HTC HD2 Slowly But Surely Finding Its Back Way Into Stores

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I think T-Mobile is being spot on here with the “overwhelming popularity” of the HTC HD2 as we know articles on it being in stock, out of stock and then back in stock graced our front page for days. That being said T-Mobile is surely working with HTC to get inventory into their retail stores as fast as possible. I know, judging by the comments there are still quite a few of you unable to hunt one down.  A worthy note here is that T-Mobile is ensuring that “existing customers” get first dibs and that has to settle nicely with the magenta faithful. So straight from the horse’s mouth T-Mobile is encouraging you to call your local retail store to check inventory, make sure your name, and contact info is taken down so when the HD2 falls off the FedEx truck, they know to call you.

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  • tmoaddict

    I surely hope they update the software bc the freezing while doing something basic such as texting has GOT TO GO! Gotta turn my phone off at least once every other day.

    • MrBedrock

      yeah the freezing kicks rocks


        Am I the only one who’s phone is basically perfect? I have no freezing or anything, its smooth.

      • ReadingGood

        No sir, I gots no freezing. I’ve had ZERO problems and had this phone from day one… and I have texting, Outlook w/ ActiveSync and another email inbox all coming in to this thing. I’ve got to the point now where if I’m at home and someone asks me a question, I just grab the HD2 to do a search rather than use my laptop.

        Yup. I can’t say ANY of those things about my old G1. I love my HD2.

    • Voice of Reason

      You should be turning your device off for a few minutes every day anyways. Just like restarting your computer periodically.

      • ReadingGood


    • xDeToXx

      I got an Energy rom, took the stuff I don’t need (Like stocks, weather panel, etc) off the home screen, and it flies. Haven’t had to restart since, and it hasn’t frozen.

    • TomTom

      My hd2 initially froze too. But after sync music and all other stuff with doubletwist, freezing has subsided. My phone has been working great especially if you know how to use task manager and clean ram app.

    • OakTownZhing

      I totally agree. This phone is awesome to handle, very sharp phone. Great touch screen, camera, video, etc. AWFUL freezing for text, email, web. Windows Mobile 6.5 is about 2 years behind iPhone technology and operating system. I have both phones. If HTC HD2 had Android 2 loaded as it’s operating system then iPhone would actually have a true competitor. Until then, don’t waste your money on the HD2 with Windows Mobile.

    • skyhigh

      No freezing, BUT, today it lost its internet connection, over 3G, Opera/IE would not load any web pages, Facebook error: Check your internet connection, was able to make phone calls though. Called TMo, switched me to a new tower, worked, after a few hours lost its internet connection again, restarted the device, works perfect, for now. Am I watching to much porn? is that it TMo?:))(kidding) Still, the phone is too hot to send it to TMO, I have WiFi almost everywhere I go so if the problem persists or even worsens I’ll send it in when they get a new shipment. BTW, TMo rep said the phone is sold out.

    • Futurvisionary

      I probably helped them stock back up when returned my HD2….. The freezing is definitely ridiculous…..

  • nell_z

    I just wanna know is this worth the buy?? I gotta respect the specs of the phone and all the things it comes with. Should I wait for something better?

    • You can wait if you want, but the HTC HD2 is the best Windows Mobile phone T-mobile is going to have for a looooong time. This is the best its probably going to get before Windows Phone 7 comes out in late Q3 or Q4. Unless you want to wait 4-6 months, I say buy the HD2.

    • ReadingGood

      Honestly, you should probably tell us what you have now and what you like about it. Android and iPhone users who are looking for some specific experiences WILL be disappointed by the HD2.

      Its like a Honda guy asking if he should get a new Camaro… well… um… depends!

  • MrBedrock

    well to be honest i like the phone but is considering selling it and going back to my CLIQ until I order the Nexus One cause I am definitely going through Android withdrawal..yes I know the Cliq is not 2.1 but hey anything with a better marketplace then Windows is gold!!!

    • steven

      Yes, which goes to show the importance of an app store. Although the HD2 has AMAZING hardware, its app store is lacking unfortunately. Apple’s app store, with its thousands of apps, makes people want iPhones over and over again. I just hope developers see the potential in the Windows marketplace as well as Android market!


        Windows Marketplace sucks, but there are many other apps out there. Not as many as the iphone, but many more than windows marketplace has. The problem is going through the process of searching for them.

    • Max

      how much are you selling it for? serious inquiry!!

    • ReadingGood

      My previous comment didn’t post, but this is exactly what I’m pointing out: If its all about apps apps apps apps, then no, you should NOT get the HD2.

      I don’t miss any of my G1 apps becasue most of my G1 apps was stupid shit to make the G1 run better or customized (overclock app, task killer, wallpaper switcher, etc.)

      Before fanboys get upset: I’m talking ME PERSONALLY: found no useful apps in the Android marketplace. I think a movie/film news widget was the best app that I used the most. Layar and Sherpa are BS (how the hell am I standing in front of a resaurant and its not listed?); anything that was useful was pre-loaded, like Google Maps. Tricorder and Google Sky Maps I had for dumb fun, nothing more.

      So my point is: Don’t get enamored by the kick-ass hardware and then bitch about it later. When it comes to COMMUNICATING… emails, texts, web, Facebook, etc… the HD2 is a beast. I’m also a picture-taking kind of person who went from a G1 to HD2, so you can imagine I’m on cloud 9 now (I NEVER used my G1 camera, just pointless, absolutely POINTLESS). Not to mention HD2 has a built in panorama mode (but android has app for that! for a price!).


    Flash a cooked rom and you should be good. I did and have never looked back. It takes all the unnecessary stuff off the phone. My HD2 never freezes and runs like a champ. With extra stuff that should have been on the phone in the first place.

  • Brandon

    I’ve been using the phone since before the launch date, and I can’t wait to use my Bold 9700 again…

  • nain

    ive had mine since launch date and have to do at least one restart a day due to freezing…phone usually acts up when its 20% batterylife or lower.. other than dat its amazing…i use my phone for texting..calling and internet..who needs an appstore? this is coming from a person whos owned an iphone when it first released, and about a handful of android phones…dont miss android or iphone OS..

    • Anthony

      Here’s the key line from your post:


      Then you follow that up so eloquently with:


      Ummmm, you realize that phones are not supposed to freeze daily. BECAUSE OF THAT, the phone has to suck.

      • ReadingGood

        Ah you come to this conclusion based on ONE person and ONE comment. Good on ya asshole. Eat a dick.

  • JonFolse

    just flash a rom and install the tmous radio quality fix cab

  • Eric

    Good thing I made a last-minute decision to get a Nexus One instead. It sounds like all the problems that my Touch Pro 2 had with WinMo still haven’t been fixed, even with an upgraded Sense interface.

    Having a large app store also makes a gigantic difference if you do more than texting and calling, in which case I have to ask: WHY DID YOU BUY A SMARTPHONE?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      As a long time WinMo user, I have to kind of chuckle when I hear people mention a lack of apps for WinMo or even better, the lack of a good app store.

      There are literally TONS of apps around and multiple app stores. Just do a quick google search for Windows Mobile Apps or Free Windows Mobile Apps and you will mine hundreds of results.

      Here, even a small list of sites like:

      A Marketplace is not the be all, end all of smartphones. The ability to install and app from ANYWHERE is the true measure of an open device.

      • Tim

        Wow, now this is nearly the BEST insite I’ve ever seen on this site!!! And thats no sarcasm. The problem with the iPhone and the Andriod (as far as I’m aware) is that you’re locked into “the app store” and there is not open market for apps. Of course downloading any ol’ app from an untrusted source is not the best thing in the world either!

        But you are 100% correct, the ability to get apps from more then the dedicated app store is a huge feature. Also the ability to write your own apps and then not have to worry about getting them into the app store is a big plus too, wwll at least for me as a dev.

  • tmoaddict

    Well, I love the phone, but I just want it to do what tmobile promised it would. It’s not a big request. Why should I have to “hack” my phone with roms?


      Because you can change the interface to something that looks even better than the already good looking sense UI.

  • Tom

    Odd. I’m not having any of the freezing problems on the HD2 I had on my TP2. This thing flies.

  • tmorep

    all this hype and now users are starting to realize they got hyped up over windows mobile…. so many people have said they have experienced freezing with the phone and end up returning it…. even and HTC rep that came to our store said they are working on an update to take care of that issues yet they dont know how they are gonna roll that out whether its gonna be over the air or what… people, just get a 9700 a u wont regret it….

    • poopman

      i’m kind of glad i didn’t get this phone after hearing everyone talk about problems they have had.

      • Tig

        Mine works great – never froze once and I run TONS of apps at once. I have as much as 15-20 things running in the background an it just works.

  • alex

    Has anyone heard any sales numbers for the HD2?

  • Wyatt

    posting this from my HD2…

    I haven’t been able to crash this thing since I powered it on last thursday.two words: task manager

    majority of returns have to be people that do not know how to operate windows mobile. phone is sick.

    • Joe Pa

      This. This. THis. You are 100% correct Wyatt!!

    • binfartin

      I totally agree with you on the task manager. Like they said having a smart phone doesn’t make a person any smarter.

    • alex

      Wyatt, Joe Pa, and binfartin – you have it 100%.

      I remember that employees were saying they were having to take the display models out of there security devices in order to remove the batteries after they froze. When I went to look at one in the store it had about 15 tasks open including both transformers playing and mobiTV.

    • chicago081

      I have not had any freeze and I have had this since the first day of release. You must check task manager to see if too many things are running at once, have to do the same thing with my laptop. The only thing I am having is too much buffering when listening to online radio, not sure why this is happening or if I can do anything about it. I suspect it might have something to do with the T-Mobile network. Does anyone know?

    • trife

      Love my device. It took awhile to adjust to WinMo and the touch screen, but now I love it. And yes, proper use of the task manager is KEY.

      People complain about it and to them I say that WinMo isn’t for you.

    • Tim

      I’m happy to see this report of success. My girlfriends brother got the Eris on Vzw and despite is being an Android phone which has some realyl nice bells and whistles IMO, he still needed to use the task manager to kill apps.

      Glad to see it’s a common thing.

  • Joe Pa

    I’m still loving this phone, had it since day one. No issues what so ever. Love it. I’ve played with the Nexus One, and unless you are totally in love with Android (which I’m not), than the HD2 is the better phone by far imo.

  • wmarc61

    I have not had any of the issues that I am hearing about, I have no regrets about purchasing this phone.there are a lot of good apps you can get without the market.

  • Ryan

    I love the “first priority is being given to our existing customers” line. This is the third week that my local stores have denied either an upgrade offer or the BOGO offer. They have them in stock, but not enough to offer to existing customers. Been with t-mobile for 10 years (voicestream days) and they are claiming to give existing customers first dibs? HA!

    • RevenG

      I got first dibs at my store. They had a big list of new customers waiting for it, but they put me on top of the list. AND I got a BOGO on it too. Sounds like your store just has horrible management that doesn’t believe in Customer Loyalty.

      • Ryan

        I hope you are right. I’m gonna wait for the phone to get back in stock online and try through customer service. Glad to hear that your local store understands the importance of customer loyalty.

  • Stallion

    Is Incredible heading towards TMo ? Then I’ll hold off buying the HD2…Also I’m unable to but HD2 online from Tmo, while logging into my TMo account and upgrading…donno whats going on there…. HD2 does not show up in the list if upgrades and I’m OOC for last 2 years…

    • alex

      Incredible = Nexus 1 – trackball


    I loved the hd2 as a phone. but i had so many problems with it such as freezing. I had to turn my phone off at least 5 times a day. Not to mention the 2 master resets I had to do. I returned the phone within my 14 days. Im back to my g1. Hopefully they’ll get that freezing problem fixed because that honestly is what made me take the phone back!

    • alex

      If you honestly were freezing your phone five times a day you are doing something horribly wrong.

  • analog spirit

    So far, I STILL haven’t been able to find an HD2 anywhere yet. I called T-Mo to verify that I was still on their wait list, and had them make sure to call me in the AM, first thing in the morning, so I can get one before I go to work, as I’m at work during the PM hours. Last time they called me and told me they were in stock, I was at work so I couldn’t come get one, so I missed out ‘cos it was 1st come, 1st served, and they all got snapped up before I even had a chance to come get one (which has happened twice already). They said it only took about 4 hours for them to completely sell out (both times)! Yesterday they told me (at 2 local T-Mo shops) that they were still completely sold out of HD2s (they’ve been sold out for over a week!), and had no idea when they’ll be getting any more of them. So my search continues… If this keeps up, I might just say “screw it” and get something else. I’m getting tired of not being able to find one anywhere.

    • alex

      They probably call you in the middle of the day because that is when the shippments come in, so they can’t call you before you go to work.

      • analog spirit

        Well, it depends on what time they call me. If they end up calling me around 12 noon or 1pm, fine. I’ll probably be able to get an HD2. But if they call me after 2pm, I’ll probably miss out again, ‘cos by that time I’m at work and won’t be able to just leave and come over to get an HD2; I’d have to wait til the next morning, and they’ll all probably be gone by then, ‘cos those things sell out so quickly, it’s just insane…
        That was why I specifically told them to call me in the AM next time; the earlier, the better. So if they get their shipments in the middle of the day, I’m probably SOL. So, I might just have to wait til the hype and demand die down a bit before I can get one.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am having no problems with my HD2. Once setting up a Quick Link to run Task Manager every once in awhile, the thing runs blazing fast.

    Here is how I now have mine set up, with the home page with Task Manager, a reboot icon and memory manager.

    I have no crashes and no lag.

    Like any smartphone, however, you have to do a battery pull at least once a day (usually the morning is best) so that these “mid 1990s computers” can refresh themselves.

    Remember, we are asking these miniature computers to do a lot. And the OS, IMHO, is no different than the old days of Win 95 and 98. If you don’t reboot to start over you will suffer memory leaks, etc.

    • eYe

      I have not rebooted my G1 in over 3 weeks now, did not freeze or slow down during that time… Make your own conclusions.

    • 30014

      I don’t have to do battery pulls with my g1. That’s a winmo and blackberry problem.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        And it’s not done on the iPhone either… but only because the battery cannot be pulled. ;)

    • Adam

      I bought this phone, foolishly thinking that somehow windows had changed and got better…. it froze after four hours of being on. I am obsessive about the task manager and cleared tasks all of the time. By the end of a 10 hour work day, I was back with my G1 cause it just functions better. Android is better software in my opinion. Also, after midnight, when I texted people, I got them with no delay, however it showed them as a being from two hours earlier, so every time I got one I had to scroll all the way to find it. This happened with my Dash too. Never happened with my G1.

  • Grimmjaw

    Now the haters realize that ALL phones have problems. So many people kept saying they werent gettting a nexus one due to all the problems it was having. NOw look what happened, the HD2 has some too. I love my nexus one but ive also played with an HD2 and it is a FABULOUS device but windows mobile is not for me :)

  • jahmekyah876

    I am a die hard android fan (I read tech sites daily and 3 of my top 5 are devoted to android). However, I jumped at the chance to get a HD2 for the promise of having a phone that fits more into my professional life and the fact that I had pre-planned to hack and tweak away to my hearts content. I absolutely love my phone which draws the ire and envy of palm pre and iphone users alike when I compare my phone to theirs.
    This phone isn’t perfect, and neither is the Nexus One if anyone bothered to research the numerous issues the phone is having. The phone does have a tendency to freeze but I have found that if you use a ram cleaning program as well as turn off swype, most if not all of your problems will be over.I’m not quite sure what the deal is with swype but I think there are some serious glitches with that software which makes WINMO go schizo.
    With respect to the app market, though the Marketplace leaves much to be desired, the great thing about WINMO (and the internet) is that you can find almost anything that you really need from alternate sources. Yeah Apple is closing in on 200K apps but as long as an individual can find all the useful apps that one needs there really is nothing to complain about. The OMarket ( has I think over 10K apps…there should be something useful in that bunch for starters.
    There is value in the following: smtp streaming, wifi routing (yes the phone does that with a simple app install from XDA), remote desktop access, voice notification of appointments and other alerts, general voice command functionality, ultra customization, sending automatic texts when busy, as well as having a sensor that knows to lower the ringer volume when you pick up the phone and transfer to speaker mode when you turn the phone face down.
    This phone has been marketed, rightfully so, as a media centric device, but it is so much more and for the power smartphone user or busy professional, they will find this a welcomed device if they take some initiative and apply some smarts. I hope this helps some people sitting on the fence and for those whining about why Tmo could not corral the HTC EVO 4G, there will always be a bigger, better, badder device on the horizon, so live in the NOW.
    PS. I still plan on getting an android superphone later on this year, lol. Tmo has stuff coming down the pike peeps.

    • mobileswitch

      awesome comment. i agree 100%. winmo has always been a power user’s device. i have tried every OS platform and each is great in its own way, but equally not so great for everyone. blackberry isnt the flashiest OS but it works and works fast… palm OS is amazing but the only hardware option is crap… iphone OS is fun and easy with amazing apps, but not for a power using business person…. winmo is like having a mini computer that can be hacked and tweeked usually for free, but can be buggy and glitchy…. and android is a mixture of everything with loads of hardwear options but still lacks for heavy business use. no matter how you look at it each is better depending on the person. every person i show my tweeked out Hd2 to always says “wow, i never knew a phone could do that” and when someone brags about their apps on the iphone…. i turn on my (free) wifi router and pull out my ipod touch and say “me too, only i can run my netbook on it the same time.”

  • Davidohio

    I know I will get some flack for saying this but I am glad I waited to get my HD2 because I knew it would have some issues as most windows phones do out of the gates. Maybe once the freezing, rebooting, battery pulls, and other issues get fixed I will get one…maybe. of course by then, a couple new hot devices will be out.

  • SKA

    I hate to it say but, I told you WM is not up to par with the rest. The phone is BA besides it being WM. I hear from reps n ppl who have the phone that it crashes quite a bit.

  • randallhd2

    Like several others , I have had this phone since day 1, and have experienced no issues lags, or crashes, even with the stock rom, with all the bloatware, but I came from Winmo phone, so i knew what to expect and how to handle it, this phone rocks, there are alot of really nice roms out there,I am on Kumars 1.6 with cookies 1.7 and couldnt be happier
    Just remember to keep a eye on your task manager.

  • alex

    There are alot of complaints about the freezing by American users of the phone that we didn’t have for the past 6 months that the phone has been out in Europe.

    This means either:
    1. The ROM TMO-USA is using is having problems
    2. People in Europe know how to use smartphones properly

    Right now I am leading toward #2, but from what I’ve heard there might be a problem with Swype so maybe it is partially realted to #1 also.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      LMAO!!! I’ll lean toward #1 && #2 (being European still puts me in the #2 category) ;-)

      • Cybersedan

        I think #1 is the answer, ask anyone who’s running a custom ROM if they are having any problems… I’m not and know of at least 3 other people whose problems went away. I hope a patch comes out for the users who don’t know how to or don’t care to tweak the phone, it’s a really great device.

  • Jesse813

    If it was not for HTC Sense on this phone… it would SUCK (Windows UGH!)… either way HTC HD2 is yesterdays new… 2 words for ya… HTC EVO!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      and One word for you, SPRINT!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      or four words if you can’t understand what I’m implying by that last post, NOT COMING TO TMOBILE!

      • Voice of Reason

        Four letters for you “CDMA”, Sprint is still using it (as well as Verizon). They may have beefed up their networks better, because the CDMA technology was around before GSM but it’s antiquated and has it’s own problems that outweigh using it.

  • Jose

    i have owned a g1 a blackberry 8900 and a touch pro 2 and i happen to feel that winmo 6.x is the best ever and would never give up the ability to truly multitask.
    and by the way looking for the apps is easy just go to and ta-da! everything about the phone and any apps you could want either for free or cheap. and the forums offer unparalleled amounts of support.

  • IwantToKnow

    im begining to think that every person who keeps complaining about the phone crashing and is just bs. ive had this phone since launch date and never experience any problems no laggs what so ever. i have 21 games installed and 15 apps installed no lag no taking long to load up programs no freezing i have not rebooted in a week now and that was after i installed an app that lets you listen to music through your bluetooth. that required a reboot. this phone is awsome way better then the tp2. and omarket has so many apps for free i recommend everyone downloads it. i have not flash my phone because i am so happy with the stock rom.

    • Anthony Swift

      I am returning my HD2 due to constant freezes. You are lucky that you are not having the same issues. I really like the interface that HTC Sense has & it has a really attractive design, however, I have experienced a few problems with the phone freezing on a call so I have to take out the battery as well as texting seems to have a lag here and there and stays frozen on one screen.

      I never installed any additonal apps. for the phone then the ones that already came pre-installed. I believe that HTC is not the problem for this. I am not sure if it is Windows Mobile? I also understand that consumers look for devices with minimal problems, we pay for something we want to work properly. We have the right to “complain” as you call it, but that doesn’t mean its a bad device, its just not what we expected and/or want. I think the HD2 is an AWESOME device. Every electronic is going to have some sort of issues someone doesn’t like, therefore, I am not putting down this device. =)

  • yaddamaster

    I agonized over whether to upgrade to this phone, wait for iPhone and switch to Verizon, or simply wait for Windows Phone 7. I decided to upgrade yesterday and I’ve got to tell you – this phone simply rocks! It’s truly incredible. It helps that I’m grandfathered in at $20/mo for the data plan – even on 3G. But the phone itself is absolutely incredible, rock solid, and hasn’t crashed yet.

  • Jorge

    Me and my wife are thinking about taking advantage of the bogo promotion and get ourselves a couple HD2s but I was wondering if they are pushing data plans on this, I have the grandfathered t-zones data plan which works fine on windows phones so I’d like to keep that, is there a penalty for cancelling the data plan they push on you? Last time I was told there was a penalty for cancelling a data plan I never received any charge for cancelling my previews data plan.

    • Monarch

      If it’s the grandfathered feature there won’t be any penalties w/removing it and upgrading to the new data feature. I’ve never heard of a penalty for canceling data, but some of the new ones are required for the subsidized price, and therefore can’t be canceled. Maybe that’s what it was before?

  • WazzuKirk

    For everybody complaining about freezing, etc, just go install SPB Mobile Shell 3.5. My phone runs perfectly and the shell itself (taking place of Sense) is freaking phenominal.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The HD2 is an excellent device. If it was not, I could return it under my California’s 30 DAY buyer’s remorse period. So that makes me either stupid or I understand these phones and how to use them.

    Yes, there are what I call “debut problems.” But like others said, all devices have problems when they go public. That’s so common that many people choose to wait for the issues to be resolved before buying.

    You know what else is as common as the fact that you have to go to the bathroom daily? People posting the same old flames and complaints, that “the device is a POS, I told you it was not going to be a good handset, I warned you all about this phone, I am a smart person because I predicted this phone would have issues, T-Mobile and the HD2 are crap, people are stupid for buying this phone, you all are suckers, Android rules, Android is so much better, this phone is a rip-off, WinMo and MS suck, I’m waiting for something else, Sprint rules, Verizon is so much better, why is TMoNews even talking about this piece of crap, the entire nation is having problems with this phone, everyone is returning it, I have returned mine, the Net is ablaze with complaints, the HD2 is outdated, WinMo is outdated, etc.

    I remember when the iPhone debuted, there were plenty of problems with it. I recall people complaining about battery life and bitching about having to send the phone back to Apple to get a replacement battery. I recall people complaining that the iPhone was crashing and that Apple was blaming them for the problem. And chuckle, chuckle, I recall people returning the iPhone and getting something else.

    Check out the Google hits with the search term “my iPhone keeps crashing” (in quotes).

    Yes, that’s 63,000+ hits with appx. 8 hits per page. (And keep in mind that this reflects only those people who bothered to post about the issue on the Net. That means there’s probably millions of iPhone crashes.

    If you have concerns, do what lots of people do, avoid being a first adopter. Just sit on the fence and make a decision in six months. (A lot of prospective iPad purchasers are doing that. They are not waiting in line, they choose to wait for the bugs to get worked out.)

    Yes, HTC has heard the complaints. Its engineers are looking into it and coming up with fixes is such are needed. If it’s a user side issue, nothing can be done about that. But after using the HD2 for three weeks I can say it’s a mix of problems.

    Mainly, I suspect there’s a program that causing conflicts. Or it could simply be that there were too many programs open at one time. In any event, I no longer have issues.

    I don’t know what I did, but in the past week I have not suffered any problems like when I first got the HD2. I did conduct a hard reset that reinstalled the OS. After that I reinstalled the programs I used (that is, the ones with updates).

    And like I said above, I use Task Manager a lot, have a memory manager and I reboot my phone daily, in the morning. It’s very easy with my little reboot app that puts a reboot icon on my Today screen with a Quick Link.

    Sidenote: I do agree that the G1 with Android is very stable. Don’t know why. But my girlfriend who is using my G1 does not do a battery pull ever. She tells me about every three to four weeks that the phone is acting up. I tell her to pull the battery and it works fine, again. Going a month without rebooting is amazing, I have to admit.

    But then again, the G1 is no HD2. Given the choice, I’m sticking with the HD2 because I like the power of WinMo, Microsoft products and the level of customization I can achieve with WinMo.

  • Linda Sedillo

    I am very disappointed the bills are too high. Cant use my pictures for wallpapers any more. 50597473

  • Trblteeroy

    i was having lots of freezing but i put the cookies home tab pretty sweet app.

  • Camusa

    The phone is fantastic.
    I turn it off every night and reboot just like a computer.
    I have task manager as a shortcut to kill rogue programs.
    It is a winmo phone folks…LEARN IT, use it and love it or hate it up to you.
    Also installed Omarket and there are tons of free apps there.
    Just finished reading a book with installed Microsoft Reader.
    Play Ashphalt 4 with no lag.
    Sync with outlook.
    The list goes on.
    As for your pics being wallpaper…you can skin the thing you just have to look at XDA and see how. It is in the registry. I have changed my splash screen on startup and exit as well as the Windows mobile orange screen. The Splash screens were animated .Gifs and the Microsoft screen was a combo of two .pngs.
    All must be 400×800.
    Awesome phone.
    Learn it and you will love it.
    PS-Tethered my laptop with EASE yesterday and played some online poker during my lunch hour :)

  • ReadingGood

    the irony of all your comments is you all act like no other phone does this shit. bunch of biased fanboys.

    I actually jumped on my G1 the other day to try to use google talk over wi-fi and I literally had to set it down and wait for it. then if force closed. then it froze. then I had to pull the battery. You don’t even know how many times I had to pull the battery on the g1 in the nearly 2 years I’ve had it.

    Again, no lying here: No freezes, no daily reboots, my HD2 is fine. I may reboot it weekly just on principal, which is what ANY intelligent device owner does regardless what OS is on it.

    Some people know how important an oil change is… some people are slackers who don’t care and then wonder why their car is blowing white smoke out the tailpipe.

    nothing in life is maintenance free. look in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “Look in the mirror…?” Are you mocking me? I look in the mirror every day and I love what I see (and so do all the ladies on the dating sites, I might add).

      And I don’t need to be doing no maintenance.

  • JM

    How many of these has T-Mobile actually sold?

    When the phone was initially released and supposedly sold out within an hour I thought there was a certain level of BS involved, since I was at the store when only two people bought one…yet the representatives claimed they were all sold out, but now I am thinking that T-Mobile is trying to make the phone appear to be more popular than it is by not having enough to go around. It has been nearly a month. There wasn’t a pre-sale. There were no lines wrapping around stores. There was no one camped outside overnight waiting for the doors to open. I have not even seen anyone else with one.

    Then again, maybe it is just a huge screw up, which is something I can definitely believe.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And who do you contend shot JFK? ;)

  • canadadroid

    Is the HD2 dead in the water or should i pick one up. Thinking about the incredible.

  • androidson

    Now I know why MS wants three buttons for WP7, so you can give the three finger salute. LOL. Windows Mobile is dying a slow death.

  • dasDTfan

    Just get an Android phone, the nexus one is the best. The Android OS is the best not like that shyzza WM

  • nick the bot

    All these problems with the HD2, id go for the incredible.

  • impatient

    can i just say i’m soooooooooooo tired of this dang phone not being available to employees. Freakin enough already!

  • manushka

    God when the hell will my store get them?! I call once a week and they have nothing! another store told me flat out they will not exchange them for me because I bought them somewhere else. This phone sucks It freezes nonstop. I lose signals nonstop, and to make it worse my buyer’s remorse ends in four days. A whle month of this!

    Slacker freezes
    emailnon existant
    activesync never syncs to ‘puter but is always “on” my phone
    texting freezes
    video freezes
    call just happen when the phone is on the desk
    have to push the “end” button several times before a call ends
    I get texts from no one and apparently send them to no one as well.

    and my phone is better than my wife’s


  • Just as an FYI,
    Radio shack is offering this phone at $149 + $20 towards accessories if you are eligible for an upgrade.

  • The_Mike_V

    If you want to get an HTC HD2 coming your way, go through HTCs site to T-Mobile. Works even when out of stock ;)

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  • jeff

    where do u go to clean the ram or what website