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T-Mobile Handset Price Drops


Lately T-Mobile hasn’t given much in the way discounts for those of you that are enrolled in the Even More Plus plans, and buying your handset at full retail price. Well here is some good news thanks to one of our trusty ninjas! Beginning February 3rd, T-Mobile is reducing the retail price/contract price for a number of handsets. The following prices are effective starting February 3rd:

*Samsung Behold 2: $149.99 (2 Year Contract Price), $379.99 (Retail Price, was $399.99)

*Motorola W233 Renew: $0.00 (2 Year Contract Price, was $49.99), $49.99 (Retail Price)

*Nokia 5130: $19.99 (2 Year Contract Price, was $29.99), $109.99 (Retail Price)

*T-Mobile Sidekick 2008: $29.99 (2 Year Contract Price, was $49.99), $199.99 (Retail Price, was $249.99)

None of these phones are all that exciting and I think its safe to say that T-Mobile stores won’t expect to run dry if one of these suits your fancy!

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