Nokia E73 Mode Now Available

Welcome the newest member of Magenta’s smartphone lineup, the Nokia E73 Mode!  This 3G-enabled smartphone offers WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS, a full WebKit-based web browser, and support for Mail for Exchange and more.  The E73 Mode is available beginning today for $69.99 with a 2 year agreement or $299.99 retail.  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out some of the first reviews of the E73 (which, for the most part, are positive).  So who’s getting one?


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  • I’m trying to figure out a way of using Microsoft’s BING Cashback (35% off while purchasing this unit.

    Looks like the only way is to open a month-to-month account, pay for the phone outright, use the 35% off cashback and then close the month-to-month account. :)

  • brad

    $299 is a pretty good deal considering new e72 are still selling for more than that

  • tim

    I’m picking one up tonight after work!

  • JD

    Do we know if/what data plan is required?

    • ManoloDF

      I actually live chatted a rep, and I am about to purchase one online and it is not forcing a data plan for the subsidized price. Just the 2yr commitment. It might be because i have unltd messaging or something on my account bu tits not forcing me to do data plan

      • Dashi

        HAHAHAHAHAHA bu tits

  • wack mode

    $30 web.

  • Steve

    I checked one out today at the local TM place, and the build quality is superb. Overall significantly narrow and thinner than the BB 9700 Bold, yet the keyboard is usable. Display is accordingly smaller than on the BB 9700, and though it is bright the displays are a little less readable than on the BB 9700. A good alternative though, and currently a bit cheaper. Too bad about the data plan being the same cost as the BB internet service or I would go for it. But this is a nice phone and a good alternative to the BB.

  • JM

    This one is something I am certain to purchase as a supplement to my HD2. The E72 was fantastic even without 3g so this will be even better.

  • J-Hop2o6

    it has 11 hours of TT.. NICE! but i wonder if thats 2G or 3G TT.

  • daEducator

    does it have threaded messaging?

    • Seth


    • TMoBro

      Just go to the Ovi Store and purchase ThreadSMS. It provides threaded messaging for $6.99. I have it on my Nokia E71 and love it. I have an Android MyTouch, but went back to my E71 so that I could actually have a stable battery life.

  • eYe

    I really like the way this phone looks, way better then BB in my opinion.

  • Jeremy

    I just bought one tonight. Going to try it out for a week or so then decide if I want to keep it, or return it to get the 3G slide. Always have liked Nokia. It is built solid and feels great. I had to return my first one because it had some glitch in it or something, kept freezing on my and restarting and a couple other issues. So far the 2nd one is doing fine. the rep at T-mobile said he could not find any internet plan, apparently it was optional? After a bit more looking, he found one and it is the smartphone plan ($30). I got 30 days free internet before it kicks in however. So far nice device and may very well keep it!

  • podstolom

    Played with one today at T-Mo store. Nice build, keys are kinda small, optical trackpad is nice too. Browser is fast on 3G, but zoom-in doesn’t re-format text to fit the screen like IE6 does on my Dash 3G running WM 6.5. It has all the right pieces and parts for a non-touchscreen candybar, a form factor I love, coz I cant stand the touchscreens w/o kb and the sliders. I guess Symbian OS is a little dated, but it works.

  • elithegreat

    One of the greatest things about this phone is WiFi and Mobile calling.
    So hopefully T-Mobile will continue broadening the line-up of Wife-Calling-Capable devices.
    Albeit not being to different from a Blackberry, at least its a Nokia phone running a different software that offers the great feature..

    • Electrodyne

      I plan to get one for my wife, for its Husband-Calling-Capabilities. Friday!

  • Mike M

    Best thing about this is it shows that the BB9700 wasn’t the end of the line for T-Mobile offering UMA capable phones. I may be mistaken but I think this is the first phone released since the 9700 to be UMA/Wi-Fi calling enabled.

  • JM

    I almost wondered if they were trying to kill UMA completely. I love the service but it seems like every phone worth buying does not support it. Nothing with Windows Mobile. Nothing with Android. Great…I can buy BlackBerry and deal with outages. Or…I can now buy the E73. An impressive slim smartphone even without UMA. Even moreso with it.

  • Tony

    Before I became a smartphone junkie, I used Nokias and loved them. My wife and parents all have Nokia 7510s, and that WiFi calling UMA is a really cool feature. I wish my G1 had it.

    Although I’m sure this is a fine product, I predict it will be a flop because of the $30 required data plan. This device should be allowable with Web2Go or T-Zones, like the Nuron. Unless one tethers, how much “web” could a device like this really use? For the same data price, why would anyone get this over a “real” smartphone?

  • rh

    I am very excited to get this phone. Nokia makes stylish smartphones with outstanding capability. I have been waiting for years for the world leader in mobile to release their top tier smartphones with a major carrier in the U.S.

  • ellen

    Question: I got the phone without a data plan but I still can’t access the internet/sync my email without paying for data, despite connecting on wifi. does anyone know if i’m doing anything wrong??

    • mark

      yes me too, got the phone without data, but connected to wifi, is there a way for me to get online just via wifi?

    • bw

      If you are a long time customer, you can get this phone for free if you’re eligible for an upgrade. I also managed to get it without the data plan by saying I don’t have T-Mobile coverage at home (I don’t).

      But with proper settings, you can select WiFi as the main web connection, and as far as I’ve found, everything works with WiFi and no data plan. About the only loss I’ve found is the real-time updating when using GPS navigation.

      • Mike

        how did you make Wifi as the main web connection? I can connect to wifi but its not allowing me to go on the internet, the page where it says “a subscription for a data plan is required” keeps popping up and i cant go around it. HELP PLEASE!