Boo Yah! Evansville, Indiana Gets 3G!


Congratulations, Evansville!  You now have 3G thanks to T-Mobile.  As someone who has had 3G for a while, I will be the first to welcome you to the club.  Are you enjoying the super fast 3G speeds and improved call quality yet? If you’re still looking for a nice 3G enabled device, check out the HTC HD2.  Anyone out there reading this from Evansville?  If so, let us know how you like it!


  • Davidohio

    Congrats Evansville! Slowly but surely 3G is expanding.

  • Jay

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET AN ARTICLE ABOUT WHY MY MOTOBLUR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN WORKING ON MY MOTOROLA CLIQ FOR THE LAST 5 DAYS! ! ! ! ! ! ….How have you guys missed such an important outage?…..You were all over the stupid Sidekick outage for weeks it seemed but not a mere mention of how all of us Moto Cliq users are pissed off because none of our Happenings or RSS Feeds are functioning at all ! ! ! !….I called T-Mobile today and they said they are aware of the problem and Moto has been trying to fix it for the past 5 days! ! ! !…I am pretty much done with Motorola and their crappy updates and lack of communication with their users….Please give me an article about this MotoBlur problem so I can discuss it with other readers experiencing the same issues! ! ! !…..Thanks and your site is great!….Keep up the good work….Oh, and some new articles about Windows Phone 7 would be awesome….The HTC HD2 looks great but why buy 2 phones in the same year?

    • Jennifer

      Mine has been working on and off for awhile. I didn’t get any updates for most of yesterday, then I got 30 at once. Same with my news widget.

    • Dalton

      Maybe nobody emailed him about the outage?

    • timmyjoe42

      No MotoBlur disruptions for me. Did you reboot?

  • Shannon

    Bummed that we never got our article welcoming Las Cruces to the world of 3g :(

  • Luis

    I am glad that T-mobile keeps working on getting 3g all over USA. Slowly but surely increasing. In fact that is the next thing on USA everywhere is going to 3g in the future. Way better GPRS and EDGE…

  • Gabriel Salgado

    Puerto Rico is not even in the list of future 3G expansion, moving to ATT soon!

    • watbetch

      Just move already… jesus. I bet no one outside of Puerto Rico cares about T-Mobile 3G.

  • Tony

    Coming and going on my G1 inside my house in Newburgh (next to Evansville). Will check it out more this evening.

  • gabe

    When are we going to see some powerful Android phones. Thats all I’m worried about.

    • Rick

      Yes! When? The early specs on the Samsung Galaxy S look pretty good. I want a phone w/16 gig of memory and no need to root it to hold programs. If the HD2 can have 16 gig so can an Android phone!

      • wm

        thing is wm allows apps to sd installation. that is why it really is necessary to ship it with more than 4 gb of sd.

        if stock android doesnt allow it, why would a manufacturer waste money shipping it with a 16 gb, when the shipped sdcard is always bad anyways.

  • Mike

    I’m starting to think MS is never going to get 3G. It’s ridiculous. What is T-Mo’s problem? Why bring HSPA to places while you still have huge areas that still have no 3G???

    • Chris

      I said the same thing Mike. Makes no sense to me, why put out the newest stuff, when you don’t have 3G everywhere. So then when these places finally get 3G, then they will be behind on HSPA. And the list goes on and on.

      • Sunnyb

        Here is the latest list of large cities that TMO has not yet upgraded to 3G:

        Lincoln, NE ( 72 )
        Mobile, AL ( 116 )
        Jackson, MS ( 132 )
        Tallahassee, FL ( 133 )
        Springfield, MO ( 148 )
        Midland, TX ( 240 )
        Erie, PA ( 249 )*
        Murfreesboro, TN ( 259 )

        * On TMO’s leaked 2009 3G roll-out list

    • watbetch

      It makes no sense why this is even being discussed. When did they stop new 3G deployments for HSPA? Use your brain here. Why should we have to suffer with substandard 3G speeds until they get the ENTIRE network overlaid with 3G?

      • Chris

        Why the hell should we be held down to 2G speeds either idiot! Go piss on someone else’s tree.

      • watbetch

        I’m sorry but T-Mobile has more customers in the larger cities and that’s why we got 3G first. If you don’t like it that’s too bad.

  • Anthony

    Who cares about Evansville, Indiana. If you don’t live in a city that hasn’t had 3G for a while, it’s probably not worth living.

    Not to mention that if the best thing coming out of Tmobile in the last week is: A) 3G in Evansville, Indiana and B) stock of a phone you built in limited quantities, then it’s been a pretty bad week.

    • SirMac

      If you havent realized, they are specifically catering to Indiana, every important city in Indiana, including Evansville, now has 3G… hell you cant just throw a 3G tower up anywhere you want, it costs money! You should probably be lucky you live near/in a big city that was one of the first to get 3G.

  • chris

    got hd2:

    question to people. anybody got updates from microsoft through my phone app? two of my friends said they got one and now they are seeing H on top of their devices instead of 3g. They are both running stock tmo roms so i know its not just the dev changing the 3g logo to H. i didn’t get mine. so i’m wondering if anyone got this… by the way my friend said the speed is incredible… ugh i envy him.

    • chris

      I live around Los Angeles, CA by the way… anybody around LA getting H?

  • Vap1d

    this was spotted in evansville, my guess is nobody there even knows what 3g is..

  • Marvin

    It’s four months into the year and still no 3G list. Stop keeping us in suspense. Who’s next to get 3G!!

  • Ryan T

    Umm… how about some 3g love for me in Erie, Pa. We were supposed 2 get it last yr. And the reps at the store assured me it was coming soon so I stayed with tmob and got a cliq and now motoblur doesn’t even work. Urgh! Should have went to evil big red and got a droid!!!

    • Erin

      I’m in Erie too and am very frustrated. Oh well, moving out of this lame town next week anyway.

    • wm

      please don’t believe what reps say lol…

      • TMOTECH

        correction dont believe what POS store reps say theyre always just tryin to make a sell

  • mdavis

    3g going in and out here in evansville on my signal has pretty much sucked all day..and who cares about 3g in evansville? Probably the tmobile users in evansville einstein!

  • johnny

    Las Cruces, NM enjoying 3g greatness. Great job T-Mobile!!! Keep rolling out that 3g love.

  • Jose

    How about some 3g love here in San Juan PR? we have the 3g phones all we need is the 3g service from T Mobile. :(


      yea well suncomms towers suck so tmobile has to update them so its a long process buddy

  • I would love to have some 3g coverage. I live in Allendale, Michigan which is 10 minutes outside of Tmobile’s 3g coverage. They know they can expand their coverage by 10 more miles. Its a college campus here 22,000 people on campus that could use some 3g love. ATT Verizon and Sprint all have 3g coverage here. Tmobile im looking at you!

    • Dan

      In Pensacola/Destin/Panama City Beach … over 10 millions of tourists every year enjoy 3G coverage … from ATT and Verizon that is!

  • Whit

    How about some 3G love for Roswell, NM?

  • jaymax

    It’s also interesting to note that TMO seems to be expanding its native network footprint into previously unserved areas. TMO now has moved into South Dakota (Sioux Falls), North Dakota (Fargo, Grand Forks and between, and into much of Northern Minnesota.

  • mdavis

    I had no 3g at all today here in evansville…

  • Mike

    I’m surprised my town has 3G from T Mobile, (Michigan City, IN) small town around 40,000, we’ve had it for awhile now.

  • Josh

    St. George, Utah has more than 80,000 people and we’re still stuck with T-Mobile 2G.

    But seriously, people, it’s really not all TMO’s fault they can’t get 3G in some areas. People on here need to stop whining and contact their local government (whoever is holding the spectrum TMO needs hostage) and actually take action and say something to get them off the spectrum faster.

    Even if it doesn’t work, it will definitely be better complaining at the CAUSE of the problem than on a TMO blog or T-Mobile themselves.

    • Dan

      No it’s not their fault, poor guys from T-mobile I bet they feel so bad when they bill me every month knowing they can’t get me 3g. Maybe I should spend my days off holding up signs with “Free T-mobile” in front of teh city hall. Oh snap! I have a better idea, when my contract is up I’ll just switch to ATT.

      • watbetch

        Best idea you’ve ever had. When you switch you can stop trolling here, kthxbai.
        because incase you didn’t notice, you’re the only one out of “10 Million” [me thinks that’s BS] complaining about T-Mobile 3G.

  • borikua1997

    well well ,but what’s happening with puerto rico? no 3g for us why?


    Cuz u all suck and cimolain a lot lol, the towers in PR just suck plain and simple


    I mean complain a lot

  • juan

    whoo!!! 3g in eagle pass Tx. for the 1st time
    but i dont have a 3g device :(
    but i have a standard G device :)

  • whoo!!! For the 1st time Eagle Pass Tx gets 3G covered and you guys havent announced 3g launches
    but the bad part is that i dont have a 3g device :(
    but the good part is that i have regular G coverage :)

  • Bill

    Okay, but it be nice if T-Mobile would expand 3G to all points between cities where they have coverage. For Christ’s sake how fast is enough; God forbid they nail our hind parts using their network with computers and laptops and net-books. I don’t care how fast their network becomes; you have to have devices like the HD2 and Samsung’s Vibrant Galaxy S or any device with a fast CPU to really take advantage of it. It wouldn’t be too much to ask if the powers that be could release a Rhodium with a 1 GHz CPU and that brilliant kayboard; please!