HTC And T-Mobile Present A Year Of Rewards


HTC is starting off the year with some pretty freakin’ awesome deals. From January 20 to March 23 2010, when you buy and activate a qualifying HTC Windows Phone you can receive rewards and discounts worth up to $500. There are three devices that will qualify for this offer: the T-Mobile Shadow, HTC Touch Pro2, and the T-Mobile Dash 3G. Both new customers and existing customers can take advantage and the offer is quite simple with no surprising strings attached. All you have to do is upgrade/add a new line, or activate a new account (between January 20th and March 23rd 2010) and take advantage of the rewards/discounts. Limit 1 reward/discount per HTC phone per month. Hit the jump for all the details and a run down of all the rewards/discounts for each month! Not bad HTC, not bad at all. Nokia, where you at?

How it works:

  • Purchase and activate a T-Mobile® Shadow®, HTC TouchTM Pro2 or T-Mobile® Dash® 3G at participating T-Mobile retail stores or via the T-Mobile online retail store at between 1/20/10 and 3/23/10. Program begins 12:01 a.m. PST 1/20/10 and ends 12:00 a.m. PST 3/23/10.
  • New customers must become a T-Mobile subscriber and activate the HTC phone. Existing customers must activate the HTC phone on their T-Mobile account.
  • Go to (the “Website) to register for this offer between 1/20/10 and 4/23/10. Once on the Website, follow the instructions to enter a mobile phone number and create a password to use each time you visit the Website.
  • Select how you wish to receive communications each month from HTC (by email, by text message or both) regarding that month’s discount offer or reward. If you elect to receive communications via text message, standard message and data rates may apply. HTC is not responsible for undelivered email or text reminders.
  • Each month, following receipt of your monthly email or text reminder, log onto the Website any day during that month to receive the information necessary to redeem that month’s discount offer or reward, including your unique promotion code for that month and the website address or phone number to redeem your discount offer or reward. Discount offers or rewards are redeemable online or by phone, as indicated in the applicable terms and conditions. Void where prohibited by law. This Program is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. You must redeem a reward or discount during the month in which it is offered although the reward or discount will be valid for the period of time indicated in the applicable terms and conditions for that offer. Rewards and discounts may not be combined with other offers, transferred, assigned or sold by Program participants. Limit one (1) discount or reward offer redemption per HTC phone per month. Puerto Rico discounts may vary from the continental united states discounts. Program made available by HTC America, Inc., 13920 SE Eastgate Way Suite 400, Bellevue, WA 98005, which provides access to the rewards and discounts provided by third parties. Any attempt at fraudulent behavior or behavior that does not comply with these program terms will not be honored and may be prosecuted. HTC America is not responsible for attempts at discount or reward redemption that do not comply with these program terms. Restrictions apply; all discounts and rewards are subject to change, are not redeemable for cash, and are not transferable or substitutable except by the provider of the discount offer or reward with one of equal or greater value. Discount offers and rewards may be subject to additional terms and conditions of their respective providers. Go to for complete Program participation details and the terms of each monthly discount or rewards, as well as conditions and restrictions. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Program terms, conditions and restrictions and any terms, conditions and restrictions of the respective third party providers. You agree to look solely to the third party providers with respect to the discounts and rewards they make available through the Program. If you have questions about the Program, the discounts or rewards, call 1-800-893-8262 Monday – Friday, except United States federal holidays, 9am ? 5pm (PST). The HTC logo is a registered trademark and HTC Touch is a trademark of HTC Corporation. T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. Dash and Shadow are registered trademarks of T-Mobile USA, Inc. All other trademarks and logos are the trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
  • April 2010:
    Buy one night, get one night free at participating IHG properties (including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza®, Holiday Inn®) in the US and Canada (up to $350 value)

    May 2010:
    30 minutes of HTC’s VIP Personal Assistance/Concierge
    Service (up to $50 value)

    June 2010:
    40% discount on phone accessories at*
    (up to $32 discount)—US customers only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive a $25 flight discount on any airline.

    July 2010:
    $25 dining certificate from*—US customers
    only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive buy one night, get one night free at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV, USA**
    (up to $150 value).

    August 2010:
    $10 off any purchase of $20 or more at*—US
    customers only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive 30 minutes of HTC’s VIP Personal Assistance/Concierge service (up to $50 value).

    September 2010:
    40% discount on phone accessories at*
    (up to $32 discount)—US customers only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive $25 airline flight discount on any airline.

    October 2010:
    Buy one night, get one night free at Mandalay Bay Resort
    in Las Vegas, NV, USA** (up to $150 value)

    November 2010:
    $25 flight discount on any airline

    December 2010:
    40% discount on phone accessories at (up to $32
    discount)—US customers only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive 30 minutes of HTC’s VIP Personal Assistance/Concierge service (up to $50 value).

    January 2011:
    $10 off purchase of an EA SPORTS video game
    at (up to $10 value)

    February 2011:
    $5 worth of music downloads from Amazon MP3***

    March 2011:
    40% discount on phone accessories at* (up to $32
    discount) — USA customers only. Puerto Rico customers eligible to receive $5 worth of music downloads from Amazon MP3***.

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    • Shaka Zulu

      Are they doing this to get rid of the current HTC phones since the HD2 comes out on the 17th of March?

      • pecoy

        March 17th for the HD2? Where u did u hear this? Hopefully we get it by march or hopefully sooner

    • sortamad

      im so confused, so how do we know how much specifically we get back before we buy the phone?

    • Viper

      This may be the first time the general public may actually see the Touch Pro 2 and become aware of its existence. It’s the only “advertising” campaign the phone has ever been in.

    • Ok, but my question is; Will the “HD2” be apart of this??

      • Kickstar13

        Nope. Only the Shadow, Touch Pro2, and Dash 3G qualify for these rewards/discounts.

    • abel2fresh4u

      WHO SED THE HTC HD 2 IS COMING ON MARCH 17?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I BEEN LOOKING FOR A RELEASE DATE SINCE I HEARD BOUT THE FONE MONTHS AGO. I CANT WAY

    • just some d?de

      Notice this is for WM phones only, WM is not doing so well for HTC. This is an attempt by HTC to generate some buzz for WM. HTC is in a restructuring phase right now, they are about to decide where to put most of there future capital in WM or Android. No big surprise here it will be Android.

      • John

        We don’t need troll and tools comments here.

      • J5

        WM7 is M$’s only hope in getting market share back. Trust me, it has to be something revolutionary to compete with Android and iPhone. Microsoft settled for mediocrity for too long in the mobile business and now they are paying for it.

    • kershon

      Great news! I gave up on blackberries and just ordered a TP2. It’ll be here Tuesday.

      • Kickstar13

        You didn’t want to wait for the HTC HD2?

        • kershon

          Kickstar13 I got tired of the dropped calls and fluctuating signal on the bb. I called cs 3 times and talked to bb tech. They all told me to give 72 hours to check the towers and then if towers ok then they were gonna replace the phone. I had three 8900 curves in the 6 month prior to getting the 9700. The last one was doing ok when I got the bold 2. Now they tell me I might have a problem with this one. Too much for me. So TP2 here I come. And when the HD2 gets released I might get it too. But I think I’m through with being an early adopter. Not real early anyway. Might give it a couple days to see if problems pop up. It’s been a long time since I ran winmo. This will get me practiced up for the big boy when it drops. lol

    • Oce

      I also say they’re trying to dump these before the HD2 hits. Going to be a big year for magenta.

    • Sgt. Cell

      Still wish the HD2 would come out sooner.

      • pecoy

        Me too

    • Ahh Yo!

      To tell you the truth, those offers are weak. Not one of those are worth signing-up for two year contract with Data package or renew. I’m going to wait until HD2 comes out in March. They can keep their rewards/discounts.

    • reddragon72

      Nice to be recognized on this site?!?!?! I was the one that reported this info to the site. anyways!

      They also failed to mention that the Shadow is no longer listed in the phone list, and this page is the only one that it is listed on anywhere on T-mobiles site. The TPS and Dash are the only HTC phones listed anymore. Also the TP2 was listed at 350 and is now listed at 270. All this and the announcement of the HD2 means a last second push for people to get these other phones, will they kill off the TP2 and Dash, no, but they are trying to push there sales.

      As for the march 15th date, not happening. The actual release time frame is Spring, and we all know that Spring starts officially on 21 March. And with this offer ending on March 23rd, which is a Tuesday and most phones are released on a Tuesday, makes this a perfect date for the HD2. Of Course this is all speculation, but I think the dates are too coincidental for them to be ignored.

      • David

        Red-dragon, a number of people emailed this in and I believe I emailed each of them back. For the most part, sources here don’t want to be identified so we just assume anonymity is part of the deal unless specified otherwise. If you weren’t given due credit, my apologies!!

        • reddragon72

          sorry about that. I normally never wish to be recognized for info and give a bad email cause some info I provide is NDA, but then I am not under one for T-mobile just other stuff. I reported this twice once on the 20th when it was on T-mobiles site and then again just the other day. Sorry, big time! just got frustrated.

    • Callaway Bomber

      Hmm…The TP2 was out of stock as of Saturday and it’s listing was pulled from the sight, unless you type TP2 in T-Mobile’s search box..

      • kershon

        I noticed that too. So I went through the upgrade page and it was available for upgrade. I then called customer care and asked if the device was out of stock as it was showing before it was pulled or is it not going to be available. The rep told me that the TP2 was availble for upgrade. She said they always reserve some for upgrades and I could order one. I did and it will be here Tuesday.

    • Jeff B.

      I have the G1 right now. I thought about the Nexus One, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger. I have been following all the blogs on the internet concerning the HD2. I have never used WM before. But the HD2 is gorgeous. Do you think if I get the HD2, I will miss Android? Although, I guess I could keep my G1 and use both.

      • David

        I am sure you will not miss Android. Everything you can do on your G1 you are able to do on any Windows Mobile (for many years). Plus you will be able to do many more things and have many more features on your HTC HD2 that you are not able to do with Android phones.

        Plus there are thousands apps available out there for Windows Mobile and many are free. Also you can get many apps for free or buy from Microsoft MarketPlace or simply get thousands free apps from here:

        • question I use gmail as my #1 email can this WM sinkup to google gmail as a android OS can thanxs

      • J

        I’ve not been impressed with WM so far. My first experience was with the Wing and I think that experience has scarred me for life. I debated getting the TouchPro until people I work with told me how much they disliked it. The HD2 is worth a shot. I will likely give it a try. If it still has lots of memory leaks and freezes up, that will be my last WM device. I’ll likely get the top end Android device when another is released, and toss the lesser device into a drawer.

        • John

          I had Wing too. Back then Wing was a good phone in early 2007 compare to the other phones. But I agree with you about speed. But that was actually HTC fault by using a very slow processor for Wing not Windows Mobile fault.

          Plus it’s not fair to compare a phone that came almost 3 years ago with the phones recently released. Of course new phones has better and faster hardware which was not available back then. Therefore you can’t really compare and blame OS on Wing for it.

          So far I am very happy with Touch Pro2 and Windows Mobile 6.5 performance, speed, features and all these applications that available for it. But I am sure HTC HD2 will be even much better phone.

      • tortionist

        if I were you, i’d wait until the Bravo comes out. The Bravo is one slick phone. That is, if it comes to Tmobile and not Verizon.

    • james

      Why not just a rebate for cash? or just hand them out for free… even then they will have a hard time getting rid of them. and if they did give them out, i bet they would be on ebay in no time at all funding Nexus One purchases. noboby wants a windows phone… look at what they did to our computers, who wants that to happen to their phone? and no i do not run Windoze on my computers at home… Linux. I do like the fact that Windows does hold market share because it provides me a job as an IT guy.

      • john

        Currently there is a htc trade in promo til March 23 as well. Go to promo code is UptoHTC. You’ll get a $50 check back too.

        • kershon

          I traded in my curve 8900 when I got the 9700 on Nov. 16th. I am still waiting in my check. Emailed the trade-up program 2 weeks agao and they said I was scheduled for mailing the end of January this year. I hope HTC doesn’t take that long. I think it is better to sell your old phone on ebay than use the trade-up program. More money and get your cash quick.

    • B.D.

      These offers don’t impress me at all. If you don’t travel, then the hotel and airline discounts don’t give you anything. And without actually checking the accessories & prices on, my presumption would be that you can get the accessories cheaper elsewhere, so the discount might just make those prices comparable and not better.

      If T-Mo and HTC want to motivate me, then lower the price on the TP2. (Or, better yet, get rid of the data plan requirement: I don’t want the phone for Internet-everywhere, I want it to replace my two separate devices, phone and PDA.)

      Just my $0.02.