T-Mobile Partial Upgrade Pricing Discount Goes Live Tomorrow


Following up our leak from yesterday, it looks like the new Partial Upgrade Pricing Discounts will officially go into effect tomorrow and not January 29 as stated previously. Basically, beginning January 27, customers can upgrade their smartphone every year for the same price as new customers. In addition, customers with voice and text phones can also upgrade to a smartphone at month 12 of their contract for the new customer price. Additional discounting periods are also launching for customers with 1-11 months of service and 12-21 months. As we stated before, the “Early Upgrade Discount” consists of Tier 1, which will require 1-11 months of active service on a $29.99 or higher individual rate plan or a $49.99 or higher individual family rate plan. Also you must have 1-11 months since the last discounted handset purchase. On the other hand, the “Early Upgrade Plus” which consists of Tier 2, will require 12-21 active months on a $29.99 or higher individual plan or a $49.99 or higher individual family rate plan. For the “Early Upgrade Plus” you must have 12-21 months since the last discounted handset purchase. But here is something to take note of. Smartphones will qualify for a full discount pricing at the “Early Upgrade Plus” level.

Customers on a 1-year contract agreement, are not eligible for the partial discounts. Obviously, since this requires a contract agreement, Even More Plus customers are not able to take advantage of the partial discounts as they have to pay the full retail cost for their handsets. Puerto Rico customers, these changes will be implemented on February 3rd.

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

NOTE: This is for Partial Upgrade Pricing ONLY. The regular upgrade pricing terms still remain the same. For all upgrades after 21 months, systems will show the full upgrade price for all devices.

UPDATE: A list of eligible smartphones for the full discount and a short Q&A after the jump!

UPDATE 2: We have removed the myTouch 3G example as some people are coming back and saying it may not actually be what users are seeing. We’ll update you guys when we get more info! Stay tuned!

Smartphones Eligible for Full Discount at the Early Upgrade Plus Level

· BlackBerry Pearl 8120

· BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

· BlackBerry Curve 8320

· BlackBerry Curve 8520

· BlackBerry Curve 8900

· BlackBerry Bold 9700

· HTC Touch Pro2

· Motorola CLIQ

· Samsung Behold

· Samsung Behold II

· Sidekick 2008

· Sidekick LX 2009

· T-Mobile Shadow 2009

· T-Mobile Dash 3G

· T-Mobile G1

· T-Mobile myTouch

· T-Mobile myTouch Fender LE


Q: Can customers on Even More Plus pricing plans receive a discount on Handset Upgrades?
A: No. Customers on Even More Plus plans purchased their handsets at full price to receive lower rate plans, so are not eligible for the new upgrade terms.

Q: Will Nexus One customers also be eligible for the new upgrade pricing?
A: No. As with other non-T-Mobile locations, pricing for devices is set by the selling location. In the case of the Nexus One, Google is the only retailer offering the device, and while we are continuing to work with them to align pricing, today there are no changes to share

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  • carlos

    dude i’m confused. just tell me how much i could get a blackberry 9700 for if i havent upgraded my phone for over 3 years. and what would it mean in terms of contracts and stuff.

    • Kickstar13

      This is for partial discounts. If you haven’t upgraded your line in over 3 years, you qualify for a full discount. So the BlackBerry Bold 9700 should be $129.99 with a new 2-year contract agreement.

    • craig

      since you are out of contract, go to AT&T and get better service and more coverage. i used to work for T-Mobile

  • JBLmobileG1

    $270 for a MyTouch 3G… what a ripp off! I hope that was an example. Aren’t the full discounts the same price as new customers or did Tmobile change that? Hopefully you’d get the same price as a new customer.

    • Kickstar13

      For some handsets, the upgrade price is different than that the price of a new customer/opening a new line of service. Usually the new customer gets the lower price.

    • niididy

      @JBLMobileG1 – again, these are PARTIAL DISCOUNTS, not full discounts. You only qualify for full discounts after 24 months in contract. Full discounts are the same price as new customers…but this blog is only talking about partial discounts. Got it?

      • niididy

        …oops 22 mos full upgrade.

      • He said smartphones are eligible for a full upgrade in the “upgrade plus” timeline which is 12-21 months, so looks like you’re wrong.

  • jak2black

    prett much what their saying is.. people who r loyal and stuff and have been with tmo 4 a long time get bigger discounts.. those who havent been here that long just gets a cheaper discount…
    AND those of you cheapscapes with 1 year plans.. get no upgrades.. ya free loading bastards

    • Viper

      cheapscapes? (you mean cheapskates, actually) I had to pay an extra $50 for a 1 year upgrade when I bought my phone (as did everyone else who chose 1 year upgrade contract) – the cheap ones are actually the people who stuck with the 2 year pricing. SO HA!

      Eliminating partial discounts for 1 year plans now? Wow, have times changed. You used to be able to get a partial discount at ANY time… though it usually only knocked off $50-100. Oh well, it’s not like they offer 1 year upgrades anymore.

      This is a great way to always keep customers locked in. Full discount on smartphones after only a year? Keep on extending that contract out, hehe. And as long as they keep the phones comin, I suspect it’ll work brilliantly.

      • Blacksheep427

        If you don’t like the discount that you qualify for or extending the contract, don’t buy it or agree to extend. Simple. They aren’t forcing you to participate. But, as for me, I like getting discounted prices, so I’ll choose to participate, even in light of extending the contract. As I see it anyway, I’ll be a TMO lifer.

  • coco

    Why is everyone freaking out? This is just for partial upgrades. They don’t have to give you anything as a partial upgrade so this is a nice treat. You can still get your full upgrade at 22 months. Drama queens lol

    • Viper

      Technically, you have always been able to do partial upgrades, they’re just revamping the pricing and setting a timeframe (you used to always get the same amount, only one tier of partial, whether it’s been one month or 23)… but I think the problem with this is, the people here complaining see the word “Discount” and ignore the “partial” in front of it, or they do not understand what it means.

  • niididy

    Good deal.

  • pecoy

    “Smartphones will qualify for a full discount pricing at the “Early Upgrade Plus” level.”

    ok so i just went to tmobile.com and i checked the price of a mytouch at full discount is $149… the mytouch is a smartphone right? so that means if i qualify for the “early upgrade plus” i can get the mytouch for 149 right?

    where did u get the $270 price from??

    • Inuendo

      I can’t figure it out either, As far as i’m ready this you get smart phones at full discount (as in 149 for a mytouch 3g) effective tommorrow. Tmobile seems to be pushing data plans and get people off of their less profitable dumb phones.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You are 110% absolutely correct. With the price war that has arrived carriers know the way of the future to profits (and maybe even survival) is with added services, another way of saying “data.”

        What you call dumb phones can’t take advantage of data, so carriers have to get people to switch over to smartphones (aka profit generators).

        That’s also why carriers now require a data plan with some smartphones. If people won’t voluntarily get a data plan, by God the carriers will force them on users. One more way to move the herd toward data. LOL.

        Since data is where the profits lay, every carrier’s dream (and goal, which is a dream with a time limit on it) is a smartphone in every user’s hand. The only dumb phone users will be our grandmas.

        Sidenote: The new motto for carriers should be “Talk is cheap” because they are going to reduce talk prices down to nothing. Talk prices are maxe out, it’s not going to get any more profitable than what it is. But data, that’s the next gold mine.

        And expect to see confusing data plans like talk used to be. Watch them say “If you want super fast data that will cost more than turtle speed (aka 3G).” They will have all kinds of plans, based on MB, GB, time of day, etc.

        My only concern is that our super low data plans with T-Mo will vanish some day.

      • SteveG1

        Yeah thats how I read it too, $149 would be the price of MT3G, but I have been with t-mobile over 5 years now and there have been a few times they have told me the pricing on the web is for new activation only. But since I have been in “loyal status” they cut me basically whatever deal I ask for. I’m sure if you call them they’ll work something out…If they don’t help you, tell them you will leave and go get an iPhone and they will sing a different tune.

    • Kickstar13

      I believe the discount gives you a greater break between full and partial.

      • SteveG1

        Just logged in to My T-Mobile. I’m at my 13 month mark on 2yr agreement and pricing is as follows:

        MT3G: $149
        Cliq: $149
        Fender: $179
        TouchPro2: $269
        Behold2: $449

        So according to this pricing, they are only giving full discount on older phone models…or they haven’t updated my pricing on the website for all the phones yet. I am guessing the full discount is for the older phones, from what I can see when I log in.

  • uscmed

    The question is if this would apply for the nexus one, as in tomorrow I go to google’s website and they do their verification process and I get the phone for 179 and finally upgrade my beloved G1.

    • CO_Yeti

      who knows, I guessing not….

  • CO_Yeti

    FYI- this is a great new program. What it means is if you have a smart phone, you can now upgrade to a new smart phone after 12 months and get the full discount price again! You would be getting the newest and greatest phones every year if you’re willing to stay under contract.

  • MadProfessor

    How about helping out existing, loyal, customers eligible for full discounts and give us the same price as a noob who just created a new account?

  • Todd

    No thanks….I’ll be buying the HTC HD2 at full price.

  • joe

    what about the nexus one?

    • Trill

      Its not a device that they carry and google pretty much handles that so you will most likely have to ask tmobile if it applies (which I doubt) or just think about the obvious answer lol

  • Brian

    Yeah, I would love to see them add the nexus one onto this and give existing customers that partial discount. I don’t care if I have to pay $270 to $350. Sure beats the hell out of paying $570 for one now.

  • So this goes in effect January 27th? Just in time for a T-mobile iPhone release? ;) No, I really don’t believe that, but somebody had to say it.

  • Kickstar13

    Post updated.

  • joe

    So I can get a new phone for christmas next year? And the year after that? And after? Yay!

    • john

      And then….

      Sorry had to do it.

  • BronxBebe

    This is great news for the regular customers! You can either get partial upgrade 1-11 months or get the early upgrade discount 12-21 no more waiting for 2 yrs! So I can either do a partial upgrade or wait 4 more months for an full upgrade..hmm..decisions, lol

  • watbetch

    Awesome, T-Mobile upgrade pricing has sucked for a while now.. glad they’re fixing that.

  • 94wolf

    I understand the N1 is not elligible for the partial discount thing…. but what are the elligibility requirements for the lower price from Google? Does this lower the elligibility requirements?
    (Had a G1 since day one basically).


    • SteveG1

      No, I am seeing the discounted prices when I log into My T-Mobile, but when I go to Googles page and try for the N1, it doesn’t let me upgrade, only buy at full price. I am 13 months into my 2yr agreement. So, its working on t-mobile site but not with Google, which is what I expected.

      • 94wolf

        SteveG1, seeing the same thing. I did call T-Mobile today to ask about the N1 and when I would be eligible for the lower price. I informed that I have an individual plan but am getting a corporate discount through my employer. This is what makes me not eligible for the lower price from Google.

        I was told that if i removed the corporate affiliation from my acct I would be eligible for the $279 price. Though no one was able to answer if I could put the corporate affiliation back on my acct in the future. I was also told that it could take upto 45 days for me to see the lower price on the Google site.

        I was also told that since so many existing T-mobile customers were having issues getting the lower price that they had a line to call for you existing T-Mo customers. This however is not the case.

      • SteveG1

        94wolf, Yeah I have an individual plan as well but no corporate discount(though my company does pay my bill which is awesome)…

        That is good news about the N1 though, even if it does take the 45 days.

        Actually I doubt the corporate affiliation has anything to do with the N1 discount. I would just keep it on there and wait the 45 days and see what happens. Or call T-Mobile again and see what another rep says about it just to confirm what you were told earlier.

  • rolo

    I am still confused. It says above that “Basically, beginning January 27, customers can upgrade their smartphone every year for the same price as new customers”. If this is the case “new customer pricing and “12 month customer pricing” is the same. There is an example that you can get a mytouch 3G for $270 instead of $400 with the early upgrade plus (12-21 mos) discount. If a new customer purchases the myTouch 3G with the even more plan they can get it for $149.99. How is this getting the same price as a new customer after 12 months?

    Don’t other carriers offer full discounts to all their customers every 12 months already? T-Mobile “was” always top of the class in plan pricing but I find they lacked the same aggressive customer love when it comes to handset pricing loyalty rewards.

  • chris p

    Using this on Motoroi if that is phone that’s coming out in march. if not, i’ll just wait til my contract is up or buy me a nexus one unlock lol

  • Ktwist

    This just came out today so it seems a bit confusing. All in all, you can upgrade for the full 2yr discount after 12 months since your last upgrade. No more waiting 22 months to upgrade to the newest phone. This is what we are implementing to reduce churn and lock are customers in for another two years. Let’s say you are a new customer and sign a 2 yr contract. A year later, you decide to get a new smart phone. You then sign a another 2yr contract to get that discount and add another 2yrs to your already existing 1yr left. Now your on contract for 3yrs and if you break contract, we get 200 bones for early termination. If you upgrade every year, you will be on contract 4 life….Oh and you still have to pay the $18 upgrade fee to get that 2yr pricing. Great for people who will stay with T-Mobile and be loyal but you pay more in the end with the more expensive EvenMore plans. The $279 price for the mytouch would be if a customer signed a 2yr contract and came back between 1 to 11 months to upgrade. Thats the partial upgrade he is talking about, for customers 1 to 11 months in on their contract. This is a good because it sucks telling an existing customer that they dont qualify for discount, especially when a new phone comes out every couple of months.

    • Y314K

      Been trying to find some more info on this… Trying to decide weather to sub or go Plus…

      1. On the tier 2 (12+ months) family plan Early Upgrade Plus… Can all lines or the two main ones with data upgrade early after 12 months… Or is this only available for only the main(one) line…

      2. I know I will need Data plans on at least the first two main lines… But is text on the lines for the required for Early Upgrade Plus…

      Depending on this, It would make subbing a no brainer.. It would mean being able to upgrade yearly with discounts and you get to keep the old phone around or sell it if needed…

      Anybody know the answer to those two ?’s…

  • jay

    TG for this, now i can upgrade yearly without having pay full price for a phone i want.

    i rather just pay half the price.

  • phoneking13

    How much can I get a Bold 9700 for for having 4+ mos completed so far?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think I understand it. As long as I can get a new smartphone at full discount pricing after 12months I’ll be happy. After using smartphones MDA, 8120, and now the G1 I don’t think I will ever be able to get a non smart phone without feeling like I am downgrading. I hope Tmobile releases the newer Android phones soon because as much as I like the G1… it feels kinda cheap and is showing its age. Not enough memory so I am forced to delete apps just to free up space. I think I am going to go with the new Motorola with the 8mp camera and the Droids processor so long as its not an arm and a leg. Hopefully its around the $200 range. Otherwise I may just pick up the new MyTouch that is coming… and if Google ever comes to their senses… I would really like the Nexus One but I would want a better price and be able to keep my current plan.

  • chris

    You guys are viewing it all crazy. The example used in this article, the mytouch, forgot to factor in that its a smartphone. It wouldn’t be 270, it would be 150. Basically, what the system used to be the system was from 1 to 21 months you received a partial discount. They are now just changing that into two tiers so that there will be different pricing for someone who has been 3 months into their contract and one that’s been in 15. I don’t understand why people are so confused. The full discount upgrade pricing will still be available at 22 months. And I don’t know why people complain about that. A customer at 22 months gets the same price as a new customer, not more, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, sometimes tmobile has certain handsets that are actually cheaper for fully eligible upgrades and not to new customers. For example, the 09 Shadow is currently free to upgrades, 50 bucks for new. The pearl 8120 is free for upgrades, 80 bucks for new customers.
    And I must say as a infrequent poster, very frequent reader, I hate reading the comments on here. Many of the commenters do nothing but complain about non existent made up situations or policies and just make me want to pluck my eyes out. Like someone who earlier in this thread said that tmobile’s upgrade system lags behind the competition. Obviously you know nothing of the other companies. You said other carriers give full discounts every 12 months; what planet are you living on? 2002 world? Nobody has done that in years. Most carriers make you wait until you’re out of contract, at least tmobile let’s you get it before your contract ends. Its more than compeitive. Do your reasearch before you post next time please.

    • SteveG1

      Guess you didn’t see my post. I put the pricing up for 12-22 month customers for the MT3G, Fender, Cliq, TP2, and Behold2. Pricing was taken right from the website after I logged in. Not all smartphones are getting the full discount, only the ones that have been on the market for some time.

  • Jay

    Wait wait wait, so this basically extends the former 22 month full upgrade prices to starting at 12 months now right? If so that’s awesome. And if we’ve been on our contract from 1-11 months we still get a partial discount too right? Nice. Do I have it right?

    And question about Even More Plus plans, what if I’m on a family plan but I didn’t buy my phones or start my plan with the Even More Plus plans? What if I started my plan on an old grandfathered plan but I recently just changed it to an Even More Plus plan about a bit over a month ago? Do I still qualify for a Plus discount at 12 months then? Thanks.

  • um.. I still don’t understand why google will not allow t-mobile to sell the nexus one.. wouldn’t that sell more units? I would also like to be able to buy a nexus one and not have to change the type of plan I have.. I don’t mind signing an additional one or two year contract, as long as I don’t have to change it.. or… I wouldn’t mind paying full price for the nexus one but in interest free instalments…

    google.. t-mobile.. are you listening?

    ps.. ditto everything for the upcoming T-Mobile iPhone

    pps.. if Google doesn’t allow T-Mobile to sell the Nexus One prior to the iPhone being offered at T-Mobile stores.. they can consider the Nexus as good as dead competition wise..

    thoughts, arguments, etc welcomed..

  • Akulamenuri

    I agree with Jürgen. If Google wants to sell more units they would ditch the european unsubsidized business model of selling phones and put them in the stores since obviously it isn’t working. Google if your listening, fix the 3g issues with the Nexus One then give it to T-Mobile retailers so existing customers that don’t want to change plans and tech enthusiast that constantly upgrade their phones can have your phone in their pocket. Even More Plus was your opportunity to cash in on the Nexus One but you let that opportunity slip with ridiculous mandatory plans, don’t let this opportunity pass by as well.

  • Adam

    Well, I logged in at tmobile.com this morning and this is true as far as I can tell. I am about 13 months into my contract (got the G1 on release day) and I can get the Cliq for $149 (and other phones for similar prices). Checked this a couple of weeks ago and the same phone was $399 or something outrageous like that. Awesome!

  • SalM

    Here’s my only questions. Is it a new 2 year contract beginning the date of the upgrade, or is it tacked on to the current contract?

  • Kickstar13

    UPDATE: We have removed the myTouch 3G example as some people are coming back and saying it may not actually be what users are seeing. We’ll update you guys when we get more info! Stay tuned!

  • MrMeNaCe

    The update is live i just went to the upgrade page ( i preorderd G1 ) and now im eligible for the 9700 at 149.00 while the new customer price is 129.99 which is A VERY GOOOD DEAL! now im stuck between either getting a 9700 or waiting on the hd2 :(

    • SteveG1

      If you like to surf the web and watch youtube videos get the HD2. If you email and text message alot get the Bold 9700. If you do alot of both then the question is can you deal w/o having a physical keyboard on the HD2. I am in the same boat as you and cant decide either.

      • MrMeNaCe

        yup same situation i need push email device with keyboard but at the same time the hd2 is so pretty and itll have everything the 9700 has except battery life and keyboard but i dont know maybe ill just get the 9700 because i dont think i can wait ( my g1 broke )

      • SteveG1

        MrMeNaCe: Just remember that the Bold 9700 doesn’t support HSPA 7.2 which might not matter right now unless you live in Philly.

  • I’m not showing the updated pricing at all.

    • Polo

      Im not showing it either

  • Dax

    that is pretty cool, have had the G1 for a year and can get a Cliq or 9700 for $150…not bad.

  • Jackchord

    Just tell us when Tmo will allow us to keep our phone number & purchase a smart phone thru a 3rd party seller i.e. wirefly or let’s talk at new service prices>>>that would be sweet!

  • Max

    OK, I am now really angry at TMobile. After 4 years, I am seriously contemplating of leaving. I switch to the ah-so-great Even More Plus and only to get screwed by Tmo. Not only did I have to pay $70 (WTF!) to switch my 3 accounts, but all promo’s are for Even More and I can’t switch back. The purported “plus” savings evaporate when compared to savings on specials. I bet some marketing genius with an MBA got a bonus for this plan. Well, good for you.

    What could I do, what could I do… ah, wait, I am no longer on a contract!

    Screw you Tmo. Pissing off your best customers. Morons.

  • Fizz

    Is anyone else able to get the SE Equinox for free on upgrade? I’m seeing it is free for new customers, but not for my upgrade. Anyone able to corroborate that for me, please?

  • Jay

    ^Have to agree about that, we should be able to get the discounts if we’re on contract and an Even More Plus plan. We got our family plan a year ago on an old grandfathered plan but we changed our plan and paid $70 to switch to an Even More Plus plan…we should be able to take advantage of the new nice upgrade policies.

    I’ve always believed in T-Mo, but damn way to piss of your best customers T-Mo. This is horrible, and I thought Google didn’t know how to deal with customers. Not like AT&T or VZW are any better or good by any means, but just saying, damn way to screw us over.

    • SalM

      Your remaining contract is paying for your last phone…. not another one.

  • Estebano

    For the 4th time the guys @ Tmonews saved me money. Lots o’ money. 3 days ago I was decided to upgrade no matter what (because my blackberyy runs on borrowed time) when I saw this post. I waited and I got rewarded. I got a 9700 for $149.99. THANK YOU!

    • Kickstar13

      Haha no problem!

  • Estebano

    Me again: don’t forget about the trade-in program that runs until Feb 28th, 2010. $75 back from these guys for my old Pearl.

  • SalM

    Seriously, does upgrading 1 year into a 2 year contract result in 2 years tacked onto the back end (3 years remaining), or does it begin a new 2 year from the date of the upgrade?

  • Kevin

    i have a question. i got my sony ericsson tm506 (piece of crap, the camera blew two months after purchase, and it freezes constantly) ic October 2008. my parents pay 100 even with four lines, 1000 mins, and unlimited text. does this mean that since we’re in January 2010 i can upgrade to a smartphone for new customer pricing? (i want the cliq or dash 3g or curve 8900??

    also, my sister got her curve 8320 april 2009 on an upgrade. does this mean she can upgrade in april at new customer price??

    Thanks for any help

  • MrMeNaCe

    question anyone know if downgrading my data plan ( i preorderd the G1 and signed a contract then ) from my G1 data plan to a cheaper plan and then purchase a n900. so my question is would that be considered violating the terms of my contract? are has the period that i had to Keep the G1 data plan already pass? even though 2 years hasnt passed

  • Christian

    i currently upgraded from a samsung behold to a htc touch pro 2 for 169.99 yesterday. the tmobile site said i would recieve in within a couple days.
    i also upgraded another line for a motorola cliq for 129.99. expecting them later this week

  • Christian

    i meant 149.99 for the cliq (my bad guys)

  • SS

    Okay I have a question: I’ve been in my contract for 16 months and I would like to get an upgrade (if I could a blackberry 9700) how does these changes affect me. I ask, because I’ve asked t mobile about my options and so far they’ve given the “you’ll have to wait until your contract marks the 22 months deadline” option. Which is kind of frustrating.

    Also if anyone can explain to me the whole you have to have a data plan in order to have a blackberry thing, it’ll be much appreciated.

  • Deezy

    Sounds like a complete crock. I looked into since I have been a tmobile customer for a while. I actually called tmobile (not a kiosk or wal-mart that carries T-mobile) and from what I see….
    FOR EXAMPLE- They offer NEW customers (with a 2-yr contract) – a Blackberry 8520 for FREE.
    SO I figure, I get the same discount as a new customer (from what I understand reading the above info), so I am assuming, wouldn’t I get this phone for free as well?
    Correct me if I am wrong. I think I am missing something because when I call TMOBILE to inquire about upgrading my old blackberry curve, the CSR states it will only cost me $97 to uprgade? WTF?

    Totally confused. Can anyone share some insight? Thanks.

  • dakine

    okay so when does this promotion ends?

  • Carl

    This does not add up to what tmobile has on their website about upgrades… does anyone have new info on this? http://support.t-mobile.com/doc/tm23571.xml

  • Mariah

    How much will a T-Mobile My Touch 3G Slide be with a Tier 1 upgrade ????????