myTouch Slide Shows Up In RadioShack Systems


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard any news regarding the upcoming “G1 successor”, the T-Mobile myTouch Slide. Courtesy of an anonymous tipster over at Engadget, it looks like the myTouch Slide has been found in RadioShack “The Shack’s” internal Direct2U system.  As you may have already noticed, the image is dubbed as “coming soon”.  Of course, we’ve already seen leaked images although the more the merrier, right?  According to our sources, we’re still expecting a May 19th release date.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • Mooch

    Even if it is true, I’m willing to bet it’ll have ho-hum 1.6 and the bottom of the barrel specs. Because we T-mobile Android fans only get the best!!! [/sarcasm]

    • 2FR35H

      And this is why Android is rootable.

      • Ryan

        For the record, you can root a MyTouch 3g 1.2; however, you can’t load a rom without losing the touchscreen. We may end up with the same problem for the slide.

      • shawn1224

        I’m running a 2.1 port right now with touchscreen on the new MyTouch.

    • SoTacMatt

      My fears exactly!

    • andrew

      Still better than being stuck at 1.5 with the Cliq. Even when Moto does update it to 2.1, Im sure they will still ruin it with motoblur.

  • KJC

    I am so excited!! Ive been waiting for this. I have the touch pro 2, which is a good phone, but im tired of the SLOW-DRAG…. I want Android! and i want a keyboard. but i didnt like the G1…. COME TO ME MYTOUCH SLIDE!! :)

    • Jerry

      I would, if i were you, would put android on your TP2!..its pretty simple! At least til this slide comes ouot =)

  • Max

    I know right!! you can say that again

  • Kerry

    Yuppers, TMO forges forward with Android paving the way for greatness and suddenly has the worst phones you can get directly from the carrier (yes N1 is a good phone, but purchase conditions leave a LOT to be desired).

    The slide looks interesting but I’m not buying another phone that will be obsolete in a year. These days no 1GHz processor or 2.X and why bother? I got burned on the G1 already; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • mrbill

      Umm, No the Nexus One is not a good phone. I have had mine replaced five times and it still doesn’t work right. I finally had to stop using it. I got a My Touch for now until I figure out what to buy next.

      • Kerry

        Thanks for the info… Spec wise it looks great, but I haven’t actually seen one and been able to touch it. I’m still rolling my G1 and getting phone envy from the several ‘Droids here on 2.1. New OS changes look awesome.

  • Shannon

    Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking…

  • t1 connect

    the specs will meet ur needs htc no longer uses that 528mhz qualcrap processor and tmo knows better

    • Green Robot

      Actually the leaked specs for this phone state that it does in fact have the same 528mhz qualcrap processor that’s in every other TMO Android phone. Viva La Mediocrity….!!!

      • joel

        The leaked specs I read showed a 667mhz ARM11 processor, not the Qualcomm.

        tmonews reported this:

        and another website reported it was the 667mhz version of the arm11:

        I’ve got high hopes for the specs. If it doesn’t deliver at least a marginally better processor, I’m waiting for the next Android qwerty slider.

      • GreenRobot

        @joel The Qualcomm processor that’s used in G1 and myTouch is also built on ARM11 architecture. A bump in the clock speed is going to help a little bit but the fast aging ARM11 architecture is the real hindrance here. We need something based on the new Cortex ARM A8 architecture to really see increased performance. Any Android device using an ARM11 processor coming out these days is going to be considered a mid-level device at best and that is what myTouch Slide is going to be with that processor. As a result, there is still no high end Android on the horizon for TMO.

  • Not every phone needs to be the biggest and the baddest. My wife is ready to upgrade from her G1 and just wants a QWERTY keyboard. This would be perfect for her as she isn’t going to push the limits of the processor, etc. She wants: TMo, Qwerty, Android.

  • jmts80

    I agree that not every phone needs to be “the biggest and baddest” but come on we all know that 95% of the phones T-mo gets are mediocre at best. We are and will always be the “budget carrier”

  • Mooch

    Sure, it’s rootable. But for those of us who aren’t willing to possibly brick our phones, it would be nice to get something that’s fresh and new right out of the gate instead of re-issued phones with different headphone jacks (oh boy!) It would be nice for those of us who are Android fans to get something with some gusto to it.

    I’m not completely knocking T-Mobile because as far as rate plans go, they are by far the best and cheapest. But it comes at a price. We don’t get the super, fancy Android phones. If we want that, I guess head over to Verizon or Sprint and be prepared to pay out the nose every month.

  • phillip

    you guys are right not every phone needs to be the biggest and baddest but t-mobile has never had an elite high end phone never! we need something bigger n badder than the htc evo

  • Omeer

    I agree with most of you on the fact that T-mobile has a vast lineup of mediocre phone’s at best but the recent release of the HD2 seems to be a step in the right direction. I’ll hold on to my high hopes that T-mobile will deliver the high end gadgets we crave by the end of the year…

  • lensovet

    hey guys, what’s up with the new homepage design? i realize you need more pageviews so you can get more ad revenue, but come on. I shouldn’t have to click-through to read every single story in its entirety.

    • Alex

      The new website layout is something new we’re trying out. We aren’t doing this to get more “pageviews”, but instead for our readers. The website loads noticeably quicker and will cache better. We’re definitely looking for feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!

      • lensovet

        perhaps you can do a compromise between what’s there now and what used to be there, but to me the current length is just too short. if i want to catch up on more than one post at a time, whatever savings there were in loading the initial page will all be lost in having to go back and forth between home and individual stories.

    • Flgirll

      I agree – I’m not feeling the new layout either…

  • FILA

    eh, its gonna be underpowered anyways, just wait till the fall for the HSPA+ phone there coming out with

  • danny

    Who says if you load a Rom on a mytouch you loose the touchscreen? i have a rooted mytouch with a custom rpm and the screen worls fine

    • eYe

      MyTouch with 3.5mm jack uses different motherboard (hence more RAM) and different screen. HTC did not release drivers for the new screen. You’re probably have the original Mt3G.

  • mikeeeee

    c’mon google, integrate gizmo5 into google voice and i’ll buy 2.

  • The Shackian

    I can confirm this as i work at radioshack, and before i clocked out tonight i was doing my usually browsing on the shacks homepage and phones and i saw this in our direct 2 u phone section, just couldnt get a screenshot because the manager was there lol.

    • tomato

      so, what does it look like :D

  • Tmobile4life

    @ alex the new layout sucks I like the old way better. sometimes if I’m at work too much for me to click on the topic. the old way was quick and fast and now back to our regular schedule programming LOL

  • jayy

    I HOPE this thing has a good processor, not that tired ass 528 mhz thing. I’m definitely not holding my breath though.

    If this fails to impress me then i’ll just wait for whatever beastly Android phone T-Mobile might get the 2nd half of this year. I’ll probably be sacrificing a QWERTY keyboard, which will hurt me to do, but at least my phone will be lag free and have better features.

  • GreenRobot

    Hmmm…., I actually like the new design a lot better. It makes the page smaller and faster to load. It also makes it easier to scan the stories quickly and then you can just jump into what you want to read in more detail – it’s simple and makes things easier. Exactly the opposite direction that Engdget took for example – their site has become an unwieldy behemoth (although it makes it a good test for how well a mobile browser can handle a large unwieldy site). I vote for new design – lite, transparetn, and nimble is the way to go.

  • jack

    Every other carrier is getting android phones with 1ghz. while t-mobile doesn’t have anything impressive coming out, yet they were the first to introduce android. Don’t even say the “nexus one” cause its not sold by t-mobile.

  • Trill

    I love the new look but back to the topic. I’m sooo ready to get another Android phone anf I believe I will ge those no matter what because I’m sick of my slow G1 just hope its at least 800mhz processor and some better memory with no custom UI crap and I hear Motoblur will merge with Sense sorta

  • Ann

    I agree about T-Mobile’s lack of an awesome Android device, but I don’t agree with the notion that they never get “top of the line” handsets. T-Mobile released the best BlackBerry at the moment, the 9700, a couple weeks before AT&T did. That’s what I’m using until T-Mobile gets an awesome Android device. It’s holding me over pretty well & it’s making me more patient to wait for the Android device I desire.

    • tomato

      The BB Bold 9700 is f’n awesome!! Not enough people know that.
      I’m using a Droid right now and I don’t much like how it handles mail.

  • BoomBoomBang

    I hope the final product has a 5-row keyboard =/ im not a fan of sharing numbers lol.


    • WhatdidUsay

      i dont know where you may be at this moment Anon, but remember on the other post when i said that i would give you my nexus if this mytouch would ever be officially called the myTouch Espresso? Yea…..i was right when i said no way lol

      Looks like you lost some credibility there kid.

      Trust me…i know what im talking about when i say something on this site.

      God speed there anon, wherever you are…..god speed.

  • Mooch

    Well hell, how can you not believe someone who types in all caps?

  • tomato

    What’s wrong with the new layout? Works great for me.

  • wasup

    att= iphone hd, samsung galaxy s, verizon= htc incredible, sprint= htc evo, t-mobile= myTouch slide, wow tmo, way to attract new and current customers

  • Woffle

    who said that AT&T will get the Galaxy S?

  • Josh

    What do you mean T-Mobile lacks a great android device? They were the first US company to get the Nexus One, and until Verizon gets it later this year, they’re the only ones that have it.

  • Sarahbabee.