BlackBerry 9100 Coming The T-Mobile Way?


Look, the bottom line is the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 working on T-Mobile 3G bands isn’t really going to come as a surprise. T-Mobile was the first carrier to pick up the BlackBerry Pearl and it’s been a mainstay in the T-Mobile lineup for quite some time, coming in a rainbow assortment of colors. The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 changes things up just a bit sporting a revamped SureType keyboard and dropping the trackball in favor of the trackpad. . The Trackball days are over Pearl fans, fear not, it’s a brave new world! All in all the form factor that made the Pearl a whopping success looks to be intact. According to the fine folks at CrackBerry, the above image was caught in the wild and with it 3G bands 1, 4 and 8 which also go under the moniker, AWS bands. Of course, our friends to the North in Canada now have Wind to steal our thunder whenever anything comes with AWS goodness. However, we’re pretty positive the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will make its rounds to all the carriers in due time.


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  • Mike

    I wonder if the software on the new peral will be the same as the 9700, if not I hope its an updated version with myfaves compatibility so I can install in on my 9700

  • Jeremy

    I’ve owned the original Pearl for 3 years before it finally just shut off. Was my favorite phone ever. No i use the Bold 9700, I’d love to switch back to the Pearl once this is released…i miss the pocketable size.

  • beastly
  • beastly

    Looks like a Bold with SureType and a faux-slate back, instead of faux-leather. A 3G Pearl sounds awesome- most of the advantages of a BB, with a lower pricetag, and slimmer build. Hope it comes in multiple colors.

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  • M. Brown

    I really hopes this comes to T-Mo! I love the trackpad! My aunt has a the new Curve on Sprint and though the Curve is a lil bigger, I want the Pearl so it can fit perfectly in my pocket. :) Keep us informed on if this will come to T-Mo!