T-Mobile Expanding HSPA+ Markets Today!

Today, T-Mobile is announcing the expansion of its HSPA+ network, bringing the total number of cities covered to 25 and total customers covered to 75 million by the end of June.  Covered are T-Mobile customers in  Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, New Orleans and Charleston.  In addition, HSPA+ has been expanded to Bentonville, Ark..  Anderson, S.C.  and Fayetteville, N.C. are now good to go for HSPA+ service.  For those of you looking to take advantage of these newly released speeds, perhaps the Nokia E73 is the worth a look as it will be available in stores today.  If that doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps the myTouch Slide or the Garminfone will fulfill your desires.  On the other hand, perhaps the webconnect Rocket will be your choice for serious on-the-go browsing pleasure.  Does this sound like a marketing commercial or what?

Seriously though, T-Mobile is working to rapidly expand their HSPA+ footprint to ensure that customers can enjoy 4G-like speeds.  The company remains committed to its goal of 100 major metropolitan launches by the end of the year!

Check out the full press release below!

T-Mobile Expands Super-Fast Network and Availability of T-Mobile® webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick to Cover 25 Major Metropolitan Areas

BELLEVUE, Wash.June 16, 2010 Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced the expansion of its super-fast mobile broadband network, now offering 4G speeds1 to more than 25 major metropolitan areas across the U.S., and expects to cover more than 75 million Americans with HSPA+ by the end of June. Complementing the network expansion is the availability of the

T-Mobile® webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick, the first HSPA+ capable device from a national U.S. wireless carrier, in T-Mobile retail stores in these new areas.

Now HSPA+ and the T-Mobile® webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick are available in major metropolitan areas across the country including Los Angeles; Dallas; Atlanta; Houston; Seattle; Tampa and Orlando, Fla.; Pittsburgh; Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, N.C.; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla.; New Orleans; and Charleston, S.C. In addition, HSPA+ has been expanded to Bentonville, Ark.; Anderson, S.C.; and Fayetteville, N.C. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ mobile broadband service is already live in New York; Philadelphia; Las Vegas; Memphis; Upstate New York; Connecticut; Providence, R.I.; and the Washington, D.C., suburbs.

“T-Mobile has rolled out HSPA+ service to more than 25 major metropolitan areas in four month’s time, as we drive towards having the most pervasive mobile broadband network delivering 4G speeds in the country,” said Neville Ray, senior vice president of Engineering and Operations for T-Mobile USA. “T-Mobile is delivering unprecedented value to our customers with the availability of a super-fast mobile broadband experience combined with compelling and affordable devices and data plans.”

T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding HSPA+ mobile broadband footprint makes it easy for customers to enjoy 4G speeds on the HSPA+-enabled T-Mobile® webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick. In addition, T-Mobile currently has 15 3G devices that can benefit from enhanced speeds when they’re on the HSPA+ network, including the newest smartphone available from T-Mobile today — the Nokia E73 Mode.
T-Mobile has made considerable progress in the number of areas with faster mobile broadband — and expects to continue this aggressive pace to deliver HSPA+ speeds in 100 major metropolitan areas with backhaul in place, covering 185 million people in the U.S. by the end of this year.

“With the rapid expansion of its HSPA+ network this year, T-Mobile is in a great position of being able to deliver high-speed data service to a broader number of customers today,” said Peter Jarich, principal analyst, Wireless Infrastructure, Current Analysis. “Ultimately, consumers don’t care what technology powers the network they’re using — they care about the quality and experience of their mobile data service, the cost of those services, and the devices available to access them. HSPA+ has the potential to deliver higher data rates across a broader lineup of devices in the next one to two years than competing technologies.”
For more information on where T-Mobile network service is available, please visit

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  • redman12

    Chicago is a big city! light it up!

    • Fanandualum

      Yeah me and my HD2 are waiting for HSPA+ too!!! Come on T-Mobile, bring HSPA+ to Chicago :)

    • Nova504

      Yeah, What the Flip, we are the third largest city in the US and were not on the list!

  • Soon as they get on down to the D, it’s a WRAP!

  • Mohammad

    I’m glad I stuck with tmobile for the past 5 years. This is great news!

  • Josh

    Wait, so is 4G going to be rolled out to L.A. or has it been already? I’m within twenty miles of the cities center and I haven’t seen a little H in my notification bar.

    • Josh

      Sorry meant Hsdpa+ not 4G. :/

  • foo

    sites are turning up in socal area almost everyday. some phones may or may not display the “H” so if you havent powercycled your phone in a while do it and see what your speeds are like

  • HELL YEA!! i hope by dallas they mean the whole DFW

  • RayMatthew

    W00t. Houston going to get 4g speed. (:

  • Eddie

    will the nexus one have this updated speed?

    • Reece

      All current 3G phones will take advantage of the boost upwards to 7mbps. However no phone is truely HSPA+ compatible which means that nice boost will be the limit and won’t edge any closer to the 21mbps limit

    • Reece

      and by no phone is not truely HSPA+ compatible I meant not yet, snapdragon chips with built in HSPA+ functionality would enable such a phone to take advantage so who knows… by the end of the year possibly. At least 3G stuff like the Nexus will get up to 7mbps

      • Eddie

        oh so no phone will have 21 now i guess? well i guess 7 is still pretty good for now. so were in chicago. should i power the phone off and on to see if i get the “H” ? I dont even see Chicago in the list anyway.

  • 007

    What happen to phoenix arizona?

  • adam

    hey, so i have a question about that. i’m still technically on the west coast which would make it 9:40PM right now.
    does that mean they havent rolled out just yet for us? lol. it’s still june 15 here.
    i also am wondering, will the icon that shows the 3G change on my touch pro2? i’m using the stock rom and i’ve seen the H only when its about to start the data connection but goes back to the 3G when its done finding it. will that change at all to alert me of the +?

  • Marco

    Huh? Nothing in San Diego? Are you kidding me? Probably because they cannot even supply normal 3G reception and speed here consistently. Oh well which alternative do I have….

    • foo

      marco you live in the people’s republic of san diego. they are doing some seriously effed up things to the carriers. sites that are due for permit renewals do not adhere to the newer more stringent design guidelines so in essence they’re now “illegal” so carriers are fighting this w/ San Diego as they do not want to have to take down a site as it becomes a public health and safety issue if you were to ever need to use the phone for 911 calls.

      every carrier has problems getting sites permitted in your neck of the woods i’m afraid.

      • Marco

        @foo oh man that’s f… up. Didn’t know that about San Diego but it explains a lot. So I have to move I guess to enjoy the full power of my N1:-(

  • DayJob

    Interesting that San Francisco is not on the list yet.

  • adam

    opps, i completely forgot to say that i live in Alhambra, CA which is about 5 minutes away from Los Angeles, CA

  • dvd03

    i live in orlando,fl, my data speeds have been about 2.5 mbs down and 500 kbs up since about 3 weeks ago, before that i was getn like 600kbs down and about 200 kbs.

  • pimpstrong

    Kansas City East is TMO’s BEST myTouch market…so WTF light us up!


      I’m in kc too. Lets get it lit up tmo

  • soon2TMO

    .. and bay area california??


  • Hamlet F

    So, does Los Angeles only include Metro LA like downtown? how about the suburbs around the city. Live about 15miles away from Downtown, wonder if i will get any speed boost.

  • foo

    SOCAL has sites turning up that includes LA/OC/IE

    best way to find out if you have a site near you serving you that HSPA+ is powercycle and do a mobile speed test

  • rajr89

    when will these speeds take place? last I checked i’m still getting about .5mbps max in Houston?

    • RayMatthew

      Near the end of June, Early July.

  • Francisco C.

    I was told my T-Mobile associates a couple days ago that HSPA+ will be going LIVE in Austin, TX on June 19th! :)

  • ShadowFoxBiH

    Holy crap, I live just outside the Tampa area but technically I am part of it and I ran a speed test with my HD2 tethered to my laptop, even posting from it right now.
    Those are the speed results I got with 4 bars of service, not bad at all I must say.

  • Dethduck

    How about some central Massachusetts loving. They already hit Boston to the east and New York to the west!

    • Boston

      Boston lol we only have 3G

  • 2FR35H

    How about San Antonio Texas?

  • JP

    All they now need are HSDPA+ phones. Come on TMO.

  • craig

    Hello Chicago

  • So…other than the Xperia X10, what T-Mobile phones support HSPA+ I know plenty support HSPA 7.2, but that’s kinda tame…

    • J-Hop2o6

      X10 is only 10.2 HSPA.. and 7.2 is still good also.

  • Heather

    Getting almost 4 mbps on my MyTouch Slide in Seattle

  • DeadPlasmaCell

    I just tested my 1st Gen MT3G and I’m getting about a 3.5 mb/s average download speed. I’m in the Houston area.. It’s much faster than the 1.5 mb/s average I used to get.. though it could be because it’s 1:40am also.

  • Tadd

    I would be ecstatic to have something beyond edge. Here in Hattiesburg, MS, every carrier EXCEPT T-mobile offers speeds beyond edge. We only over the past year and a half moved beyond gprs. It blows, we have the largest market in the state and crappy data coverage. I have been with magenta since 2003, and am loving the rate plans, but cmon, its the 21st century, can’t we move beyond data speeds faster than molasses in Antarctica.

  • Gmo

    I hear alot of people saying the Nexus one won’t get to more than 7MBPS but I live in Houston TX and I am in San Antonio on vacation right now I am running Android 2.2, I did a speed test while tethering my computer to my phone and i got a max speed of 14.5MBPS and I was like DAAAMMNNNNN!!!! I took a screen shot of it because I was shocked at how fast it was.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am getting pretty good speeds in Henderson Nevada, which is near Las Vegas. Anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5Mbps download… and about 1.5Mbps or so upload with a ping around 85 to 105. It actually beats what I get with my Clear service which is said to be 4G. Plus Sprint is said to have a contract or something like that with Clear to use their 4G towers…. no wonder Tmobiles HSPA+ beats out Sprints “so-called” 4G.

  • Boston


  • Cameron

    what does this mean for a N1 user in the LA market? Am I gonna get a boost!?

  • lsnizzle

    I can confirm that HSPA+ is switched on in Los Angeles. I live in Long Beach and I just rebooted my HD2. Went to speakeasy.net/speedtest on the opera 10 mobile browser and it came up to 3.4Mbps. It is much much faster than the usual 300kbps I use to have. This is definitely a speed boost considering how overpopulated L.A. is. Youtube videos load immediately with the high quality setting switched on too. This rocks!

  • Kyle

    How about some denver colorado love?

  • Yesterday with speedtest.net app I was getting about .4 down and .39 up on average. Today I get 3.87 down and .62 up! Ill take it! Thanks T-Mo!

  • 30014

    Atlanta is on the list so I am good. I just hope it covers the suburbs too.

    • kildinasyur

      Pretty much all of metro Atlanta is covered. Initially, HSPA+ coverage will range from as far north as Kennesaw to as far south as Peachtree City and as far west as Douglasville to as far east as Conyers.

      • badaphooko01

        what that include cumming?

      • kildinasyur

        I believe Cumming is included as well.

      • 30014

        I’m in Covington so I hope it covers us too. Our 3g went live the same time as Conyers did, so hopefully hspa+ will too.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      ATL SHAWTYYY!!! Straight outta dat Dec!!! YEAH!

      • mad dog

        What u know bout that rainbow drive lil buddy?

  • Eric W

    I personally would like to see them keep expanding their base 3G footprint before more HSPA+ goes live.

  • Saku

    Dude… Mobile, AL still has EDGE. I’d be happy with just 3G!

  • Mike M

    Meanwhile here in Massachusetts 50% of the geographic area either has no coverage or GPRS only coverage. T-Mobile upgrade your f’n GPRS towers, or you might as well close up shop outside city limits.

  • curtis

    Here in Tampa speeds have gotten MUCH faster.

    • alex

      Is it a noticeable improvement when using the phone or can you just tell from speed tests?

  • Edgar

    Here in Puerto Rico we just have EDGE, I have call customer service a lot of times and never get an answer, Ill be happy just with 3G, every other provider here has 3G or EVDO network up and running except Tmobile. That sucks!!!

    • kevin

      I work in a rental car company and talked to a guy who i rented a car for him who works with tmobile(main offices)Philadelphia and he told me that Puerto Rico will not have 3g or 4g because the goverment(Fortuno) doesnt have money and those not want to spent so much for 3g. I hope that is not true but it sucks and stupid…

  • Bob

    OK Tmobile Bring that service to Bartow Florida….Just an hour east of Tampa and just an hour southwest of Orlando. We still have EDGE here but we are soooo close to those 2 cities but yet so far.

  • Marcus

    Big difference in speed here in Houston! Super fasssttt! Way to go TMobile!

  • jdog

    Hell Yeah T-mobile 3G+ and Nexus One 2.2 with free tethering. Thanks T-mobile for ensuring the Nexus One stays on top for months to come :)

  • J

    The title is a bit misleading. You don’t flip a switch to launch HSPA+ like you would for a 3G launch. HSPA+ gets turned on a few towers at time over the course of a couple of months. If you live in a major city with 3G, then you have sites in your city that have HSPA+. You might not have seen it yet if it hasn’t been installed on a site you are around.

    • alex

      Actually the opposite is true. HSPA+ is just a switch they flip, while a 3G roll out requires building new towers.

      • J

        No its not. I work for T-Mobile and I’m a tech turning on HSPA+ in my area. I know exactly how it works. They are turned up a few sites at a time on a day by day basis. There is no true launch of a city.

        3G doesn’t require new towers to be built. It requires new equipment on the ground colocated with the 2G equipment. Sometimes new antennas have to be installed, but not new towers. 3G is a “flip of the switch” because we can block customers from getting on those sites until we flip the switch.

  • jayson

    the phones don’t have that kind of antennas built into them.
    it clearly says that its the usb web connect data stick will be able to reach the 4g speeds. NO NEXUS ONE. OR HD2. NO PHONES AT THE MOMENT SUPPORT THIS

    • alex

      You’re a retard, there are a bunch of Tmobile phones that support HSPA+ 7.2, including the TP2 and HD2

    • MichMan

      Au contraire! My Cliq is faster this morning! Any 7.2 HSDPA device will benefit. It won’t use all the bandwidth, but it will benefit.

  • Alan

    I’m in Dallas and i’m still getting UMTS/HSDPA only…according to this I should be getting HSPA+

    • carts

      What device do you have? Are you using the speedtest app?

      On Android, regardless of speed, it will only say HSDPA and most likely will not show an H icon.

      • Alan

        I’m using an N1

  • HaVoKTEK

    What!! No Cleveland?!!??

    • Addicus

      TMobile is waiting to see if LeBron stays or not!

  • Oce

    Wow. I’m surprised to see NC cities lit up so fast. I live 20 mins from Fayetteville. GO Tmobile!

  • Ft.lauderdale / Miami area please, were kinda big!… :D

    • Dashi

      I’m Thinking The Same About Phoneix I Mean Yah Most The Ppl In Az Are Old Farts But Come ON!!!

      • Sadly, that’s not entirely off-base.

        I kid you not, the first places I observed true 3G speeds were in the NON-active adult type retirement communities just outside Phoenix.

        Then the new, and mostly vacant, “high end” strip malls.

        Then it was found in areas that, shall we say, weren’t exactly the “high speed internet on your phone is a priority” type areas. (Spare me any high and mighty judgement, because you know exactly what I’m talking about – and we’re talking income, not race.)

        Finally, it was out in the foreclosurevilles (where some of us still live and pay our bills on time.)

        Not that I’m surprised Phoenix is treated like the read-headed stepchild. I mean, we kinda are…

      • (yes yes, *red-headed*…)

    • brandon

      There was a chart out a few months ago saying that TMo’s 3g speed was the fast of all carries in the Phoenix area. Maybe that plays into why we are still getting the shaft.

  • zmoboss

    Tested in Orange County … consistently getting 4+ MBPS downloads and 1.01 Mbps upload …. but strangely there is no “H” … only “3G” … does HD2 stock rom even display “H” ???

    • blankman

      where in Orange County are you? just tried with my HD2 in Irvine, and not getting it or anything close. Also, what are you using to test the speed? I’m using my tethered iPad.


      The H symbol isn’t programmed into the original HD2’s software; or any other phones that came out before it. New ROMs may have it installed though.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tmobile’s ROM disables that H symbol.. same thing for my TP2.. but once i loaded it up with a custom ROM, i got the H once tmobile rolled out the HSPA software upgrade.. so i suggest doin a google search on “enable H symbol HD2” or just load it up with a custom ROM from XDA.

  • Tony

    any word on the Denver metro? I experienced the HSPA+ goodness recently when on vacation in Connecticute/NYC and it is glorious. Can’t wait for it to be in my area.

    • Bimmerz

      I was wondering the same thing Tony – especially since a manager at the T-mo store I was in a few days ago, said that Denver had just gotten HSPA+ the week before. Clearly NOT the case! As I just viewed the map coverage, and it says; “Coming Soon”.

      Hopefully by end of summer? As I plan to get a new phone soon, and it would be a nice addition. :)

  • Scuzzy19

    Uhm seriously where is Chicago????? hard to believe this wasn’t one of the planned expansion cities :(

    • Eric

      I agree where is Chicago?

      • MB

        Chicago will be completed near the end of summer. We will have it soon guys!!!

    • Nick

      What a joke….. T-mobile doesn’t give a shi% about us. 3G here is garbage and now this.. WTF!!!!!!!

    • trdjohn

      Totally agree, how did we get left off the list? Couple weeks ago rep at Yorktown location said engineers had June 15 as target date for Chicago HSDPA. Guess they missed that. I’ve occasionally seen HSDPA in Settings –> Status, but it comes & goes at random both in the city & suburbs and never gotten above 1800 kbps, guess when my contract is up later this summer & they don’t have it running by then, I’m bolting to Sprint for the EVO & dropping the Nexus.

      • JJ

        It is not all that simple like as you all think. It all depends on the backend service providers. Time Warner or Cox or Comcast operate in their own way. So depending who the provider per market is the target varies. I am sure Timer Warner is the worst of all but they are catching up and things are moving fast on many markets.

        So hang tight guys big turnups to come very soon.

  • Steven I

    @Scuzzy19 I completely agree, how isn’t Chicago one of the first markets covered, and it not being one of the first 25 markets is crazy? Unless there is so much area to cover in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs that it is taking them longer to implement than other cities. I just don’t get it.

    • Scuzzy19

      That could very well be it there is a pretty large geographic area that has to be covered with hspa+ but it better be done before the end of june. For so long I have heard that Chicago would be a test market for HSPA+ and nothing.

  • LexLuger

    Try Kansas City, this has to be one of your bigger markets, and even better, you’ll have the ability to oust Sprint 4G on it’s home turf!!!

    • Scuzzy19

      @LexLuger uhm with kansas at 2,053,000 chicago is almost at 3M people(2,896,000 wikipedia source) I would think this would count as a much larger market :) although kansas does fall under the large market for Tmo.

      • God

        kansas != kansas city, genius.

  • Matlock

    OMG, so freaking awesome! tested last night and was seeing over 1.5Mbps consistently, just tested this morning and getting over 3Mbps consistently on my N1, have yet to test my HD2 or Cliq! So excited!!!1

  • got hspa 60 miles south of chicago kankakee to be exactdoes not show h by signal bar on hd2 but comm manager says t mobile hsdpa any one have the h show on there phone?

  • bill

    I wonder if T-Mobile will put priority on converting markets that already have Sprint 4G? I would think it would be a good stradigy to keep customers in those areas.

  • reddragon72

    Well it seems that the Houston area coverage does not include me. I seem to be in the ONLY frig’n hole in there coverage area!!! and I mean right in the middle of the hole. I can drive 10 miles in any, and I mean ANY, direction and be in new coverage, but not where I work and not in my home!!!! Way to go T-Mobile for a BIG glaring hole that you put me in!!!

    • BeerBellyBilly

      LOL geez, that’s kinda funny, in a sad sort of way. But par for T-Mobile. Swiss cheese coverage. Big areas but full of holes. So far no holes where I’ver personally gone, but listen to plenty of people around here who fall into deadzone holes all the time. 3G is weak though just about everywhere in my city (wichita, ks), because no backhaul, only one T1 carrier per tower. I usually just leave my Dash 3G on EDGE most of the time unless I tether; stable signal on EDGE. Probably won’t see Plus with decent backhaul around here till the apocalypse is over.

  • icondrummer

    GET EVERYONE ON 3G FIRST! i live in a city with almost a million people and we are still on EDGE.

    • Steve-o

      Yep…sounds just like my situation…I’m in Tallahassee, which is the capital of Florida and we are still sitting on EDGE. Even my small hometown has 3G (Cocoa). I guess having 3 universities/colleges (in a 5 mile radius I might add), 3 or more high schools, and just plain being the State’s capital is not important. Lol.

      • J

        The government didn’t abandon the frequencies in Tallahassee until just recently. You almost had to wait until 2014. As it is, it will be there very soon.

  • Franky

    Are any BlackBerry phones capable of utilizing the HSPA+ network? I have the Bold 9700.

  • werdz

    What are they waiting for to upgrade MIAMI/FT LAUDERDALE FL?!!? It is huge down here…..

    • David

      Some of you really need to use some common sense and recognize that they aren’t just throwing darts at a map and lighting up whatever city is a bullseye. There are logistics involved, fiber optic backhaul, bandwidth limitations and other aspects that prevent everything from just going live at once.

      • MB

        Perfect reply David…..we DO NOT want the network to crash like AT&T did right :). Remember this is something you are getting FREE so take it as it comes and hold out for your city it is worth the wait

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And there’s city and other govt. planners who have to approve towers, etc.

      Part of that process includes public hearings for anyone who might object to erection of towers in their neighborhood.

      So just the permit process might take six months or more to get through it.

      Take a look at these:


  • bakaruru

    I can’t believe they didn’t roll this out in Chicago.

  • victor

    bring HSPA+ to the Bay!!

  • jonathan

    I live in Houston and have never seen “H” on my Nuron (provided it is capable of utilizing the speed boost) or my wife’s MT3GS.

  • going_home

    Oh yeah Tampa !
    Thats what I’m talking about !


  • I’m definitely noticing a speed boost, even on my G1. I ran 2 different speed tests, one to a server 200 miles away and one to a server over 1000 miles away and averaged around 3000kbps down and 400kbps up. Sweetness.

  • RK

    I’m in Seattle on an HTC HD2 averaging 1046 kbps using mobilespeedtest.com

  • Nick

    T-Mobile doesn’t care about CHICAGO..

    • David

      Dude, you need to do some hard thinking about why exactly T-Mobile hasn’t launched in Chicago, I’m sure it has nothing to do with them “caring.”

      • djdanska

        I have noticed that out in the west suburbs of chicago, i have been able to download at 3500/450 before. Naperville, downtown aurora and occasionally at home near glen ellyn/lisle. In westmont/oak brook, i only get 1100/350 usually still. Depends on the area.

      • Nick

        Chicago should have been in the top 5 for places to ensure top of the line service. Chicago is a HUGE city. New York, Chicago, L.A., etc. Get what I’m saying. Stop being a T-Mobile apologist, there is NO EXCUSE for this!

        • David

          Dude, you need to use common sense and stop making baseless accusations. It isn’t a matter of them being selective with locations and it most certainly isn’t about me being an apologist. There are backhaul and bandwidth considerations, equipment considerations and a world of other variables that affect who launches before someone else and why. Common sense.

        • Nick


        • David

          Ok, suit yourself with the insults.

        • Bob

          no he isn’t

    • shortly its in kankakee sixty miles south getting 1124 kbps

    • Jelc

      Don’t you understand that they have to consider if they have the needed backhaul in the area, bandwith etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s and important city or whatever, if they can’t go live in the area yet then they just can’t. Just because you live in a big city doesn’t mean you have to get everything first. Just deal with it, cities were able to get upgraded before Chicago.

      • Brandon

        Stop crying “Nick”…. if you want it so bad, go to college and get an enginering degree, apply to t-mobile, get the job and build the tower yourself… jesus christ.. as if 3G isn’t already fast enough for you…

  • Maryam

    Just did a speedtest on my Nexus One in Dallas. I got 2.02 Mb/s download and 0.52 upload with ping 82 ms. Looking good!

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Man, T-Mo needs to get some HARDWARE out there. A single USB chicken-finger swizzle-stick (aka Rocket) isn’t quite enough to cut it. Get some HSPA+ phones, get some embedded HSPA+ modems in those netbooks and laptops, something. T-Mobile using AWS spectrum instead of standard HSPA 1900 MHz really hurt the cause here. I see as of this time, nothing out there in retail (best buy, officemax, etc) that supports AWS for TMOUSA. All AT&T HSPA and/or CDMA (VZW/SPT). My netbook’s got a Gobi dual mode radio in it but no AWS support. That means 2 cariers, 2 phone bills, too much expense and a big PITA. I suppose I could just kill the Gobi plan and use the swizzle (save $20/mo too) but it’s not in the stores yet because no HSPA+ on the radar yet. Sad. Just too sad.

    • Brandon

      so order it on their website….

  • Brink182

    According to a sales rep (I know, I know) the only phone that has the HSPA+ symbol for the new speed is the Myslide owners. My nexus one with 2.2 still has the 3G icon but it is browsing at blazing fast speeds. I like have this high speed network with the least amount of users. LOL

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    @Nick, dude….how many t mobile customers exist in chicago, how much T mobile backhaul is in chicago, and can T mobile sway the union to build the backhaul faster. Does Tmobile have agreements with ATT to use some of their equipment. These are the questions you should be asking….

    Stop whining….

    I get edge I get a hell of a lot of 3.5 here in Vegas….Monster…

    • Bob

      And besides that T-Mobile has already said they will get Chicago up to speed by the end of summer.

  • Mightykc

    The speed is awesome. I have a Nexus One and my co-worker has Evo 4g. We just did a speed test comparison inD allas nad he only got around 800kbp on 4g, and 2000kbps on 3G. I hit 3900kbps on my Nexus with the upgrade. Take that 4G!

  • Mightykc

    The speed is awesome. I have a Nexus One and my co-worker has Evo 4g. We just did a speed test comparison inD allas nad he only got around 800kbp on 4g, and 2000kbps on 3G. I hit 3900kbps on my Nexus with this update. Take that 4G!

  • In Tampa here, I went to sleep with around 550 Kbit/s down and woke up with 2586 Kbit/s down. That’s almost 5 times faster, thank you T-Mobile!

  • Phalosopher

    lookin good in greensboro nc

  • Rob

    casa grande, az…. we’re only 10 miles south of existing coverage!!!!

  • someone in chicago with an hd2 at the top by your signal bar there is a antenna that is solid white tap that and it should say T-Mobile data (hsdpa) I am now on 123rd in south chicago and have it also what is a good speed test site

    • craig

      thats Blue Island right?

  • DAni3l

    I am getting 4+ Mbps down and 1.5+ Mbps up w/ a Nexus one in Houston uptown area. Tested against an EVO 4G and I laughed in their face!

  • Jeff

    In chicago airpirt right now and once again the same old 556kbps.

  • Adam

    If on HSPA+ will my Mobile Network Type read HSPA+ or will it continue to read UMTS?

  • MrSugi

    Guys you have to understand chicago is a hugeeeeee market for t-mobile first is new york then chicago so relax it’s coming. I mean t-mobile headquaters are in washington and I don’t think off of kent or bellvue have it yet.. chicago has a lot of towers and have been having multiple outages recently, mostly short outages, but still there. So maybe t-mobile is really trying to get things organized before launching in such a huge market

  • carts

    midtown atlanta, although i noticed higher upload speeds (around 1400kbps from what used to be 350), my dl is still the same (around 1400).

    • MichMan

      Same in Seattle. Higher upload speeds, DL is the same. It’s nice that it’s improved, but better DL would be nice.

      • carts

        I’m gonna give till the weekend to see if it improves. Others have been able to get around 4mbps down with a nexus one in a hspa+ market. maybe it might take a while to work.

  • chrisrj28

    I will be happy to see it in Sacramento, CA whenever they get it set up. Currently we have a pretty good 3g signal going here so I’m not complaining. It’s just nice to finally see a roll out.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Same here for San Francisco. We get a solid 3G signal and I am happy with that. Sure, faster is always better, but I, like you, appreciate 3G (especially since I can clearly remember EDGE since it was only last year that I got my first 3G phone).

      I consistently get 760kbs, that according to the speed test site is around what other carriers are providing.

      And people should not forget that even though Sprint is selling the Evo as a 4G phone, VERY FEW AREAS HAVE 4G.

      In fact, when I was going to sign up with Sprint and get two Evos, even though here in San Francisco I would not be getting 4G, Sprint said I still had to pay the $10 per line for 4G. WTF? That was an additional reason I canceled the order.

  • Scotty

    I like having my 3G speeds, but Chicago really should have priority over smaller cities. If anything it should be Chicago before New York because it’s a big chance to take with so many people when first testing it in New York. My 3G speeds are find for the moment though.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I feel the same way about the Bay Area, the tech capital of the U. S. (at least at one time it was, Silicon Valley and all, or “SiliCONE Valley” as one fool new news guy referred to it).

      Amazingly, even though this area totals about 7.4 million people and is the nations sixth most populated region in the U.S., it was only last year that 3G arrived in San Jose. I could get 3G here in San Francisco, but when going to San Jose my phone would revert to Enhanced Data for Global Evolution. ;)

      I figure it must be the residents blocking towers going up around them.

      Sidenote: It’s not only T-Mobile. I live at the top of Nob Hill where there’s lots of money floating around. Despite that, AT&T’s advanced U-Verse data and TV service is NOT available here. WTH? Why not?

      Again, it’s probably the snobs of Snob Hill beeching and moaning about how construction noise would upset Priscilla the fearless poochie when on her afternoon constitutional.

  • SEFan

    No sign of Milwaukee on the list. Considering how long it took for the are to get 3G, guess I’m not too surprised. At least we do have 3G…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Quit your pantywaist self-centered whining.

    Here’s an example of why you can’t get the service you want. Google your town or call the City Planners to find out what T-Mobile is doing. See if they have towers planned and ask at what stage the permit process is at.

    Don’t simply complain on these boards, call T-Mobile or your local govt. officials. Like I posted elsewhere, it was on the local San Francisco news that City planners said T-Mobile has 500+ towers in San Francisco and want 1500+ total in five years. No doubt to reach achieve that goal there will be protests and objections such as this below.

    Yeah, you want the service, but there’s a family with little kids or some guy with a million dollar view out his living room window who will say “not in my back yard.”

    T-Mobile wants to place a cellular tower within walking distance of my neighborhood, next to the Brandon Cowboys Youth Football and Cheerleading complex where my daughter cheers. The proposal to erect the tower on Brandon YMCA property at 3097 S Kingsway Road goes before a 6 p.m. zoning hearing at County Center on Monday.

    Not surprisingly, some residents in the Seffner/North Brandon area express dismay with the proposal for a number of reasons. It’s the newest chapter in a debate that has played out in South Tampa, East Tampa, New Tampa and at Valrico’s Cimino Elementary.

    In each case, some parents objected to cell towers being placed on school property partly because of concerns about the health effects of exposing students to the towers, which government regulators have deemed safe.

    The dispute in this case differs only slightly given that the Brandon YMCA location is just west of Seffner Elementary, north of New Jerusalem Christian Academy and south of the North Brandon Little League and the aforementioned Cowboys, where I recently served on the board.

    It’s essentially the epicenter for youth sports in the North Brandon/Seffner area.

    Approximately 10 residents met with an attorney representing T-Mobile on Oct. 7 at the Brandon YMCA. Small crowd, I know. But they insisted more people would have been in attendance if the cell phone carrier or the YMCA had bothered to notify nearby residents.

    Those present expressed several objections including concerns about the tower emissions, property values, aesthetics and lightning strikes. Leading the protest is longtime YMCA member Joan Zawlocki, 54, and Denise Verrill, 40, a nearby resident and stay-at-home mom.

    Zawlocki, who has a daughter in the YMCA’s gymnastics program, and Verrill, whose children attend Seffner Elementary, have both spent the past week picketing in front of the Brandon YMCA.

    “A lot of people give me a big thumbs up when they drive by,” said Verrill, who doesn’t use a cell phone. “I don’t know if I can stop it, but I’m going to try my darnedest. I want to be able to tell my kids ‘I did everything I could to keep you safe.’ ”

    You can find studies on both sides of the emissions’ argument, but T-Mobile insists the cell-tower emissions pose no harm.

    “The emissions are at a much lower power than you would find in a microwave oven or a baby monitor,” said T-Mobile spokeswoman Ann Brooks.

    Brooks said T-Mobile has not experienced any problems with lightning because of the tower’s grounding system. The tower will be fashioned as a lighted flagpole and will fly a standard U.S. flag. Brooks added that T-Mobile has done a number of studies indicating cell tower structures have no impact on property values.

    Suzette Armatas, Tampa Metro YMCA vice president of marketing, notes that the cell tower was likely to go up somewhere in the area. The YMCA, she said, provides usable land without interfering with any residential zoning.

    Armatas also said there have been no problems with a cell tower located for the past three years at its Northwest YMCA on Sheldon Road in Town ‘N Country.

    T-Mobile leases the land from the YMCA and while neither party would reveal the terms of the agreement, Armatas said the money would go toward general operations at the Brandon YMCA.

  • I’m getting 3.5mbps downloads in Tampa!

  • DannOfThurs

    Traveled through ATL the other day and I didn’t see it yet :( Maybe next pass – or when I call custsvc to find out…hehehe!

  • BKdroid

    YAY! I’m still lucky to get 500kbps download. But I’m sure Albuquerque and surrounding areas are last on the list. To say that it’s because they have to find a place to put towers, come to NM. There is no shortage of space. They would be welcomed with open arms. Then again, they half-assed the original 3G coverage, so they probably don’t want to have to fix that along with the upgrade.

  • DannOfThurs

    Good grief on the FL – that’s still going on? Crap when I left FL that was an issue – and i’m talking YEARS ago!

    For those of you with a brain; TMO’s been trying to get towers into more places than not, it’s unfortunately misinformed people who keep mucking up the works. I can think of a ton of places worldwide were they have towers left and right and don’t have nearly half the problems we do here that we “blame” on them. Coincidentally, they don’t eat half the type of food we do (*hint*hint*crap*hint*hint*) but these people complaining about towers don’t want to sacrifice their foodie fix (that’s actually doing more harm) than to progress forward (I mean ACTUAL progress, not the crap that politicians throw around today with that word).

    Sorry if I’m venting…but 90% of the world has no problems, yet we *magically* do….sigh :(

  • Mgoggles

    I live in DC suburbs and still have yet to see anything above 1 Mbps with G1. I wonder if having Cyanogen 2.1 has anything to do with this. I consistently get around 800 Kbps and according to the coverage maps I should be getting up to 7.2. Maybe congestion.

  • how do you test your connection on your phone?????

    • Mgoggles

      I test with the Android Speedtest.net App
      Even with 4 bars of 3g the highest I got was .8 Mbps and I live very close to DC.

      • J-Hop2o6

        yea u need to do USB (or wifi) tether to your PC, and then on your PC run the speedtest.net test.. the speedtest.net app is inaccurate.
        if u still get below 1-2mbps.. then your tower hasn’t been upgraded yet.. our towers have been upgraded, but hasn’t fully released HSPA+ here in Seattle.. i used to get 1mbps, then 2mbps a few months back, then 3.6 average (with ping/latency improved to 60-100-150ms [from 200-250 avg.], and Upload increased VERY lightly to 0.5mbps) since yesterday.
        so wait until the expand outside of DC

      • J-Hop2o6


        !!add an edit button David!!

      • Mgoggles

        I will try that. Unfortunately I lose 3g when i go inside my house. Lucky to get 2 bars outside the house (I have already called customer service for this issue). I have to walk up the street to get 3 bars, if I am lucky. Tmobile has been trying to add a tower in Olney, MD and everyone seems to want to sign a petition to stop new towers from coming up…and then complain when their reception is not good….arghhhh. I just hope that the next phone I get will have a stronger antenna. Thanks for the advice!

    • Mgoggles

      On another note, I assumed that ever since Tmobile started to sell phones through RadioShack that they would make an effort to improve reception near each store location. Am i wrong to assume this?

  • Eric W

    Let us not forget that T-Mo has AWS licenses across the entirety of the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Also take in account that in some areas they have a bit less of this spectrum licensed than others. As for you Chicago guys, T-Mo only started with a slim 10 MHz (not enough) spectrum in Chicago until getting more in different, less preferrable AWS blocks. Perhaps the hang up is with implementing on the mish-mash of AWS that they have available + / – backhaul?

    As a side note:

    Seeing this nationwide AWS spectrum coverage gives me _some_ hope to, at a minimum, see 3G in all markets in the future; even my market back in scenic rural PA. Maybe some future markets will be 3G only instead of PCS (1900MHz)?

    Specrtum commentary source:

  • J

    Everyone needs to chill out about the cities. These don’t get launched on a priority list like you think they do. You have X number of markets and each one is trying to launch as fast as they can. For whatever reason, the group working on Chicago’s didn’t get done as fast as the ones working elsewhere. Each city has to work with a different transport provider. The transport provider has to get their part done before anything else can happen. My guess is, who ever is the transport provider in Chicago, couldn’t get the job done as fast as they would have liked.

  • Deaconclgi

    All I know is that they have been testing HSPA+ in Atlanta for weeks. It started when I saw jumps of 2Mbps a second and now that it is live, I got a download of 6.36Mbps and an upload of 1.38Mbps on my N900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That blows my ATT Ultra (fastes ATT offers in my area) out of the water!!!! This makes we want to buy another N900 just to take advantage of it. Better yet, I may pick up the E73 for free saturday!!

    6.36Mbps on a mobile device, that is CRAZY! Just imagine once the network stabilizes across the country. The future is bright and fast!

  • croikee

    I’m in Bellevue, Washington, right next to Tmobile headquarters. I have a mytouch3G. My download speeds are 700kps, upload is 400. Is this HSPA speeds or am I not getting the upgraded signal yet? I keep reading about people getting 3mbs and I’m not anywhere near that. Thats full 3G signal too.

  • jdog

    My Nexus One tethered to my laptop got speeds faster than 7.2mbps http://www.speedtest.net/result/849853803.png

  • in the recent 2 weeks ive been getting lost of reception and data speeds unsteady down in the north miami/ hollywood area on my nexus. I get constant 1780kbps download and 483kbps uploads, but while thethering i seen spikes up to 9920kbps download and 1124kbps uploads so im not sure if we are next. Hope soo. Tired of unsteady reception.

  • Ejay

    wa once getting only 500- 900 kb dls and 500-700 kn up now im at 6 mbsdl and now 1.6- 2 mbs up in seattle metro area , not every where though

  • Chris

    Maybe Chicago is in the works. The 2 local servers I usually see on SpeedTest are not showing up. Current closest server to Chicago is Petersburg Michigan today. Don’t think I need to tell you all how slow thats been…

  • Scott

    I was excited to read that HSPA+ was just added today in HOUSTON… except that it’s NOT. Funny thing is I called TMO and customer service rep didn’t know what it was, I had to explain to them that it’s TMO’s version of 4G. Also went into a TMO retail store and they had NO idea when it would be available.

    Does anyone know when this will be available in Houston? Also really hoping TMO comes out with a EVO type of phone. I have the Myt3g and don’t see the Myt3g SLIDE as an upgrade, just a thicker version of my phone with a keyboard which I don’t care for physical keyboards anyways.

    I’ve been a loyal TMO customer for over 10 years and had the G1 when it first came out and was the FIRST android phone, sad that TMO is now falling behind the other carriers with the hardware.

    Patiently waiting…

    • watbetch

      Customers like these are exactly why T-Mobile doesn’t let us know anything.

      It’s not COMPLETELY DONE at the time of launch, but it IS available in Houston.. they’re still completing the upgrade.

    • Scott

      I stand corrected as I stated in another post, today I’m seeing speeds that I normally only see with wifi. As for Watbetch comment it’s because of customers like me who have remained loyal to TMO that they sometimes keep us waiting. If they were to announce their every move way many would jump ship to another carrier only to feel like a fool when the phone they were waiting on comes out the following month. Unlike the rotten Apple, Android has many different phones depending on your wants and needs. I just happen to want the most advanced one now. I am one that whenever they came out with a better Blackberry I upgraded and then when they came out with the G1 I upgraded and then to the Myt3g. But to upgrade to the Myt3g Slide is not enough of a difference so I am patiently waiting and not jumping ship. Please TMO gives us a phone that all the other carriers will wish they had.

  • Jason Bonham

    You stupid Chicago Morons. Learn to READ THE DAMN PRESS RELEASES. HSPA+ has a targetted deployment of 185 million POPs by the end of the year. Only 60 million have been covered up to the recent deployment. That means another 120 million or so pops are waiting, not counting your precious Chicago, and I don’t hear any loud whining from any of them. Get this in your head , All urban areas will be covered by the end of the year, it’s just a staggered roll-out. Don’t place too much inportance in your urban decayed Chicagoland mess.

    • bakaruru

      Jason, kiss my azz….crack and all.

    • Dave

      Go to some anger management classes.

    • Ken

      You need a hug, my good sir. *Gives free e-hug*

      Chicago, FTW!

  • Ozkerr

    Scott, depends what part of Houston you live in. Since last week I started showing a H instead of my 3g icon. The evo is a nice but don’t let the hype swallow you in wait till the galaxy s comes out and htc is actually bringing a phone similar to the evo to tmobile.

    • Scott

      I stand corrected, today I noticed my browser was faster and checked the speed and was getting 1.36 to 2.04 download speeds and 0.47 to 0.83 upload. That is great news, shows a 3g icon and not an H on my MyT3G. What phone do you have? The galaxy S looks good but is in no way comparable to the EVO specs. I just think with TMO being the first to adopt Android that they should have the one of the best if not the best hardware especially with their new network to match but so far Sprint and Verizon have received better phones before Tmobile. I have been patient and will continue to be.

  • adam

    so sad that my upload speed is quicker than my download speed. this is through tethering: http://www.speedtest.net/result/850160367.png

  • Mikie

    They did something in Chicago. My HD2 browser is faster so I run the speed test and first result was twice faster then before ( from 700 to 1400kpbs download)

  • chicago081

    Just hold on. Chicago won’t be left out. I will be in Vegas soon and I can’t wait to test it out.

  • D.C.

    I’m here in georgia and I can’t complain I have the 3g slide which is already zippy and now I’m experiencing this HSPA+ and my phone flies even more and soon froyo will be rolling in good job TMO your making a silent move on these competitors ,so let the wagonist and unloyalist join the band wagon of other carriers who can care less about customer care and service

  • nmw407

    Here in Orlando. Just did a speedtest on my g1, to Tampa, FL server, I got 3244kbps download and 388kbps upload

  • HD2owner

    If anyone is still doubting this whole T-Mobile HSPA+ capabilities, take a look at this, few weeks ago tethered (over wi-fi router app) to my laptop from HD2

  • chicago081

    Lucky people that live in Vegas. Tech wise, Vegas in always included among the first. I guess they want to have all this tech stuff in place for the tourists.

  • John

    Got as high as 4250 download today on my touch1.2. Allen, tx. Just north of Dallas.

  • Pingback: Is HSPA+ Coming To Your City? Find Out Now! | TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles and more()

  • johnson

    i got this speed in houston by the ikea if anyone in houston knows where it is


    pretty good if i must say

  • jay

    hey n you forgot san antonio TX!!!! i get 18mps download on my hspa+ Device Yea whoooo

  • gabriel

    Good day to all,
    I would like you to know that I’m super duper happy as I have a super duper fast connection provided by tmobile now. I used speedtest.net in my old & dilapidated G1 and I got 6.5mbps then 2.6 uploads in Houston then when I tether it in my netbook then use again the speedtest.net I got this http://www.speedtest.net/result/852656301.png
    Its mind blowing as I hit one time the 16mbps but I didnt recorded it but the 14mbps u have it.Then my latency_ping are between 45-60 in my location-shadow creek ranch in pearland ( a bit outside of downtown houston ) then 70-150 in other locations.I did the test between 9:30am-10:00am as many people starting to use the service as my clear if that time of usage will be horrible.
    I have CLEAR now in the house that I’m paying for $40/month as I bought the modem,so no leasing fee for me just $40/month. That internet of mine hit the highest is 16mbps in early in the morning between (2-5am) but before or after that time I will hit only 3-6mbps download then 800-900kbps upload unlike tmobile from 1mbps-3mbps upload.
    I’m always travelling around Texas & I found out that Austin,Houston,Dallas & San Antonio has the highest download speed to compare to any cities when I compare in Westcoast & Eastcoast cities.
    Then if ever they will make more fiber optic backhaul they can minimize the latency problems others have now.I used to have that problem in my location but now its GONE.
    I’m not the kind of person wasting time to bash any company but now I will because I was with AT&T and they are full of lies company as I had my iphone 3gs & my wife & we never seen more than 2mbps connection the whole of Texas or whenever I was in California or New York. All PEOPLE WHO WILL SAY THEY SEE 3MBPS OR BEYOND (its not real), THEY ARE AT&T PEOPLE OR JUST ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO DEFEND AT&T EVEN AT&T DOESN’T CARE FOR THEM. Mine is real experience with my wife… I work in IT company & I always use the one that I think is not just cool but I can tweak & use the heck of it whatever it can offer unlike iphone that YOU can just unlocked & jailbreak (like what i do) but android & windows can be hack & put lots of fast & best ROM that apple iphone cant do. Our iphone is now an mp3 player in our cars, wants some pictures? Then my wife using the EVO as her company pay for her monthly then she just bought it from Sprint. Its a sweet phone but the speed is not consistent & theres time it will be switching a lot of times from 4g to 3g. But still wayyyyy better than verizon & AT&T. Take note, only Tmobile & Sprint didn’t have the cap now they will just throttle you if your beyond 5gb but no more paying overages (Tmobile then sprint in 4g mode). Can Verizon & AT&T do that? Nope & never because AT&T made the worse decision in lowering the internet usage to 2gb for $25 (Tmobile has $20 for unlimited no cap with super duper fast internet 16mbps versus 1mbps by AT&T) then Verizon is thinking now to do that also as Sprint & Tmobile will go for no capping.
    Theres a lot of fanboys especially in APPLE stuff like iphone that has the basic stuff that was available 10 years ago but Steve Jobs will say magical & unbelievable, he’s the no. 1 liar in the world (I have a friend who still working in APPLE) I’m just new here in Texas as I’m from California & work with IT company near APPLE. But Texas is the best place to make money now (hehe) then cheaper way of living… He said to me that Steve Jobs is very good in marketing hype but he’s not the real guy who’s thinking & making apple stuff to work, he’s just the marketing guy of APPLE. Then all of his components are made mostly of asus & samsung (not them as other blindly knows) only software & design are theirs, I can attest to that, so wheres APPLE real product-NONE. They are just a big marketing & design company, if you don’t believe go to California (to their main headquarter) see if they building any pieces of material to use for their products – none, most of what they are doing is just software & how to market their product. I was there with my friend & I know what I’m saying. Ask ASUS & SAMSUNG then FOXCONN, they will tell you that no parts are made by apple, they will give the design then what materials will use ( APPLE ) then they will wait for delivery then they will use their technology & manpower to build APPLE products ( FOXCONN ).
    FANBOYISM towards APPLE is not bad but you should know the reality of what the company you like & love what they really offer to you & if they lying to you.
    Back to Tmobile, they are the company to watch for & they are not like AT&T that will make advertising 1st before they will do the action, as tmobile will do the work & everything before they will announce in a simple way unlike AT&T like APPLE, they love marketing hype like shortage of Iphone in the 1st day as they know how many people will go & get them but they will not release many units to show they don’t have unit to sell, believe me or not those iphone & ipad was made already & its millions now in FOXCONN factory but they will release only hundreds thousands then it will show to their system they don’t have stock anymore even they have more, for the people to be more excited & feel the APPLE products are so good that people lining up & their hysteria in getting in store or online, thats MARKETING 101, YOU HAVE TO MAKE PEOPLE EXCITE IN YOUR PRODUCTS THEN THEY WILL THINK YOUR PRODUCTS IS SO GOOD THAT PEOPLE NEEDS TO WAIT FOR LONG TIME.
    I hope people will get it now as I want you to be more well aware of what those companies been doing to you, they making you follow them even they are shortchanging you.
    I want to share more my ideas, experience & knowledge about all these stuff – just don’t go with the hype, test drive it – tweak it & if you feel it has everything u want & its more cheaper – go for it… you can email me at sir1honda@aol.com ( i can give you the best advice in telecommunications & computers stuff if I have enough time to answer )
    To all those people bashing each other because you like this or that, think first & I suggest that research in google then don’t defend what you have that you feel is not giving you the real deal. WE LIVE ONCE NOT TWICE , LIVE TO THE FULLEST ( get the best stuff that you think is appropriate & can make things more easier to you not just LOOKS & BRAND NAME of the products.
    Always take care gurls & guys… GOD BLESS YALL…

  • william edwards

    This press release is bogus… per the T-Mobile help desk and the fact the service is not rolled out in a couple of the city’s I checked.

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  • Dell Venue Pro (T-Mobile) is a fantastic smartphone out in the market now. The Microsoft Windows 7 smartphone runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. …

  • Dell Venue Pro (T-Mobile) is a fantastic smartphone out in the market now. The Microsoft Windows 7 smartphone runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. …

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  • AT&T has enhanced backhaul in place in a only a handful of HSPA+ marketsbut has said it will expand that footprint significantly this year. While T-Mobile