Nexus One Update Rolling Out, Includes 3G Fix And Other Goodies


Here is some good news for Nexus One owners! Google has taken blame for the 3G issue. Starting today, Google is rolling out an OTA (Over-The-Air) Software Update to end the 3G problems that plagued Nexus One owners on T-Mobile, and other unexpected goodies. One of these goodies include, the long awaited Multitouch (Hooray!). Devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone’s Browser, Gallery and Maps applications. Additionally, Google has also updated the Google Maps appilcation to version 3.4, which includes syncing of starred items and search suggestions with the desktop version, and it automatically switches to night mode in Navigation to make it easier to read. And most importantly of all, a fix for the 3G issues. Google has included a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones”. Way to go Google! Anyone get the OTA yet? Sound off in the comments!


UPDATE: A demonstration video after the jump!

UPDATE 2: “In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone’s notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set. This update will be rolled out gradually to phones – and most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week.”

UPDATE 3: Don’t want to wait for the Nexus One Update? Well you don’t have to! Click Here For Details.

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  • vasyok


    • Trill

      Yes! I’m the 1st guy to point out the idiot saying only first and nice going steve I bet with that comment you made you brought us what we wanted lol.

  • mmafighter077

    No more excuses.

  • sir*mez

    I guess since S. Job’s comment about Google, Google said fuck it lets piss him off more. Multi-touch that Nexus!! Show ’em who’s bullshit!!

  • Trill

    I also bet it includes the improved kernel which will free up some extra ram for apps

    • jimsu

      Man, I hope this comes with it, but I think there has to be a kernel update for that.. but it would be niiiiiiice.

      • Trill

        You do know the boot.img contained in ever package has is the kernel right? Google did state on there update they would include the fix but so far no one has been able to confirm.

  • TheF3Z

    Can’t wait to get this update.

  • jdog

    Hell Yeah Go Google I want to know what sites are going to talk about now. Damn I’m glad I bought the Nexus One.

  • Nikel

    so this is for the unlocked one also right?

    • Bobomo

      There is no such thing as a locked Nexus One. If you buy it with a T-Mobile plan, you get the same exact phone.

    • B

      Every Nexus One is unlocked. T-Mobile just happens to provide a subsidized price. They don’t technically carry the phone.

  • Dragon4lfe

    Yes but has anyone received the update yet?

  • Bobomo

    So I guess the idea that Google was excluding multi-touch because of some secret deal with Apple was bogus, huh? I really believe they were just trying to do something different to distinguish their browsing experience. Personally, it was never a major selling point for me, but it will certainly nice to read reviews of Android without the requisite “where’s pinch-to-zoom?” whining.

  • Art

    I know Steve IS PISSED!!! 2 Points For Android!!!!! or More like 3000….

  • Nick

    Still no update yet

  • Chris

    I want this OTA NOW!!!!!! I cant wait for all the pinch and zoom goodness. Epic Win for google and android!!! Has anyone got the OTA yet?

  • t-beat

    Just saw the video here,

  • beej

    Makes me wish I could have kept my N1…miss it. Eh. Guess there’s always something around the corner, huh? Man I want something other than a g1 right now (nothing wrong with it, just want new!).

  • Beau

    I hope this will resolve the Trackball LED Light issue (more colors?)

    • imgunnaeatu722

      Ya I hope so too. I thought the trackball was supposed to have more than one color but I’ve had the same one the whole time and I can’t find the option to change it.

  • Cybersedan

    Pinch to zoom my ass, I really don’t see the big fuss over such a pointless feature, I use both an iPod Touch and my MT3G for web browsing and I don’t see the big advantage… it’s not like we’re talking about something like having a real keyboard or not, and it’s not like you couldn’t zoom on an Android phone… I guess some things I’ll never get.

    • pfmiller

      It’s not pointless having pinch to zoom, the real question is what’s the point of not having it?

      People like it, and people who are coming from the iPhone expect it. The hardware supports it. It’s simple to implement without any change to the UI. And sometimes it’s genuinely useful. You get more precise control over the level of zoom and you don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking links when double tapping.

      • TMoEmployee

        It’s funny how you people who are so pro “pinch to zoom”, tend to try to make it seem like it’s a technological breakthrough. And, you try to give a serious intelligent rebuttal for those who don’t see what’s the fuss. I have an ipod Touch and I have accidentally hit links when pinching to zoom. It happens if you do it in a flam like motion (a drum stroke). It doesn’t matter. You like it and others don’t. Stop trying to make us look like we’re crazy. Because you’re the ones acting like that troll in Hellboy 2 going ga-ga over something shiny! LOL!

      • 9ooyan

        i prefer double-tap…that way i don’t have to change the way i’m holding my phone and continue along my merry way. it’s a nice gimmick to help iphoners get a clue, but it’s not that big of a deal. but yeah, i don’t see why you wouldn’t implement it then give the user the choice of how to manipulate their screen to their liking.

    • B

      The fact that there is such a “big fuss” about it, should tell you that it is not a pointless feature.

      • Cybersedan

        I guess point taken, maybe it’s just me, doesn’t do much for me though.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Does this mean the Android o/s will get muti touch… or are all the non Nexus One owners out of luck? I still have my G1 because I can’t afford a Nexus One Outright and I don’t want to give up my old plan. I hope Google lets everyone who owns a Android phone get Multi touch and the updated maps.

    • Trill

      It does mean android will now have multitouch if your running whatever firmware and higher but if you have a G1 you will have to root to require it since its not getting anymore updates because of the smaller system parition size which more memory is needed to support the larger updates.

  • B

    So, after some experimenting over the past week, I have come to my own personal conclusion that T-Mobile’s signal, or more specifically, the handoff to the Nexus One, was in fact strongly to blame for the 3G issues. This is all since the problems were somewhat alleviated, by the way.

    I don’t get strong 3G signal in my basement, just EDGE, so the 3G disappears, but when I go upstairs, it reconnects. When I left my house and went to different areas and places that I have known to be trouble zones for T-Mo signal in my area, the 3G would again fluctuate. In my friend’s apartment, we get no 3G signal at all, not on my Nexus One, and not on his G1. However, the fact that the 3G signal has now been working much, much better than at launch, without any OTA update, would it not be logical to assume it was something on T-Mobile’s end?

    I’m basically asking if anyone else noticed the same things I did, and if they still feel the need to call bullshit on Google, while defending T-Mobile? Because Google did actually say T-Mo’s signal was to blame, BUT an OTA update would also be coming.

    • Trill

      The 3G problems are on both sides but here is the tricky part. Tmobile 3G service is great but not as good as the other carriers and if actually pretty close to AT&T 3G network but that’s not saying much when you look at Verizon although that’s a different story. 3G signal is weaker than any other data connection especially with AWS but point is it covers less of an area than the other data types.

      The 2nd view is the band that’s being used and its simple AT&T has prime time bands which can pass through buildings better than the band that tmobile uses and because of that it would mean tmobile would have install additional antenna to boost reception to were it would be on par. The bad thing is AT&T bought it all up so that leaves tmobile stuck with there current bands which will mean they have to expand from it.

      So when it comes to getting reception in your basement or home no carrier promises that and service wise is always based upon outdoors but the point of the Nexus One issues was that another phone could be right by it indicating 3G while the N1 would not meaning there was a software issue there.

      • B

        Right, it’s on both sides, which is why I mentioned that, as well as Google. What I was trying to point out is that people had their guns cocked and loaded, ready to go to war with Google, while defending T-Mobile, as if T-Mobile can do no wrong. What I also stated is that in my observations, the areas (even outside) that are generally known for weaker signal were the same areas that my Nexus would not get a 3G signal, and this was not just with the Nexus. For maybe about a week, the issues have significantly cleared up, and this was without any update to the phone itself. I was inquiring if anyone else noticed the same thing, and if anyone who was sending mortars in Google’s direction feels any different.

      • Trill

        The problem was with the N1 but specifically your issue is just reception in home which no carriers promises so after the update if you still experience issues than its just not that strong in your area which will then be service.

  • Nycboss

    I think am currently gettin the updates cause my signal indicator for the web is working non stop!!

  • Yahma

    Yes Google! You have redeemed yourself! Thank You so much for listening to us and enabling multi-touch in the browser and apps! We can probably thank Steve-o for his little outburst last week for this! =)

    • J-Hop2o6

      what outburst? i missed it

  • Trill

    Good GOD this isn’t a sidekick if you want to know if the update is infact downloading then go to settings>about phone> system updates and if its downloading it will show you the progress plus a log.

  • FILA

    whatt! thats freaking great! Im excited and I dont even have a N1, Im just excited for multi-touch, that pinch and zoon and all that is gonna come in handy in maps and pictures the most. Im glad to see Google releasing an update, a little late but better then nothin

  • T-Rup

    There is nothing wrong with t mobile 3g @ all. It depends on your area and the restrictions that block that towers from which the user is located. I have notice lately the 3g becoming stronger and stronger. Gaining speed from 400-700, 700-1700 in Long Beach CA. So if anymore has 3g issue just check your area and your surrounding before you bash t mobile out.

    update results as i type


    • mrn1

      I totally agree

  • M. Grant

    Just did a manual update, awesome.

  • MW

    Nice, looks like Google is pissing in Steve Jobs wheaties today, now lets get the G1 some love too.

  • money mo

    This is GREAT, I love my nexus one. I wont sleep til’ I get the update.

  • David

    Go to the Android market>search> and type in and download the speadtest. It is a cool app.

  • David

    Giggity gigitty….alright!

  • abi

    o yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa money saved getting nexus one

  • Fort

    Who has been getting the update??? I’m in MD and NOTHING.

  • Ceilo

    Will the Multi-Touch work for the keyboard as well?

  • Alex

    You don’t need a rooted phone to manually update your Nexus one:

    1) Download the upgrade ZIP file from here:
    2) Save it to your PC
    3) Rename it update (be sure in the details it says and not
    4) Connect the phone via USB to your PC
    5) on the N1 “mount the USB” (by pulling down the notification bar and clicking on Mount) so it’s now a hard drive to your PC
    6) copy the ZIP file named “” to the root of the new drive on your PC (the root of the SD Card)
    7) unmount the USB (by pulling down the notification bar and clicking on Mount)
    8) power down phone
    9) Power on your phone with the power button, volume down key and trackball pressed
    10) Enter Recovery mode by pushing down VOLUME key to select the option and POWER key to enter the menu
    11) When you see the Android and Update icon (a swoosh) press POWER and the VOLUME UP KEY
    12) Apply
    13) Reboot when it tells you to.
    14) Don’t worry about the many reboots, it will take some time.


    A great phone just got better. Thank you Google. IPhone gets further and further in the Nexus 1 rearview

  • Dragon4lfe

    Ok so I updated manually and it worked like a charm, got the nice multi-touch ability but I’m still getting the 3G issue where it constantly drops to Edge. Anyone else with this same issue still even after the update? Oh and I was using the *#*#4636#*#* function to force WCDMA only and always had 3G coverage at home and work so I know the signal is there.

  • TmoGuy


    only managers are going, rsa will be TBD

    project dark still has something up its sleeve ;)

    • David

      Dark Project is the name given to any sort of project T-Mobile wants to keep under wraps, its not so significant as it was way back in October!

      • TmoGuy

        Your right it wont be as big as October was, just additions to the new 2010 T-Mobile Focus Plan.

        Also, the manual Update site as been taken down !
        is Alex’s post legit / the real software patch like the OTA one ,,??

  • DarkAlkamist

    I’m still having problems with the 3G, after the update. It’s not looking so good for me, my download speed is 50kbps and upload 1 kbps. My baseband is I have tried the install twice.

    • Darkalkamist

      UPDATE – Everything is working great now with the 3G, and EDGE speeds in Bellingham, WA.

  • B

    I don’t think you thoroughly read through my entire comments. I understand there was/is a problem with the Nexus One, maybe a handoff, a software bug, I don’t know. But I said that I did my own testing, in AND outside of my home, and even before the handset specific update, I noticed the things noted above. In general, I get great service in my area, just not stable 3G in my home. T-Mobile could stand to get better building penetration, but that was not the point of my observations.

    • Trill

      Until they release some new tech tmobile is using there current band and they can’t help building penetration since indoor coverage isn’t promised or something insured anyway however I get it I was just stating a few facts for the rest of the readers. They have good coverage in general and in some areas especially after all that work last year getting sites upgraded they have a few holes to fill in naturally and yes even Verizon & AT&T started off like this and it can’t be done overnight just the fact that tmobile was late to the game is what all the fuss is about.

      AT&T owns all the primetime bands and clearing spectrums ain’t easy so all they can do is add another tower/antenna to boost the signal which can and will take some time but as I said service isn’t promised indoor and there are things that factor into reception that can prevent interupt the signal causing service to drop or switch to the stronger more stable connection which in your case is 2G at your home.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I hope the G1 still gets some love. I don’t see why Google has check for updates button in the setting when its never really been used. The G1 only received 2 major updates so I would like to think it still has enough life left to get a few more. Especially since Tmobile is still selling it online and in their stores.

    • Trill

      It has nothing to do with how many updates just that current hardware in the device isn’t enough to support the new updates so its it for the G1 although there is a slim chance it will see 2.0 if at all but its time for another device with better specs and a keyboard. The button exist not because of the phone but its apart of the OS and if your infact downloading the update it shows you the progress and change log but face it G1 is outdated.

  • No update yet in the Los Angeles area. Not impatient enough to try and update it myself. Kind of want to wait and be surprised!

  • Chris

    Has anyone got the OTA update? not manually updated?

  • Yaniv C

    Got it to work just fine but I gotta say… this is so stupid.
    I loved being able to to almost anything on my phone with one hand…. why the hell would you want to now have to use a second hand?
    Just to say “hey iPhone we have pinch and zoom”?
    So dumb… all I really cared about was the 3G issue…. so far so good. Chen was right… on hand is better than 2.
    But on the other hand we have…….. 5 fingers.

    • pfmiller

      What are you talking about? You don’t have to use a second hand. The video above clearly shows the zoom buttons are still there. If you don’t want to use pinch to zoom, then don’t use it.

  • Jeff

    Did the manual update this morning. It’s nice but does absolutely nothing to fix the dropped call/3G issue I’ve been having since I bought this phone.

  • The feature I’m really waiting for is the REAL iPhone killing feature. When that full flash support Adobe is working on for the N1 is ready so I can never miss serving my food on Cafe World on facebook. :) Multitouch is just a nice surprise. Now for Apple to release its new iPhone with mainly just a refresh of N1 features like they did with the 3Gs.

  • dennis p

    This update owns. Apple what?

  • How do you get the night time colors in nav mode? I don’t see an option. Is it light sensitive?

    • pfmiller

      I heard it was based on time of day, so it should automatically work at night.

  • Fort

    Still nothing in MD.

  • Ryan

    Just got the OTA update in KC!! yeah!!!


      Me too. Go KC!!!

  • Fort

    I down loaded it but waiting to tomorrow to see if I get the over the air update

  • Marcel

    I just got the update ota. Description is accurate. Multitouch is sweet as expected. The Os also is smoother. I’m not getting any more application loaders errors in homescreen. Sweet! Go Google!!

  • Fort

    OK, This was crazy. I said shit let me install the update my self. When I connected my USB the phone said there is an update ready to be installed. So it’s doing it now. Rebooting. 1:19am and Updated in MD.

  • pfmiller

    I just got my update pushed to me here in San Diego. Very nice. I’m finding the pinch to zoom to be very convenient so far since I’m at a desk using both hands anyway. It works geeat and it’s nice to have the option. Haven’t has it long enlightened to comment on my 3G.


    Woke up this morning to the update. That’s almost better than morning sex, almost

  • Chris

    Got my update this morning…EPIC WIN!

  • Rooted my own phone with instructions above because I am sick of waiting for the update to come. I love it I have 3g in my house now, and the pinch to zoom is sweet.