Samsung T669 and T139 Heading To T-Mobile?


Here’s more upcoming T-Mobile handset news. Sadly these aren’t smartphones, but nonetheless, there still are other people in this world that just want to use the phone for basic needs, such as, texting, calling, and a little bit of web surfing. The Samsung T669 and T139 are rumored to be heading Magenta’s way pretty soon. Intense text messaging fiends, get your fingers ready! The Samsung T669 is a basic QWERTY handset that includes Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, IM, and T-Mobile myFaves. It will also include the Dophin browser for web surfing and this baby also supports T-Mobile’s 3G network. The Samsung T139 which is expected to launch on February 3rd is an ordinary flip phone that’s aimed towards those of you on a budget. It too is an entry level phone and has the basic features such as SMS/MMS capability and a VGA camera. So who’s going to be first in line for this one? Any takers?


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  • whetto

    why even point out that a phone has myfaves…tmobile doesnt offer the feature anymore, and most newer phones are capable for those who are on grandfathered plans. i mean, i get it, but its not gonna sell phones anymore

  • Rickb

    myFaves? We can still get myFaves?

    • sorandkairi

      U clearly didnt read the 1st post did u?!

  • sorandkairi

    Anywaz, at least the DOLPHIN brower is a good one to have!

  • FILA

    Yea I was bout to post about the myFavs, but you guys beat me to it. I was gonna say T dont offer it no more, but I guess there still putting the app on the phone for your 5 favorite people, its nothin more then a graphical display of them and does nothin for your plan.

    • Kickstar13

      It can be useful for the people that still have the Free myFaves add-on or are still on one of the grandfathered myFaves plans.

      • Viper

        I doubt they are doing it for that. People without myfaves have been asking for that program for their non myfaves plans. I guess it’s good for those phones that don’t have easy ways of selecting contacts. what ever happened to the days of speed dial? There are more than 5 of those.

  • whyhellomichael

    anyone can have the myfavs icons on their phone if they want it, as long as it is a myfavs compatible phone. even non myfavs plans. glorified speed dial. t139 comes out Wednesday, not a hidden fact or anything of the such.

  • bing bang

    Is the dolphin browser as good as mini opera? can i download files straight from the web like I do now with my Sony Ericsson TM506?

  • tucker

    i have myfaves and i got my plan a month ago.

    but i’m a dealer so suck it

    also we got both these phones in our store today

    • Mike

      does the t669 have a touch screen or anything? I wish we had something like the Samsung rogue or impression

      • dudette

        Yes it does have a touch screen. I have it and it is such a cool looking phone prettier than some SMARTPHONES. but i think its not compatible for the myfaves. :( anywho i love it. :)

  • me

    I bet t669 is the samsung comeback 2, as the comeback is t559

  • tyler

    does anyone know if the samsung t669 requires the data plan

    • Autumn

      no the samsung t669 does not require a data plan, i just got it 2 days ago and i do not have any data plan, it’s not a smart phone. it’s just a quick text phone with touch screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard. the only think i don’t like is i cannot figure out how to set my speed dial on it.

  • I have had the Samsung Rogue since January 7th, it previously worked fine until about a couple of months ago. my phone doesn’t receive texts messages until about 20-30 minutes after the other person sent them. almost all of the occasion i will get several messages at once, when i do get them. whenever i send a image message sometimes it will send just fine and other times it may take a few mins, hours, or a day to get to the other person. i have heard of others having troubles with their phone randomly turning off, mine does that too. my first samsung rogue got so bad i had to get a replacement unit, that was practically 2 weeks ago. I am still having the same troubles with my new one! I am so disappointed, i just need to get a new type of phone. i payed retail for the rogue and am so mad that it switched out to be a crappy phone :/ just my rant…