Sync Media To Android With DoubleTwist

For those of you with an Android phone, you may have found it a bit difficult to sync any, and all, media to your phone (especially if you are tied into that iTunes ecosystem).  Well, T-Mobile really understands that and is embarking on a campaign to bring an app that syncs media to Android phones.  The answer, DoubleTwist, which is basically an iTunes for every other device, plus it looks like it so no relearning.  It is being said that T-Mobile is partnering with DoubleTwist to pre-load the software onto upcoming Android phones, and not just limiting it to the Fender MyTouch.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


UPDATE: Official Press Release after the jump!

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ — doubleTwist(TM) today announced the availability of Multimedia Sync by doubleTwist, a custom version of the critically acclaimed media management software that will be available for free to T-Mobile Android(TM) smartphone customers. A custom installer will be pre-loaded on the T-Mobile(R) myTouch(TM) 3G Fender(TM) Limited Edition, and customers can download the software for free with other devices including the T-Mobile G1, Motorola Cliq(TM), Samsung Behold(R) II and T-Mobile myTouch 3G at
The software, available for Windows(R) and Mac platforms, automatically finds music, photos and videos stored on a user’s computer and enables seamless syncing of their media to their mobile devices. doubleTwist includes step-by-step instructions for connecting and transferring DRM-free content to each supported device, making the process simple and accessible.
Users can create and sync new playlists or import their existing iTunes(R) playlists to start enjoying their music on a new device. doubleTwist also enables users to transfer videos and photos to and from smartphones and automatically converts video to ensure compatibility with each device, eliminating file format problems for consumers.
“doubleTwist is dedicated to providing consumers with a seamless digital media experience,” said Monique Farantzos, CEO of doubleTwist Corp. “We are proud to partner with T-Mobile to offer a customized solution to their users and create a compelling entertainment experience.”
Warren McNeel, T-Mobile USA’s vice president of product development, said, “We know the ability to easily transfer media and music from a computer to a mobile device is a pain point for consumers, so we are pleased to work with doubleTwist on an easy solution.”

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  • sean

    i want to see them take itunes gift cards as a form of payment. i have 50 bucks, and dont use itunes.

    • Dom

      You should sell it at a discount to someone who does. Sell it for like $45 bucks. They make $5 bucks and you get rid of something that’s useless to you.

  • Greg

    I have the Fender My Touch and I have been playing around with Double Twist and to be honest I really do not like it. First of all it takes a lifetime to load the music to the my touch. Second after I loaded the music I wanted I realized that it doubled up on many of the songs s o I had to go back and delete all the duplicated songs. When trying to delete an album I found that it made me delete each song individually instead of the whole album all at once. It is far far from Itunes.

  • NiiDiddy

    Good call, T-Mobile!

  • Quake97

    Doubletwist is nice, but Salling Media Sync works with iTunes and is better in my opinion. It’s not free, but I don’t really need another app to manage my music. I have iTunes and just want to use that. Salling Media Sync also syncs playlists, which is pretty cool. I’m not sure if Doubletwist does it. It didn’t when I used it a few months ago.


  • JakeMG

    I would like the ability added to sync and manage apps. Google needs to just scoop up DoubleTwist and start developing it out themselves.

  • DisKO

    Meh… seems like too much effort. If I want to listen to MY music on my phone, I’ll just use Nutsie.

  • MichMan

    Meh. I’m using subsonic.

  • newcleus

    I wish Microsoft would create a way for us to sync the Zune with our Android phones. Hell, even if they give us a way to sync with WM 7.0, then I’ll get the HTC HD2 without a doubt.

  • Broke

    As some others have mentioned, there are a few downsides. But, I’m still glad I had this program to get all the initialing sorting done. Now that I’ve backed up my music folder, I shouldn’t ever have to do it again. Just add small stuff by way of bluetooth. I look forward to the DoubleTwist improvements. It has been very beneficial to me.

  • FILA

    great, why cant people just drag and drop the old school and easiest way

    • Ritchie

      I agree, it more simple copy and paste than DT, tried it and didnt like it.

    • John

      Amen! Drag and drop? Copy and paste? WTF is so difficult about that? Besides, I have over 30gb of music, that won’t fit on that tiny 8gb card HTC gave me. And I know I can buy larger ones, I’m just waiting on a good price on a 32gb card.

  • joel2nd

    I’ve been using Doubletwist for a while and love it. I even used it to take all the songs off my ipod and put them on Mytouch.

    • Dawn

      Hey Joel2nd,
      I am curious at how you did this….I have a Fender and I still can’t figure out how to put all of the songs from my iPod on to it. I folloed the directions and everything…you think it would be easy but I’m having a hard time…..& I have a mac. Whenever I pkug the usb into the mac, it just downloads some of the photos I’ve taken with my phone to my iphoto folder (not all of them). I am confused…anyway you can help?
      I’d appreciate it.
      Thanks, a bunch,

  • teesquared

    iSyncr from the Android market works just as good

  • Yaniv

    Ummm am i the only one thats using windows media to sync? windows media player sees my
    android phone and syncs all my media files with no problems at all.

  • q2mobile

    this is no use to me. i would rather drag and drop.

  • timmyjoe42

    I think the biggest bonus of Double Twist is that it converts your video files to a format for your phone automatically. That alone is pretty awesome.

  • Twitch110

    Fix the interface issue. All things media with android are absolutely ghastly. I’m with q2mobile; dragging and dropping is all you really need. Crappy UI, not so much.

  • AlyssaSophia

    Dawn, did you ever get a reply??? I am having the exact same problem…only opens up my iPhoto. ugh. Help please.