Walmart Selling HTC HD2 For $48.88!

I know I often overlook Walmart when it comes to shopping myself, but in this instance it’s worth mentioning and obviously worth posting that they are offering the HTC HD2 for $48.88. That’s for new customers AND qualified upgrades. A $100 price drop from just a few days ago, you should be seeing this advertised in their upcoming Sunday 6/13 weekly ad. However, we’ve got you covered right now and letting you know to head over to your nearest Walmart and pick this 4.3 inch monster up right now. That’s a hell of a deal! Run. Now. Go.

Looks to be an in-store deal only!

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  • Mohammad

    But there are no walmart in NYC! They need to build one.

    • Luis

      Just take a buss and cross the hudson to Secaucus or North Bergen…two wal-marts close to the city

  • JJ2kEclipse

    Then hop on a train or bus if u don’t have a car and shoot up to whiteplains… I’m from NY myself

  • Ryan

    do it, and when you have problems with it freezing and crashing… you can go to walmart for your problems. cause a retail store won’t help you. stick with corporate stores!

    • youradumbass

      Your one of those prissy reps that never hit there numbers. Imma rep and have no problems helping someone who bought there phone elsewhere.

      • Ryan

        sweet dude. get off your soapbox

  • Tony

    Almost pulled the trigger on this one, but I was told that my plan type (Preferred Familytime 600 NW) was not supported by Wal*Mart and I would have to upgrade through a corporate store or customer care.

  • mike burke

    you retard they are selling a different phone for 38.88 not the hd2

    • Dashi

      Ummm You Sir Are An Idiot I Have Seen Them At Wally World At This Price LAST Night

  • Jake

    It was in the paper last sunday here in Tx on 6/6..
    Will it still be the same price startiing next week or tomorrow on sunday??
    Or is it not on a sale just that the price was dropped?

  • Robert

    Our local ad (viewed on shows the HD2 at the $48.88 price – ad effective 6/13 through 6/19 instore and online available.

  • Paul

    I just checked the local ad (OC, CA) and it says available at the store and online. There was a BUY NOW box that popped up at the site, and I clicked it, and it’s a clickthrough to Let’s Talk’s Walmart site. The currently listed price at the website is $69.99 for new subscribers, and $159.99 for upgrades. As such, doesn’t look like the sale price is in effect yet. Guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow. Of course, if the June 19th free phone thing comes through, $48.88 is too much to pay!

  • going_home

    Too bad this phone doesnt have Android.


    • john

      Lol, glad we got that out of the way.

      • going_home

        Someone had to do it.


    • just some dude

      Theres a reason why its so cheap to buy, hint hint its crap.


        Crap? Funny. Mine is currently better than all of t-mobiles other offerings unless you need a keyboard. Great interface, no freezing, beautiful.

  • Greg

    There is a walmart in White Plains, Westchester

  • Butzacooky

    Wait, won’t the HD2 most probably be free on the 19th? Unless you want to get to make sure that they don’t go out of stock on the 19th..

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I saw this beast again at Walmart, don’t really shop there ever, and I was tempted to get it for the insane low price but I really hate WinMo devices. They freeze way too much but sense was so beautiful

  • youradumbass

    just to let east coast people now, east vp approved of retail stores pm’ing walmart for this deal

  • t3hm@n

    I received an internal E-mail today (T-Mobile Rep) that we could price match this in Corporate Stores.

  • whyhellomichael

    yeeep we have been instructed to price match this offer!

  • Robert

    Walmart says that the upgrades are for qualified plans only. Does anyone know if a FamilyPlan would qualify?

    Alternatively, would waiting one more week for the 19th be a better deal for upgrading, or is this 19th thing going to be for NEW activations only?

    Thanks all!

  • Descala

    I’m in Tampa, FL. Soon as I saw the tweet about that deal, I went running! I have 5 lines on a family plan, and my line was up for renewal. I did get the phone for $48.88. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL device! I’m not sure about the 19th, but I heard it was for those who will switch TO a family plan, so since I’m already in one, didn’t see the need to wait. And to think, I almost bought it a couple days ago from Costco for $149!

  • Mikev

    Hey I just spent 4 hours trying to get the HD2 for that price at walmart… Please beware if your upgrading theyre going to give you hell. I tried another Walmart and their system had the same problem.. so i called T-mobile to complain. and they eventually matched the price advertised by walmart online for $69.00. I got two i plan to sell it on ebay so i can finally buy a Nexus one.

  • chris

    i’ve been reluctant to get this phone, and used to be a big fan of winmo til i got my g1, but i’m about to go pick one of these up and test it out..reason? 15 day return policy…and i also don’t foresee tmobile coming out with any nice device comparable this year..yea, we will see all the new android phones and what not but prolly not as beautiful as this phone…and if it turns out to be crap, RETURN! :)

  • chris

    QUESTION! ya so i just went to walmart and got the ineligible for upgrade news. Called tmobile and they said my contract ends oct 1st (as most of you original G1 owners have prolly the same problem) Now some of you had said you have contacted tmobile and they matched walmarts price for the G1. Were any of you g1 owners or got the price match 4 months before your contract expires? if so what did you tell the rep? i just tried calling and doing some sweet talking but tmobile wouldn’t budge. thanks for any help guys!

    • Dashi

      Your Non-Friendly Rep Here xD This Is What You Do… DO NOT BE NICE Or Rude Just Say It Like You Mean It Your Spose To Get An Upgrade Every 11 Months Or So With A Smart Phone So Here’s What You Tell Them “I Am Spose To Get A Smart Phone Upgrade Every 11 Months So I Ethier Want You To Put It In The System For Walmart To Be Able To Give Me An Upgrade Or You Match The Price” When They Say No Or Start To Argue With You Which Is About A 99% Chance They Will Ask To Speak To Their Manager Because They HAVE To Foward You And Just Keep Going Through The Chains Of Command And Don’t Take The “I Am The Manager” BS If They Say That Ask To Talk To Their Superviser Or If It Starts To Go WAY Up There Demand To Talk To The CEO Or Something Simular They Wo’t Foward You But It’ll Throw Them For A Loop Which Is Always Fun LOL Also Take Down The Peoples Names AND Departments Of Who You Talk To If These Processes Don’t Work Ethier Post On Here Or Email The List To Me At Along With Your First Name And I Will Make A Complaint To My Tmobile Rep :) CHEERS

  • jimbo

    Fyi your wrong no full discount tell 22 month somtimes we will override at 20 month but that’s if u been there more than 3 years and fy1 customer care never price matches unless u threten to leave then its. A slim chance

  • pimpstrong

    my Walmart is $198

    • pimpstrong

      or $148

  • chris

    thanks dashi! i’ll give tmobile a call tomorrow and try what you stated!

  • menace

    Sams club is always cheaper!

  • Robert

    I heard the hd2 will be discontinued… Maybe thats why its discounted. They gotta get rid of whats left over.

  • Descala

    Just saw the HD2 for $99 on TMO’s website. On the front page it says $199, but if you go to the phone it shows the $99. Not sure if that price is for upgrades as well.

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  • NiiDiddy

    Its a good deal, people. Still waiting for the right phone for an upgrade for myself and my wife. I am not a die hard Android fan, though my wife could care less – anything goes for her. However, I am STILL staying away from this HD2 phone for my wife since I am yet to hear that it no longer freezes and no longer buggy/laggy.

  • BGK

    When is the FTC going to clamp down on this backwards loan operation of T-Mobile? I’m a customer and would love to upgrade. But there’s no financial benefit in a contract. If you get a ‘discount’ you pay 20.00/month more versus the non-contract price for the same plan. Over 2 years that’s 480.00. So they are essentially loaning you 400.00 in exchange for paying them 530.00 more than a non-contract price over the life of the contract for the phone. I get that they are trying to give people the opportunity to get a nice handset and use more of their services. But this is hidden loan. Even ATT have the same price for plans with and without contract so the ‘subsidy’ is actually just that. Then they just make money on the service they sell. With T-mobile the ‘even more’ system the ‘subsidy’ is a loan. And not a very good or transparent one at that. I’d love to stay with T-Mobile, but it just doesn’t add up when going after a new device. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Any T-mobile subsidy is an illusion and just a hidden loan.

  • Joe

    This article made me $100.00 I love price match guarantees. Now I am truly happy with my HD2 and no longer feel shafted for paying full price.

  • Eli

    I spent an hour inside wal-mart trying to upgrade to this phone , and when it got to the final part . The Walmart sales Rep , told me the system wasn’t going to be able to sell me the phone at the price that is listed. And that I would have to go to a TMobile Store.

  • IBuyCrackAtMYLocalTmoStore

    For Those of You that are having problems with the sms freezing here is a link to an update that will help you out. i have tried it personally and can say sms runs alot smoother and have only experience 2 laggs in 3 days now

  • Descala

    Well, even though I bought the HD2 for $48.88, unfortunately it’s going back to Walmart. Screen is the biggest deal, but I live in FL, and in the daytime, I can barely see the screen. Never experienced that before. Also, battery lasts on average of 12-13 hours. Yesterday about 12 and I only made 1 call. I did the ROM update the day I bought it. Software leaves a lot to be desired. I’m very upset, but it has to go.