Samsung T479 Coming To T-Mobile?


Here is yet another entry level Samsung handset rumored to be heading T-Mobile’s way. T-Mobile and Samsung must have some kind of partnership going on between them because not to long ago it was known that T-Mobile would be launching the T139 and T669 in the near future, and now the T479 is also rumored to hit the shelves soon. The Samsung T479 will include very basic features such as SMS/MMS capablility, Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel camera, and a QWERTY keyboard. The T479 is rumored to be a Quad-Band phone, so you can unlock it (Don’t forget to take advantage of T-Mobile’s new Unlock policy) and use it on any GSM carrier worldwide!

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  • T.P.

    We need the Galaxy 2!

    • Kickstar13


  • chris

    t479 sounds like a “gravity 3” the original gravity was t459, the gravity 2 is t469. with the qwerty keyboard i wouldnt be surprised. the gravity 2 came out about 6 months after the original gravity. who knows…

  • randall

    T-Mobile already has enough entry level handsets.How about some highend phones for a nice change

    • john

      Gotta have something for everyone

  • Yatima

    Think you guys and tap your sources and find out more about Android updates? Still waiting and hoping they update the Behold 2. Great hardware on this phone and 2.x would make it so much better.

  • me

    Gravity 3? that would make sense…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    We need to let Tmobile know that We want the Motorola Shadow. All people that want Tmobile to get the Motorola Shadow, come to the link below and show your support.

  • Fort

    No news Monday?

    • David

      Nah, nothing really exciting but just posted the Blackberry article above…slow news day!