Comparison Chart, T-Mobile Vs iPhone 4

It’s not uncommon for carriers to release a bullet point comparison sheet when a competitor is about to drop a major device onto the scene. Considering it doesn’t get any bigger than iPhone 4, the fact that T-Mobile has a comparison chart available for its employees is hardly news. We think its well beyond safe to say that Sprint and Verizon have either posted their own or will do so in the coming days. What’s interesting about this picture and please don’t think we’re reading any more into it than what can be taken at face value is that it really doesn’t highlight the strengths of other devices over the iPhone’s. To be sure, the myTouch Slide, HTC HD2 and Garminfone all have their highlights, strengths and weaknesses when compared to each other, never mind the iPhone. So this is less of a comparison chart and more of an “I have no idea what the intended goal here is.” Not to mention, does anyone realize that for the iPhone 4, pictured is the 3GS?

Lets keep the comments civil shall we?

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  • Mohammad

    Ok. I don’t think the MTS, HD2 or Garminfone are in the same level as the Iphone4. I hate iphone.

    • Spencer

      I agree, also it almost seems like they are advertising for the iPhone, on another carrier! They don’t try to put it down nor do they try to put the other three up, obviously the MyTouch Slide and Garminfone beat it in OS, and the HD2 gets a better UI with sense. And the HD2 is obviously the best hardware wise

      • SteveBerman

        LOL, you two are silly. Android does not beat the iphone OS. If you are stuck on T-mobile I suppose it does, but you sound like sore losers.

      • TMoEmployee

        I agree with Steve. If you two honestly think that the Android OS or Windows (HD2 having one of the highest return rates) is superior than the iphone OS you two aren’t exactly losers. You’re just probably a couple of kids who like to customize their phones to the fullest.
        And you like free apps. And the fact anyone can develop for it (which “is” a bad thing).
        But the OS and technology of Apple purely kills Android.

        I admit, I love to be able to customize my MTS. I’ve have 4 Android devices and still use it. So I’m not being bias.

        Hating Apple seems to be a trend right now amongst die hard Android users.
        But numbers don’t lie. Android has tons of devices on just about every carrier.
        So, why is Apples share still 3 times a large as Androids.
        Yeah, Android is fairly new to the game but, it should have caught up by now.

        Now, if Android were to be a little more strict with it’s developers and get some better ones at that, then Android would stand a better chance at possibly being the dominant phone.


        Iphone OS UI is very boring. But it’s simple and does the job. Name 1 way that apples OS is better than Android

    • jake

      Um phonedog rated the 3gs the fourth best phone. The top three are android phones. And android did sell more than the iphone in the last quarter in the us. Were you drunk when you posted this? Iphone added features to iphone 4 because of android.

  • Claude

    I agree with the above comment. This TMO Comparison Chart “almost” drives me to the iPhone.

    • Bob

      What you are seeing here is not a comparison chart of phones that T-Mobile is using in the event that a customer is looking for iphone…with these being the options T-Mobile has….but rather a list of T-Mobile phones to fit a customer with.

      • ssdf

        I understand what it means…but its comparing specs in order to right fit the customer…this would make reps wanna sell the iphone…just based on this sheet..this sheet only makes sense if T-Mobile is getting the iPhone..

        3 T-Mobile phones an a (random) high end ATT phone? Somethings wrong here..

        This made sense when Android and a reputable WinMo was new, but not anymore..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wow. This chart reeks. Now I guess people can put into perspective how crappy the smartphone lineup on Tmobile is. Bring Project Emerald Tmobile!!! I need to buy it full retail and get rid of this HD2!!!

  • Alex

    nice picture of an iphone 3G instead of an iphone 4 FAIL.

    • 2FR35H

      Yup you are right they need to fix that

  • JMC

    They should of added the Nexus one after all is the best phone T-Mobile has operating on its network. The My Touch slide is a great phone but it needs to be advertised other wise it will dead on the water.( maybe run a promo exchange your generation 1 My Touch get an extra 100 dollars off promo). HD2 its just windows it sucks had it returned it.Garmin phone if you are always on the road this is your phone. I love my NEXUS ONE.

  • Taaars

    Tmobile is REACHING..They know they have a crummy phone lineup. The way I see teh chart..You need 3 of tmobile phone to compare to the Iphone…

    • wack mode

      its a comparison chart stupid so they could compare the phones dumdass

  • wack mode

    they have all have different features and what they are good at i personally dont like the iphone beacause i dont like to spend my money on apps u have to pay for and the android market has way more free apps then the iphone even if the tmobile go the iphone i would still wouldnt get it the phones im really interested in are samsung galaxy s and the motorola milestone xt720 which hopefully it does come to tmobile other then that im not impressed with the iphone its basicly just adding a couple of more features thats it nothing else.

    • Taaars

      Funny thing is dumbass, I am in the same boat with you, I am waiting for the Galaxy S, But to even DREAM of remotely comparing what they have to an IPhone 4 is STUPID to say the least, like john stated, ” Don’t fight a giant, till you have another giant to fight it with. “, Tmobile should just sit pretty until they have something that could really compare to the iphone, not a chart that looks completly retarded and desperate.

    • TheLight

      “the phones im really interested in are samsung galaxy s and the motorola milestone xt720 which hopefully it does come to tmobile ”

      It just got real

    • 3GGOD

      You should try using punctuation in your postings.

  • John

    reading this chart, vs the rest of the phones on this chart. I would buy the iphone 4 in a split second, the bests of the iphone4 don’t compare to the other phones.
    …. Don’t fight a giant, till you have another giant to fight it with.

    However I love my android and will stick with them as far as I know, hopefully getting an Evo or Samsung Galaxy S in the coming month.

  • wojax

    APRIL FOOLS!!! from t-mo, ha! they almost had me there! wait…this is a REAL CHART!…um..this is embarrasing!! and yet…so sad.this coming from an hd2 owner. t-mo please stop the’re like a bad comedian, dying on stage. “you’re killin me smalls! you’re killin me!”(crickets..)..

  • tscad

    to me it doesn’t look like a comparison chart but more like a “these are all the phones we have to offer” chart, which makes me think T-Mobile may have had some sort of plan to get the iPhone. the fact that the 3GS is pictured perhaps means they had plans to offer the phone and made the material before the press pics were available. do we have any more info with this page? where it came from or the context?

    • wojax

      I kinda thought the same thing, it seems like they would’ve released something like this against the evo,or inredible-keep in mind unlocked iphones do work on t-mo network. And usually when you release a chart like this you highlight the negatives of anothers phone,and network. I personally think there is something to this for a while. The C.E.O of t-mo’s European operations is coming over to run the U.S.A operations, and this guy was instrumental in getting the iphone overseas. This guy really has some serious pull.HE is a bulldog. Take nothing from the former C.E.O but, this guy here is the REAL boss as far as t-mo operations are concerned.You think he’s gonna come over here and let rival carriers dominate over his company so easily?. no. Ask anyone how much money and power t-mo has overseas,they will tell you its lots!!! Look at the timing of his arrival.. coincidence?…just sayin..

      • phonegeek

        Yeah that guy is a monster i still dont know how he got iphone for tmo overseas i cant wait to see what he does for us in the u.s.

      • SteveBerman

        Why would they release something like this for the Evo or the Incredible? No one wants those unless they are stuck on those carriers. People wants the iphone. The only people who want android are carrier fanboy deuches who have no idea what they are talking about

    • I agree, many analyst keep speculating that T-Mobile will be the next iphone because it makes since for Apple to just change to T-Mobile 3G bands(cheap) instead of making a whole new CDMA phone(more mulah). Im a T-Mobile customer with my original G1 still holding out that T-Mobile releases a true successor to my baby :) if they dont then Im going to just have to “settle” for the MyTouch Slide :( It seems like a great mid-range phone, but I want my Qwerty/Swype SuperPhone.. Im holding my breathe Magenta..uuuhhhhhhhm. dont kill me


    Maybe it’s comparison chart of T-Mobile’s line up of phones, the Iphone included.
    With all the rumors swirling about Iphone on TMOUSA, who knows? JK JK!!! Let the conspriracy theories begin.

  • J-Hop2o6

    hmm.. TmobileUSA is ONLY pointing out the HIGHLIGHTS of all the phones (including iPhone4).. are they tryna tell us something? i keep hearing reports on AT&T will lose exclusivity around the holiday season/Q4-2010.. hmm

    • Duck Dodgers

      I was thinking this was for TmobileUK, but looking at the logo it is TmobileUSA. Hemmm J-Hop you might be onto something here.

  • Artiepants

    “I’ll take ‘one of these phones will sell more it’s first weekend then the others will in their lifespan’ for $200, Alex.”

    • Wilma Flintstone

      What is Garminphone? *BUZZER* Awwww, sooo close.

  • kershon

    Phillip Humm really has his work cut out for him.

  • Negtne

    This is just a tease!

  • Alex

    This wouild be a huge war between android and ios 4. I’m sticking wih android though. Me likes my OPEN software. Not Satan, sry Jobs telling me how to use my dumbphone posing as a smartphone.

  • Robert

    Iphone coming to TMOUS!!! This has to be for this next Saturday extravaganza! lol And I agree, where’s good ol’ Nexus?

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. next saturday is the 19th.. iPhone will be released on June 24th (thursday).. pre-order is June 15th (tuesday).. AT&T has exclusivity until maybe Q4.

  • going_home

    I’m thinking to myself “how was this even news ?” .

    And if it is really news, all of the thirteen people interested are informed now.

    Iphone = no one cares people, no one cares.


    • Taaars

      phone dog has a poll up on peoples ineterest on buying the iphone, its in second place. I dont care about the Iphone as well, it can stay on att forever.

  • Bigsmooth66

    What you guys fail to realize is that the purpose of this chart is not to try to put down the iPhone, but to know its merits as it compares to the other phones. A sales rep would be dumb to put it down as a bad device. A rep would talk about the merits of T-Mobile service and then show how these phones can offer a similar experience. I have the HD2 and I have no iPhone envy at all.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on Big.… people don’t realize this is an internal document. It’s not for public consumption.

      It’s so sales reps understand what the shopper has heard.
      E.g., people are inundated with repeated review comments, ads, trumpeting on the news, etc. that mention the number of apps iPhone has or “I heard the iPhone battery is longer lasting now. Is that true. How is the battery life on this phone?”

      You can’t seal the deal when a shopper says “I heard this or that about the iPhone” and you have nothing to say because you have not bothered to learn your industry.

      When I have shopped for cars I am most impressed and most likely to buy when the salesman not only knows his product, but also can speak competently about the competition so I can be convinced why I should buy what he is selling.

      I also respect those salespeople who don’t talk smack about a competitor’s product but instead gives me facts to consider. If the salesman can’t talk about the iPhone, for example, I think that he must be scared of the competition and/or the iPhone must be better if the guy does not want to talk about it.

      This chart has each device’s “talking points” and allows a salesman to keep the shopper in the T-Mobile store and close the sale.

  • raymond

    welp todays my b day t mobile. . . so this is how it feels to have money and nothing to spend it on -_-

    • Dashi

      Would You Rather Have A Bunch Of Things To Buy And No Money? O.o Check Out The Slide In Person I Wasn’t Impressed With The Pics On Here Or The Dumbies In Radio Shack But When We Got One In Store I Have To Say That Phone Is SEXY!!!

      • going_home

        The slide is meh. Bought one off contract, after a week I returned it.
        I was totally unimpressed by the 3G Slide.
        Its a $250.00 phone they are selling for $429.00.


  • Chris

    Maybe its not so much a comparison chart but a profile chart to pick the right phone to market for that type of customer. Is it possible they’re looking to teach the employees about the iphone for future possibilities?

  • maravilloso

    MTS KEEP FAMILY FRONT AND CENTER ???????????????????????????????

    • manus

      Except flash

      • Yeah and thats one area I disagree with Steve Jobs on. I think it should be my choice to whether I want flash on there or not. If you’ve used the Safari browser they have an on/off switch for java, plugins, popups. I’m sure they could add an on/off switch for Flash.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      you also see that Playstation 3 is in last place too. It only does everything but play it’s own games 40% of the time. YLOD ring a bell? It only does everything but play 30% of it’s own old school games as well unless you have a 60GB Version. PS3 has the best hardware hands down but with the faultyness and not as much software as it’s competitors, it’s pointless.

    • 3GGOD

      Dude your english and lack of punctuation needs to be compared to “Itsmichaelnotmike” posts. lmao!

  • beastly

    The ONLY reason to make a chart like this is if you’re adding the iPhone to your lineup, and soon enough to compare it with the Slide and the Garminfone. This is either a fake or evidence that the iPhone is coming to Magenta very soon. My money’s on fake.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      If this is real and is a leaked document, it’s as significant as Chen’s iPhone leak.

      And of course if this is a leak, it may be a faux leak (see my previous posts on faux leaks).

      David… where did this come from?

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should pull in Nexus One for comparison too.

  • Well Tmobile has till september 23rd to get the iphone 4 or atleast officially announce they are getting it or my family plan is going over to AT&T. I’ve been a customer for 10 years and I’ve had enough with their sub par phones that they try to pass off as their high end phones.

    I have a G1 and the only reason why I got a G1 at the time was because the Blackberry Bold 3G was going to be exclusive to AT&T. I have an Ipod Touch 3rd Gen and I use that more for web apps than I do my G1.

    Something has to be up with this chart though i agree. Why would you make a competitors phone look better than the rest of your phones?

    • ps

      How does this make the iphone look better? The MTS and the HD2 have the same res camera w/ flash and the screen size is similar with the MTS and smaller than the hd2

    • 3GGOD

      This is simply a chart for employees to sell t-mobile phones over the i phone 4 now that it is out. Am I the only one that sees this?

      • wack mode

        thats what she said!

  • Barry

    I completely agree with Dashi the MTS3G is much sexier in person. I just want a more high end device nothing against the slide or garminfone. and if someone put a stable android OS on the HD2 I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to get it.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Yes, it’s another bit of intrigue on why three T-Mobile phones and the iPhone. I’m skeptical and would not believe it till I see it.

    But then again, all the established soothsayers have said that AT&T’s exclusivity ends soon and that Apple enjoys a cozy relationship with T-Mobile (from their European relationship).

    And with Philipp Humm coming to the U.S. to shake things up, I can see that personal bond resulting in a T-Mobile iPhone. Plus Humm sees the huge PR value of bringing the iPhone to TMOUS.

    And T-Mobile would love the irony. AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity and does away with its unlimited data plans (in response to more people are using data), while T-Mobile increases its spectrum (and will acquire a company to get more of it), then debuts the iPhone.

    Can you imagine the T-Mobile ad campaign… a customer can go to AT&T to get the iPhone that is great for the Net and steaming movies, AND PAY THROUGH THE NOSE for those functions, or one can get the same phone at T-Mobile and pay 1/10 the price for data. (This would not matter since AT&T is right. Lots of people buy unlimited data plans but don’t use much of it. It’s like health club memberships that people buy then rarely use. Or public storage where people pay through the nose to store worthless crap. I digress with my analogies. Pardon.)

    Moreover, Apple (Jobs) is still frosted that Verizon turned down Apple when it offered the iPhone to them in 2006. While business is business, corporations are staffed by human beings with feelings and BIG egos. Jobs asked Verizon to dance and “she” turned him down. IMHO as long as Jobs is alive there’s no way he will ever cut a deal with Verizon.

  • DarkCloud25

    Hmmm… First off, this chart does not make any sense. You know what? I’m not going to go do the comparison list because we know what the phones do. Now let’s get on that trashy A.. Phone you can keep your 2GB data cap on a device that’s web based. Also, you can hold on to your video chat that lags so hard that can’t work without WiFi. I mean you’re telling me that i can’t use my web chat without being in a WiFi area? Good luck with that if you’re on the road or not living in a metro city. Or the fact that Apple had to change the shape of their phone because HTC already had that device shape patented but just didn’t care because the cell phone world is all about innovation until Apple tried to sue them. Also the fact that I work for AT&T and know that their towers are old and they don’t plan to upgrade towers until they get a LTE network or the fact that they get HSPA+ and call only access 14mpbs, which in reality you can only get about 3mbps for your air cards and phones LOL. While we got people in Philly & NY that are getting 5-7mpbs on a My Touch Slide and the HD2 or all of you that feel that the technology in the iPhone is that awesome, remember the Galaxy S has the same processor and better GPU in it than the iPhone. Me personally, I’m waiting for WP7S because that’s a real OS that brings a new experience to the field of phones with new technology and apps to WOW and dazale. But nothing’s changed for the iPhone, and before you jump the gun and run to ‘yeah, well we have multitasking’ ha thats not multitasking the app is frozen and doesn’t run in the background any phone can do this childish task. you new folder “BOX” lets not even go that a new way to make your home page empty with and ugly box with deferent trash init. thats the facts and how it is so iphone 4 not 4G or fast HSPA+ network iphone sucks ill wait to see what tmo brings me. and i hope htc wins this lawsuit so that apple cant sell devices outside the US HMMM slap right in the mouth LMAO.

  • I know people like to hate on T-mo for not having the best phones, but that’s quite a lineup, especially once the Nexus One hits stores as well.

  • manus

    Its simple its a future chart for the iphone coming to tmobile

  • JBLmobileG1

    What I find odd about this chart is why show 3 of your phones and compare them to only one phone that’s not yours. I always see charts with say your super phone vs. Everyone elses. Also its as if Tmobile is showing which phone best Suites your needs. Maybe Tmobile will get the iPhone after all.

  • mlb1906

    Well let me just say I got my MyTouch Slide on Friday and I have not been able to put it down since. Its amazingly fast, I am love the Espresso 2.1, and the apps, the keyboard is great, and Swype is just wonderful. For me and the experience that I have had with it so far this is a great Android device

  • T

    The iPhone better come to T-Mobile

  • Come on guys! This is so obvious. This is a comparo for Tmo customers when iPhone4 is released on the magenta network. It has nothing to do with other competitors.

  • bloggingpig

    Oh, I’d pickup the HD2 any day over the iPhone 4. Serious productivity (office apps, bluetooth keyboard and mouse capability already before Apple waited 4 gens, tethering, etc.), real Flash, etc.

    On a global note (regardless of carrier): Since when did “Obsolete before it’s even released” become a Hit? When the sheep follow Jobs.

    Let’s compare:
    iPhone | F-06B
    Camera 5MP | 13MP
    Low Light Y | 6400 @ 13MP, 25600 Max
    Video 720 | Full 1080
    Waterproof N | Y
    Actual Keypad N | Y
    Real Security N | Y biometric
    Live TV N | Y
    FM Transmitter N | Y

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd when Jobs is LYING through his teeth when he says things like the amazing new Retina Display…. when it’s just old technology that’s been out forever, only Apple finally got around to putting it in this year.

    Or that they need to keep the MP down to 5MP (despite horrible watercolor-effect bad sample iPhone 4 photos), when it’s already possible to do 13MP + 6400 ISO + 1080??

    Or they can’t even waterproof the iPhone and add a real keypad? Still? After 4 generations?!?

    Oh, yeah, don’t mind that …

    … the F-06B is ONLY !!2!! GRAMS heavier

    with So Many More Features – it’s ‘impossible’ for Apple to actually put that into a phone, right?

    Well, profit boys, profit!
    Apple is as greedy as Microsoft – strip the iPhone 4 of all the features and latest 13MP 1080 camera modules, drop in the cheap stuff (yep, how many years have 5MP sensors been out? ages…), etc.

    Thus, production cost is low, profit on every $199/$299 phone is high, and a little lying about a few ‘revolutionary’ features that aren’t make the Sheep follow. Baaa…. While Apple profits…


    That said, T-Mobile should talk to these guys about making a phone like the F-06B available. It would seriously rock and reset the whole marketplace regarding smartphones that can do it all and take a swim as well.

  • Big-E

    It is a very interesting comparison chart. Makes me wonder with past comparison charts usually highlighting what phones have over the iPhone that this isn’t more of a know what is what approach for the future.

    You could say it is creative thinking or reading too much into it, but thinking outside of the box makes it seem plausible for the iPhone 4 to be coming to T-Mobile in the near future and they do not want to ‘brain wash’ (I use the term loosely but when you work for a company you have a tendency to have pride and want to protect their views) employees into hating the iPhone 4. Setting the stage for an iPhone 4 release in the future, if you will. Thoughts for the brain to chew on but not run wild with.


    Gotta say, I am glad some of you caught it. This is a definitive line up sheet, with top features bullet-pointed. I mean, isn’t this obvious? So, either this is doctored, or it is legit and tmo is getting the Iphone. Not to say I want one, because I am getting a Galaxy S, but that is what we are dealing with.

  • frone

    this does not look real at all, after looking at it closely, it was badly put together, and I don’t see anybody in the marketing department at T-Mobile that was make this poorly designed chart. I can see a few things that look pretty sloppy, and this was just thrown together to look official.

    but if it is not fake, it is still poorly designed.

  • Reece

    Give me an high-end Android phone over the iPhone anyday.

    That said, excluding the Nexus One the iPhone 4G pretty much would be THE phone to get on T-Mobile (assuming the discounted price would be attainable without scraping current family plan a’la Nexus One – a killer for many).

    Fortunately the Motorola Milestone XT720 is a player that I’ll jump with.

  • cakesta

    Am I the only one that thinks T-mobile is dropping the ball? At one point they had the best phones and plans. Wth is going on? They were the first with htc/android phones & I expected them to continue to dominate that arena. How did they let the incredible & evo go to different companies? The evo is gonna smash the iphone 4 plus sprint has the unlimited plan for 69.99. I’m jumping ship, the first chance I get.

  • just some dude

    Tmo should get the Nexus One, it blows away the iPhone even the new one.

  • mahogany1

    Are they gettign ready to sell the Iphone?

  • mahogany1

    Cakesta I agree with you I think they dropped the ball several years ago. In a real world the phone buyer would have been fired sooo long ago.

  • Wantsthebest

    I really don’t get why some of you are complaining about the iPhone. I have a mytouch 3g and an iPod touch I love my mytouch and android but my phone has a lot of problems and my iPod Is fantastic. It would be great to have a phone that does music as great as the iPhone I think iTunes is the main reason cause it’s just so organized. No matter how you put it, all around the iPhone is better it’s strengths out weigh it’s weaknesses. I can’t say the same about my mytouch

    • cakesta

      I kinda agree with u. The iPhone isn’t terrible but it’s not the best. It has some good points and the music player is way better than androids but I’m sticking with htc/Google/android for life. It may sound wack but I’m totally into making my phone reflect the person I am. I love having all my Widgets & photo frames on my home screen. I had the first two iPhones unlocked & the only thing I like better was the fact that when u change the theme on the iPhone it changes everything & not just the home screen but that’s no biggie. The android market has way more free & affordable apps & iphones have way too many restrictions for me. Androids can be manipulated any way u want. The g1 is what won me over but I was tricked into believing the myTouch was the real successor. I’ve had it for 6 months which only translates to 6 months of problems. Currently working on a plan to get an Evo.

  • bigbip

    Who says it’s a FINISHED comparison chart?? Add a Galaxy S column on the end after July 19th and you’d have a very good chart that leads you to want to buy the Galaxy S.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    While these comparison charts are commonly used for in-house training, that this is fake is indicated by a number things. Consider:

    — Why does only the iPhone have the drop shadow effect at the base of the phones? If this was made by T-Mobile’s art service, it would have had that effect on the other phones.

    — That’s a hint that the iPhone pic came from somewhere else. It’s fake because graphic shops don’t borrow pics from the outside when doing a job, for T-Mobile here.

    Moreover, Apple would not lend artwork to T-Mobile, despite what’s going on at this stage of possible negotiations. Unless, for course June 19 is the iPhone debut. :)

    — And lastly, you don’t have to look hard to find that the pic has been “borrowed” by the person who created this.

    Here’s a few sites with the iphone pic:

    • t-swaggr

      ok dumbass cant you see the officail tmobile logo at the bottom??? Ur so dumb for thinking its a fake! Acting like you know everything please…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Green with envy are you now.

        I always get a kick out of people whose posts confirm they have SFBs calling others dumb asses.

        Here, let me spell it out for you:

        ok should be “OK”

        cant should be “can’t”

        officail should be “official”

        tmobile should be “T-Mobile”

        Ur should be “your”

        its should be “it’s”

        “everything” should have a comma after it.

        You need to goes back to skool to did some learnin of grammers.

      • 3GGOD

        Oh right, the official logo. Well then, it must be real! Moron!

      • Oce

        Actually, “ur” should be “you are” or “you’re”. Anyways, I hope this is for real. I’m no fanboy and have used all platforms, but I sure do miss my jb 3g after selling it to purchase an HD2.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    All this “fun” aside, fabricating and posting this kind of nonsense, I suspect that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile this year. For all the reasons I posted above.

    • 3GGOD

      “green with envy are you now” lmao! Are you Yoda?

  • Super Mario

    Tmobile UK is gonna get the iphone 4 maybe this comparison sheet is for them. And I was wondering if I could order the phone and have shipped straight to my house in the u.s. I know it sounds stupid but it would be a dream come true. Even if I would get a iphone I will still keep my android, anxiously waiting for tmos next big android device.

    • Oce

      If the comparison sheet is legit, it is definitely for Tmo US and not the UK. The stick together logo and devices are a dead giveaway.

    • cakesta

      I’m waiting with u. Wish they had the Evo, now that would be a dream come true.

  • AndroidRRR

    Yeah this comparison chart really doen’t make any sense.. even if it was only meant for employee’s they would have at least pointed out the iphone’s weaknesses…

  • marlake

    the chart – kia,hyundai,saturn/bmw …. yet you can get the bmw for the same price as the kia so you tell me what you would buy.

  • AndroTMO

    I can confirm that this is indeed a “Grab and Go” posted on the corporate intranet.

  • SteveBerman

    I have a very trusted source, common sense, that has told me the iphone is never coming to T-mobile. It’s a 4th rate carrier for a reason. They could not handle Apple or the data that would be consumed by iphones with appropriate 3G bands.

    • going_home

      That would explain why TMO has had the Iphone in Europe since it was released huh ?
      Not that I care anything about the Iphone.
      No one cares about the Iphone, no one.
      Move along people, nothing to see here.


      • JL

        @ Going_Home; Good comeback

      • B

        no one cares about iphone. you have no idea what your talking about. The numbers prove that. 600,000 iphone 4’s pre-ordered on day one. The HD2 sold a whopping 21,700 units on day one. You can eat it talking out of your ass.

    • God

      That’s like saying an Interstate Highway can’t handle truck traffic.

      Are you stupid?


      Are you serious? Here’s something you should know. Tmobile owns all their equipment, hence more speed for android users over ATT iphone/Never once did any Tmobile state or city has had loss of 3g coverage due to a device.. IE San Fran and NY for ATT. Please leave childish info to no bodies, and walk away.

      • B

        Fact last quarter’t tmo LOST 77,000 customers. And tmo doesn’t sell as many devices as AT&T AND has a ton LESS customers. Tmo is ranked 4th and falling

    • aquarius

      All i can say is that as an employee for tmobile, you might want to check your sources before you make wild claims!HSPA+ is faster than any 4g so i am pretty sure the network can handle it!

  • Ty

    Iphone is already with T-Mobile in the UK.

    • B

      so Vodafone in the UK has it and thats Verizon’s parent company

  • Khaltz

    I think it is for reference to tell customers what these phones in stores offer rather then compare.

  • James

    Did anyone know the T-Mobile in Europe is getting the new iphone?!? why can’t T-Mobile in America catch up…anyone who has in T-Mobile in America would be angry is they checked out the phones that are available for T-Mobile in the UK! This is BS…Im just sayin…

  • AaronDGL

    The only reason the phone companies in Europe have the iPhone is because there is a law against any one phone company having a monopoly over the other. There is no law for that here.

  • Chris

    Seems to me like B needs a hug. Someone obviously didn’t have their coffee that morning. If B hates TMO so much, why waste the time on a website all about TMO? Brainless soul…I pity you.

  • Exec4Future

    @steveberman : interesting comment. what was it like the day u graduated from special ed? T-mobile actually has the fastest network. yes, faster than AT&T’s. do some research before u open ur mouth and look even dumber.