Small OTA Update for MyTouch3G


This is kind of a good news, bad news (well, mediocre) post.  Good News: anyone with a MyTouch should be getting an over the air update.  Bad News: this isn’t Android 2.1, or even 2.1.  Instead, this update is to make sure that you get a nice little notification for missed calls.  Not a huge update, but important nonetheless.  If you are getting this update, or just have some thoughts on the matter, sound off in the comments!


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  • Does It Fix The Keyboard Popping up For No Reason When Holding Menu On The Home Screen.? LOL

    • Smartperson

      Anytime you hold the menu key down its supposed to open the keyboard, post something relavent please.

      • True, but sometimes this phone lags to the point that it misinterprets a single press for a hold. Happens to me all the time.

  • jkspike3

    Well that kinda sucks. But yay?

    • Ritchie

      This is irrelevent but still need to know how did u get the pic on this site? I dont want the cartoon pic that comes with my posts.

  • Ritchie

    I want to know about OTA’s for the Cliq, wether being for 2.1 or fixing bugs…

  • Windy

    MAYBE, this could be a preparation update???? (for eclair)

    but, i doubt it. nonetheless, an update is an update, which means it is some sort of improvement. :D

  • randy harrison

    i got the update early this morn. was a lil surprised as i have not noticed any difference as my phone has always shown when i have a missed call!!!! but hey i can’t wait for the ota android update to 2.1. that is gonna be awesome. any ideas of when it will be released?

  • Did we ever get confirmation that the MT3G will even get 2.X? I know the Fender edition will and the MT3G 1.2 but what about us old schoolers?

    • sorandkairi

      When did u see about the mytouch either one of them getting the 2.xx upgrade in the US. I must have missed that! But for the record both of them (32a and 32b) should be able to handle the upgrade without too much difficulty.

  • how

    Guessing this is a typo, but did you mean
    “Bad News: this isn’t Android 2.1, or even 2.0”
    instead of “Bad News: this isn’t Android 2.1, or even 2.1” ??

    • Andrew

      Nope, what I am getting at is that 2.1 is more advanced than 2.0, so while it’s not an update to 2.1, is also isn’t a slightly worse update to 2.0

      • what???

        i am confused….you have “Bad News: this isn’t Android 2.1, or even 2.1.” so hows that again?

      • sorandkairi

        I think he meant 2.1 or 2.01! I think!

  • Pete

    I got an update this am on G1. Not really sure what it did but I still only have 1.6

  • steven

    Yeah, check your article… twas a typo

  • FILA

    well when the hell can we expect Eclair?

  • S. G.

    I am not sure what this updates.

    I already do “get a nice little notification for missed calls.” It shows a symbol in the status bar at the top of the phone screen. If the update give me some kind of popup that says “You have a missed call. Press to continue.” then I don’t want.

    • S. G.

      … and Happy Birthday to me.

      • sorandkairi

        happy birthday

  • Alvin B.

    I think at this point it is pretty obvious there will NEVER be a 2.x update for the Magic or Dream lineup. Never has T-Mobile, HTC, or Google given ANY statement indicating a desire to release 2.x for these phones. There have been rumours, but they all go back to unsubstantiated sources.

    • sorandkairi

      Get it right, the dream and magic are getting the updates but for the G1 and mytouch, T mobile hasnt said anything about it yet!

  • A.Minor

    Got my update this morn and was highly surprised at first… but no change… especially since i always got missed call notifications

  • NiiDiddy

    Stupid OTA. Don’t we already get missed call notifications?? I always have!!! They need to get their a–es into coming up with an Android 2.1 OTA. My patience it wearing thin!!

    • Enzeru

      My sister owns a MyTouch, her and other people were not getting a missed call notifications for awhile. It was pretty much on and off and I witnessed that. So this is a good update as people need to know what calls they are missing! And don’t be impatient over the 2.1 update. I rather they take their time then to rush out some OTA that may not completely be ready.

  • benoit808

    Sorry if thats a stupid question but how do we know if we got the update?

  • adien

    Actually this may be something just a bit more than just a notification fix… It is apparently supposed to “Improve Call Quality” as well… what ever that means, but that’s what TMO is telling it’s CSRs. It hasn’t been sent to most users yet.

  • atk505

    friend with a G1 got the update last night

  • savant

    I have a g1 so y did I receive an update also. I am now updated to build DMD64

    • SteveG1

      Why it wasn’t said in the original post I do not know, but this was indeed intended for some G1 devices as well as the MyTouch 3G. This information was on t-mobiles support page. All we can do is hope that this update has something to do with 2.0 or 2.1 but only time will tell.

  • This freakin sucks… is the MYTOUCH even getting android 2.1???????? please email me and tell me:

  • adien

    I’m sure that tmo will offer 2.1 if at all possible. but it would be better to ask google, as these are “with google” phones and google plays a MAJOR part in rolling out the updates for these specific phones. Tmo is probably knocking down their door to get it as soon as possible, seeing as tmo wants to keep it’s image as the premier android carrier.

    • mndave

      Seeing as tmo wants to regain its image as the premier android carrier…

      I think Verizon is currently the premier android carrier.

  • josephj

    i didnt get my small OTA mytouch 3g update
    what happened?

  • Dj Dadeo

    Try opening your dialer and punching in *#*#2432546#*#* then just wait for it overnight or so…

  • Dj Dadeo

    Dose anyone know if the small update will now allow mt3g users to use the my maps killer gps system?

    • The google maps navigation is already available for mt3b users, but it is not a system update. you have to update the google maps app through the android market to get the newest version of google maps which has the navigation and latitude updates built-in.

      and, yeah, android 2.1 would be nice. google is gonna piss off people and become the next microsoft if they don’t take care of their customers by rolling out the updates. i already know people who are choosing to buy iphones instead of an android phone because they don’t want to be left behind with out-of-date software on their phones. (google: are you listening??)