Nexus One Accessories Popping Up In T-Mobile Stores


While T-Mobile is no longer the exclusive US carrier of the Nexus One and while devices still can’t be purchased in stores, T-Mobile is ready to help accessorize your purchase.  Rumors have swirled since the beginning of the Nexus One news that T-Mobile would eventually carry the device in their stores.  Although those rumors persist, T-Mobile is going to start carrying accessories so you can at least protect your investment.  Nothing says you love your Nexus One like a shiny plastic case so keep an eye on your local T-Mobile store to carry these soon.


  • james

    doesnt change the fact that a) its still a 500 dollar phone that you cant upgrade to easily and b) like you said in the article, you cant buy it in the stores.

    • Henri

      I called tmobile today. Was automatically transferred to Nexus One support. Asked the guy there on the order issues and was told that it’s usually when you have a family plan that you can’t upgrade, so he said to switch from family to individual plan.


    To bad mine is now a $500paper weight

    • FILA

      what happened

    • Tservo

      did you try to root and brick it?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really wish the Nexus One would be sold at Tmobile stores. Then maybe I could upgrade without changing my plan not to mention I could probably get it close to new customer pricing. It would be a smart move for Google with the HD2 out now and the rumors going around about the iphone. Watch if this does happen Google will release another phone sold just by them and will make the Nexus One seem really outdated though.

  • Fiveizzo

    I am a phone junkie so paying 500 for a phone doesnt really faze me cause I want what I want when I want it. But I do feel that they should offer the nexus in stores so that more of the mainstream market can get it

  • Too bad mine is a $500 piece of awesome. The other day it made me breakfast and walked my dog.

  • alan

    all that would do is cause people to buy it n return it so they could see what its like owning one… having to go through google gives the phone exclusivity and prevents idiot people from just getting a phone for the weekend…. i hope we dont carry it….

  • Miguel

    That case looks like it would add ALOT of bulk to the N1. No rubbery thin cases?

    • ps

      The t-mobile near me carries both the clear shell and the black gel skin.

  • FILA

    ehhh the Nexus is nice, but already starting to look dated. Im ready for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ answer! Coming this fall

    • Cybersedan

      Dated compared to what? You’ve gotta be out of your marbles.

  • JK

    the N1 hard case is 21.99 and the black gel skin case is 12.99. I got mine today!! is there any chance the T-Mobile USA will carry the N1 battery in store??


    I wish they would sell these in stores. Would make up for the fact that i bought a buggy HD2 with a broke ear speaker YET they wouldn’t hold a replacement for me, instead they said i’d have to call and “try” to get a hold of one when they came in.


      …oh yeah…no that it needs any mention but…i did return that POS. Now im back to my stupid edge iPhone :sigh:

  • tmogu89

    your welcome david . ;)

  • jwgizmo

    How long has the phone been out naked? That is why people have cracked screens….

    • B

      I thought it was because people weren’t careful with their stuff