Motorola Cliq Software 1.3.8 Leaked, Official Update Coming Soon?


Earlier today, Motorola had “accidently” released a test version of the update (Software version 1.3.8) for the Motorola Cliq. According to the description of the update, software 1.3.8 included improvements to the battery life, touchscreen sensitivity, improved GPS tracking, a new option for assigning functionality to a double-press of the home button, and more. As quickly as the update was leaked, it was soon pulled after approximately 15 mins. What does this leak mean? Well, it could mean that Motorola Cliq owners could be getting an official update pretty soon. For the Motorola Cliq owners who did manage to install the update, did you notice any other improvements? Let us know in the comments!

PhoneScoop via Motorola Support Forums

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