T-Mobile, Wireless Customers Need You Now More Than Ever


As I caught word this morning that AT&T was going to begin requiring customers to “swallow” $20 a month in data I am absolutely taken back. Look, I have come to accept data charges are now a requirement for most carriers for data devices and I don’t disagree with the policy. I am a member of the camp that subscribes to the notion that users who buy and use these devices should have a data plan, as is necessary to enjoy the full range of features. Wi-FI while useful and often plentiful in a big metropolitan area does not make up for the lack of a strong 3G connection when I walk 100 feet away from my local Starbucks. Trust me, I’m in Starbucks enough to single handedly support the employees and their families but even then, I don’t’ want to rely on them as my only connection to the internet for my device. Twitter alone mandates my need for constant connection. I’m not everyone, I’m a power user and a carriers dream customer, but in this instance, AT&T is going to be asking the people who simply don’t need it, to spend it regardless and it’s garbage.

So now, the moral of my story, T-Mobile should use this as another example of why they are a stellar company to use as a wireless provider. I saw yet another AT&T / Verizon commercial this morning and ignoring that the commercial is cringe-worthy, I ask why oh why T-Mobile, will you not go on the offensive? The time for polite talk and handholding is over, wireless is war and you need to show some teeth. The concept that I have to purchase at least $20 worth of data features is pardon my French, bullshit. This is ridiculous, insanity and a slap in the face to the customer. I accept data for Blackberry, iPhone and Android as you should have it but the 12 year old doesn’t need data on her Samsung Mythic.  I bet AT&T salespeople are doing face-palms right now en masse. This is just utter crap and I am sure it won’t stop AT&T and their monstrous growth on the back of the iPhone but for the average customer who has no need for data yet wants a cool looking phone this is preposterous, ludicrous, absurd, and nonsensical and whatever other synonyms Microsoft word has to offer here.

So I beg of you T-Mobile, show some teeth. Run a commercial that points this out to the millions of customers who are going to be subjected to this crap and show them you have no desire to stick them with features they do not need and prices they can’t afford. Show them your new upgrade plans and how existing customers are still important, loyal and worth rewarding. Put Catherine Zeta Jones on screen trying to make a phone call on the iPhone and 12 dropped calls later walking into a T-Mobile store. Boom, instant awesome! In fact, if you do that, I expect some kickback.

The reality is the wireless market is all but saturated and instead of gaining millions of new customers, it’s now about trading customers and T-Mobile needs to show more reasons why they are worth a second look. This AT&T ridiculous data requirement is even more reason to go for the kneecaps and hit the other carriers where it hurts, their customer count. T-Mobile, you have nowhere to go but up and your faithful are behind you, will you finally flex some muscle?

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  • SteveG1

    Wow, this is horrible news for non-data customers of AT&T. Can they really get away with that? So glad I am with T-Mobile. It will be 6 year in Nov. I agree, they should really do a commercial pointing this crap out.

  • AK

    Wow. Good article david. I agree with you. It is time for t-mobile to really strut their stuff and show everyone who is boss. I have been a t-mobile customer from the start and although they have glitches sometimes, T-mobile is a good company. Also, i think AT&T is just being stupid with what they are doing. Im glad t-mobile respects their customers enough to give them a choice. Keep it up david! And T-mobile you guys ROCK!! =D – AK

  • BOT

    wow that is going to make my job easier :) Thats just silly.. I pray that T-Mobile does not follow in their footsteps like other things. Tmob can really stand out and be the savior!

  • Jason

    Wow down with att! I hope T-Mobile trumps everyone one day. Also just as an dying T-Mobile has the highest data saturation out off att and Verizon so I think they are doing fine and wont force people to but data if the don’t really need it!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      That would be a bad thing because then TMobile would be able to charge us whatever they want and we’d have to pay it if we want a phone. Yeah, I’m not with that Tmobile Monopoly idea.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Wow, that blows big time. I honestly want to know how ALL Curse words became “French”? HAAA!!!! Anyway, that turthfully sucks and AT&T Really need to think about their decisions because they are making a chain reaction of foolish ones.

  • i have been with tmobile since summer of 2003 and its things like this that made me never want to leave. the only place i wanted to go was sprint and they are on the verge of collapsing. tmobile really needs to continue expanding the 3G network and promote its speed and afford ability

  • jkspike3

    OMGoodness! That is bullshit! Plus when I had then they screwed my sideways and ran my bill up to $600. (Not me, them. Its a long story blogworthy of its own, but let’s not go there).

  • Steve

    lets fan the fire… http://bit.ly/dpQaFY

    • David(ohio)

      Wow..I just read the article on the link you posted. At&t is a big, smelly pile of steaming dog crap! I am glad I have been with T-mobile for 8 years. And, why would at&t want everyone to have data when their clogged up network is so conjested? Oh wait…greed, of course. Say what you will about T-mobile but I have had great service, rarely ever drop a call, have coverage issues, or experience a poor network connection. I hope at&t fails on a massive level lol.

  • Sanjay

    I agree. If I don’t have a data phone then it does not seem right. But maybe what they are doing is increasing the price for basic internet access on all phones to $20 from the old $4.99 or whatever and not actually forcing everyone to have a data plan? At any rate I am happy to see T-mobile coming to life with their network upgrades and especially the new phones. I hope T-mobile does not turn into one of those money grubbing monsters and continues to provide good service. Why doesn’t T-mobile team up with Amazon.com mp3 downloads like the iPhone has iTunes? T-mobile is getting better by offering better plans and phones.

    • ColoradoGray

      The Amazon.com MP3 store is on every Android device sold, just like itunes is on the iphone.

  • Marc

    Well guess I will be with Tmo for much much longer, unless they decide to change too.

  • Aaron

    It’s fairly simple… T-mobile can’t compete with Verizon or AT&T’s network 3G coverage. EDGE… maybe… but at best. I would say that their niche is metro areas and low prices. That’s about all they have going for them.

    • Darian

      thats not true A$&$ claims it covers 230 million potential customers with 3g (or covers them with just cell coverage) tmobile covers 200 million with 3g. tmobile is not that far behind from att. plus its faster than att since all tmobile 3g towers are updated to 7.2 HSPA and even tho the backhaul isnt there in all places i think it does actually HELP with the speed somewhat. because if the phone is connected at the same speed the towers are connected to wich is 1.5 i believe the further u get away from the tower, the slower it gets. but if the phone is connected at 7.2 it has to get slower on that speed so i can still get 1.5 when i have 1 bar (wich i do)

  • Dalton

    No matter how much we wish, they won’t. They are probably too scared of wimpy AT&T pulling a lawsuit on them. ah well. still love ya T-Mobile. :)

  • Jorge Savoff

    Well said, we need more articles like this one. It makes me proud to be part of this community.
    It seems to me that AT&T has to find a way to pay for the bandwidth that iPhone users devour while using all those bandwidth hogging Apps. So their solution is to spread the cost to the rest of their customers. And how else are they going to pay for their Propaganda campaign against Verizon. It’s funny in sad kind of way.

  • enveed05

    “…how existing customers are still important, loyal and worth rewarding.”

    um, like they did with the Nexus One? Anyone with ANY business sense should never have agreed to that ridiculous deal. They pretty much penalized EVERY existing T-Mobile customer and completely excluded EVERY T-Mobile family plan customer from the subsidized pricing for the N1. I for one was made to feel REALLY important by being excluded from the subsidized phone altogether.

    Despite that, I still have no desire to move from T-Mo to either Vzn or AT&T.

    • J-Hop2o6

      that was Google’s fault.. tmo just agreed to sell its services, not the actual phone..

  • mike

    this is good for me being im a tmo rep. let the new activations come storming in. actually most of my new activations now are people coming from vrz/att porting their numbers without looking back. :)

  • Hurlamania

    A former AT&T employee at Costco now, selling T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. Told me of this plan 10 days ago. Verizon is also planning. (or was)
    He also stated AT&T has a policy of not changing anything till Verizon does. So, I’m surprised Verizon hasn’t announced it yet or did the back off to look better than AT&T?

  • Eric

    Ummm. I Believe as long as u have atleatst $20 messaging you r all set. I beleive it’s about the 20 bux. U can have the 5 dollar messaging and 15 dollar phinefirst data. And family plans have to have the 30 dollar messaging plan. Not supporting AT&T. That’s just how they explained it over the phone. Vzw apparently does this too with feature phones. I can see tmobile following suit. It’s move valuabe arpu for them.

  • J

    T-Mobile will never spend the advertising money as AT&T and Verizon. Therefore, the other side will always have the last word.

  • 01Zero

    Where is this info at? I searched the internet and couldn’t find it???

  • dothack

    I think its the whole idea of tmo usa being based off a german company. Remember guys, these are two very different markets. From the ads that i see in tv, to the way the website, to the fliers/posters that i see at work..tmo is mostly oriented with “we’ll keep you connected who matters most at low price”. i personally think this philosophy comes from having its parent company based on germany and its ideals. now, please don’t get me out of context here. i love tmo and i think they are a far great employer compare to other us companies. im just pointing out the fact that they have a very different idea when it comes to marking. in the us, as you know every major company (apple, pepsi, microsoft, google, att, verizon, cable/dish, you name it)..at some point or another they basically call out the other company taunting them or just saying they are the best. over there in europe, its very different idea of marketing.
    btw, congrants on such great article. very well said! :)

  • Joe

    T-Mobile really needs to fire their marketing department… has needed to for several years now… since way back when Voicestream had Jamie Lee Curtis as a spokesperson. KZJ isn’t much better… she’s starting to hit the fan.

  • timmyjoe42

    Does T-Mobile really need to tell AT+T people they are forced to pay for a service even if they don’t want it. Let the customers figure it out for themselves and leave in mass. Is this meant to apply to new AT+T customers, or existing also?

    • Enzeru

      New activations and if you upgrade.

  • John White

    I agree that T-Mobile should advertise the hell out of this since both AT&T and Verizon are doing it. However, I bet they don’t and here’s why:

    The wireless companies are all sheep. One raises SMS from .10 to .15, they all soon follow. One raises SMS from .15 to .20, they all soon follow. I can’t think of every example off the top of my head, but every time a wireless company had made a bad change for customers, the other 3 realized, “Hey, we should rip people off like that too!” I would be shocked if Sprint doesn’t start this soon, and not the least bit surprised to see T-Mobile also do it within the next 6-12 months. I think they won’t advertise against it because they are already discussing whether or not to implement these same terrible policies themselves.

    • Reglo

      Totally agree with you but the reason for this disposition to alignement is that no one would really gain from starting a price war.
      ATT’s plan is to finance its long overdue network upgrade and development with money out of the client’s pocket. Now they might lose the clients not under contract along the way but a year from now they will boast the best 3g or 4g network around which will create a swing back supported by future innovations on the Iphone. And if this info is correct they would have done all this with minimal damage to their s/o because they would hae forced the clients to finance the plan.
      I am sure they will still find a way to mess it up but overall it’s not a bad plan. The way T-mobile could follow it would be to charge “power users” like the author an extra few bucks a month with the promise of delivering a reliable and just wider 3g network at a certain date.

  • anonynous

    Well….nice post passionate…but fail…..tmo will just do the same in 3 months anway!!

  • Krakenbound

    Good points!
    I run a Dash 2 for a personal phone but I don’t need data, just texting. I have 3G data on my work blackberry and my work notebook… I certainly don’t need another data account! I’m really happy with not having to buy a data account from TMo, so long as I own my phone outright.

  • John White

    @Krakenbound says:

    I think you missed the point of this post. This is referring to adding data/text plans to non smartphones. T-Mobile already makes customers buy data for the Dash 2 and other smartphones, just like all other carriers. If you don’t have it, that is because you probably paid full retail for your phone, as when you upgrade or activate with a smartphone on a discount, you are in fact forced to add the data plan, and David even repeats in this post that he thinks that is just fine, and I agree with him on that point.

    However, if you buy the phone with no discount, you certainly don’t have to add it. ATT/Verizon are the same. They are only forcing these plans on you if you are getting the phone subsidized.

  • According to link in this post, it is messaging that is required, not data.

  • Hiroakuo

    Why don’t we all speak on tmobiles behalf? We (the customers) have enough information to make a few videos and post them on youtube… Or maybe approach tmobile and tell them, “this is what we as customer would like to do for you.”

    Just shootin out ideas…

  • John White

    @joe mama

    Reread the WHOLE article in the link and look at the image posted on the linked site. You must add at least $20 worth of data, but they consider text messaging data, so you can do this with any combination from $20 unlimited messaging to $5 messaging and $15 data or whatever. As long as it totals $20.

  • David(ohio)

    Just another reason to choose t-mobile over at&t. They have a lot of nerve. $20 for every phone?….really? Greedy idiots!

    • cheap

      I don’t like ATT either but they are NOT requiring $20 plans for EVERY phone…only the “feature” phones. This tmonews article is very misleading. If you read the boygenius article, it is more clear.

  • greg

    Both ATT and VZ require you to have a data feature on all full html phones, ATT requiring it also on all full qwerty keyboard phones. But as someone mentioned messaging does fullfill the requirement for ATT. VZ though phones like the env3 and such with an html web browser require a minimium $10 feature and messaging does not count.

  • tmo eric

    tmobile has the least dropped calls out of all the carriers and it does not require data for non contract plans on any smartphone.

  • Very well written post!

    I think everyone has said what I’ve been thinking. If T-Mobile were to take the offensive, that would be a good thing and a bad thing. It would be good because it would shed some light on what AT&T is doing to their customers and offering a better alternative. I think it would be a bad idea because it would be completely different (almost the opposite?) of their current/past marketing of offering good coverage for a cheap price (in happy/funny commercials). It may be taken as a “smear” campaign by viewers and they may be lumped into the AT&T and Verizon category for doing so.

    I think what T-Mobile needs to do is come out with some more phones and increase their 3G coverage then promoting both of these things. It’s no shock that T-Mobile has the best customer service, but if they improve their coverage and come out with some ridiculously nice phones (like the HD2, etc…) then I think they will gain a lot of customers both from AT&T and Verizon.

  • Wicked1

    T Mobile needs tol point out that AT&T is NOT the only carrier in which u can be on a phone call & use data services. And doesn’t T Mobile have the best 3G service? I know its not the biggest nationwide coverage, but isn’t it the fastest? Those AT&T/Verizon commercials are lame & annoying.

  • eli_the_great89

    its pretty gross to see the nation’s biggest and most expensive carriers bring about more ways to charge their customers.
    First off there should be NO requirements what so ever to a customer and his/her phone of choice.
    To purchase the cheapest plans on both VZW and At&t which includes 450 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Web + Insurance = about $95 before taxes.
    So Imagine what it’ll be after taxes and now the addition of these required features that’ll add on an additional 15 to 20 bucks.

    thats fucking gross is what it is.
    in a time of recession they’ll bluntly tell you that “AS PREMIUM CARRIERS THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHARGE MORE THAN SPRINT OR T-MOBILE”
    uh yea…go figure.

  • Patrick

    AT&T vs T-Mobile is about the same as Verizon vs Sprint. AT&T’s coverage isn’t THAT much better than t-mobile’s, T-Mobile’s 3G is actaully faster than AT&T’s, and their plans cost WAY less than AT&T. Same applies for Sprint and Verizon.

  • sirjakeyjake

    Preach it!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I mentioned this topic in a post not even a week ago. Verizon is also starting to charge a $9.99 required data fee on most of its phones (atleast the ones I carry at my work). What does it get you? 25mb of data (email included)… nothing more nothing less. So its not just AT&T who is charging for stupid reasons but Verizon as well. As I write this I was told by my Tmobile Rep that Tmobile doesn’t have any plans to require data plans on non smart phones. (My Verizon rep believes Tmobile will follow which I hope not because this IS the time for Tmobile to shine) I don’t agree on a commerical for it though. Who knows… maybe that is why AT&T and Verizon are doing this… to pay for their VS. Commercials…. AT&T this Verizon that…. let’s charge our customers extra to help pay on our bash eachother commercials. Maybe Tmobile doesn’t want to do this because it cost lots and lots of money for those commercials and it would be a waste of their money and the customers money to spend extra on something we already know. Now is the time for current Tmobile customers to spread the news through word of mouth. Trust me… it will get around just as fast and without making us pay more for it. I’d rather they spend the money on the network and bring us the phones that we want… and not on some stupid commercial to let people know we are better. People who want cell phones or who already have them I am sure will look into all of this on their own. I am sure when AT&T and Verizon customers find out in order to upgrade to a nice phone they will need to spend at minimum another $10 to $20… they will look else where for service. From the way it looks it seems like they want people to go pre-paid… like I said before the AT&T prepaid plan is cheaper than the contract $60 with unlimited talk and text. This brings me to another theory… maybe in order to make up for AT&Ts and Verizons new unlimited min price plan changes at $69 instead of $99 they decided to make people pay for data to make up for the new lower rates (or so they want you to think). Lower? Really? Or is everyone on those carriers paying for anothers unlimited mins plan. Let’s just hope Tmobile is smart and doesn’t follow. Right now I am very proud to be a Tmobile customer.

  • Afish24

    While support the emotion of this article, it is a horrible business idea. Right now ATT and Verizon are in a war together that is forcing them to hurt each of their business models to compete. The best thing for TMobile to do is to take the high road and let them attack each other.

    I recommend you take a basic business strategy course before letting your emotions run into business planning decisions.

    • David

      Hey Adam, I’d love to know what business strategy course you took that recommends sitting around and doing nothing. The competition is vulnerable and its the perfect time to showcase that vulnerability. T-Mobile doesn’t need to drift off the high road in order to advertise against the competition. Not to mention, their own set of advertisements isn’t working, so maybe a new approach is just what the doctor ordered.

      • Afish24

        Read chapter 5 of Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages by Gregory Dess, G.t. Lumpkin, and Alan Eisner and probably the entire book of Economics of Strategy by David Besanko, David Dranove, Mark Shanley, and Scott Schaefer.

        Right now TMobile has positioned itself as the low cost carrier, and are slowing building up their infrastructure to facilitate future market share growth. The top dogs ATT and Verizon are facing direct fierce competition forcing a pricing war, advertisement war, and other extra costs that TMobile is not incurring by sitting nicely while they fight.

        Why would I want Tmobile to waste resources picking a fight that won’t gain them anything? The real thing customers want is not a fancy ad but good service. TMobile is doing well on several fronts, but they should put their money into expanded coverage, improved 3G speeds, improving supply chain, etc. By reducing their cost structure and improving their operations they will have gained a competitive advantage while ATT and Verizon weakened themselves.

        Yes, it would be great emotionally to sucker punch one of them right now, but that would divert resources away to a fight that is unnecessary. Strategy must be tactical and done without emotion.

      • Afish24

        Also, sorry I did not mean to sound rude. I love the site, but really TMobile making ads no is to early. Use them money now to continue to improve and wait until ATT and Verizon really have hurt themselves financially and calm down. Thats when you step up and smack them down hard.

        Why fight someone when they have strength, when you can grow even stronger and then fight them once they are weakened?

  • taj

    TMob is without a meaninful BRAND position.

    Wireless is a basic commodity; you are either a premium brand (Verizon), you piggyback on a premium brand (AT&T w/ Apple), or you fight tooth and nail on price (TMob, Cricket, and countless others). But even with that said, low price/value provider is falling on deaf ears.

    Until TMob figures out who it is and makes it meaningful to the US market place, they will stay in 4th place.

    I do agree that TMob should get involved in the AT&T/Verizon war….MAKE THEM PAY ATTENTION TO YOU. Right now, neither of them cares that TMob is even in the market.

  • Joseph Singer

    Rather than take the high road what T-Mobile often does is do the opposite. Somehow T-Mobile thinks they are in the same league as AT&T and Verizon so they can charge things the same way they do. If VZW and AT&T increase their text message rates to 20¢ per message why shouldn’t they?!

    Back before AT&T was GSM did (then) VoiceStream offer up that they were the global connection leader in the US? No, of course not. Even now when AT&T claims that they have more connections in more places they’re not telling the whole truth. Why can’t T-Mobile speak up for themselves and the advantages that they have? I wish T-Mobile would be a bit more aggressive and talk up their strengths.

  • Marvin

    Oh don’t piss of AT&T. Next thing you know they’ll be flashing TMO’s 3G map on tv and it’ll be as white as snow!

  • tinalooks808

    That move really took some balls on AT&T’s part… especially in this economy! I would love to see T-Mobile come out with a killer commercial!!!

  • John

    @ David

    You have some good points there but again some points are missing there.

    “Why oh why T-Mobile, will you not go on the offensive? The time for polite talk and handholding is over, wireless is war and you need to show some teeth.”

    Because maybe T-Mobile has European base (Germany) and they are more about fair competition and clean competition. As someone living in US I can see how companies like Apple (Always), AT&T, and recently kind of Google start trashing competition and try to promote their stuff with false advertising and lie about others. Which is really wrong in my opinion. And that’s why they will never see me as their customers.

    “I have come to accept data charges are now a requirement for most carriers for data devices and I don’t disagree with the policy.”

    Not agree with this at all. I agree these phone are much better and more functional with Data Plan. But many people wants these phones but really don’t need Data Plan therefore not able to get them and end up with non smart phones and being unhappy with their handset.

    We all know smart phones will replacing regular phones in future and at some point all handsets will be smart phones and no other options will be available which means everybody has to pay for Data Plan which is a big rip off as it is right now ($24.99, $30, or whatever amount).

    If someone wants touch screen phone and doesn’t need Data Plan there is no option available for them. Pay overprice rip off Data Plan or end up with crappy phone!

    “I accept data for Blackberry, iPhone and Android as you should have it but the 12 year old doesn’t need data on her Samsung Mythic.”

    And again you missed to mention Windows Mobile. Why all your post are always missing to mention Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile Handsets? Well you know the answer to this question better!

  • Spiritdude

    One problem with your point is that tmobile requires you to pay for a 3g data plan even if you don’t get 3g! Here in Boise we don’t have 3g but my boss pays full amount for his data plan. I think tmobile should adjust their plan lower for those of us that do not have access to 3g. Then I would upgrade to a smartphone as well. My data plan is 6 bucks a month and I use edge. My boss pays more and uses edge. There needs to be a lower price for non 3g service. Then tmobile would be a force in the marketplace.

  • Chris

    By the way… Catherine Zeta Jones is no longer employed by T-Mobile. Her contract ended. You’ll notice that her image has been removed from all collateral and advertising. Perhaps instead of wasting that money on a Hollywood hack, T-Mobile will start to advertise as you say. It would be nice. She’s done nothing at all for Magenta.

  • kershon

    David, I wholeheartedly agree. This is a golden opportunity for T-Mobile to promote themselves. Every time a see a Luke Wilson commercial I want to barf. T-Mo has or soon will have the fastest network and they don’t even let John Q Public know what advantages they would have by switching to Magenta. I have not seen a T-Mo commercial on tv for days now. Sitting back and wishing new customers come won’t get it to happen. If T-Mobile doesn’t grow a set of balls and make themselves known as the best in the wireless world we will alway and forever be at #4. I have only been with T-Mo for a year and have had every other carrier in my area and I will tell anyone that Magenta is far and away the best of all. And yes, I have become a T-Mo fanboy in that short time and proud of it. Pardon the rant but I had to get it off my chest.

  • FILA

    F AT&T
    And T-Mobile’s Advertising team sucks at making commercials, they need to hire me to do so, I give up on there commercials. I have so many great ideas but they never shoot at them, bullshit

  • raysilverstone

    I work at the connection center at walmart and our At&t rep is now requiring us to add unlimited texting packages on new activations. The only phone that is exempt from this new requirement is the Sony Ericsson w518a. I think its so stupid there are some people that just don’t text and its gonna just drive away the customers.

  • ejaydroid

    I have to give it up to verizon their amazing for its ability to spin its way out of anything and at&t has a decent marketing team aswell but t mobile should now be flurishing in the wake of these new terror tactics from the larger two but i feel they will just let the ball slip like always . need some balls in there higher ups.

  • Inuendo

    I work customer care and I honestly had a person call and was upset because At&t was offering a 69.99 unlmited talk plan and tmobile was screwing her over. She was on the 49.99 ulo plan.

    After I was done stifling the laugh at how absurd this complaint was I realized how frustrated I was. I mean another company is offering the arguably the same service, charging $20 more per month for it, and this person really though At&t was the better bargin.

    Tmobile calls like this should scare the shit out of you. If you can beat a competitor to market by $20 a month (with no contract on EM+) and still leave people feeling cheated you are doing something wrong.

    • JB6464

      That’s because AT&T has a way more coverage than Tmo . Everytime i get just a few miles outside the major cities i start getting AT&T as my prvider on my Tmo phones. WTF ! $20.00 does’nt mean anything is the Tmo signal is limited and lets not get into their limited 3G .

  • beastly

    I understand but disagree. Personally, I like the way T-Mobile does business, which is a big part of why I choose to do business with them.

    As a consumer, here’s how I feel: When I pay money to a company, I want that money to be a fair exchange for the services I’m paying for. If my wireless company spends their profits on network upgrades and lower-cost rates instead of advertising, I am a happy man.

    I also think it would be a mistake for T-Mobile to step too far into the ring at this point. If they challenged AT&T and Verizon directly, the result would be attack ads and lawsuits from the Big Two, and T-Mobile is not equipped to handle that. Have you seen the lawsuits between the other three? Verizon ads attack AT&T. AT&T files a lawsuit against Verizon. Verizon files a lawsuit against Sprint. Do you really want to see Magenta investing in lawyers and marketing experts, when clearly AT&T and Verizon will eat them alive in either arena anyway?

    No, I’d rather see T-Mobile continue playing the game it’s good at: investing its resources in substance rather than nonsense, and providing real value for its customers rather than an image. That’s part of why we love Magenta in the first place; I don’t want to see that go away.

  • Zack

    A couple of months ago I went to Tmo to add a line and my choices were limited. The representative told me if I chose a smartphone I had to add an internet plan, adding a line for my mother who doesn’t even text I was limited to a very select few. It seems unfair even if its not $20 more a month or if u can even remove the internet plan at a later date. Just doesn’t make sense either way, not sure if this is still going tho.

    • :)

      what makes u think if ur mom doesnt even tex she would be able to handle a smart phone.. phones are desing for people that need the internet pakages. not for someone who is simple n just need the phone to make calls…

  • chris

    been with t-mobile since 2003, im sorry, but they will always be #4 or worse. im getting ready to jump ship to verizon and that 3G map they got. im tired of t-mobiles network jumping from edge to 3g. its awful. not to mention, their service does not work indoors well.

    • JB6464

      ^+1 on that. I can barely make and receive calls evrytime i’m shopping indoors at major retail stores. But the rest of my family and friends on Verizon and AT&T can.

    • Big User

      11,000 minutes a month for almost 8 years on Tmo in and out of the city (ny) with hardly ever an issue. The two months last year that I moved to at&t were so bad that I gladly paid the cancellation fee to go back to Tmo.

  • adien

    Man, what a joke!!! AT&T really is gonna get bad kickback from this one… It seems even more ridiculous when you consider t-mobile’s SMARTPHONE data is only $25 on Even More Plus, and UNLIMITED text is $10… not to mentions on “feature” phones like that on t-mobile, you can even hook up your yahoo, aol or gmail account to your phone FOR FREE.

    I highly doubt T-Mobile will follow suit, with the required data/messaging, because unlike the other carriers, they actually give a shit about having happy customers, and at least they try to fix things when they do go bad.

    T-Mobile won’t jump on this, as they are very wisely staying out of the fray between VZW and ATT. And yes, they d need to fire their marketing team… it’s gotten slightly better but they still really miss the mark.

  • Tito

    You all are blind supporters and laughable.

    I have T-Mobile, and not switching any time soon, but they *DO* require you to have a data package if you have a data phone, unless you pay full price ($400-$500)

    They’re no better or different in that respect, which is probably why they’re not “going after them”

    • cheap

      i agree tito…t-mobile also requires data and messaging plans if you want to upgrade with a discount too! and for data you have to keep it for 2 years!

    • twitch110

      Yeah! How has nobody said this until now? I have the mytouch and i HAVE to have data with it. How is that any different? If At&t is making is mandatory for ALL phones, then that blows. But from what other articles are saying, this is not the case. It’s a “feature phone” type thing. Tmobile is doing the exact same thing.

    • David

      Did you really miss the whole part in the text where I wrote exactly that?

  • Omegajb

    I don’t see this as big news, all the carriers are requiring messaging plans with select devices. I would imagine with full keyboards they are protecting themselves from customers who do not have messaging plans calling to get credits because they sent too many messages and they didn’t know they cost this much.

  • totally agree with David

  • JOSE


  • Matt

    Being a T-mobile customer (NOT a fanboy), I’d prefer T-mo to change their ad campaign, not spend more money on it. There’s no good reason to spend the money that should be going in to improving the network on bashing those other idiots. T-mo’s network is NOT very strong, coverage-wise, and if they start getting an influx of subscribers (which they won’t), we’re gonna end up in the same spot as AT&T. I’m happy with my service as is. God, I hope T-mobile never gets the iphone.

  • Matt

    Oh, and I’d like to mention that this article was pretty poorly written. I expect better even from online news sources.

    • David

      Please explain how and why you think its poorly written?

  • hmm?

    I think its a reasonable price!, I have T-Mobile Even More or whatever its called and pay $220.00 a month! For 4 lines! Tmobile is really outragues there plans are not cheap, their certainley expensive $$$ , they always try to sell you stupid things pardon me,, they try to get you to buy internet txting, they added internet on 2 of my lines just becuase they were sidekicks without MY PERMISSION! And now I cannot take the feature off! Their only solution is this “oh, could you bear with me one second thank you” ” okay thanks for holding I see you have a sidekick in 2 lines, and want to remove it wich is not possible” the only thing I can do is remove the sidekick unlimited and replace it with other features of the same price” now I’m stuck with a 2 year contract and can’t get out unless I pay $800 dollars for [4 lines]!!!!!! Bad, bad,bad, bad
    I hope they go out of business or another company buys them! This is a fraudalent company! Shame,shame,shame!!!!1!!

    • Wikkid

      I seriouisly do not see now you’re paying $220 with that plan. I too am on that plan with four lines and unlimited texting and barely pay more than $120. How are you getting these numbers? It’s $10 per additional line and $25 for internet per line. Maybe it’s because you unknowingly bought your phones with the plan and had to pay it off in monthly installations. You said you had two sidekicks, so that may jack up the price. I’m sure that if you had not gotten those expensive phones then your monthly bill will be as low as mine.

    • dcb

      You people that complain about companies requiring data for certain phones really need to get your head out of the sand…..why would you even buy a smart phone without having data????….if you don’t want to pay for data then don’t buy a phone that relies on a data connection for most of the features to work!!….t-mobile has by far the best rate plans and the best options for people who don’t want contracts….and those who say that t-mobiles coverage is horrible are just not being honest……I have had it for 5 years and footprint has increased 300% since then and if it doesn’t happen to work for you where you use it then go to a carrier that will work and quit reporting facts that are simply not accurate….t-mobile works well in some areas where the others don’t and vice-versa.

      • kershon

        Well said. I have 4 lines including 1 hotspot at home, 2 data, 2 unlimited everything,taxes and fees and insurance less than $200 on em+. Can’t beat that.

      • Outlander

        There is nothing in a smart-phone that absolutely requires data to work, it it a PHONE with thing added, things that work much faster and better in WiFi,
        Why buy a smart phone, they are the best phones, on should not have to get anything extra in the contract because of that, you can still drive a Ferrari with a normal drivers license. So it is time for you to get your head out of the tunnel before you ask people to get their head out of the sand. There are no excuses for forcing people to have something they do not want, just because you need to have your connection fix.

  • BGK

    Until manufacturers make devices with 850/1700/1900 high speed data radios there will not by competition for data pricing between GSM carriers. Without that feature phones are locked to their carrier for their best features, regardless of contract. Google blinked on the N1.

  • Outlander

    For any provider to add an enforced data plan just because a customer has a phone with the potential to use it, is absolutely ridiculous, That would mean that all males should be charged with rape because they have the potential to do it (borne with it).
    Let the addicts get their data charge if they choose to, for other (probably most of users), leave to up to the user, this is supposedly a free country, or were before the parasites (lawyers) took over.
    T-Mobile have the next best solution, pay full price for the equipment and use it at you normal rate (both customer and T-Mobile get screwed, no subsidized phones available, no chance to overcharge the customer for something they may or may not use.