T-Mobile Data Outage Going On For Nexus One Users?


Update: Pretty confident this problem is limited to Nexus One users only as other T-Mobile devices seem to be working without problem. Wonder where the finger is getting pointed…

Update 2: Users are reporting the problem as solved and all systems normal. If data is still down, try rebooting your handset.

Word coming out of the Google Nexus One support forums as well as my inbox indicates some Nexus One users are experiencing a data network outage. We’re trying to confirm this with our sources as we’re only about an hour in, but drop word below if you are having trouble! Details to come as we get them!

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  • byounngg

    I’m on my nexus one and can only jump on the web via wifi

  • Chris

    outage if for real…i cant connect to the internet and just called t-mobile and they confirmed! FAIL.

  • catspa

    Definitely happening! Just got off the phone with my T-Mobile rep due to my Nexus One not connecting and they said the same thing.

  • Daniel

    Its not working for me, I get an error that I need a data plan.

  • SardoNumspa

    I did not have any trouble this morning on my drive in. Maps worked a treat. How would this only affect N1 owners, anyway? I use the same access point in data setup as on my WinMo phone.

    • SardoNumspa

      Weird. It’s down now. Don’t have another phone with me to test with. Guess I’m using my work iPhone for today.

  • Brian

    YES!! last night i lost my 3g for a couple of hours and woke up and it was back!! I’ve never had any issues with my 3g till i got the Nexus One, so google get on the ball and fix this issue!!

  • on the line with T-Mobile now … here’s what they have to say:

    “T-Mobile subscribers in Ohio on SGSN: 14054725029 and LAC: 28705 may experience difficulty using data services. This is a global outage and Master TT# 1229596 / 1472709 was filed. ”

    Hope this helps!

  • adrian

    down here in brooklyn, NY.

    tmo acknowledged the issue on the phone. they will try to fix it over the next few hours. no specifics on the cause.

  • J

    If there is an outage, it shouldn’t be a Nexus only outage. There is not dedicated servers for Nexus phones like there is for Blackberries and Sidekicks. If the Nexus data doesn’t work, then the Mytouch, G1, and pretty much every other phone should not work either.

    • ken

      my G1 hasn’t had service since this morning

  • sorandkairi

    Come on yall, what the hell tombile/google. What the fuck are u all doing!

  • Mark925

    Outage here as well. Started around 12:30am-1:00am this morning here in California.

  • Michael

    Mine out as well. GF’s G1 is fine. Has been down about an hour for me.

  • Quake97

    Down here too. Whenever I go to a site I get a message that I need a WebConnect plan.

  • ecb

    I’m in the Phillu area and I get the message indicating that I need a WebConnect plan. Very annoying. I have to admit that I’m not all that impressed with T-Mobile so far

  • lhstech

    Yes. My Nexus One lost it’s internet connection over an hour ago. I called in to Tmobile because I thought they had just turned off my data for some reason since my minutes just flipped. But Matt from HTC (whom I was connected to when I called Tmobile…don’t know why) said that this outage is ONLY affecting Nexus One users and not anyone else. I asked if it affected G1 and MyTouch users and he said no and emphasized again that this data outage is only for Nexus One users.

    He said this is to fix the 3G flickering problem with the Nexus One and that my data connection will be back up shortly (no real ETA was given though). I thought that Google’s software fix coming next week would actually fix the 3G problem but Matt said this was going to fix the 3G problem for the Nexus One. He said they were making some kind of adjustment on the Tmobile network for the Nexus One. Since Google said they are going to provide a fix next week too then I believe that the 3G problem may be part Google and part Tmobile/HTC. I will wait and see if this fixes my 3G issue since I have been just using EDGE and gave up on 3G basically since I received the phone. I hope this does fix the problem and if not then I hope Google’s fix next week wraps up the final piece to the 3G issue.

  • YanivC

    No internet, says I need a web connect plan?

  • Tib02

    I talked to HTC and according to the tech, Tmobile is doing something to the servers on their end and it will take a few hours (as of an hour ago)

  • sir*mez

    Maybe they are fixing the 3g problem the nexus one has. Maybe its is t-mo’s fault and not a nexus one software problem. Let’s see what answers we get.

  • cl

    Posting from a nexus one…all android phones use the same apn, a device specific outage doesn’t make much sense.

  • YanivC

    On the phone with TMo now and rep is saying its an Android issue not just Nexus One.
    She just told me TMo is having issue with Android. Weird!

  • elarella

    dunno about what’s going on. 3G is working perfectly with my G1. Sounds more like a software and/or hardware issue with the Nexus if T-mobile is even confirming it .

  • Craig

    No data on my Nexus One in Northern Illinois either..

  • Alex

    Yes, my nexus one does not have internet. for about 3 hours now. thank god for wifi!

  • shmengie

    confirmed on a mt3g le in los angeles. 3g: bad; wifi: good.

  • Kyle

    I’ve got data here in Austin, TX! Perchaps it has something to do with the fact that I’m running Cyanogen’s ROM? Any other N1 users in the ATX with data?

  • ejaydroid

    Yup data and voice for me are compleatly gone here up in seattle …….. might aswell be an 600 dollar brick… UBER FAIL!!!! GET IT TOGETHER TMO/GOOGLE!

  • Jay

    This sounds like Google needs to patch their phone asap……No outage for me on my Moto Cliq in Ohio….I’m posting from it with no problems…..I hope Google stops blaming T-Mobile and fixes this problem for N1 owners….This problem could be the reason why 3G is not available for the N1 on AT&T……Not a good start in phone sales for Google :(

  • Scott

    I get an error saying that I need a webconnect plan when I try and browse.

  • TomCruise

    Please, its an issue with tmobile. Not Google. ;-)

    By the way, I am typing this from my MT3G with 2 bars of 3G inside my office. No problem here.

    Google needs to get their act straightand rake responsibility.

    • TomCruise

      That should read “and take”

  • Dave

    11am on Friday and I have full web and am listening to Pandora, full 3G here in Plymouth, MA. Never had any problems w/ my N1 from day one.

  • cnote

    This is obviously a N1 problem, my G1 is working fine…Google not Tmobile is dropping the ball on this phone

  • Trill

    There is no Nexus One data outage since it doesn’t work that way and again there are no specific servers for anyone phone (sidekick is a different story)

  • BrianNYC

    Down in New York City! If I plug my sim into my old G-1 it works fine so this is only N-1 phones that seem to have the problem. TMO is useless as they keep passing the call to HTC. HTC says they are aware but it is a TMO problem. Google & TMO websites work fine, but anything beyond you get the “you need a webconnect data plan” for this phone to connect to the internet! C’mon TMO! FIX IT ALREADY! Worry about who to fire later!

  • Data is working fine in the 303 AC.

  • dave

    I’m in Boston and my N1 isn’t connecting to the internet says i need a data plan. put my Sim into my g1 and 3g works fine.

  • sensible

    this is what I get when trying to connect on the browser: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_LyM4ebONlNs/S2MJNYlxiTI/AAAAAAAAicA/9FXVoePJp4U/webconnect.gif

    Apparently I need a WebConnect plan. I called T-Mobile and they verified I have an android plan and my account is current. The rep said that if I restarted my phone and data didn’t work I’d have to talk to Google. This is clearly a T-Mobile service problem and it is frustrating that T-Mobile always tries to pass the buck. If I couldn’t get to the T-Mobile WebConnect gate, then it could be a hardware problem, and I’d check with Google.

  • ren857

    No 3G for my Nexus here in Jacksonville! I called tmobile and I was forwarded to HTC who said they were aware of the problem and it should be fixed in a few hours.

  • tony581

    yep my nexus one data down too..bunch of ****

  • fireflyjackal

    I still have data on my nexus one, I just checked out the web browser and I’m able to load up pages like myspace, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go out for me soon (knowing how this works). I ended up getting a new sim card yesterday to experiment to see if it would fix any 3g issues.

  • Dave

    In Detroit no problems on my Nexus at all. Strong 3g since I got it and no outages today.

  • randy

    N1 here, no data.

  • nnesto21

    Nexus one 3g works fine in Miami Florida

  • John H

    Out in NYC. Same “need a webconnect” error even though I have the Everything+ plan.

  • Izzo

    N1 working fine down in Houston, TX I can jump to any site I want. I dont see how people are blaming the phone it’s a DATA issue not hardware.

  • bigbolden

    Its am android problem. Speedtests are all over the place. I believe its up but slowed down right now

  • Mike

    This is a confirmed outage for Nexus One and myTouch LE (Fender) devices. No ETR.

  • Maybe you all should sell your n1’s and by an hd2. It seems google doesn’t know how to operate and maintane their OWN phone.. They failed at the release they failed openly blaming tmobiles 3g coverage, and their failing now. Good goin google ,just stick to the software side. The phone looks neat but, I’ll wait for hd2. Just sayin…

  • o

    its good in tampa

  • newcleus

    No problems w/my G1 here in Denver, CO. If the problem is only with the N1, how could this be a T-Mobile issue? Sounds like a software issue with either Android 2.1 (since it’s the only device running that version) or the 3G radio. T-Mobile wouldn’t forward you to HTC if it wasn’t their issue. They have great customer service.

  • clearknight

    Service back up in Tampa, FL now

  • adam dobson

    No n1 data in the twin cities Minnesota

  • jalsk

    No data for my Nexus One in Boise, Idaho

  • Aaron K

    Tacoma washington here. Woke up at 0530 to find myself without data

  • no dice here here in Dallas either, just a splash screen telling me i need a t-mo webConnect plan. (which i already have)


  • Ryan

    Woke up this morning to no data on my N1 in Kansas City :(


      its good to see another n1 user in kc!!

  • money mo

    Data was down all day. I’m finally back online. I called everybody with an android phone on T-Mobile that I know, only the nexus one was having issues.

  • Alpesh Dhanki

    I’m having data issues on my Nexus One. think started around 8:00 AM PST

  • Freddy

    I think it may be a problem with the My touch FENDER also. No data service!

  • Daniel

    its back up here in Houston, tx

  • No problems currently in the Los Angeles area.

  • Usman

    Seems like most of us over at XDA are back online now.

  • jpone7

    Hey i believe a found a fix for it….being that this morning tmobile pushed out a update to its servers i was also experiencing same data outage like everyone else. so i went to my settings/wireless & networks/mobile networks/ and switched on “Use only 2g networks” and then shut it off…turned it back on and unchecked “use only 2g networks” and went on the web…to my surprise it seems to work now totally fine….give it a try and see what happens

  • no service here in Denver, Colorado :(

  • No NexusOne data service in Boston – just called TMobile and recording informs of outage

  • te

    n1 data was out overnight, this am. wife’s g1 fine (same data plan). n1 all fine as of 11:30-ish am.

  • te

    in nyc (sorry for ommision)

  • 30014

    I’m glad I have never had the urge to be an early adopter.

  • JMTS80

    Damn I really want this phone but all these issues are just killing it for me. WTF Google? HTC? Do i have to wait for the HD2 and go back to winmo?

    • Rossi

      You should have been questioning t-mobile for this issue. Anyway, it’s all good now…

    • Jackchord

      I agree with the comments … too many problems with the N1 for me to plunk down the $529 or $279 upgrade. Poor customer service & absolutely no hand holding from Tmo … Google needs a rep in every Tmo Store if they really want this gadget to fly off the shelf.

  • Anand

    The issue is fixed now. It affected Nexus One and Fender MyTouch owners. If you still see the problem, try rebooting your phone or toggling Airplane mode on and back off.

  • Russ

    Here in Chicago, my data is still down. Hopefully soon it will be back up!

  • Aqua

    in CT we never had an issue, but my 3G signal is weaker than before.

  • Chris

    got it back in Mass!!1

  • ejaydroid

    Seattle back up.

  • ecb

    Data is back in Philly. 3G seems a little slower, but I’d need to do more tests see if the speed test I did is more than a one off.

    This was not a Google or HTC issue, this was strictly a TMobile issue. This was a widespread issue where phone that were working are now not working, so that rules out a hardware issues with the phone. There were no software updates pushed out by Google, so that rules out the software on the phone. The only culprit is TMobile. They must have been doing something on their servers that authenticate the phones on their network. Why did this only affect Nexus One users ? I can guess, but I have no real idea. However, logic dictates that the only thing that could have changed was the TMobile network.

    There are certainly a few software issues that need to be ironed out with the Nexus One, but don’t let this event scare you off from getting one because the blame lies in the network.

  • analog spirit

    See, this is why I’m not an early adopter, and am going to wait a while before I get a Nexus One. I really like that phone, but I’m going to hang off getting it until these bugs get worked out with the whole T-Mo/HTC/Google arrangement. PEACE

  • chris

    t-mobile is the worst network ever. i bet google regrets restricting 3g bands to this piece of crap network. go verizon google, and STAY THERE.

  • ejaydroid

    While losing my data did piss me off and with no real explination why i am kinda pissed but never in 100 million years would i switch over to thoses POS BLOODSUCKERS CALLED VERIZON! What a bunch off AS$$$$$$$ HOLES THEY CAN SHOVE THEIR 3G MAP IN THERE POTHOLES!

    • Big red oh yea.

      AT Least my Droid had 3g all day yesterday!

  • slayer2101

    HTC posted a tweet about this problem stating to power cycle and it should correct the problem. So for those still without data try that if it don’t work I’m sorry just what I read to do.

  • 3G appears really spotty today in Honolulu, hawaii. The Edge still works though.

  • Jonjerrit

    Abq. NM.   data is out for all t mobile phones….  T-mobile is telling every one its just thier phone but they wont give anyone answers….  realy tired of TM after I’ve been with them 3 6 years….