[UPDATED] T-Mobile HD2 Back In Stock!


UPDATE: According to our sources, the T-Mobile HD2 is now out of stock via Customer Care.  You can still order online or run down to your local T-Mobile store to check if they’ve got any in stock!

After selling out nearly twice since its debut 2 weeks ago, it looks like the HTC HD2 is ready to make a comeback. According to our sources, select T-Mobile stores have started to receive additional HTC HD2 shipments.  Additionally, it looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD2 is back in stock online and is also available through T-Mobile Customer Care (For Customer Care, dial 611 from your T-Mobile handset).  If you’ve been dying to purchase a T-Mobile HD2, now’s your chance!  Hopefully Magenta learned from their mistake and ordered extra this time around!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • damien

    NOt back in stock, our store only recieved one HD2 Device today (we are a high volume store), T_mobile needs to get going quicker in gettnig HD2s back in stock!

    • Alex

      Yeah only “select T-mobile stores” received additional shipments. It is also available on T-Mobile.com and via Customer Care.

      • 2FR35H

        @Alex – Yall really don’t have much else to post do you? most of your posts are about the HD2 or phones restocking.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Common sense would dictate that if there were other T-Mobile news to post, we would. Check the last 5 stories, not all of them are HD2 related, but hey if you want to us to ignore the most prevalent phone in the Tmo lineup, that’s your call.

        • just a guess

          i’m guessing that guy said that because he wants news about t-mo getting a better android device or something, like let’s say desire, motoroi, etc.

          for me, tho i think your posts are really what is there to post. i’d rather have you post something that has a valid evidence than post rumors.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Another moronic post by Just Some Dud.

          Hint: You poor grammar and spelling is the same under both your names, it gives you away, idiot.

        • Davidohio

          Dude..stop the hate. Please.

        • craig

          you have a problem!

        • Mike

          Hint: When you want to be perceived as the pompous, arrogant guy with good opinions, don’t use incorrect grammar when “you’re” revealing someone’s bad grammar. A one sentence post should be easy enough to proofread, don’t you think, Michael?

          I’m excited for T-Mobile and their success with the HD2, but still on the fence concerning Windows Mobile 6.5 and its instability. HTC Sense feels like a great suit jacket over a stained white oxford (terrible analogy, I know, but you get the point).

          Can those who have used the phone for a significant period of time convince me to jump on the HD2 side of the fence, or will you convince me to wait a little longer until something more enticing comes our way.

        • beez

          Looking at what’s coming down the pipe for T-Mo, I’d say picking up this device depends on a few different things. A couple of questions you’d have to ask yourself first though. Are you willing to install custom roms on the phone for a newer OS version or enhancements? Do you easily frustrate when any small thing goes wrong with a phone such as locking up every once in a while or a program just quits? If yes and no respectively, then I’d say – go for it. Easily, you will have months of enjoyment out of this phone. It’s very fast and smooth, has great apps installed right off the bat, and I’ve had no issues at all with my HD2. Given, 90% of the time you’ll be on the Sense 2.5 interface most of your use with this phone, you do still have to put up with the quirks of Windows Mobile 6.5. I previously had a Touch Pro with many different Windows Mobile 6/6.5 roms on it and loved it. Went to Android with the MyTouch and Cliq on T-Mo and love Android as well so I can’t say one is better over the other. It’s more a give and take relationship between the two so I’ll always remain neutral. The best thing you can do though is pick one of these beasts up and give it a whirl yourself. I personally think the phone rocks and think anyone would enjoy it (aside from the people who hate this phone just for hate’s sake). If you’re not totally in agreement – you have 14 days to return it with no worries.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          You should wait on something else. Just like I tell the people over at the gamespot forums when they say stuff like, “convince me to get such and such console (mostly HD fans that get slightly interested in the Wii”, just wait on something else because if you need other people to convince you to buy something, you most likely won’t be satisfied with whatever the purchase is. Are they buying the item, no, you are. Do you also need them to convince you on what programs to put on it? No. So if you need convincing about it or any device, go try it for yourself and then make your own decision. Also, this is being posted from my HD2.

        • Futurvisionary

          Did it freeze during your post… Great phone bad software

        • 30014

          Why don’t you take your dads dick out of your mouth and lose the attitude. If people want to trash winmo then they are free to do so. Their opinion is just as important as yours. You say they should just skip the article if they don’t like the hd2, I say you should just skip their comments and shut the hell up. Fucking loser.

        • Futurvisionary

          Something valid is HD2 is a freeze nightmare and I was happy to return it… I love tmobile but seeing as they will not be getting anything similar to it in android form, I’ll be forced to join the ranks of of a disliked sprint for the EVO… At least I’ll get REAL tv with this one….hahahahha

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        2FR35H … the Site is “T-Mobile News,” what is he supposed to talk about? Fact is people all over the Net come here to get…. uh… let me think… oh I know, NEWS.

        And the HD2 again being available is… uh… NEWS.

        If you want tech or other info, hang over at PPCGeeks, XDA, HTCPedia or even the TMoNews forums.


    • Brandon

      our store received 39 today… but we have 45 people on a waitlist, lol

  • Mike

    Can you use Web2Go with the HD2? I am in an area that has no 3G coverage (and will not get it any time soon); therefore, what sense does it make for me to pay $30?

    • yes

      answer is yes

    • J-Hop2o6

      t-zones = YES (using epc.tmobile.com)
      web2go = YES (using i think internet2.voicestream.com)

    • bryan

      no u cant use web2go u will still get full internet just not 3g dl/upload speeds

  • ov1

    Hey wouldn’t be great if tmo would sell it and then sell out in two different is. Can any one say android. Something to think about Tmo. I know five g1 owners who would love to get this phone but love android more than windows

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Man oh man there’s some dumb azz posts in here. Why don’t you go over to the Android blogs. No one wants to read your moronic posts about Android, especially in an HD2 news item.

      • itsMikeNotLoser

        Feed the troll. Go on…

  • peter fitzenwell

    Ordered mine yesterday , its on its way to me as we speak . Will be here tomorrow . I currently have a g1 that I am dying to switch out of . Am I making a good desicion by purchasing the HD2 . I hear great thing about it and I love ANDROID , buy there are just no good ANDROID devcices besides the NEXUS which my brother has . I just feel the NEXUS is lacking something ???? So I’m just gonna try this phone to see if I like it . Who know maybe I wibuy the next big ANDROID TMOBILE has up its sleeve . I would really like to see the HTC DESIRE come to TMO but no releases in sight just rumor …. I don’t think I can wait that liong … just want to switch up my g1 to something more powerful .

  • CO_Yeti

    Tmo sold a little over 70,000 HD2s since it launched. Next week they will receive a shipment of 75,000+ with hopefully another 50,000 a short time after that. Its pretty much safe to say that the shortage will be over by the end of next week. Thank God!

  • eYe

    Weird, it’s showing up for me on T-mobile.com but not once I log in and try to do an upgrade…. any thoughts?

    • Alex

      Hmm, that’s odd. Have you tried ordering through Customer Care?

      • eYe

        I’m not 100% sure I want to order it… just wanted to see if I was qualified for full discount. I have 4 lines, one of them is ready for upgrade, can’t remember which one.

  • DUB

    None of the stores have it.

  • DUB

    None in oklahoma that is

  • DUB

    not in okc that is!!!!

  • Junior

    Im Sorry but the HTC HD2 shouldve been and Android phone.. Windows sucks bad. If your thinking about getting this phone just wait because it have alot of issue.

    • efjay

      Thanks for the advise, Dad. In case you didnt know, there are issues with every device, if you think there is a perfect device please point it out here.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      And your grammar sucks bad. But that’s about right for an Android fanboy posting in an WinMo HD2 thread.

      I thought your parents grounded you, Junior. What are you doing on the Net. Your time is better spent doing your English homework.

    • beastly

      If you’d said this a year ago, I’d have agreed with you. But Microsoft has really stepped it up in the last year. Windows Mobile 6.5 is a completely different animal from what you may have put up with on your Wing or your 2G Dash. And Windows 7 is actually a pleasure to use.

    • Davidohio

      @junior….did you really say “it have a lot of issue”? You have you opinion, obviously you don’t like the HD2. Fine, we get it. Thousands of people have had no issues with it. Its like any new phone..some have issues.

  • TomCruise

    “If you’ve been dieing to purchase an T-Mobile HD2……………”

    should be

    “If you’ve been dying to purchase an T-Mobile HD2……………”

    • BombCruise

      no it should be

      “If you’ve been dieting to purchase A T-Mobile HD2……..”

      • phonegeek


  • thguy

    our store got 14 today and now only have 2 left. i was going to buy one for myself as my wife took mine that i purchased on launch day but now im like blah. who knows maybe ill still get one.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    These Android thread crappers should be banned and their comments deleted. It really degrades the value of this Site.

    Other sites take em down, why shouldn’t you. And Engadget bans them for life.

    • Davidohio

      Can’t we all just get along. I just ignore them and move on to the next comment. It is a t-mobile news site, although this is a post on the hd2 David won’t ban someone because they like android and post a comment about android on an hd2 post. That is just silly.

    • ItsStupidNotDumb

      Seriously? You may try to mask your ignorance but, saying that the value of this site is in the comments? Other sites are not this site. We come here for t-mobile news and if no android stories come on who’s to say that someone can or cannot be peeved that the hd2 is not android. Stop trying to run the comments section Hitler.

    • Bugmenot1

      LOL, Michael you like WM what a loser.

  • you

    It is out os stock now.

    • Jack Chord

      Confirmed. It was there last night when checked for upgrade & outright purchase, but it sadly has found a new place to live.

  • enrique

    wow……i feel like every time i check this website lately the only real new news or rumors on here is the hd2 being out of stock……and hd2 being back in stock.

  • Raj

    HD2 has always been available in Amazon Wireless.

  • bryan

    Our store got 15 in but we had a waiting list of over 50 people. Most of the other stores in the area had the same thing happen. They are coming back in stock and shipping to stores again but still not available in most stores if you just walk in.

  • The Flying Elvis’

    Customer Care just said there were sold out.

  • hoop

    its out of stock again. i work in CC for tmobile and its been gone from order form since 5 pm est. just an fyi :)

  • Damia

    Looks like it’s still in stock on T-Mobile.com My order is still being processed… makes me a bit nervous.


    Glad I got mine on release day. I cant put this thing down

  • John Doe

    T-Mobile is getting shipments of about 2000 HD2’s every day or so. Big box stores have first dibs over retail stores because at least they were smart enough to purchase enough from T-Mo so they get first dibs. All those looking to get one before T-Mo actually has more than enough then you should check with them. As an employee, I’m still baffled that they took our 2800 phone orders and “redistributed them but I know first hand how dumb corporate locations can be no matter what the business. They always forget the little people. Even as an employee, I frequent this site more than any other site and I admire the fanfare of those who are loyal customers. I’m not on the sales side so I am far from pushing T-Mo. I just think it is plan dumb that one group or individual is responsible for forecasting yet that person/group wasn’t smart enough to start a pre-order to help in this “forecasting” to gauge public interest to avoid being out of something time and time again because you still can’t get enough in the door. I should only hope that yet again, we as staff aren’t punished by the poor decision making that all of our 44 “VP’s” could of collectively worked to resolve which is a shortage when we could be gaining ground before the EVO hits shelves. It’s been literally a year without a bonus and these silly raises after not getting one all of last year don’t even cover living expenses.
    So again, I applaud all of the faithful but maybe it’s time T-Mobile looks at a replacing our current CEO who isn’t stuck five years in the past before the iPhone. One thing I’ve learned since the iPhone is that people don’t care so much about how much of a value their plan is IF they have a phone and network that is ready to provide every need as a consumer.

    • Brandon

      you must be a customer care rep… because reading that giant run off sentance was almost worse than reading a notation from care. hah!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        don’t you mean “sentence”? Man, what’s up with the grammar police making errors in trying to correct other people’s mistakes? That doesn’t apply solely to you Brandon.

  • John Doe

    Oh yeah, and I’m still waiting on my HD2. Internal communications said it would be within 30 days but just like the statements were not 100% correct for consumers, I doubt if we will get ours since they keep enough in.

  • selestino


    • Brandon

      you’re an idiot…. did you fully charge the battery when you got it? because phones are packaged with 15% battery life, goon. I’ve had my HD2 since once week prior to launch, and there is no way the battery will die in 3 hours unless you’re doing TONS of shit with it. And learn how to use caps lock next time so you are taken a little more serious

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, the HD2 is nothing more than a one room mansion. you can barely even tell that there is a snapdragon underneath it all, and without the sense running over crappy windows mobile this phone would be virtually unsellable. tmo needs to get with the program, windows is not in. get the nexus in stores and you’ll really see sales jump up. man. play with this phone for a day and you’ll see more frozen screens and broken web pages than i’ve ever seen on my mytouch. its like a beautiful woman with no personality. there’s nothing on this inside that you can take home to your parents. just a big pretty screen. don’t be fooled.

    • dan

      I agree with you 100%. The hd2 lagged on me since the first day I had it. I returned my hd2 after 10 days and I am now a happy owner of a nexus one, which BTW doesn’t lag at all. : )

  • Ordered mine last night and my order is still being processed

  • da9th_one

    i’ve noticed the hd2 is available on the tmo website ONLY if you do not sign in…once you sign in, it mysteriously vanishes…(at least for me that’s how it works)

  • alex

    Come on T-Mo flood the market with phones I need that resale price to drop like a rock.

  • alan

    i wish htc would give tutorials on how to use this damn phone… i swear most people that get it dont even know why they wana get it or even need half the features that are on this phone…. thats why i think there are like 10 in our stack of returns…. how sad this so called “super” device” gets returned at such a high rate… at least at our store, not hating on it or saying its a bad phone…

    • gargoyle999

      I was saying this to a guy at work after I got my HD2. I don’t care if it’s online. Give me a link to an manual in .pdf. I’m figuring it out but damn, there is no info on how to use this thing.

      • lol

        there is a manual inside and also a manual in htc usa’s website…

  • alan

    @ alex… lol funny comment….

  • poopman

    hopefully it sells out again so i dont get it, i was super close last weekend but it was sold out. hopefully a sweeter phone comes out soon

  • Kyle

    Haha watching these comments is like watching a bad comedy movie.

    P.s i also have an android phone but not everyone loves it so why keep making android phones? Its nice to have some spice thrown in the lineup. (sorry about spelling and grammer typing on mytouch with swype)

  • Junior

    @ ItsMichaelNotMike – So you think your funny right? I’ll laugh with you, since you think your a comedian. Grow up and stop hating. All i said was… the phone have a lot of issues, i did not come on here to say anything negative about you or the phone. So keep your mouth shut.


      LOL dude ur getting ragged on cuz ur saying “the phone have a lot of issues”, not only once but when you tried to come back u said it incorrectly again, Grammer lesson: “it HAS a lot of issues”, now doesnt that not only sound better but makes more sense?

      • Junior

        Get Off My D**K Sheesh…


      Just grammer check biotch

  • What Would all of you do if the HD2 Did have android 2.1?

  • What would all of you do if the HD2 did come with android 2.1?

    • phonegeek

      crap their pants an wouldnt be saying what they are saying now an windows fanboys would be taking the place of android fanboys … i have an android phone and i played around with this phone honestly i just love good tech so everyone enjoy the phone NO it doesnt have android on it Yes android is great Yes windmo did go this go round NO i dont care about my grammar YES if you get agitated and irate about my grammer an capitalization means you take too much pride in minor things.. anyway i might buy this in a while an get the next android device after getting the blackberry bold ( like i said i love good tech)

    • Danny Thai

      I would try to put Windows 6.5/7 with Sense on it. If I can’t do it, I would sell it. Put it simply, I’m not a big fan of Android.

  • tinalooks808

    actually got mine today! so far so good! only issue is Facebook lag other than that I’m very happy. it’d my first touchscreen only device so it will def take some getting used to

    • phonegeek

      i was the same way with my first touch screen phone but facebook lags on it??

  • APlayerFromTheHimalya

    I have this HD2. I think it’s a good investment to keep. Windows 7 or Android will hit this phone. I also have a N900. that truly is the best device ever, period. point blank, End of Story. I have the Blackberry Bold 9700. It’s a great phone as well.

    on my HD2, I turned Sense off, phone is a whole hell of a lot faster. Period, The phone is so much better without it. Get SPB’s mobile shell, the phone becomes a serious phone at that point.

    the EVO, Come on, somebody explain to me what’s GREAT about it? Front facing camera, hdmi output, WiMax, can record at HD levels, and a 8 megapixel camera….
    what’s so GREAT and AWESOME about the phone, that I can’t do with my n900.

    it’s gonna sell, however, nokia has had Front Facing camera’s for years. That’s not a novel concept. my n900 does everything the EVO is spec’d to do, and even skype at a decent speed.

    The challenge for T-Mobile is Marketing. They have something with the people “arm and a leg, blah, blah, blah”. Great concept, expand on that, especially that preacher…hilarious….

    • APlayaFromTheHimilaya

      I think the prospect of video conferencing is what really puts the front-facing camera as such a highly regarded feature. It’s about time isn’t it? 3g can handle it.

    • i had a n900 it was a good phone to bad battery life sucked! the problem with the hd2 is tmobiles rom sucks and is full of bloat. but once you get a new rom with windows 6.5.3 then you really see how hot the phone is.

  • chicago081

    Love this phone, listening to a internet radio station on it right now. I was able to get this phone very easily on day one. I arrived at the T Mo store at 11 am that day here in downtown Chicago, I expected a frantic scene but it was very orderly. This is one fine device. Listened to Slacker last night, very nice, glad it is preloaded. I did notice that Amazon has this in stock (they did yesterday) and Costco.com had it also for $149 but I think you have to have a membership for Costco.

  • chicago081

    I love this for listening to internet radio stations since they have all of that stuff blocked at work.

  • chicago081

    No phone will be perfect and do everything, that’s what we have laptop computers for.

  • 30014

    “ItsMichaelnotMike” do you not have a life? It seems that you spend a lot of time posting comments trashing other people. Get off the computer, go get some ass, and stop using this site to vent your frustrations.

    • Junior

      Thanks for bring this up…Thats all he does is trash people.

  • ateam

    the phone is sold out online as well hopefully its in stock again for more then 24 hours so I could get it. i have to stay on top of this site to know the dl

  • Jerry

    I have had this phone since the day it came out, and I must say that is the best I have ever owned. The one downside to this phone, is that I can’t seem to find a lot of apps for this phone. I know you can get them through some other websites but they usually cost alot. I am still very happy with this phone and would not trade it for any other phone that is out right now. I was just wondering if anybody knew if the windows marketplace is gonna keep getting more apps( I check it about every other day and it usually doesnt have anything new). Also, if anybody knows where I can get more apps for this phone(hopefully at a cheaper price or free) I would really appreciate the input.

    • what you have to remember is before app stores existed windows mobile was around. search pocketpc freeware in google and you will find tons of apps. they just made the windows marketplace last year and apps were all over the place before that and still are. not many developers use the marketplace because i believe they have to pay a steep fee to add there apps. also check out the xda-developers.com forum for even more free apps. far as paid apps go there also available for free if you know where to look.

    • Mista

      can you post the link where you the app from

  • Now we need an android version of this phone, because the windows market place is pathetic

  • Mike_

    Thanks for your responses.


  • IBuyCrackAtMYLocalTmoStore

    I just watched transformer 1 and 2 on my hd2. i never seen the movie before but just by watching on my phone. I WAS FORCED TO REGISTER TO THE BLOCKBUSTER APP AND RENT MOVIES FOR MY PHONE. I love it, the hd image you get just makes it worthwhile watching on the phone. no complaints at all had the phones since launch date and has only frooze once on me. wm has really stepped up their game

  • Phone is in transit….SWEET. I hope I like it. I had the TP2 BUT hated the resistive screen. Using your nail or stylus was the WORSE. But the browser was the BEST. And the keyboard = CRACK.

    People always complain about having to tweak right out the box. AND!?! You may have to tweak here or flash there but that comes with any handset. I’ve jailbroken iPhone, iTouchs, rooted G1s, myTouchs, flashed a TP2. Ehhhh I dont see the problem in a little tweak.

  • Jshi

    Warning bad grammer to follow,

    I have had this phone since it came out a few weeks ago, a custom rom flashed a few registry tweeks and this phone is by far the best on the market currently. Add skyfire and it is a multimedia powerhouse. Can Android stream directly from sites like Hulu? For those looking for more free apps search for Open Market, u have to register but tons of completely free apps




  • ateam201

    anyone go to my-tmobile.com i think the phone is sold out for existing customers cause I don’t see the phone even there. I think they pulled it low stock again? I bet going to sell out again. And to the haters keep hating cause no one is changing their decision and not buying it, quite the opposite is happening selling out every time.

    • Greg

      I just returned my HD2, at least 1 extra more for others. Nothing was wrong with it, just,,,, you know – HD2 is a good phone, but…….Nexus One is better!! :P

  • jtc24

    im an employee and my hd2 finally shipped today! im excited but a little bit nervous. We have had 5 hd2s come back with freezing issues. hopefully mine wont have a problem. guess we will see.

    • cs987


      When did you order your phone. I ordered mine on 3/24 at about 730am CST and still have heard nothing! Kinda upset that I ordered so early and am still waiting at least for an update on shipping.

  • Mooseknuckle

    Sweet, I’ve been waiting on my order as well. I don’t mind winmo. I think it’s a great phone available through tmobile. I like my nexus one, but I guess android isn’t my style. I hope everyone’s HD2 works good and lasts.

  • ive had my HD2 for 2 week now and the thing is amazing, best phone ive ever owned and ive owned every hot phone t mo has launched. it freezes once in awhile and thatts why it has a task manager built in, keep on top of task manager and do a soft reset once a day and it will run fine, be reminded that this thing is basically a mini pc, so treat it like one and you will have good luck.

  • HowIDoozIt

    My local store received 84 of them yesterday morning, and as of 10am today they had 6 left. I was the first one in the store to get one today, but while I was there upgrading they sold out before the rep could get this big ole beauty out of the box! So crazy how popular this phone is, with such little advertising! GOOD JOB TOMONEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  • jtc24

    i ordered mine at 10:30 pm ct on 3/23. they showed up on our employee site a day before the release.

    • tehsu

      I ordered mine on the employee site around 11:10, still haven’t received anything for shipping, but maybe they are moving for employees now

      • tehsu

        it shipped

  • ov1

    Mikey mikey mikey I know your loving all this attention your getting. I’m guessing your so bitter because your so lonely well here’s a text hug. You know a truely intelligent person can respect opinions not bash them.

  • Ash

    Sad tmobile is not offering existing customers the upgrade option…this is the price for staying loyal to tmobile…i’m now looking forward to Iphone 4G in june….Thanks Tmobile for the excellent service & reward for bring loyal….

    • Halo

      It is to bad the whole HD2 has been a bit of a mess with the upgrade situation it is hit and miss, they will upgrade, but you have to do it once stock is first available .

      I’m sure there will be plenty soon, but you may hear of something else coming out that catches your eye by that time.

  • TomCruise

    i went to 3 t-mobile corporate stores yesterday, all were out of stock.

    then i went to best buy and they had a few in stock, upgraded my account to HD2.

    this morning i sold it on ebay for full retail and ordered my nexus one. can’t wait for tomorrow to receive my nexus one. :-)

    • poopman

      thats a pretty good way to get a nexus one if youre on a family plan but its to much work for me since im lazy.

  • ace

    A question for TMO employess…..how many HD2 returns are you getting? Just curious.

    • jtc24

      We have had 3 exchanges due to frezing and 2 just return it.

  • huh

    no cares about the stupid mytouch so stfu and go post elsewhere

  • coolmen777

    Hey guys
    I flashed my HD2 to Energy Rom (on XDA Developers). I forgot to write down the settings for Opera Mobile homepage, that has nice shortcuts to Yahoo, Gmail, Your Account, etc. Can anyone with stock ROM, tell me the URL for the homepage? Thank You.


    FINALLLY!!!!!!!!! got my trackin info this morning. thought employees would never get it

  • justsomedude

    I cant believe people actually bought this thing, LOL.

    Android rules.


    well believe it android pansy

  • superrube

    I have been a customer for 8 years. Since TMO was first available in my area. I have 3 phone lines with them. I have always ben pretty happy with them but this whole upgrade fiasco sucks. If the EVO4 (witch runs android intead of winmo) comes out within the next few weeks im jumpin over to Sprint.

  • xDeToXx

    I’ve been a loyal customer, 5 lines, unlimited everything high value customer. But for some reason I can’t get this phone, but new customers can. Explain this.

  • sudocrashr

    amazon has had this phone. got mine 2 weeks ago. they offer it both for new and existing customers. guess people only want to buy it from tmobile stores.

    btw – i love my HD2!


    CS987…I hope you got yours. I ordered mine around the same time and it went smooth, but after waiting a few days I tried to track it and nothing. I called and they said no order had been entered. I guess they were out and just thew mine order away. I spent a lot of time on the phone and listened to the contract message and all.

    Was not too happy.

    • Jeremy

      That’s exactly what happened with me. I ordered 2 & the order never went through & I was so pissed. Now I have to wait until they give all the other people who got lucky enough to get their orders in before they ran out. You would think they would get more phones so they don’t sell out. Even the iphone didn’t sell out this much.