Nokia E73 Video and Reviews

With T-Mobile boasting the largest Android collection around, the HTC HD2 and the ever-present collection of Blackberry’s a lot of people might ask where does the Nokia E73 fit in. Nokia’s last outing on T-Mobile was the Nuron, which released just a few months back and hasn’t made any headlines since. Thanks to the boys at Engadget and Phonescoop however, who managed to go hands on and report back their findings. Engadget has a video up along with their own review but we’ve decided to run with one of our own handy sources who managed to go hands on with the device as well and the video appears above!

Some highlights from the Engadget review:

  • The E73 also shares what might be its single most important trait with the E71: rock-solid construction.
  • If there was a complaint to be levied against the E71’s design, it’d have to be the keyboard;
  • It seems Nokia got a little too ambitious here with the spec sheet; they should’ve picked a rocker or an optical pad, not both, because we found the pad uncomfortable to “swipe” when it’s surrounded by a raised ring.
  • On the bright side, T-Mobile has done a marvelous job of staying hands-off with the E73’s software build, leaving it nearly bone stock
  • Nokia isn’t really playing up the E73’s front-facing camera, and it turns out there’s a good reason for that.
  • Speaking of the camera, the E73’s primary shooter — a 5 megapixel unit with LED flash — wasn’t half bad,
  • What ultimately makes the Mode a potential winner, though, is the price — we’re talking about $69.99 for a legitimate 5 megapixel smartphone that looks (and feels) like it’s been wrought from a single ingot of steel.

From Phonescoop:

  • It’s an elegant messaging device with hardware that works as well as it looks and feels.
  • While the software is powerful and lets users do pretty much anything, its bogged down user interface is beyond old and frustrating to use.
  • Nokia has placed a nice D-pad in the middle of all these buttons. It’s the perfect-sized squircle, with just the right amount of edge so that it is easy to find and use.
  • The E73 excelled at collecting T-Mobile’s signal.
  • Call clarity with the E73 was outstanding. Nokia knows how to make phones that are superior as phones, and the E73 is no different.

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  • Aussie

    Wow! That phone is amazingly fast. I am going to pick one up on Wednesday. I am so sick of blackberry it is unbelievable, finally there is something better than Winmo with a full keyboard. Android just doesn’t cut it as a business platform.

  • Aussie

    BTW, not sure why you aren’t giving the Nuron more credit. It’s been the number one best selling phone on T-Mobile since it came out.

  • beastly

    Yeah, the Nuron’s not a powerhouse, but if you know how to use a smartphone and want smartphone features at dumbphone prices, the Nuron’s a winner. Naturally, if what you want is Android on Snapdragon, don’t get the Nuron.

    As for the E73, the guys who reviewed it clearly didn’t know much about the Symbian OS, or spend much time looking for the E73’s business features (like remote desktop access and file sharing.) That’s cool, since most American cell phone users won’t either. The Engadget article was more or less on the mark: it’s perfect for a small set of people willing to really dig to uncover all the capabilities of the phone, and willing to overlook the old-school UI.

  • HEMI 922


  • Mohammad

    Nice. Can’t wait to get one.

  • quilvio

    sexy phone!

  • wack mode

    That’s true ive done 19 activations just on the Nokia Nuron. Nokia is also known for the best reception so I cant wait for the Nokia E73 to come out!

  • mj

    nuron is the best bargain in mobile right now. this one has an expensive data plan.

  • stackz

    does the front facing camera work??? if so i will buy it

    • NokiaMan

      yep, front facing camera is activated and will support video calling (ON THE NETWORK…EAT THAT IPHONE 4)

      • Aussie

        actually you can use several apps like Skype or Octrotalk to get video calling on nokia

        • Guest.

          They don’t have Skype in the Ovi store. I looked it up online.

  • Andrew Lewis

    Actually you can use the front facing camera. I have an E71 and have for awhile. You need to download a program like Fring. But video calling is possible just not through normal means.

  • JIn

    I don’t understand why ppl even bothering a symbian phone these days?? I would rather get a blackberry for a business phone.

    • moose

      I love symbian I have the n97 and although nokia messed up on that phone I still love it pimp juice to speed it up and all those beautiful features….. anyways I have used symbian for a long time and even though it has a dated look it is still amazing….

      on a side note people stop talking about ffc its the stupidest thing ppl argue about nokia have had it for years and here in the US its not useful at all u will never use it!!!


  • Dale

    I just ordered one of these. It should be in tomorrrow.
    I currently use an E71 and love it but it was time to upgrade.

    There really is a lot more that this phone can do than a lot of people realize.
    Alot of people are missing the fact that this has lifetime free GPS maps for the entire world. That is a big deal.

    It also comes with a voucher for a free nav kit to mount the phone in your car, as does the nuron.

  • Nerd.

    I’m excited for the front facing camera. Is it terrible quality?