Motorola Cliq Software 1.3.8 Leaked, Official Update Coming Soon?


Earlier today, Motorola had “accidently” released a test version of the update (Software version 1.3.8) for the Motorola Cliq. According to the description of the update, software 1.3.8 included improvements to the battery life, touchscreen sensitivity, improved GPS tracking, a new option for assigning functionality to a double-press of the home button, and more. As quickly as the update was leaked, it was soon pulled after approximately 15 mins. What does this leak mean? Well, it could mean that Motorola Cliq owners could be getting an official update pretty soon. For the Motorola Cliq owners who did manage to install the update, did you notice any other improvements? Let us know in the comments!

PhoneScoop via Motorola Support Forums

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  • tyrone

    I did do the update before they stop it and it seems that thing are more smoother

    • I want to get this phone the Cliq. I live in new york city. Can anyone tell me how they like the phone and how s the service. Thank you

      • tinalooks808

        I cant tell you how the phone is but t-mobile service is great in NY as long as your near the city and not out on long island.

      • SusieDoll

        listen I have the cliq and I live in new york also. I have to say that with the cliq I barely even lose connection text messaging sometimes works in the train at some points underground. I love everything about this phone . but I should say look at other tmobile phone and see which on best fits your needs before deciding for sure

  • steve

    it was the strangest thing, i was at work bored and i check for any updates …hoping for 2.1, it said there was an update and it said it was 1.3.8 i downloaded and checked the release noted, it took me to the motorola page and it said it was unavailable. only things i noticed is the the mms icon is different that pops on the notification bar. in the drawer there is now a manage sim card icon which you can import and export contacts. it did seem like the touch screen was a bit more precise so to say…. so far thats it……

  • the james

    What? I have a blackberry! this doesnt apply to me!

  • timmyjoe42

    Crap, I missed it. I guess I can wait a few more days.

  • One more thing. Is there anyone here that have the NexusOne in new york city? How do you like it. This is another phone I would like to get. All your reply will be of great help. I am new at all this. Thank you.

  • Leo

    imeem was also removed!

    Since it no longer exists.

  • sean connery

    @ kokolizo I have the Cliq and it is a very nice phone. I have had some problems with the touch screen and had to send it back twice. I am now on my 3rd and still have a small problem with the screen. It wont always register where i touch. It’s mostly when I’m playing the jewel lust game and sometimes the screen keyboard. It’s not a big deal or something that happens all the time. The phone gets great service, probably the best i have ever had with any phone. The screen is bright and sharp. The qwerty keyboard is great and the d-pad makes the nes and snes emulators very easy and fun to use. The camera is good, takes great 5mp pics. Wifi is great and the phone has a good solid feel. Ram and rom are good. It only has a 528 mhz processor but it’s still pretty quick. The upcoming 2.1 update will be nice. If you have the cash to spare the Nexus 1 would be a better phone but the Cliq is cheaper and I’m sure can do all that the Nexus 1 can do, just not as fast. All in all I’m glad I got it. I hope this helps.

  • Kasean

    Im really mad because i updated my cliq and a few things have gone wrong the date displays Dec 31, 1969 when its January 28, 2010 and the time 4:09 when its really 7:32 (i live in washington) and when i press settings and date and time and set it up it doesnt work and it stays on 4:09 for 2 hours

    oh and it the sms messages icon is different :)

    but yeah can someone help me with the time and date thing

    • xREVOx

      This is what happens when you update prematurely and try to revert back to a rooted custom ROM. The updated flashed a new radio. I wouldn’t recommend flashing an older radio over the new radio.

  • RR

    Big notice in battery life. Been on the web and the market more than usual and have been suprised my phone hasnt drained yet. Lucked out just being bored at work and checking for updates on the handset.


    Nexus one is serious

  • Ritchie

    From the first OTA, battery and touch have gotten better…

  • sidekickuser

    i have the cliq and im in new york city. i havent had any problems with it so far. its deffinitely reliable. unlike my old sidekick. i deffinitely would recommend it to everyone. and i already got 3 people to buy it and they love it =]

  • I downloaded the update as soon as it was release (leaked) and the battery life improvement is phenomenal. I haven’t noticed anywhere in the settings on how to change the Double Tap feature for the home button. I can confirm that there is a new app for sim management and its pretty simple and straight to the point. Also one last thing. GPS feature has improved quite a bit I might add as well as the touch screen improvement and bug fixes (this I have noticed the most). Well if you have any other questions feel free to email me at


  • DOUBLE TAP Update – to change the settings of the Double Tap feature for the software press: MENU > SETTINGS > APPLICATION > Doble Tap home launch

  • David

    Off topic but I just downloaded app from the android market for my G1 and it said my download speed was 751kbps, upload was 472kbps. Not sure if that is good or not but it is a cool app but I am not sure how “accurate” it is. On topic, thinking about getting the Cliq….maybe. I might just wait to see what comes out by summer.

  • David

    Ok so I used the app again and this time my download speed came in at 955kbps and upload at 437kbps so I guess it depends on network traffic, etc. I am in Cleveland Ohio and have full signal 3G coverage in my apartment (rooftop cell site right down the street) you can run this app as much as you want and the speeds will vary depending on network traffic but overall, I have had no problems really.

  • Andrew

    Did I notice any improvements? YEAH! WHERE THE HELL IS ANDROID 2.1?!?!?!?!

  • eYe

    Ok, HELLO MOTO!!! (yes, I used all caps to show that I’m screaming)
    I have a great idea, why don’t you incorporate this OTA into the next OTA called Android 2.1 because these incremental updates keep hardly anyone satisfied. Half of the world had Donut already when you decided to put Cupcake into Cliq. You OWE us new version of Android, not some bug fixes. I would NEVER buy this phone for my wife if I knew that update process is so slow. And don’t tell me to root it, I’m scared to do that. This phone has so many problems (dropped connection, random reboots, touchscreen problems) that I’m affraid I’ll have to send it back so I don’t want to void the warranty.

  • Tyler

    Does anyone know where I can find the file to upgrade to 1.3.8? I haven’t done much searching yet as I just saw this article but I thought I would try here right off the bat.

  • Changes: Manage sim card icon in menu icons.
    Double click menu to get Camera.
    Still don’t know about battery life.
    screen touch not bad.

  • havethecliq

    How long does it really take to update a phone. i no they need to do it in a special way but they need to get the cliq to 2.1 or at lest 2.0 because we r stuck with 1.5 and i want the new things. thats y i got the cliq but motorola care more about the droid…=(

    I even read that t-mobile doesn’t really care about the cliq any more….lol
    i wouldn`t when there is the nexus 1

    For now i will keep the cliq because the motoblur is kinda like the 2.0…do u guys agree?

    • eYe

      trust me it’s not. MotoBloat is step back from current Donut, not to mention that it’s plain ugly and slows down your phone.

    • chris p

      as a programmer, i’ll tell you its not that easy to update a phone. And with companies with different programmers working on different parts of the OS, it’ll take a month or more than that. Putting the new OS is not the only problem you have here, you also have driver issues. You have to make sure, you have video codecs (for video capture and playback), camera drivers (for taking pics and using the cam), keyboard driver (for the use of keyboard of course), etc. There are a lot more things that needs to be paid attention to and not just putting the update on the phone. YOu still have to provide test times, for which the company chooses to do a white-box testing and/or black-box testing.

      another issue is the overlaying UI, like cliq, it has MotoBlur on top of a “vanilla” android. So with the adjustments on drivers and all that crap, you still have to adjust on blurs compatibility with the new OS. Takes a long time. The reason why g1’s and mytouch got the Donut faster than cliq, is because g1’s and mytouch runs on a “vanilla” flavored android, meaning as soon as htc is done with driver stuff, tmo and google can work out on an OTA.

      updates can’t be done overnight.

  • A


    • I probably should have left this as a reply instead of a new post. I’ll repost it here – google Navigation is only available on Android 1.6 and up. The Cliq uses 1.5. Motorola recently announced a planned update to 2.1 (which would support google navigation), but they have not announced when it will be available.


    • hadacliq

      You need android 1.6 to be able to navigate the cliq runs on 1.5. So you have to wait for the update

  • @A – Google Navigation is only available on Android 1.6 and up. The Cliq uses 1.5. Motorola recently announced a planned update to 2.1 (which would support google navigation), but they have not announced when it will be available.

  • Heber

    hey this video is about the unoficial update…

    • ed rod

      googd stuff dude, nice post.

  • Jordan (cincinnati)

    Still waiting on some kind of update? Most def 2.1

  • ed rod

    yeah we need at least 1.6 i became a sucker for the navigation. but hey if they said we will be getting 2.1 well then give us something to look forward to I feel like im waiting for gran turismo 5

  • Ritchie

    I dont know if the writters ever go back to this blogs but i dont know where elese to grip about this issue. Im still waiting for that new OTA not just that but for 2.0. Moto has talked about it but instead of keeping there word they seem to moving away from tmo. Tmo gives moto the chance to get back in the game and this is how they treat us? They take there service to verizon, and not just that droid but the new one thats coming out that might support flash is also heading for verizon and what do we get a motocliq xt or xl whatever they want to call it without a full qwerty. Im glas that tmo gives everyone a chance but moto need to show us appreciation by giving us newer phones or by the least if your going to send verizon a phone you should also give us a new phone maybe not the same but still… Very mad.

  • Patrick M.

    Well, I forget where I just saw it, but I saw an internal Tmo memo saying the Cliq would get the 2.1 upgrade in Q2 of 2010. Witch is March, April, May, maybe even June, (God Forbid) but My understanding about the Flash player is that EVERY android phone with 2.1 and up will be able to get the flash player when it’s available around the same time, they say sometime in the first half of 2010. I don’t claim to be an expert on this or anything but I do research the hell out of it and read about it day and night and I did see a Tmo, memo photo that says The cliq will get 2.1 in Q2 of 2010. If anyone knows any different I’d love to know. I’ll continue to read every message board I can and look at every link that’s posted about it. But what I just said seems to be from the most reliable sources. But who the hell knows. One day they say one thing another they say another. I saw an internal tmo memo saying my town wasn’t getting 3g until Q4 of 2009 and I got it in Q2. So I imagine we’ll wake up or be sitting here one day soon and the update will pop up on our phones and we’ll all be happy… lol

    • icanhasmotocliq

      Yeah. God forbid they should give up anything less than 2.1. And, I’m also with on the scowering of the blogs/message boards. Just think, a MotoCliq with Flash 10.1, Social Motoblur and full access to the 2.1 Market. Its a dream coming in Q2…

  • Tim

    wat does the message notification icon look like????