Google Blames T-Mobile 3G Network For Nexus One 3G Issues

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Earlier this morning a Google employee over at the Google Support Forums updated us on the Nexus One 3G issue that had been plaguing a good amount of Nexus One owners. The Google employee claims that after some investigation in the matter, the  3G issue was apparently the cause of poor T-Mobile 3G coverage. But wait, its not entirely T-Mobile’s fault. The employee also states that there’s a software component that also is a key factor causing the 3G issues, and the company says that it’s already testing a fix. The Google employee says to expect an OTA (Over-the-Air Update) “in the next week or so.” What I still can’t understand is how T-Mobile’s 3G network is at fault here when other T-Mobile handsets (such as the G1) work perfectly fine in the same locations? Why is Google blaming our beloved Magenta for their mistakes? T-Mobile might not have the largest 3G network, but it’s definitely more reliable than other 3G networks (ahem cough AT&T). There’s something fishy going on here! Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Google Support Forums

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