’t see how they can have so many dropped and not even completed phone calls

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I just ordered mine and have an order number. Will post what I did in a separate comment.

  • Richard

    The Sprint stores in my area are horrible. The staff is unintelligent and doesn’t want anything to do with you unless you are there to spend money. Also the Clear service which the Evo will using is horrible. The speeds are decent on it but lack of coverage and the ping rates kill it. I’ll stick with T-Mobile HSDPA+(when it gets here) since the speeds will be greater than 4G

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I am here in San Francisco so I was told by T-Mo that I could order the phone as soon as the CSRs went on duty, 6:00 am EDT.

    But because T-Mo News people said it was for sale I logged on to my account. Clicked my upgrade phone icon and eventually showed ONLY the Touch Pro2 as available. But when I searched for “HD2” the phone showed up and I pressed “upgrade.”

    I then got to the page and said “Buy” and that went through. Note, a screen flashed that I could pay for it in installments if I was a MORE+ customer, which I am. But it then went to the totals page without showing payments. It said the full amount ($450) would appear on my next bill.

    So I said yes to buying it and would check on the payments issue later, this so I would be assured a phone.

    Sidenote: I don’t think you can do a More+ purchase online because you have to digitally approve the credit agreement (to pay for the phone over 20 months). That requires an e-mail to be sent, then it links to a page where you digitally sign the installment agreement.

    At 3:15 PDT I got through to a CSR and she confirmed I had ordered a phone and that it was being processed. She said she could cancel the order and them “tomorrow” (Thursday) see that it was done (the cancellation) and then write up another HD2 on payments. (That sounded bad since I want the phone).

    So I said just keep the order intact and I will deal with it all later.

    I asked if she had any sales and she said that I was her second call and the call before me was for an HD2 too.

    So that tells me these are going to be on backorder soon.

    She also said that when they are on backorder a message will pop up on the screen telling them so, so that they can promptly tell people.

    Oh, on shipping. Typically it takes only two days for phones to arrive in the USPS mail to me. So that’s why I always order over the phone. It never takes long to get the phone. I am always mainly concerned about getting a phone ordered. Getting it in my hands, well… I can wait for that.

    Oh, with tax and shipping the phone was $499.30 So it was less than $500!

    Yes, I could have tried to work them on price but I am worn out dealing with all this so I just don’t care to haggle to save $100. Moreover, I am not too sure they make deals when someone is not agreeing to a contract, aka an EMP customer.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I ordered another phone. I ended up calling back and get this, the CSR who said my first order was left intact, well she had canceled it. (I think she canceled it and forgot to un-cancel it once we agreed to leave it in place.)

    So the new CSR and I simply ordered a second HD2 on my other line, set it up for payments and the email signature form came in, I signed it and I am good to go.

    You know how I say to call back until you get what you want. Well I am glad I called back. I would have been waiting for a phone that would never arrive.

    I asked her how sales were going. She looked up inventory and said while she could not give me numbers, sales were heavy for the HD2. But there were enough in stock that it should not be back-ordered for the day, at least.

    Sidenote: She said if the other HD2 shows up in the mail that I can just refuse the shipment. I said “OK.” ;)

  • Mr. Multimedia

    Today at WireFly the price is $99.99 for T-mobile’s HD2 with a 2yr contract….. If you know of a cheaper price, please post it here……..

  • Beasy

    Its only $99 for new customers……..:( that sucks.

    $199.99 still isnt a bad deal tho

  • miggedy

    It is strange how cheap they are making this phone. Since the hd2 will not get WM7, they will make one later that will have WM7 later in the year. I will still get it. It comes with so much for a cheap price. I’ll get WM7 after the next upgrade when all the bugs are out of it

  • ov1

    If it was android base I would be in line right now

  • so i got my HD2 yesterday and it froze up on me already had to do a reset its ok its no android but i think ill learn to love it they sprint version will be better but everyone is saying their service sucks so either you have a good phone with bad service or a bad phone with good service even though the hd2 is not that bad i like it