T-Mobile Handset Price Drops


Lately T-Mobile hasn’t given much in the way discounts for those of you that are enrolled in the Even More Plus plans, and buying your handset at full retail price. Well here is some good news thanks to one of our trusty ninjas! Beginning February 3rd, T-Mobile is reducing the retail price/contract price for a number of handsets. The following prices are effective starting February 3rd:

*Samsung Behold 2: $149.99 (2 Year Contract Price), $379.99 (Retail Price, was $399.99)

*Motorola W233 Renew: $0.00 (2 Year Contract Price, was $49.99), $49.99 (Retail Price)

*Nokia 5130: $19.99 (2 Year Contract Price, was $29.99), $109.99 (Retail Price)

*T-Mobile Sidekick 2008: $29.99 (2 Year Contract Price, was $49.99), $199.99 (Retail Price, was $249.99)

None of these phones are all that exciting and I think its safe to say that T-Mobile stores won’t expect to run dry if one of these suits your fancy!

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • BronxBebe

    I alwayyysss look forward for these cat pics MEEEOOOWWW!LOL

  • Kash

    I think TmoNews has a cat fetish. Where’s the love for man’s best friend?

    • David

      Woah, I’m a dog lover for sure and I’m allergic to cats. Dogs don’t have the I can haz photos though!

      • thechemist

        Oh yeah they do! I can has hotdog dot com. WAY BETTER!

  • Gizmalien

    If I could take the screen from the Behold2 and put it on my G1, it might almost be close enough to consider thinking about the possibility of maybe buying that POS.

  • FILA

    I kinda want to pick up the NOKIA 5130 for extra!

  • steven

    Currently, Behold 2 is the best phone in terms of hardware that you can buy directly from T-mobile (not counting Nexus since it is via Google only)

  • Mark

    I guess the cat was only joking – honestly, 2 for the price of 1 is a genuine sweetspot for me, because I always upgrade my wife’s phone to the same model as mine. It works! Identical chargers and other accessories, plus we always know how to use each other’s phones.

  • sorandkairi

    I loved the original scary movies (1 and 2)!

  • tmoboss

    Why do you say Behold II is the best out there ? Is it even slated for any OS
    updgrade? (2.0? 2.1?) Atleast there was rumor that the cliq would get the update,
    but i didnt read anywhere about Behold II getting it.

    Come on Tmo, you can do it – price the touch pro2 at 299 – get rid of all your inventory in time for the HD2 :)

    I will buy a brand new TP2 at 299 :) :)

  • Todd

    Those cat pics freak me out.

  • Brian

    I recently returned the Cliq after a day and picked up a Nokia 5130.
    Not because the Cliq is horrible or the 5130 great, quite the opposite.
    It was a simple case of dropping the Cliq on my desk while flipping open the keyboard to write an email.
    I had visions of that unit hitting the shop floor and after coming off of my last broken smart phone, the cost was to great to eat again.
    The first thing I did when picking up the 5130 was check to make sure it would hold up if it got dropped.
    It is not a comfortable phone for someone with big hands to use and the camera is awful but it passed the drop test and calls and music sound great. Now looking for a smart phone that will hold up to physical abuse without destroying flattened finances.

  • shawn1224

    @ Steven

    That’s because the Behold II has the best hardware specs out right now (of course besides the N1). OLED display with 320MB of RAM. Android 2.0 should become available soon but even if it doesn’t you’ll probably still be able to port it to a rooted Behold.

    If you’re currently running the Galaxy ROM on the Behold II, the phone is super fast and bests any of its competitors on TMO’s market, hands down.