T-Mobile.com Selling HTC HD2 For $99.99, Today Only!

For those of you who have yet to take advantage of the Walmart HTC HD2 special, T-Mobile is doing its part to get in on the action. While slightly higher, (as in double the price) I’d still buy a phone from T-Mobile.com any day of the week rather than brave my local Walmart. For one day only, means today T-Mobile is offering the HTC HD2 for $99.99 to new customers. No word on whether or not upgrades qualify for this offer but we’re leaning toward a new customer only deal. Either way, price drops are always welcomed. Better. Hurry. Now. Quantities of this phone never last!

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  • Galen20K

    I dont really want one but was curious about an upgrade and no, its not for Upgrade price. That’s retarded.

    • pdxduckfan

      Hey, $50 is $50!! I wouldn’t be too proud to hang out with the obese, toothless, child-beating, welfare-receiving Wal-Mart shoppers to save the cash! Plus, how long will you have to wait for TMO to ship to you?

      • Farhan Ahmed

        I disagree. I went to a Walmart nearby at 10:30am on Sunday when the promo started. I had to wait an hour to get done but it was not Walmart’s fault. I spent about 45-50 minutes talking to about 3 TMobile reps before they let me upgrade. The Walmart employee was courteous and was ready to talk to the TMobile reps for me.

        Just because you had a bad experience at Walmart doesn’t mean that would happen to everyone.

  • chrisa

    Walmart destroys America.. pay the extra few bucks.

    • mad dog

      If you don’t like wal mart don’t shop there. Just don’t try to turn other people against it. I enjoy the low prices and convenient locations. So what if they’re taking out the little guys. It’s survival of the fittest. You’re the kind of person that knows wal mart is a terrible place place to work but gets a job there and then complains about it. Pay the extra money my ass, in this economy you have to save all that you can. I can get 2 hd2’s at wal mart for the price of 1 at tmo’s online store. Not a very hard decision.

    • DannOfThurs

      Walmart is what people should be doing regularly….do you have any idea how much certain other supermarkets mark up their margins? Heck, let’s just use electronics as an example – we all know the large yellow store – anywhere from 150% to 250% mark-up on almost everything. Walmart’s not doing anything different than say Newegg, it’s just that they are doing it via brick instead of online (walmart online store sucks).

      I’d rather pay the $48 at wally world. I’d just go late at night so I don’t bump into anyone.

      • pimpstrong

        How about a bag of Lays for (the inflated price on the bag) $3.99 at Target and a mere rolled back price of $1.79 at good old Walmart. REALLY!? $4 for a 13oz. half empty bag of fried potatoes? just rediculous.

  • alpo86

    or you can go to walmart and get 2 for the same price

  • Dominick

    Ughh. Need some help, should I get this or wait it out for the samsung galaxy s??

    • Kickstar13

      Depends on what you prefer. Android or Windows Mobile?

      • Worth noting neither phone runs either OS straight. HTC skinned Sense over WinMo, which is actually fine because Microsoft is killing WinMo below 7 as soon as they release it, anyway. Meanwhile, sounds like Samsung is putting a proprietary skin over Android, and we saw how well Samsung handles Android updates with the Behold 2 (i.e., not at all).

        Really, the Nexus One seems like the best TMo phone at this point. It’s the only one running Android you know will get updated (I’m pretty sure Nexus One owners are already running Froyo, while most other handsets are waiting for a 2.1 update).

        The only phone I’d consider waiting for is the Desire, but that’s really just a Nexus One with Sense, so again, you might not get the latest and greatest.

    • pimpstrong

      get this if you dont mind the bug infested Winmo OS. aside from that it is a great phone. Im still waiting to leave my Winmo Touch Pro 2 for an Android superphone myself

      • nyuhsuk

        I would love a WinMo TP3. I can’t live without this keyboard.

        And I don’t know about ‘bug-infested’. Sense has its incompatibilities here and there with the base WinMo. But most of you guys that run WinMo phones don’t know a thing about resource management. I don’t see why you’re going to experience anything different on Android since Android IMO does resource management even worse for the everyday layman.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m never buying another Full Retail device again. This sucks.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Well at least not another full retail Phone.

    • SteveBerman

      I made that mistake with the 9700. Definitely not worth it here in America, especially buying it from the carrier.

  • Frank

    Ha…that’s because this phone is laggy and slow

  • wack mode

    I would wait for the Samsung Galaxy S or hopefully Motorola Milestone XT720 if it comes to T-Mobile.

  • Why go to Walmart when wmdeals.com has the HD2 with the same terms as Walmart for $79.99?

  • Brad

    Pay more rather then brave your local walmart? That’s just dumb,its a store..get over yourself comments like that make you sound like an elitist douche..

    • David

      No, i refuse to contribute to walmarts bottom line. Makes you sound like an uninformed person without the benefit of forethought.

  • JBLmobileG1

    For those of you who NEED to get it from Tmobile themselves… you might as well at least ask them if they will waive the $35 activation fee. Atleast then you wont be losing as much money just because you don’t want to go into a Walmart. Personally I would rather save everything I could…. that $50 could pay for a case and/or a car charger.

  • Comicaze

    Does anyone know if when you purchase this whether or not they require you to get a data plan?

  • Cupcake

    I thought Tmobile would honor WM’s price…so what’s the difference. I agree with Mad Dog. It’s about saving as much money as possible. And not to mention the additional shipping fee that you would have to pay to order on Tmobile’s website when u can walk out of WM with it in hand. Please folks come on…is it really about the where u buy it or about how much u pay for it??!!! Hell I am thinking about getting one on one of my other lines that is eligible for an upgrade just to have it as a backup phone. U think we will see it again at this price?!! I think not.

  • Cupcake

    And then on my line I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy S! And let WM sell that one for cheap…..wally world here I come!! U better believe it buddy!!

  • Comicaze

    Does anyone know if phones purchased from walmart require you to get a data plan at the time of purchase?

  • JBLmobileG1

    You all know the 19th is not too far away right? Who’s to say this sale is just to sell their inventory because Windows Mobile is a dying O/S and the next phone maybe replacing the HD2… maybe the next phone will be priced at what the HD2 was? It would make sense to have this sale only for a day because they want people to buy now and not really think about it first. ( your average customers thinking…its a great deal… if I wait they may sell out and its only a one day sale. I better buy it now) I don’t buy that this deal is because Walmart is selling it for $48.88 because they have sold plenty of phones on the cheap and Tmobile never reacted. This could be why Walmart is selling them for cheap… because its going bye bye. I know its why they are selling the iPhone 3GS 16gb for only $97.. because the new iPhone 4 is coming out and the 3GS 16gb is going away and being replaced….. they will still carry the 3GS just not the 16gb version.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Yes Comicaze… unless you buy the phone outright then you don’t need the data. However its $500 for it without a contact. … might as well get a Nexus One.

    • Comicaze

      ah thank you! : )

  • Phaelenx

    Comicaze, If you get the phone from Walmart, when we go in to upgrade you, it will force us to add the data plan. If you buy it outright, we dont have to go into the system. You pop your sim and you’re good as far as we go. However, T-Mobile does know what kind of phone you have and they can add the data package onto your phone as per your agreement with them. I would say keep a watch on your bill to make sure it doesnt jump in price. The only thing we cant’ do is upgrade people on the Loyalty Plan. I’m on it. We tried it, and it said I needed to go to a local T-mobile store.

    Happy hunting

    • nyuhsuk

      What is the ‘loyalty plan’?

      • Phaelenx

        The Loyalty Plan I believe came out a year or so ago and it was for customers that were with T-mobile for more than a few years and had a good account standing with them. I was invited by T-Mobile to sign up for the plan. They’ve long since gotten rid of it with their new plans, but you end up with a very heavily discounted plan. If you search it on this site i’m sure they talked about it.

      • DarthEnol

        Unlimited Loyalty was a plan that came out in early March, 2009. Unlimited talk for $49.99 a month. No one else (post-paid service that is) can touch it price wise.

        Side note: I did attempt to convert over to the pre-paid $50/month unlimited talk and text and the conversion process was an unholy disaster. I switched back to the Unlimited Loyalty plan. The TMO pre-paid customer service is just a nightmare – really, really horrific. The post-paid folks are generally money though – kudos to them!

    • XanderDad

      So apparently I’m on the loyalty plan. Walmart would not let me upgrade last night for 48.88. Is there any possible way around this?



  • Wow so many people talking sh*t to david. WTF If you dont like this blog then why are you here ? :O

  • wack mode

    y r u here????

    • To Read About Rumors ! Not To Insult The Admin.

  • John Chambers

    the hd2 is the worst phone ever made. tmobile dropped the ball when they had that phone come to the line up with windows mobile instead of android. the hd2 could have been great. i wouldnt take that phone for free.

  • raymond

    david is cool david can handle the casual poster -_-

    thanks for keeping us informed david i rather get mine from tmobile 2 ;)

    wal mart is farrrrrrrrrrrr out -_-

  • virtualmike

    You can get the HTC HD2 from Amazon for $49.99 today (6-14-2010) with 2-year contract. And no sales tax in CA.

  • g_willi

    Yuck! That’s way overpriced. TMo would have to pay me more than $100 to use that POS.

  • Mr ROM

    Nice price, nice phone..!

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