MyTouch Slide Images Leak


The MyTouch3G “Slide” aka HTC Espresso has gotten its fair share of blog love lately and this time, we’re getting some damn good pictures. Mr. Blurrycam, wherever you are, this is how it’s done. Pictured here is the MyTouch Slide phone albeit a definite prototype sent over by my boys at Droiddeveloper who apparently have a super ninja on the payroll. Let me first say, I’m a bit unimpressed, when I conjured up the idea of a MyTouch Slide, originally discussed as a Sidekick replacement, I had the impression/hope of a phone that didn’t look like every other sliding QWERTY phone. That being said, the keyboard looks like quite spacious and noticeably drops the trackball for a Blackberry-like trackpad that doubles as a push button. Got some word on specs as well:

1300mAHr Battery    * MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.    * Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.    * Camera with LED flash.    * 3.5 mm Headset Jack    * Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard    * 320x48o screen resolution.    * ARM11 processor

One more shot after the jump! Look for this to drop Mid-May, the 17th to be a little more exact, in Black, Red and White. Thoughts?!



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  • dave

    oh boy. fail. that looks horrendous

    • JakeMG

      I agree. Yuk!

      • J-Hop2o6

        Just wait for the FINAL version to leak, then judge..

      • J-Hop2o6

        and im guessing there WILL be a G2.. b’cuz this can’t be a G1 replacement.. why would the step down from a 5-row to a 4-row? AND have the same specs? all this was was just to add a kb to the mytouch with a refreshed look (wait for final production to judge the look).. so wait for the “G2” to be announced around summertime 2010 (2 years after G1’s release)

      • J-Hop2o6

        damn i wish there was a “edit” button.. but yea, also expect the “G2” to have “beefed up” specs WITH the 5-row intact.. remember, G1 2yr contract early abdopters contracts aren’t up til around aug-sept.

      • J-Hop2o6

        damn i wish there was a “edit” button.. but yea, also expect the “G2” to have “beefed up” specs WITH the 5-row intact.. remember, G1 2yr contract early adopters contracts aren’t up til around aug-sept.

      • Namo

        I 2nd that. YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This reminds me of the G1

    • William C

      No not even a little bit g1 has a 5 row keyboard and a chin and a trackball. It looks like the LG Rumor or Samsung Gravity which are both major FAILS. Why cant they just make a nexus one variant with a physical keyboard and super thin that would be sweet

  • scuzzy19

    FAIL what a waste of a post. why say first if you’re not gonna post anything constructive at all.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You mean kinda like what you just did in your reply?

      • scuzzy19

        Nope mine actually had more words to it other then “FIRST!!! FINALLY”

        Its okay though it got deleted thankfully :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Still a waste of a reply though. It just bothered you that you weren’t first. Anyway, this isn’t system wars, let’s talk about some phones here.

  • Wow, that is damn pretty. I have the original MT3G and I want this bad!

    • JakeMG

      Are you looking at the same picture as me? That thing is foul.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I’m not totally sure but I think they were being sarcastic.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Anyway, thats not the best looking device by any means but the keyboard looks like it would be pretty easy to use (Well spaced). It should attract some people but that design isn’t too catchy at all. Having a SD card Swap without battery removal is good as well. Hopefully the device will shape up to be a decent device by launch.

    Anyway, I’m getting either the HD2 or the X10 whichever comes first. Has any of those two devices release dates been confirmed yet?

  • keyboard reminds me of Back to the Future for some reason.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Wow it kinda does now that you mention it. Maybe it resembles the Daloreon somehow?

      • SteveG1

        When this baby hits t-mobile, you’re gonna see some serious shit! LMAO

    • SteveG1

      It’s the italics in the font…

    • J

      I see what it is. it is the receiver/speaker on the left. It looks like the grill and headlights on the front of the car

    • TehAndroid

      The keyboard keys have the same type of italic woosh look like the back to the future font. Thats the first thing I though of.

  • jjortiz

    Ok here comes the first post! I think this phone might be able to erase the Sidekick market but just that… unless this is a prototype this phone is going to be ugly compared to the original my touch… unless is another Sidekick renamed MyTouch…

    • scuzzy19

      more like 9th :P

  • dar

    LMAO wow thats just a ugly freakin phone….. and i thought the G1 was all that great looking…. lol man what was HTC thinking?!? this is a FAIL n my book! this looks like some motorola/2-way device from the 90s LMAO cliq looks way better than this…

  • chris

    i dont love it, i dont hate it. ive got a nexus one and i am in no way upset that i spent the money and didnt wait for this.

  • Sean

    I like it. Its android, it’s tmobile, and it has a physical keyboard. Its everything I want in a phone. This is why I still use my g1. Cuz I didn’t want to have to work with an on-screen keyboard, or switch to another network. I’ve been on the other networks, they sucks, thats why I’m here. But I hope to see this when it comes out. I’d definately pick it up.

    • thechemist

      Bro, we’re on the same wavelength! The G1 is ugly too, who cares?!?! I have never had a phone for so long in my life, but I’ve had my G1 since the first week it came out in Los Angeles, Oct 2008. I LOVE it! It’s now a grandpa and ready for retirement. This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for! You have my money and a new 2 year contract Tmobile, just let me get this phone!

      Let’s not forget how awesome Tmobile customer service is. I would absolutely hate to buy a phone that I couldn’t get issues resolved from the (almost annoyingly) overly nice customer service reps.

      • thechemist

        Ok… Slight change to my previous post. What speed is this processor? I just realized the numbers share common buttons with the top row of letters. PLEASE change this before production.

      • laphoneuser

        It’s ALMOST everything I want, that I don’t currently have in my G1. Great that there’s a flash for the camera, and great that there’s a 3.5 mm headset jack. The two things that look to prevent me from getting this are a similar sized screen (I want 3.5 in. or bigger), and a similar processor (G1 is fine, but I’m ready for the next generation of processors).

  • Elias

    Funny. The back looks much nicer than the front.

  • Will G

    Uhm…how about a 5 row sliding key board and noo make it not look like the crappy lg rumor touch and a upgraded screen.

  • eYe

    But why? Why would you release a phone with that ancient processor and low-res screen? We already have 3 of those: G1, MT3G and Cliq. Give us something comparable to Droid or you will see people flee from T-Mobile faster then they can release churn numbers.

  • SteveG1

    Well it could’ve been worse I guess, it’s really not a bad design. I like the fact that it has a flash for the cam, I like that it has trackpad instead of ball, it has 3.5mm jack which is crucial. Overall, I like the looks of it and the keyboard looks comfortable, IMO.

  • Rickb

    “…keyboard looks quite spacious…”


    No dedicated number keys in the pic I see. Fail.

    My G1 has a spacious keyboard, even the @ key that I hardly every use but appreciate. And having a keyboard is a blessing using a terminal emulator or, God forbid, posting to TMONews with more than a passing ‘woot’ comment.

    Really, come on, you guys are better than that. Or is it really this easy to roll a blog?

    I thought so. Spacious keyboard NOT. This will be a fail. A Sidekick replacement it is not. My sis-in-law is a rabit Sidekick fan. She saw the pic and got teary-eyed, thinking this is what TMO is planning… Not happening.

  • KEssex

    Thats horribly ugly! That cant be the actual phone, Looks like it came from the 90’s!

    • Trill

      Its a prototype and not the final product.

      • 30014

        That’s what they said about the image leaks of the g1. We all know how that turned out.

  • Rickb

    “…keyboard looks quite spacious…”

    No dedicated number keys. Spacious? FAIL.

    This is not a Sidekick replacement. It isn’t a G1 replacement. It sure isn’t a MyTouch replacement. It’s just not anything I would consider buying.

    I love my G1, warts and all. A keyboard is a blessing, and number keys are critical.

    Not the best design, TMO. Throw it back.

    • asdfasdf

      dedicated number keys?? that is the absolute last thing on ANYONE’S list of phone wants–besides maybe grandma.

      • thatdude

        Speak for yourself

  • jadams

    Wow the mytouch slide is ugly hopefully this isnt the release model. there are going after the sidekick owners for sure if it is. well i guess the N1 is in my future or the htc hd2 or any android device with a 3.5-4.3 inch screen with a good processor. with tmobile been here since powertel

  • Trill

    The specs scream fail but this isn’t the final design is a prototype and its getting ridiculous that they keep using outdated hardware but aside from that think before you post complaints and I would be interested if it was on par with the Nexus and the screen res wasn’t. 480×320

  • Michael

    The Sidekick LX 2009 has a 3.2 inch 854×480 resolution screen, and a very functional and efficient 5-row keyboard. It would be quite a step down from the current Sidekick if it’s meant as a replacement.

  • tinalooks808

    ::sigh:: after all of the great additions to the handset line.. this one just set t-mo back 2 or 3 years!

  • I hardly see htc prototypes with the carrier logo on it, i hope thats changed. and whats up the the slyding mechanism?? that looks like a combo of the g1 and tp2

  • Hurlamania

    What’s the big deal? It is a updated MyTouch3G, MyTouch3G Slide. what do you expect? they took version 1 added a flash and a slide out keypad and redesigned the buttons a bit with a touch pad… That’s usually what happens when you update something. like a 2009 Chevy blazer is the same as a 2010 blazer but with updates to it… If you want something different get a different model phone. I think it is what it claims to be plus more.(Looks like a MyTouch3G with a sliding key pad hence the name MyTouch Slide)

    • Jorge Savoff


  • koko


  • tato22

    i dont think this will be the slide

  • Cybersedan

    Why does everyone insist in judging a phone from some leaked “blurry cam” pics? Remember how ugly the Cliq looked in the blurry cam pics, granted it’s not the best phone but the production model looked 10 times better.

    There are a group of users out there that will NOT buy anything without a keyboard, I’m sure this phone is targeted at them, and I’m sure that blurry pic doesn’t do any justice to what we will finally see on the shelves.

  • I actually like it. It looks better than the G1, and current MyTouch. Looks T-Mobile Wing-ish.


    i’d like to see a blackberry with this form and touch screen.

  • StevenG

    I’m a fan of the MyTouch series, but this thing reminds me of a BB. It looks very cold and uninviting.

  • TehAndroid

    Jesus no one is ever happy with any phone that ever comes out. How can anyone make judgement on a a low rez picture of a phone? Everyone said the Cliq and the Fender looked bad but when you actually see it they are great looking phones.

    If this phone is suppose to replace the sidekick its not meant for power users. It meant to be on the cheap side for parents to buy their kids. Not every phone that a company releases is meant to be a power house that will kill the iphone.

  • andru47

    I agree, it looks like any other phone and looks hideous. I like my original myTouch better.

  • mike

    1300mAHr Battery is a small battery for this size of smart phone. i think HTC pretty much made their own version of the cliq, nothing impressive here. They could of at least put the snapdragon in play.

  • Sara Hoyt

    I honestly dont think this will be what it looks like when it’s released, if it is that sucks because I planned on ditching my cliq for this phone so I really hope they go closer to the original design with it. Just having camera flash AND a keyboard sold me anyway, really.. why are phone companies making camera phones without a flash??

  • Tim

    What’s with all the complaining? You’re looking at pictures of an early device, and not the standard “marketing pics” that make it look pretty and shiny. It’ll probably be a lot better by the time it goes to market. There are more and more Android phones to choose from now, if you don’t like this one, check out the others (hint: not every Android phone is going to be “top-end” in design or performance).

  • Matt_TX

    The phone we Crave? More like the phone we want to throw away

  • Izzo

    Looks like a mytouch cliq love-child but thats kinda what I expected it to be when the specs where first dropped a couple of weeks back.

  • Todd

    meh…just give me my HTC HD2 already!!!!

  • Carlos Estremera

    Let’s analyze this one…I’m very surprised this was posted as it seems fake…
    Look at the back…
    notice a change in texture between the > < slide slots/slits…
    Also, it would be impossible to slide the phone open and close if both angle inwards…how will the tracking bearing move at all…the slide will get stuck if you try to push it down…
    This looks photoshopped…

    • Spoklahoma

      I just noticed the same thing. My G1 has that ( shaped for the keyboard but I don’t see how the > < track on this phone would allow you to slide out the keyboard.

  • JMTS80

    Yeah… I think I’ll pass

  • Jorge Savoff

    Well since I don’t go around modeling my phone, I think is a nice attempt at a redesign version of the MT3G, the beauty of android is that we have so many to choose from. Lets see what the final specs as far as memory and such are going to be. After all that’s what is more important to me.

  • enveed05

    T-Mobile – why would you possibly come out with another version of a two year old phone? How about a larger screen? How about more memory and a faster processor? The basic design is marginally acceptable, the qwerty looks like it might be okay for typing, but seriously, the MT3G and any other variant of it is outdated at this point. You need to get something with specs like the Nexus One, both with and without qwerty. Your customers are waiting for something like this.

    MyTouch Slide — Fail…

  • ahh

    Looks nice i mean everybody is just hating on it cuz the first mytouch sucked but really none of us know how this one is going to run.

  • andrew

    It looks so cheap

  • BoomBoxx

    Your all saying how it looks ugly and such.
    *cough* Prototypes do exist before final production products.
    I’m sure that’s not gonna be the final product guys lol.

  • SORRY… but SLIDE phones are fucking junk!!!!

  • rich

    Slide phones are straight. And I love my G1.. but this isn’t gonna cut it as far as replacing my G1. No dedicated number keys, overall cheap look. I personally LOVE the keyboard on my G1 and won’t get rid of it until I see a phone with the power of a Nexus One with a slide-out keyboard (one that’s similar to the G1). Sorry T-Mobile, but I’m too picky with my Android phones to even consider this phone.

  • David(ohio)

    Lol I just love when people threaten to go to another carrier if t-mobile dosn’t release a phone they want…it makes me laugh every time! Ok, now about this hidious device. Looks like a lg rumour, and what is with the 4 row keyboard? I have a G1 still and I would keep it rather than get this ugly thing lol. It looks like a good android phone for kids though.

  • TmoSKAN

    I just wish we had a sidekick w android.. that would be the perfect phone,for me at least hehe :) i loved my sidekick until i discovered how awesome android is. i cant stay away from keyboard and android.. i love touch screen so maybe a sidekick /touch android phone, w a better camera,, the only thing i dislike about my g1 is the pictures but hey w the led light flash might be better..


  • Azralag

    Who ever designed this needs to retire.

    • BoomBoxx

      I think T-Mobile should let their customers design their ” perfect phone “….
      Im just saying.
      Oh the possibilities.
      5-Row Sidekick-like Keyboard.
      MyTouch Screen Size.
      Can we have ALL Android Apps free? That would be awesome.

      • thatdude

        More like nexus 1 screen size and Droid thickness

  • ov1

    If u place this phone its suppose to be, replacing the sdk with this phone is a great move. This looks more professional than that head to head football looking phone sdk . No offence

  • jtc24

    Not a bad looking phone. Looks way better than the sidekick and the keyboard looks great. could have a little better processor though.

  • jtc24

    and why cant i see the other 77 comments?


    Is this for real? What a Gawd’awful looking phone. What’d we expect, it’s T-Mobile we’re talking about here.

  • archboy

    I just have one word…it looks like its cousin just walked through the ugly forest and hit every tree on the way out. LOL

  • Tell Me This Is Fake.
    So Ugly I Think I’m Gonna CRY.

  • arizdegenerate

    that is a whole lot of ugly

  • bing bang

    It’s not that bad. I want a google/android phone. I want to try it out since I already use a few google apps online. Having them in my pocket would be nice. Any suggestions? I don’t think I’m a very heavy user. But I don’t want something that lags. What’s good in t-mobile?

    • B

      I would go for a physical keyboard since they really are nice. Either wait for this guy or go G1 (which can be had for super cheap from third-parties).


    • 2FR35H

      Every phone has lag but its all solved with root and/or home UI’s like panda home, GDE, DXtop, Freshface, open home, etc… I recommend the behold 2 or the T-mobile cliq especially if you are a camera type of person 5 mp’s with flash

  • FILA

    No ball
    Same Slow Processor
    Same Screen Size

    Def not worth an upgrade for the original myTouch people. I need a N1 with a keyboard, why not?

  • LuciusVerus

    It reminds me of something in the early 2000’s.

  • I’m happy to say that I’m glad that HTC is still trying to make phones with QWERTY, but I’m disappointed in it missing a dedicated 5th row for numbers. I was happy when the G1 came out and it had all five rows, but I was disappointed in the build quality of the phone. Let’s face it, I’ve been using a SideKick since it was black and white. I’ve been spoiled. I had an MDA for a little while and hated it for not having a number row. It’s a phone, a phone should have dedicated number buttons. And no more insulting the SKs. I’ve been a user for such a long time and it has served me well. That was up until MicroSuck came in and messed it all up. I’ve been looking to replace my SideKick with an Android device but they need to stop slacking on the 5th row! I’ll give you another reason why the number row is important [1=! 2=@ 3=# 4=$ 5=% 6=^ 7=^ 8=* 9=( 0=)] all of which is useful in my line of work. I type a lot of emails while I’m away from my desk, and I’m sure a lot of other power users are the same.

    I also agree with everyone who says it should have a little more power.
    They sure as hell could do a hell of a lot better than that! The ARM11 was cool two years ago. I think my LX09 is faster (don’t quote me on that because I don’t know if it is LOL).

  • jerry

    this is the first phone im considerin to trade my g1 for…

  • I bet half the people saying fail will be the same ones reading the reviews and saying they can’t wait to get rid of their g1s and cliqs.

    • BoomBoxx


  • cat

    you r all idoits!! tmobile is just handing you all another G1. Didnt they remove the keyboard from the G1 to make it the mytouch3g. Now they just put it back and sell it back to you as the sidekick slide.Give me a break. Do not buy!!!!!!!

    • john

      We “are” all idiots with the grammatical prowess, unlike yourself. All phones are revamped iterations of others. Case in point all iphones, blackberries, and nokias. Evolution happens this way.

      • sorandkairi

        Yep he’s right its called innovation!

  • drache713

    I actually like it the way it is and think it looks great! I will certainly be buying one!

  • Shon

    I rarely call people idiots but Cat you are an idiot sir. the g1’s keyboard is like your retarded cousin, you know its retarded but you treat it nice cuz its family. Also the arm11 processor is the processor used for the first 2 generations of the iphone. Personally I think that HTC should include a mininum of Cortex processors in all of their phones going forth. HD2 ftw.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don don’t really think this phone looks that bad. I would trade up from my G1 for this as long as the specs are somewhat good. Like a 5mb camera and at least the same amount of RAM as the MyTouch LE. I mean everything else it seems like if offers that I want. Sure its no Nexus One but it does have a real keyboard which would probably be better built than the G1s. If its good and is a fair price I will glady pick this up. Now my questions are… is this for real… and idea on price… and is is that date mentioned above pretty accurate?

  • andrew

    the phone looks so ugly mostly the back cover and the mic area

  • shawn1224

    what is up with the 80’s retro keyboard look?

    Hopefully this is only a mock up or something.

  • geronimo

    there is no way this should replace the sidekick! it looks like every other slider phone except a little uglier. i’d rather have a regular mytouch than this any day!
    p.s. tmobile could make a better sidekick though.

    • BoomBoxx

      I agree.

  • BoomBoxx

    I would get it because I want an Android phone, the Cliq just wasn’t cutting it for me.

  • shawn1224

    Eh i’ll pass. My Behold II is much more appealing plus has more RAM if the reported spec sheets are accurate. I’m not a fan of clunky keyboards.

  • looks like the calculator i used in the start of 90’ties

  • johnkzin

    Needs more battery.
    Needs a 5 row (dedicated number row) keyboard … like the G1 has.
    Tilt Screen and a Dpad would have been nice, too.
    How fast is the CPU?
    How much RAM?

    Otherwise … cool.

  • kevin

    it reminds me of a samsung moment. its not that ugly. its no sidekick replacement, maybe an “option” but in no ways a replacement

  • JP

    i know what that earpiece reminds me of… blackberry 8800. i hope this is not so… can’t htc just make the same mytouch front?

  • T

    Maybe it is the G1’s replacement?


      T-Mobile doesn’t offer anymore the G1 in the stores

  • STID


  • Alex

    Amazing how most don’t even bother to read the news. Its a PROTOTYPE!!! Its not gonna look this way when it drops. Goodness, now this I will be getting. Hope the screen size gets bumped, camera, memory and comes with Android 2.1

  • jenny

    I hope to see some major improvements by May…
    The best thing that appeals to me right now is the LED flash. ):

  • T

    I do tech support 4 T-Mobile & had the privelage of getting some hands on time w this ph. Couldn’t get any photos before having to return it tho, was being watched like a hawk. This is pretty much exactly what it looks like, has the HTC Sense ui, comes preloaded w/Swype for the touchscreen keyboard, & if I remember correctly, does have flash support as well.

    • Yess, thanks for the info. I def want one. Best of both worlds. Swype for the touchscreen, Full Qwerty Keyboard for regular texting, & on my fave phone, the MyTouch 3G. I would’ve kept the original one if it wasn’t so dang slow & buggy. Hopefully, this one will pick up where the 1st one failed.

    • Connie

      It IS kind of BLAH looking. My white myTouch has far more sex appeal than this thing. Even still, if it had a better processor on it, I might have considered it. Is it asking to much for these new phones to run faster than the previous ones? Apparently. :-(

  • arcangel7

    So eager to get a new phone with my full upgrade in 2 weeks but…lack of quality devices is depressing. Want a touchscreen with qwerty. This is ok, but not what I want for 2 years.

    • Connie

      I agree completely. I’m on a non-contract plan and I’d have to pay full price. I don;t mind shelling out the bucks but they just aren’t offering us a lot. Seems everything is entry level or middle of the road. The HD2 is great but not Android. Cmon HTC, help us out. Some of us actually are willing to pay more for a premium Android device – and PLEASE don’t give it to Google to sell either!

  • chubbyluv08

    it should come in pink!! and it should have the 5th row

  • anon

    I have this phone in my possession. These were passed out at a T-Mobile convention. I went from a Cliq to this Slide, and I will tell you that, it is one sweet phone. The phone looks really good in person. I have no idea some of you people think it’s ugly. The phone is as slim as a myTouch, but with a keyboard.

    The best part about it? Android 2.1 already on it. Sense UI. Everyone has their own opinions, but I’ll tell you mines: this phone is SOLID. Great quality, fast feeling, and stable. It does NOT have live wallpapers, but I don’t care too much about that.