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HTC HD2 Slowly But Surely Finding Its Back Way Into Stores

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I think T-Mobile is being spot on here with the “overwhelming popularity” of the HTC HD2 as we know articles on it being in stock, out of stock and then back in stock graced our front page for days. That being said T-Mobile is surely working with HTC to get inventory into their retail stores as fast as possible. I know, judging by the comments there are still quite a few of you unable to hunt one down.  A worthy note here is that T-Mobile is ensuring that “existing customers” get first dibs and that has to settle nicely with the magenta faithful. So straight from the horse’s mouth T-Mobile is encouraging you to call your local retail store to check inventory, make sure your name, and contact info is taken down so when the HD2 falls off the FedEx truck, they know to call you.

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