Motorola Zeppelin Spotted In The Wild


You know how we told you about that Motorola Android phone codenamed Zeppelin, yeah that one. Well now we can finally put a face to the mysterious device. Courtesy of the folks over at, we have some specs now. As for the release date, we’re still hearing a March 10th release date. As far as specs go, the Zeppelin will sport a 3.2-inch HVGA display,touch-sensitive buttons below the display, a 5 megapixel cam, GPS, BLUR and hopefully Android 2.X. We can confirm the above image is in fact the Motorola Zeppelin headed for T-Mobile, as David was lucky enough to see the device. So all in all, he is confident this is the phone. The handset will apparently be unveiled at MWC (Mobile World Conferece) in Barcelona next month.

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  • ahnimal

    looks okay im not diggin the bronze/gold part but i do like the navigation pad as to the navigation ball.

  • brandon

    BOOO!!! When is T-mo gonna finally get an adult looking Android device?? Why do we keep getting the phones for the teenage-set? We need the N1 in the stores or something like the HD2 with Android running!!!

    • Carl

      Well said… Well said…

  • Max

    So this not the motoroi? what a disappointment

  • hi!

    man, now that thing is uuuuuugly

  • J

    Thats an ugly one.

  • Not so sure I like the display screen,also no sign of physical keyboard? Not a huge fan of the on-screen only devices….

  • Paul Paulson

    What a sad day. I actually thought we’d see a high end Android device on T-Mobile soon. I’m getting pretty tired of waiting. Looks like I have no choice but to go with the Nexus One.

    • J

      Wait until March and get the Motoroi.

  • Like everyone has said, not a big fan of this phone. Is it me, or does the screen look really small? Maybe it’s just the angle at which the photo was taken?

  • Randall

    Does this mean, no motoroi, cause thats the phone im waiting for.Not gonna pay 530 for the Nxus one

  • Rob

    It won’t be long before someone ports android to the HD2…

    • brandon

      I would get the HD2 if that were the case. My G1 has been rooted since the first OTA’s came out back in ’08. I’ve got no issues with running a cooked up ROM on the HD2 just as long as we have everything working. Hopefully the drivers and such will be available through HTC so porting Android won’t be such a tall order.

  • kershon

    That sucker is ugly. Bring on the HD2.



  • Todd

    Looks lame.

  • Randall

    you guys have reported that Zepplin, and Motoroi will be released on the 10th of march, is this correct, anybody have any idea.That Zepplin looks a toy

  • Rick


  • Lance

    Zeppelin looks pretty fugly.

  • JP

    This better not be the 10 Mbps hspa device uncovered at the FCC, yeah, the specs seems like a Cliq without a keyboard. when IS Tmo gonna bring the high end devices! Sheesh, except for the HD2 of course. i want android though.

  • phonegeek

    that phone looks prodessional too cmon lol but the motoroi is the one i want ill still buy this one too tho if thats the case

  • Randall

    Motoroi FTW,seems highly unlikly Tmo would launch 2 new Moto phones on the same day,but maybe not

  • WazzuKirk

    F-U-G-L-Y that thing ain’t got no alibi….ugh

  • T

    I want to see an iPhone that works on T-Mobile 3G

  • Tim

    I’m not diggin’ the look, and for me anyway, Blur would be the huge deal-breaker.

  • T.P.

    Easy now! I know we are brimming in excitement for the high quality phones, but all of them will not be high quality. I understand T-Mobile’s reputation , for these types of phones and I feel it will help round out the company from top to bottom. As long as the top is not lacking super powered phones! ;)

  • andrew

    when is mobile world congress besides next month

  • FILA

    eh, another moto trash device

  • chris p

    okai, decision made, no motoroi? gonna get Nexus then! hahaha

    • Kickstar13

      This doesn’t mean that the Motoroi isn’t coming to T-Mobile USA.

      • max

        Its quite confusion,are they both the same device or different diveces?

        • Kickstar13

          They are both different handsets.

        • Kickstar13

          They’re 2 different handsets

  • zazou

    That is just plain ugly…

  • Tool

    I’ve seen this phone and it is ugly… It does everything the cliq does but with no keyboard…

  • sidekickuser

    yeah, im happy with my cliq. that looks hideous. very ugly indeed.

  • tmowhat

    Are you kidding me…. All the phones that are coming out or available and T-Mobile accepts/selects this phone…

  • bigg

    Ugly!!!! And I’ll pass, its a Motorola, bring on the hd2.

  • OMEGA1202

    It looks like one of those old TV’s from the 50’s.

  • Richard

    When are phone manufacturers and T-Mo in particular going to realize that the days of cookie cutter, 3.2″ displays on these phones so 2000’s?

    I want at least a 4″ screen and Android. I don’t care about a qwerty keyboard but I know a lot do so make 2 models, one with and one without. I like the Nexus but I’m not paying $500 and honestly they could have made the screen a little bigger and put more internal memory in it as well.

    Besides that’s another thing they need to fix is the memory and storage.

    What’s the big deal?