T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out?


Update: Looks like there are still some stores with devices on hand, but it’s certainly moving quickly so you better act fast!

Word coming down from all sources is that the HTC HD2 is sold out across the board in retail stores. You might have some luck if you call around but as we hear it, it’s sold out, sold out, sold out.  We’ll update this as we learn more!


  • ryan

    ha ha thats why i took the day off work!

  • benjitek

    Guess we must’ve gotten more shipped to us in Los Angeles, I just checked with 2 T-Mobile stores and was told by both that they had plenty. Perhaps it’s just where you are?

    • God

      My store near my office in st louis has them available too

  • Bdar

    Me Too! I got two of these beauties at 9:00am.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    Went to the closest ‘official’ store near me (I’m sorry, I just don’t trust 3rd party cellphone places), which is only 10 minutes away. Got there right as they opened at 10AM and there were 5 other people ahead of me, all wanting an HD2. 5 doesn’t mean squat, but at least there were some people there. As the Reps were checking people out, they kept getting phone calls asking if they had the HD2. I heard the rep tell someone he had about 16 of them… well 5 guys in line, 2 of whom walked away with TWO each, one who walked away with nothing, then me… there’s 7 out of 16 gone already. More people came in but not for the HD2, as I was leaving, I counted at least 2 more people there wanting the HD2, so that’s 9 out of 16 gone, all by 11AM.

    Also, I bought mine, no contract, no discount. I read on BGR some dude complaing stores wouldn’t sell it to him unless he was under contract, but I say don’t believe such lies (whether the liar is the person posting the story or the salesman he talked to).

    I have to say, if you haven’t seen this phone in person, the first thing to knock you on your ass is the real estate of the screen. I knew it was gonna be big… but wow. I made a joke to a co-worker, “This would be the only instance where you can brag about 4 inches”. LOL. The screen quality on the HD2 makes the G1 look CHEAP.

  • Shayne Carlos

    they are sold out this dam phone EVERYWHERE..i left home bright && early too make sure i got one…so why dont i have one in my hands at this very moment? BECAUSE IN ORDER TO GET A TMOBILE HD2 YOU HAVE TO GET A NEW CONTACT OR UPGRADE..YOU CANT BUY THE PHONE FOR FULL RETAIL PRICE..this is shear BS..just so you know im currently jealous at anyone who has this phone right now…ugh..

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Be extra jealous of me then: No contract, $449. Orlando.

      • Brad

        me too 449 Orlando

      • Brad

        me too 449 Orlando

      • G-Unit

        $449 + tax Washington DC Metro area.

    • johnny

      tea you should be extra jealous of me also then. 449+ tax in tampa florida

    • nutzareus

      That is not true I bought mine $449.99 plus tax. Salesperson said are you sure since I was eligible, I said no thanks saving that for successor to this phone, within 1 year probably.

      • tato22

        got 2 for $252 miami fl =)

    • Leave some jealousy for me too!! $449+Tax, NO CONTRACT, here in Chicago;]

    • Jesse

      I’ve had mine since monday… = )

  • Shayne Carlos

    they are sold out this dam phone EVERYWHERE..i left home bright && early too make sure i got one…so why dont i have one in my hands at this very moment? BECAUSE IN ORDER TO GET A TMOBILE HD2 YOU HAVE TO GET A NEW CONTACT OR UPGRADE..YOU CANT BUY THE PHONE FOR FULL RETAIL PRICE..this is shear BS..just so you know im currently jealous at anyone who has this phone right now…ugh..and on top of that im a current tmobile subscriber..this just pisses me off && im not gonna pay wirefly and extra $100 for this phone..

    • Chon

      weird…im not on a contract and i got one today…installment payments

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Why don’t you try to CALL t-mobile instead and COMPLAIN about the shitty stores in your city that seem to not understand how to sell a non-contracted phone without discount? You just had like 5 or 6 people from different cities tell you wrong.

      Unless… you’re not telling anyone the full story and what you really want is the 20-month payment plan, which requires an updgrade to Even More Plus whether contracted or non-contracted.

  • HerbieDerb

    Still available online for purchase ($449).

  • I was at my TMO store at 8:40 this morning, and was third in line. They said they only had 12…and by the time I left, there were at least 15 people in the store. (Tampa)

  • alex

    So the big question is do they work with TZones?

    • mrbuyit

      I would like to know this as well. Will buy it outright it someone will confirm tzones is running great! Thanks.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    I’ll also tell you the one thing I didn’t realize and the one thing I’m disappointed about: The USB connector. Previously, I had MDA, Shadow 1 and G1, all used the same mini-USB. The HD2 does not. It uses a flatter mini-USB connector, so I’m going to have to lug around the same cable and charger everywhere I got (whereas right now I have like a million of them mini-USB cable lying around everywhere… work, home, etc). But an extremely small complaint.

    • Chon

      ran across that same issue….had to drive back to the tmo store to get a new car charger :( ….otherwise life is great :)

    • beej

      Yup! Same here. I have three of those chargers, but no longer…at least I have one of those car USB chargers…

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    I’ll also tell you the one thing I didn’t realize and the one thing I’m disappointed about: The USB connector. Previously, I had MDA, Shadow 1 and G1, all used the same mini-USB. The HD2 does not. It uses a flatter mini-USB connector, so I’m going to have to lug around the same cable and charger everywhere I got (whereas right now I have like a million of them mini-USB cable lying around everywhere… work, home, etc). But an extremely small complaint.

    • David Brown

      It is a micro-usb connector and it is the current “standard”. You can buy Motorola mini-usb to micro-usb converters for a few bucks on Amazon and Ebay.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Sorry for double post. Buggy net today.

  • ryan


  • NobleTMobile

    Don’t forget Radio Shack and Wal-Mart, not to mention Best Buy in some markets. On the topic of someone not being able to buy it out right. That is ridiculous, would defeat the point of Even More Plus.

  • NobleTMobile

    Plus it will be $50 less on agreement at those National Retailers it seems.


    I was the first one in the store this morning here in Houston,tx off of hwy 290 and 34th. I was told that I got the last one because the night before the manager supposedly got the go ahead to place names on a list and hold them for customers. That sucked because I know of three people at least behind me who were there for that phone. It was worth being late to work this morning…. This phone is CLEAN :)

    I am actually really enjoying and getting used to swype

    • Ricardo

      That’s so not right. If i am at the store ready to purchase the phone, why should someone who is not there have one on hold?

      • sdot00

        Agreed…they shouldn’t hold anything…first come first serve.

  • JethroGibbs

    You can also order through Customer Care as well or order online through your my tmobile access. Yeah it means you gotta wait for shipping, but if you really want one, they are out there.


    Just got it at 930am the phone is SICK!!!!!!

  • tato22

    lol happy i got both of mines lol early morning

  • johnny

    was at the store early this morning at 830. got 2 of these bad boys and loving it! posting this with my hd2


    My store has a few left he said they are going fast though.

  • Srinivas

    business account so had to order it with them on phone, will be getting mine on monday. payed the full price, cheaper in the long run

  • Srinivas

    business account so had to order it with them on phone, will be getting mine on monday. payed the full price, cheaper in the long run

  • gargoyle999

    Is there a way to have this thing in silent mode, but specify some phone numbers where it will still ring? I had that on my BB curve and it’s a very nice feature.

  • Jeff & Heather

    Snagged two online at T-Mobile.com. $399 pricing for us ($50 discount for being pro-rated towards upgrade). Confirmed that our household will be HD2’d by next week!

  • hdtweezy

    I got my bad @$$ HD2 this morning. The store was packed afyer I left. everyone was there for this phone.Ivfeel so lucky to own one. I LOVE IT! (Miami,fl)

  • l0nemonk

    I got mine at 10am when the store opened up in NYC. They had only 7. By the time I left at 10:30am, there were 4 left and 3 people in the store. I am charging mine so I can play later. The screen in crazy. Next to my G1 and Motoming A1200… This is huge.

  • Vance Kromo

    Walmart has them if you are in Dallas. Walmart on Frankford and March has about 5 left and they are just $148.88 just got mine. It is with Tax $161.00 but i got a walmart C.C. and i get back $20 on first bill total price $140.00 best price for a 2 year contract.

  • Vance Kromo

    Walmart has them if you are in Dallas. Walmart on Frankford and March has about 5 left and they are just $148.88 just got mine. It is with Tax $161.00 but i got a walmart C.C. and i get back $20 on first bill total price $140.00 best price for a 2 year contract.

  • ajacdc

    good thing i was up early bright eye and bushy tailed…i knew this would happen how foolish of tmo to not stock at least 50 of these bad boys per store but if it made sense it never happens

  • ajacdc

    good thing i was up early bright eye and bushy tailed…i knew this would happen how foolish of tmo to not stock at least 50 of these bad boys per store but if it made sense it never happens

  • Tech_dood

    Part of me hates all you guys got one early. Cause that means I don’t get one (here in KS…SOLD OUT!!)

    But the other part of me is glad that you guys got one, or two. Congrats!

    BTW: Will you guys post up some real word battery usage times. Also, T-mobile reps told me I HAD to have data on the line that was to use the phone. Can I cancel the data plan after I get the phone?

  • jtomm

    i was the only person at the store at 9 am. got the bogo deal…two hd2’s for $230 good times

  • jtomm

    i was the only person at the store at 9 am. got the bogo deal…two hd2’s for $230 good times

  • Tech_dood

    Part of me hates you guys for having one so early.
    The other part of me is glad.
    Can someone post real world battery usage times?

    Also, does anyone have this phone and NOT have data. I don’t need it because I work on a college campus that is blanketed in wi-fi. Not to mention I have internet at my apartment. I don’t need to pay 30 bux a line. If t-mobile requires you to have this when you order it, can you then call back, and cancel later?

    • Squeezie

      If it’s REQUIRED then, no you can’t call back to cancel.
      I’d strongly reccomend you get the data with this device wi-fi or no it’s going to suck without. You’re buying a DATA device, pay for the DATA to go with it.

  • jeff

    3 at Walmart in Wilmington, NC.

  • SKA

    Its Windows Mobile thats why Im not getting one. I have a Dash 3G and 2 Touch Pro2s on my line and I had the first Dash and PDA. The only way I would get this phone is if it is $50 or below. I checked one out yesterday and I am sorry to say I will not get one. Sorry guys I know this will piss off a lot of people. Sorry :(

    • whetto

      lol silly logic. oh well, more for everyone else who wants to get one! (i bought mine at 11:30 last night online…love bein an employee!)

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      No, not really piss anyone off cause you were intelligent about it. I think everyone really understands that there’s different strokes for different folks… it’s the fanboys who act like their one device is the end-all be-all that gets people riled up.

  • Shayne Carlos

    I JUST GOT ONE! I WAS PUSHIN MY CAR TO THE LIMIT TO GET TO THE STORE…HAD TO DRIVE TO ANOTHER CITY, i live in the houston area…this phone is def worth it…i was lucky..i got the last one..and they let me buy it full retail price

  • Dozer

    Anyone know for sure if one purchases the HD2 @ full price, is there data requirements added as well? I still have TZones at $2.99 and don’t want to lose that ;) THANKS!

    • i paid them in cash for mine and they didnt ask a thing so id imagine your good.

  • zoth

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOGLE ARE YOU WATCHING? Eat your your N1 or stop selling them your self.

  • wow it just came out today and itd sold out it must be a killer phone

  • gargoyle999

    it does have an FM receiver

  • Shayne Carlos

    @ska i dont think you pissing anyone off..thats your lost on such a great phone..i been through several wm phones && i most say the HD2 IS BAD FUCKING ASS…im so happy i lucked out and got one…your lost sorry man…

  • Njchic

    I was the only person at my store
    at 10am. They had ten phones. Paid 449 plus tax. I did have to go back to the store bc my charger was faulty and didnt charge my phone. they exchanged it no problem. im loving swype!!!

  • Scott

    Can anyone tell me if it also has a compact qwerty keyboard or a phone keyboard? like the sense keyboard has on android.

    • Bdar

      sending this from my hd2 and the keyboard options I have are:
      full qwerty
      compact qwerty
      phone keypad

  • Njchic

    I was the only person at my store
    at 10am. They had ten phones. Paid 449 plus tax. I did have to go back to the store bc my charger was faulty and didnt charge my phone. they exchanged it no problem. im loving swype!!!

  • efjay

    Have mine, people at work are stopping by to see it, feel like I should be charging admission :) Oh yes, posted from my HD2!

  • Rt

    We still have 4 left in machesney park il

  • Rt


  • zaboo

    the tmobile retail store i went to only had 7 shipped to them. i helped them out and took 2 off their hands. going from the original shadow to hd2, all i have to say is ridiculous.

  • sikkboy

    I got mine this morning! Was waiting with two other people for the mall/ T-Mo store to open. The rep actually took two phone calls from people asking about the HD2. Wow, gotta say I’m loving it right now. Bye iPhone!

  • ExtraGiddy

    I’m soooo glad I changed my mind and got up early this morning to get this phone. I’m so excited! This phone is beautiful! 1st in line. People were buying this thing by 2s. Both stores by me were sold out before 10!

    • MoJo..HD@

      I GOT MINE!!!!>>..up early and first in line to get the first 2 at my store..!!!!

  • mike

    why would you want tzones when you can get the whole internet, tzones on a hd2 what a joke, if you must have tzones go back to a 5 year old flip phone

    • mrbuyit

      Why would you want to pay $30 for whole internet when you can use Tzones on 3G including tethering for $5.99? It is grandfathered and was designed to work on non-smartphones but it works on Bold 9700 and Dash 3G without a problem and supports full 3G.
      The reason is to save $25 a months (more the $500 over 2 yrs). New Web2Go won’t work on smartphones ($10) but TZones should work – just wanted to see if anyone tried it because I take a jump!

  • Matt


    When people refer to t-zones, its just edge service, same internet.etc BUT it’s only $5 a month if you are grandfathered in.

    So people who have horrible 3g service in their area, its actually pretty awesome

    • mrbuyit

      Well, all I can say is that TZones is not for EDGE-only phones. Once the network is switched to 3G, there is no way to filter EDGE signal to those with TZones. Being grandfathered is beautiful (just like still having myFaves). Wish someone would reply and tell if it works! My TM store refused to allow me to put in my SIM to try!

  • Anthony

    Are you getting paid to sell the HD2? It seems pretty unanimous that the HD2 isn’t “sold out, sold out, sold out” based on many of the posts and calling a few stores here in Chicago. Not to mention that the quantities that were at each store (5-15?) isn’t exactly something to brag about “selling out”.

    With T-mobile screwing their customers today by changing the early upgrade there is no point to for me to pay $450 for a phone that some can get for $100 with a new activation. I have a feeling that this phone is going to be eclipsed for Tmobile shortly at CTIA.

    • john

      sometimes things change, if you’re on a family time plan with more than 89.99 per month spent you’ll have a full upgrade anyway.

      • Anthony

        Sometimes things change? They day of supposedly the “best” phone in the world is released and it changes over night by luck? Stop being so naive.

        I spend about $150 on my family plan with 2 blackberry’s and add-ons. One phone is at 24 months and one is at 12 months. On my 12 month phone YESTERDAY I could upgrade, but today not so much.

      • john

        Not being naive. These changes were put into training a month ago. Besides, the privledge to do early upgrade was just that a privledge. The early upgrade plus is still there too if you’re at 18 months.

      • Anthony

        The “privilege” (sometimes you can’t just sound out a word) to receive my $150 every month is just that, a “privilege’.

      • beej

        I was told by Online Customer Care that I didn’t qualify for the full discount, but I went down anyways, and without asking for it, they gave it to me. You may have already gone down there to try, but if not, see if you can get the full discount.

      • john

        Well, if you are spending 150 a month, and its been more than 12 months since your last upgrade, you should have the family upgrade option. So if you’re really spending that much you should already have your phone. The fact that you are posting a complaint indicates either you haven’t called in or you’re lying about your amount you spend.

      • Anthony

        john says:
        March 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

        Well, if you are spending 150 a month, and its been more than 12 months since your last upgrade, you should have the family upgrade option. So if you’re really spending that much you should already have your phone. The fact that you are posting a complaint indicates either you haven’t called in or you’re lying about your amount you spend.

        1) I’ve never heard of the family upgrade option
        2) When I log in to my Tmobile account and try to upgrade my phone, I don’t get a full upgrade. Please see a number of the other posts here with the same problem
        3) The fact that me posting a complaint online only yields 2 possible options shows according to you loses all your credibility. No, I haven’t had time to call in because the fact is that they changed the early upgrade thing today and I think that is shady. I also, as noted, don’t really want the HD2 since there are going to be a lot better options coming out over the summer and into the fall.

      • JD

        Because the “old” upgrade plan is still on the website, they said they would honor it when I asked politely.

      • MoJo..HD@

        LOL!!!!!!ANTHONY>>> I’m lovin my Phone….lol…and for your last statement about not wanting the HD2….if you didn’t/don’t want…then why are you so mad..shut up and stop complaining…BY the time summer and fall come around you will be able to update…lol…chill buddy..

  • Kevin

    Anyone able to get the blockbuster app to work? Seems to be the only thing not working for me. It updated itself to v2.33, but now it just tells me that I’m offline and I need to connect to my cellular service network or Wi-Fi which I clearly am. Anyone else seeing this?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is it my computer or was T-Mo News down AGAIN for the past few hours? Tried to log on and got that T-Mo “temporarily available” message.

    They need to find another hosting company, this is very hillbilly being down every so often.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I was going to say something about that too… if it’s not the Temp Down message, it’s the cannot connect to database message… WTH TMONEWS?

  • DK Brothers

    Off topic for a second…

    Is anyone besides me having a problem getting Google Maps to load? Mine has been saying “loading” for two hours. Guess I’ll just reinstall it.

    • justsomedude

      Or get a Google phone LOL

      • Doug


      • beej

        Wow, Justsomedork, I didn’t see this comment coming from you!

  • bahhumbug

    no way no how! no apple in my hands! heck no ms fone either!. and as for ms shooting them selves in the foot “no upgrades over lack of buttons” let that be put on the tombstone.

    whats next rotary fones you can take with you?

    let them eat poor sales just like google when they decided to toss out all of the “pre existing” customers and only give deals to the newbies.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    THIS SITE NEEDS TO GET A NEW HOST. THE SERVER IS SO HILLBILLY. The site has been down from time to time all morning. Been getting that “Can’t find a node” message.

    • David, Managing Editor

      There is certainly a problem with the hosting going on, I’m working to rectify it but its not the quickest move in the world.

  • Kevin

    Has anyone got the blockbuster app to work? It upgraded itself to v2.33 and not it just says that I am offline and need to connect to my carrier service network or Wi-Fi which I clearly already am. This is currently the only thing that doesnt seem to be working. Anyone else getting this?

    • Green Robot

      Hey maybe they went bankrupt like they were going to. Did you check financial news to check?

  • matt

    Damnnn, I’m soo jealous of you guys and pissed at myself. I was on my way to work and was thinking, should I go now, or just wait until lunch? (BTW I’m in NYC, downtown area) I figured I’d rather be on time for work and just go on lunch at 12, they should still have it. So I get there at 12 and they say, “we only got 13 phones in, they were gone within 30 minutes” GGGRRR now I have to call CS and order one over the phone and wait for it :-(

    • Jay

      If you pop into Queens, Jackson Heights / Elmhurst area, you might get better luck if you want it today. My location only sold about 2 by the afternoon.

  • happyhd2’r

    im so happy I got my hd 2 before it sold out and I took advantage of the bogo and got my mom one too..it is amazing and so is swype I love it

  • DK Brothers

    Matt, If you went to the store at 170 Broadway, I got one of the 13 they had.

  • chaoscentral

    got mine this morning :) so glad i did lol this thing is a beast. getting it didst exactly go as smooth as i had liked but i got it and am writing this content from it :)

  • mike

    my local store still has 5 left

  • JD

    Sold out is the least of my worries. Mow when I log into My T-mobile, I’m told that none of my lines are eligible for an upgrade. I called 611 several time over the last few weeks to confirm that 3/4 are, and I had upgrade options for those lines up until noon today. T-Mobile, you’re making me angry!! Anyone else having this problem?

    • lvcrazy

      yup same here, this sucks.. i have to go back on april and check if i can still do it.

      • beej

        I’d at least try…online may not have as much flexibility as the stores or 611…

      • Chad

        I checked to see if I was eligible at midnight last night and the site said I wasn’t. I entered a chat with a rep and they said it’s a problem with the site. If you were eligible you still are. BTW, I got charged $249 plus an $18 upgrade fee. What happened to a smart phone upgrade every 12 months being charged the same as new customers? G1->HD2 = $249!?

    • JD

      After calling and telling them that the early upgrade plus information is still on their website, they said they would still honor it and offered it at $199. Be persistent but polite, and you’ll probably get it for less.

      Apparently they changed their upgrade schedule as of today. Very sneaky TMo, very sneaky…

    • codester

      called yesterday to confirm my full upgrade with cs. they confirmed that I did and would get it for $199. got to the store this morning to purchase and was told $249 + $18 for upgrade fee. politely told rep my story with cs. they looked up the notes on my account and saw that they told me the lower price. walked out 20 minutes later with the hd dos in my hand for $199! wrote this message on swype with the new beast!

  • Gentilly Woods

    Got mine at 10:06 this morning in Memphis, TN. Glad I did got there when they opened at 10:00. While setting up my new phone, 5 others walked in to purchase. Only 5 in the store. Sold out by 10:20. Whew!!! Beautiful phone :-)

  • josh

    I went in today and got a bogo without being out of contract I’m at 18 months

  • Can you tether the phone? I would be nice if you can use your 3g network on your laptop.

    • aLb3Rt

      tether and use it as a wifi router. i’ve actually tried it. pretty cool!

  • JBLmobileG1

    @ Matt… why not just try your local WalMart? They might still have it in stock. I know at mine we still have a few with the first selling at cost. Most people I am sure went to the Tmobile store first but why not try WalMart? If your upgrading or adding a new line its only $148.88 with a 2yr contract. I would say the only real downside is that we don’t offer the BOGO deal buts its still $50 cheaper and you can’t beat that.

  • geonex88

    enjoying mine, glad I made the investment.

    • Anthony

      Buying a phone =/= making an investment

  • Chuong

    Went to a store near my work to check out the Nokia Nuron. The HD2 was sold out and the last two who picked them up were still there to have their phones set up.

  • Joe Pa

    So I popped in my sim card from my MT3G in my HD2 and everything seems to work. It reads 3G up topp, So I guess I don’t need to call T-Mobile Customer service and do anything? Is this right? By the way…this phone is the bees knees!!!!

    • Dalton

      Why would you..? Your sim card works for any phone on T-Mobile…

      • Joe Pa

        Yeah, I thought I heard something about different servers for Android and Windows phones. I can’t tell, though it seems fast as hell to me.

  • i picked mine up today but the rom is garbage it crashes and freezes like crazy. xda here i come!

  • Happy Camper

    I upgraded from my nokia 2110 ( http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_2110-24.php ) to the HD2. Almost the same specs except HD2 has bigger screen. Giving my HD2 a month to test it out. if it is not what I expect, I will be going back to my nokia and watch transformers on it.

    • Green Robot

      That is just plain hilarious. Best post of the month by far…

    • beej


  • Ceddy Ced

    Phone looks nice. I dont know though. I already have one pet peeve. Nice sunny day outside with my phone…. i couldnt see shit on the screen but my handsome face smh. Good thing i got 14 days….

    • Joe Pa

      Did you check yes when it asked for the Google tracking option in the setup?

  • gargoyle999

    anyone figure out wifi tethering yet?

  • RayLebron

    I got mine early. Sadly I discovered that the my unit was previously used by one of the sales representative. I went back later, after work, and asked them to replace it for a new one. Thankfully they did and things couldnt be any better. Great phoje by the way.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That would really frost me, selling a used phone as new.

    • sdot00

      I wonder why they would have done that?? Most of the stores got 2 demos or at least 1….that’s not typical of a TMO corporate store…but I’m glad they took care of it for you!

      • RayLebron

        When I went back to the store a representative told me that another representative opened the phoje and inserted his sim card to show the phone to someone. I noticed my phoje was previously used when I tried to make a call. I noticed that it had a lost call, I called back and ask the guy who picked up the phone if he worked for TMo. He told me he did. Thats when I decided to go back. The phone was in perfect shape and I dont know you guys but if I’m going to buy something that’s new I want to be the first one to try it.

  • Ricardo

    Got there at 9:30 and no one was there. By ten, 7 people were behind me. When i got in, i had trouble getting it on my account so the overided the problem and i was good. I asked the clerk how many they got. He said nine, so i looked back at the line and it was to the door. I shook my head and walked out with my baby. Hulu works nice on skyfire. How did you guys get swype on the phone cause i don’t see it?

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

      • gargoyle999

        ugh….sorry. keeps timing out, didn’t think it went though.

  • esco

    sucks so bad…i was one of those guys who was too far back in line to get it. I cry salty tears of regret. :( went to like 5 stores and they were all sold out just when I got there.

  • cu2cool

    Got mine at 9:30AM (EST) today. Noticed that when it’s sending or receiving data, there is noticible lag. (especially with the weather) Things I miss already off the bat from my MT3G/Android OS:

    1.) Google sync (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail)

    That is all, but I really do miss it. ='(

  • Marcus

    My local store got 12 in today and I got there around 1 and they sold out while I was paying for mine.

  • Lujan75

    finally a device that will satify all the critics, this phone rocks!!!! the droid and N1 dont even compare!

  • Jose

    Thats right, had to order mine from tmobile website. Saw it and tested at radio shack. Great phone.

  • Mike D

    I got my HD2 today! I got there at 8:45am and by 9:45am all 10 units were gone! SOLD OUT!!! I do think that T-Mobile really short changed themselves by ONLY sending 10 units to their stores! However, this phone is BETTER than I expected! By far the BEST phone I’ve ever owned. Now if only it had Google Maps with turn by turn voice!!! In due time…Google will probably release it this summer… fingers crossed.

    • Cu2cool


  • justsomed?de

    Sold out already? I hope people understand this this just came out and for it to be sold out now means that Tmo had no confidence in it so they only had very few units to sell. = Fail and dead in the water.

    • Shayne Carlos

      and this is a bad thing? atleast we didnt have to wait in long lines like iphone peeps did, which sold out in a matter of seconds..

      • pookiepook

        well there are dumb asses who did wait from like 12 the night before for the iphone fortunately i did the opposite my smart 16 year old ass pre-ordered it in time for it to arrive at ma door Friday morning at 10:30 am june 16 =D

      • pookiepook

        june 16 2009 **

  • HTC HD2 is sold out in every T Mobile store here in NYC. I had to order mine on line from T Mobile.com I will have it by Monday.

  • jtg205

    Imao hahaha to all you losers who bought this crap. Seriously tmobile gets all the leftovers all the other carriors dont want. Have any of you seen the sprint evo aka supersonic its amazing 4.3 inch screen 8.3 mp and the winner android. I just dont get how rational aperson must be to buy this window mobile crap when it will not upgrade to wm7. so please tmobile get something like the sprint evo.

    • Matt

      Too bad I can’t downrank here, that’s the biggest fail i’ve seen all day

    • Shayne Carlos

      im sorry to inform you but tmobile is home to 2 of the current most powerful devices “AVAILABLE” android && hd2, the evo isnt availble yet and by the time it is something tougher will appear…obviously no1 cares that it doesnt “officially” upgrade to wp7s..because its being sold out all over..EPIC FAIL MAN..
      we need a :hater: button lols

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      JustSumDud… is that you? Sure looks like you: the moronic writing style, misspellings and difficulty typing because of the three front teeth missing.

    • Steve

      one the evo is nice..but 4g doesn’t work everywhere…just cause it’s 8.3mp doesn’t mean it’s a good camera….and sprint sucks…and the evo is basically a hd2 with android which if we all wanted it could be put on the hd2 anyways

    • mrkhan

      what is above epic fail? all-encompassing fail? universal fail? whatever it is, this idiot nailed it. Yes the evo is nice, but then again:
      -at the end of the day, you’re stuck being a sprint customer.
      -8.3MP? Really? So you can do what, take even larger grainy picures with bad light? If you want to take 8MP pictures, get a camera.
      -Android-still a year or so from being really sorted out. Plus i don’t care to contribute to Google’s ongoing campaign to know what everybody does and when… WM6.5 isn’t that bad IMO. Everyone who badmouths it is probably wearing engadget-colored glasses.
      -4G? yes, but slower than HSPA+, and on a technology not being adopted by any other carrier, so have fun with that evo and its epic win-ness.

  • tucker

    we have 5 of the HD2 left at my tmobile limited in hurst, tx.

  • dizzylena

    I got to my tmo store downtown 10 minutes after opening, there were 8 people ahead of me in line. a few of them walked out with two by the time I left an hour later there were at least 10 people waiting in line.

    I can’t seem to get my phone numbers from my sim card to transfer over. is anyone having this problem? everything else is working great.

    I downloaded mobile netflix, very nice! I love the slacker radio way better than pandora. glad to see it came preloaded. it works just like my g2 slacker radio. think I’m going to sell that now…

    • dizzylena

      I should say in downtown CHICAGO

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah my buddy at the local store called me at 10:20 when his store opened at 10:00am. They had already sold 14 of the 20 they got in. Then I called at 11:45 and they were all gone, my lunch was at 12:00. Now I will have to order and wait, oh well.

  • Vinny

    Went in to get mine today and was reminded by the Tmo rep that the HTC trade in rebate has been extended until may. This is for anyone interested: https://www.recyclerebates.com/htc . Has anyone done this rebate in the past? Does it work?

    • JD

      Yeah, anyone with details about this rebate? Leaving an HTC for this one, if that matters.

  • Matt

    Ordered and waiting too, hopefully express shipping will get it here by Friday, I hate being patient.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Tip of the hat to those who got their HD2s today.

    But my concern is to actually order an HD2 before they run out. And I hate lines of any kind, airport, movies, T-Mo, you name it, I hate it.

    For that reason I ALWAYS order through 611. I called this morning at 3:00 a.m PDT and secured my order. From past 10 purchases I know it will arrive by Friday or Saturday. I am fine with that because I know I got one.

    Sidenote: See my posts in the other thread, but here’s some tips if you want to buy over the phone.

    1. Call at the time that CC opens. E.g., I knew they were open at 6:00 a.m EDT, so I had to call at 3:00. Don’t think there’s no hurry.

    When the Pearl went on sale in 2006 they were on backorder within a half day on debut day.

    2. When they have your order make damn sure they give you an order number and write it down. Only with an order number is it confirmed the computer saved a phone for you. Order numbers are spit out at the end of the transaction.

    3. If you are an Even More Plus customer, the CSR has to e-mail you an e-mail with a link that will go to a page where you digitally sign the credit installment plan. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THAT AGREEMENT THE ORDER WILL NOT BE PLACED. SO DON’T THINK YOU CAN AVOID THAT.

    Look for that e-mail in your spam folder online or on your computer. Confirm with CSR when they have you on the phone that the e-mail HAS BEEN SENT. You should get it while you are still talking.

    Look for the e-mail for the next hour or so if you don’t get it instantly. Remember, no e-mail = no signature = the T-Mo computer will NOT process the order = no phone for you.

    Make sure the CSR spells the e-mail address out to you and does not insert .com where .net or .org may be applicable.

    The above got all screwed up when I ordered a BlackBerry 9700 where TWO CSRs misspelled my e-mail address that has “sanfrancisco” in it. They spelled it “sanfransisco.” So when I checked why no e-mail like they said would be arriving, they said “oh, keep looking for it.” End result, no phone for two extra weeks. I was livid.

    Bonus sidenote: Based on the CSRs saying the Hd2 was selling quick via the phones, I suspect the HD2 will be on backorder by the end of the day (611 time).

  • NCole

    I HEART THIS FREAKN PHONE!!!! Does anyone know if Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Walmart carry any accessories for the phone??

    • my tmobile store had some cases and screen protectors for it. i also got a blackberry car charger and case for 12 at the tmobile store. threw the case away and use the car charger for the hd2! lots of accessories on ebay and other sites for it.

      • NCole

        @ nkog thanks a mill:) My Tmo in Ok had zero accessories! But I will hit up the online sites…:)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Hey NCole!!! Have you installed SPB Mobile Shell on yours yet?

      • NCole

        Hey Wilma Flintstone!!!!!!!:) I haven’t done that yet:/ just now getting to play with it, soon an very soon:) Have u installed yet?

  • sarah

    HD2 is amazing!!!!! As far as it goes for early upgrade plus, it was surprising for employees also. Just wait till 18 mos, (still 4 months early!)

  • ExtraGiddy

    Hey, Is anyone having trouble getting Active Sync to work properly? I had the Wing connected and it recognizes it fine, but the HD2 it does not. I’ve done all the so called troubleshooting including uninstalling/reinstalling AS. I have too many contacts/calendar items to try to do this manually. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Vinny

      Active Sync and Google Sync worked fine for me. You do need to have Outlook installed and setup on your PC for Active Sync to work properly though. At least that is what I had to do.

  • Mista

    I just got mine suckers

  • David

    got mine when store opened this morning ay 10am and i am loving it to death,much better then the g1..my store only had 7 on hand in the store and they were sold out in 5 mins,it was ricko

  • chicago081

    Walked into a TMobile in downtown Chicago at 11:15 this morning, walked out at 12:00 with a new HD2, boom, bada, bing, just like that. I like the phone but it takes getting used to after using a old razr phone for the past 5 years.

  • Steve

    I got home from work at 5pm and i called tmobile…i had no problem getting one…i won’t have it til friday but still…that might be an option if you can’t find one it stores…if you have AAA ask them about the discount…it’s nice!

  • Lee

    I was first in line at the mall in Indianapolis. Lol, One guy showed up besides me while I was there, I was shocked. I figured there’d be at least a few people. Must not be many phone junkies here, Lol. Seriously I have owned a ton of phones and I LOVE THIS PHONE!! Please exuse my enthusiasm but the HD2 is awsome!!!

  • thechemist

    I got to my tmobile store in Wichita, Ks at 10 after 9am. I was 6th in line. I bought two, the 6 people in front of me got one, and the guy behind me got one. 8 in less than 30 minutes of opening. They said they got 20 in, which was unusual.

  • wojax2

    just got mine!! haven’t even opened it yet..well ,here it goes!!

  • manushka

    I gots mine phones early this morning. The Tmo rep was awsome and fun. They only had 6! I was 2nd in line, chatted with a kid in line and got them.

  • Jonathan

    I went to 4 different stores, 2 of which I had to wait over 45 minutes but I thankfully have my hands on this magnificent piece of hardware. Only thing is… It’s gorgeous but kinda boring. :-(

  • Jshin

    Had to order mine at lunch today from CC. Good news is somehow I was given the full discount even though I just purchased my TP2 5 months ago. =) So although I am almost devastated I don’t have one in my hand, connected to DM while carousing XDA and flashing the newest Energy Rom, I know I will be doing just this on Saturday (hopefully Friday) =)

    Oh BTW if you didn’t get the chance to get the HD2 and have a TP2 or similar powered WM devise, you can go to Xda and get mobi tv and the blockbuster app and install on your phone. My TP2 has both these apps currently. – Soon to be the wifeys TP2 =)

    • Kevin


      You will actually have to wait a little longer to flash the latest Energy Rom unfortunately. Well, safely at least. There is no HSPL available yet for the US tmo version :( and while you can still use an SSPL, you may want to wait for the HSPL to be available. I know I am.

  • i cant find the post but someone was having issues with importing sim contacts… you hit start goto the calls folder and click the sim manager. hit menu select all then hit menu save to contacts.

    • Johnny

      easier way is just go to people tab, bottom left hit all people, hit menu and scroll down to import SIM contacts. and thats it.

  • jhollin1138

    My local store said they had 20 when they opened today. I picked up lucky number 13 at around 7:30p. Once I get the kids to bed, I’ll finally be able to play with it.


    Its official I got the last HD2 in Kansas City!!!!

  • Tony

    Accidentally reformatted by mirco sd card and lost transformers movies. anyone know how to get them back?

    • john

      call customer care and tell them that the phone is not recognizing the sd card at all. tell them that your camera doesn’t recognize it either. they’ll send a new one with the content on it to you.

      • ohheelno

        So basically lie? Wow.

      • Marilyn Monroe

        Hey John….no we wont so dont call us

      • Kevin

        Yeah, not cool. Just dont format your sd card. Too late for Tony I guess. Someone nice can probably send the files over to you. Its not just the transformers movies, but the games and app information as well that comes on the card that you’ll need. None of it is write protected either.

      • Big D

        You can get a dvd copy software and convert any movie to play on the HD2.. I have the software, and I’ve converted some of my DVD’s to play on my HD2. I have the UK version.. Been using it since Nov. 09… Loaded cust ROM (Miri from XDA) on mines… A cust ROM will take your phone to a whole new level……….

      • Will

        Nope, Microsd card is covered by HTC, they will handle any defective memory cards.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Go into a local store and tell them what happened. They will give you a new one if they have it.

      Otherwise try this FREE file recovery program, it got top marks.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh, and don’t write to the card. If you do the files may write over the movie files and make them unrecoverable.

    • Marilyn Monroe

      you cant get it back. When its gone its just gone

      • DavidB

        I love noobs and their formatting advice. I’ve been computer tech and builder for over 10 years, and have had more card issues than I can count. All formatting does is wipe the TOC clean on the card, which makes the system THINK it’s an empty card. A full format (what is called a low level format) of a 16Gb card would take quite a while, probably on the order of 30 to 45 minutes, and is nearly impossible to achieve with standard formatting instructions. Anything quicker than that and all the data is still there.

        Nevertheless, how does ANYONE accidentally format a card? You’d have to ignore all the warning flags that pop-up. Something tells me somebody wants a free 16gb card.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        David B I was wondering that too, how did he accidentally format? That would have required his removing the card, putting it into a reader, inserting it into a PC USB port, then opening Explorer, right clicking properties then selecting “Format.”

        That’s a lot of maneuvering for something to be an accident and begs the question “Why on a new HD2 was he fooling with the chip?”

        Could be right, he is looking for a free extra chip. But if that was the case, he would have to exchange it, so that seems a futile exercise.

        Who knows… the whole thing is goofy.

  • Jshin

    As when you reformat anything, any and all data is lost forever =(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not necessarily, depends on what kind of formatting was done. If it was not a security grade format, then all his reformat did was delete the directory, the data is intact.

      If he has not rewritten data over the movie files, then it is also still intact.

      All of the above is especially true if he used the Windows formater, on the “Quick Format” setting.

  • Manny

    Just got mine and I love it, if you have any doubts, don’t you will love the phone. When I was getting it, a guy saw it and was very interested in it and asked me about it (I don’t even work there :D) he had an iPhone. Im sure T-Mobile could have sold millions of these if they had advertised it.

  • Alex

    Post your T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxing Pics Here: http://forums.tmonews.com/index.php?topic=13263.0


    IM SO UPSET! I was home at 12:30 and was ready to go buy one, but something about my bank wasn’t done processing so I couldn’t purchase anything until after 5. At 4:55 pm I was at the store, and the rep tells me they were sold out since 3:30. Now I have to wait till next week to get one! All these weeks are adding up. I cant take it anymore!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I know the pain. Sorry for the problems, really.

      Can’t you order it over the phone?

  • jose

    i tried ordering one and the earliest id get it is NEXT wednesday! and thats with the express shipping. so aparently theyre gonna have a shortage.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well, that’s precisely why I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. PDT so I could call CC when they opened at 6:00 a.m. EDT. I did not want to miss out.

      And like I said elsewhere, USPS has for the last five or more phone orders always got me the phone by Friday or Saturday (in other words two to three days from the order date).

      That’s because T-Mobile does also use the USPS to mail phones. And they use Priority Mail which is two to three day delivery. (This even though the CSR will say seven to ten day delivery time so to cut down on the “Where’s my new phone?” calls to customer service.)

  • Deaconclgi

    My wife has to wait until next week. I’m still waiting for PR 1.2……

  • gargoyle999

    how do you remove an icon from the start screen?

    • Jdzzz

      hit menu on the home screen and select remove quick links

      • gargoyle999

        It’s not a quick link. It’s among the icons that show when you hit the Windows button at the bottom of the phone. (middle one). Doesn’t seem to be a way to remove or hide them.

    • Bdar

      I think your referring to the installed programs, I haven’t tried on mine, but you may have to delete the program to get rid of the icon.

    • Ktwist

      Long press the icon you want to remove and drag it to the bottom of the phone. It will put it back in the programs drawer. Then click the empty box to replace it with a different program or shortcut.

    • Ricardo

      Long press and remove it

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Hey Ricardo, did you get a custom ROM or TomTom loaded? Did you try Waze yet?! OMG!!! 10x faster and more responsive than on my TP2!

    • gargoyle999

      Thanks everyone, but what you are talking about is removing an icon from the quick links. I’m talking about the icons that show when you hit the Windows button on the phone.

      I found the answer though. Use File Explorer to go into \windows\start menu\programs directory and delete the icon.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Thanks gargoyle… I understand what you were asking, but had come to the conlusion that I could only re-order them, not remove them. Man, I forgot that File Explorer in Windows is a *REAL* file explorer (including device system folders) and not some lame Memory Card viewer like Android!! Oh how I missed WinMo!!!

      • gargoyle999

        Exactly! I’m just getting used to Windows Mobile. Only had a BB Curve before. I’m liking that I can just use explorer to remove files or copy them from my pc.

  • jason m

    so i got a cliq when it first came out. I won’t be eligible for an upgrade..anyone know any tricks of the trade to get one at full discount rate?

    • marcus

      I got the cliq to in november but for some reason I was eligible for a full upgrade…but ive been with tmobile for about 5 years so i dont know if that had something to do with it

    • Davidohio

      Nope you are out of luck

  • justme

    Let’s see i got up at 830 this am.I left the house by 930am,got to the local tmo store.Walked through the at 10 am..There WAS NO LINE and I had mine by 1030 am..Its so sweet…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You should say where you are so your post has some meaning to it.

      I am sure some towns and cities don’t have any interest in the HD2. It’s only the big cities where there’s a high likelihood of people who hang in here or on the Net might venture into a store.

      I am in San Francisco. Tomorrow I will go into a store and ask how sales went.

      When I ordered mine over the phone at 3:00 a.m. PDT, the sales reps said I was her second call and that the first call was someone buying an HD2 too.

      When I called an hour later to fix an issue, the second rep told me that the HD2 was selling fast and she predicted it would be back-ordered by the end of the day if not sooner.

      Someone can call 611 and see what is its status. I am tired of calling T-Mobile otherwise I’d do it.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        If it helps, here in Phoenix, nearly every unit is gone (I’ve called around to about 4 different TMO stores and about 6 Radio Shacks and 3 Best Buy stores). There was one store (way out in the west valley, A.K.A. BFE) that had 2 units left as of 8PM. I’m pretty sure those are gone now too.

        I’m still very, very surprised that there weren’t more units allocated for launch. To me, the 15 or 20 that most stores got was purely a teaser.

  • Mike V

    i got the second to last one at my local Tmo store. This phone is sick!!!!

  • Jshin

    Got the TP2 about 5 months ago and they gave me the full discount. I also have been with them for over 6 years so maybe they hooked it up =)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You are a lucky dog. No, strike that. You are a dog.

  • kevin

    Just picked up the HD2 great hardware! Win mobile wow it sucks balls! Going back to my Nexus. I wanted the big screen but win mobile feels so old and out of date. Just cant deal with it. I always had win until the nexus, no wonder microsoft phone sales suck so bad…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yeah right. You didn’t buy an HD2. Quit posting lies.

      Who buys an HD2 then a few minutes later says the phone sucks. What, you didn’t do any research or know a thing about WinMo. Besides, HTC Sense is the real “daily OS” on the HD2, not WinMo.

      You are an Android fanboy who just wanted to take a crap on this thread. You are probably JustSumDud posting with one of his many names.

      If you did buy an HD2 and so quickly decided it “sucks balls” (your words) then it’s you who su…

      Shame on you for peeing on everyone’s excitement in here.

    • mrkhan

      troll much? you don’t have an HD2 and we all know it, android fanboy. have fun dropping calls with the N1.

    • Tig

      Awesome story bro

  • lady lucky

    well i just got mind at wal-mart for 148.99 today and they only had three in stock so try wal-mart they might have it

  • harvey

    this phone is badass…. maybe not a big deal to some but i am posting this from my phone and u love it.

    • harvey

      sorry i am a little geeked about reading the comment that i left using my phone on my laptop.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Harvey, please correct your statement. This IS A BIG DEAL!

      The HD2 configured by T-Mobile is a bad ass phone. Take it from someone who has had every hot phone imaginable (except the iPhone, which I consider junk).

      But my opinion may be biased since I recall the days when paying $450 for a Motorola Vader phone whose only feature was that it was the smallest phone at the time.

      Now look what $450 buys. That’s why you don’t ever see me complaining about prices. Heck, the HD2 without all the stuff going on with the competition and Microsoft would be a bargain at $700.

      I remember in 2002 paying $650 for a Toshiba 2032SP PDA cell phone, that had a touchscreen only interface. That’s about $835 in today’s dollars.

      And people are forgetting to add the value of the included 16GB chip, about $40. And if one likes the Transformer movies, those two DVDs would cost about $12 each. So that’s another $25. So the phone is actually priced about $390-$400.

  • JBLmobileG1

    WTH is up with Tmobile!? I am so frickin pissed right now! I have been with them since 2004 have this crappy G1 since launch… should be able to get a full upgrade discount on a smartphone and they show me on their website that it will cost me $300+ for an HD2. Funny thing is I called Tmobile showing interest in upgrading my line. On top of all this when I found out Tmobile was letting people upgrade at 12 months for a smartphone I went online and the MyTouch 3G 3.5 was only $149… I look at it today and its $263! What BS! How does Tmobile expect to keep customers if they are ripping them off? Anyone else run into this problem? I am two seconds away from calling them up and asking them what the H*ll is up.

    • jjmaddog

      hey if you really want to upgrade and get a cheap price dial 611 talk to the representative the first one tell them you want the upgrade let them give you a price and then ask for customer loyalty and tell them your dilemma how it has been in the past and how you you dont think its right be calm at all times and they will definitely give you full upgrade eligibility

    • jrod

      dude don’t do stuff online…pick up your phone and call CC or go to your local tmo store!!!!!!! It is probably a glitch in the system as things can happen…

    • Jesse

      Prices are always subject to change. T-mobile actually just changed the upgrading system today. So there are different qualifications to be eligible for full discount. They were offering full discount there for awhile between 12-22 months and now its changed as of today.

      • Marilyn Monroe


    • Arghhh

      I ran into a problem similar to that. I called the other day and spoke to someone who told me I was eligible for a full upgrade since i was upgrading to a smart phone. My 2 year contract was about to expire this May so I was supposed to get the hd2 for 199.99. So I walk into the store this afternoon and he tells me they ended that promotion this morning with the release of the hd2. So Instead i had to pay $244 with the $18 upgrade fee. It’s only an extra 44 bucks….but still I was kinda disappointed.

    • Gizmalien

      I didn’t call, beg, plead, threaten, or anything. Just went, stood in line for my store to open (#3 in line). Store opened at 10am, by 10:05 am, all 16 were spoken for. Got mine for $199 on upgrade from G1 I’ve had since 12/31/08. I didn’t mention the upgrade pricing, or what I saw online, just went and tried my luck, hoping that the online system was just jacked up, and it looks like I was right.

    • Dozer

      I got the same speech, online said $399 I called them on the phone and they said $399.. I went into the store, told them that I’ve had a blackberry for over a year and that I qualify for “best pricing” and they checked and said $199!! Too bad they didn’t have any HD2s….. :(

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You have to order over the phone to make sure you get all the upgrades and discounts to which you are entitled. Don’t ever buy a phone on the Net (T-Mobile’s) The system will either be messed up and/or it does not know your particular circumstance.

      Moreover, calling in person (and keeping your cool) will sometimes get you an even better deal than what you are due per contract.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      If you had a G1 since launch, doesn’t that mean you’re still under contract until August? (unless you bought the G1 unsubsidized, which I highly doubt based on your post).

      So either wait until August and get it for $200.
      Or get the best discount pricing at $300-something.
      Or be like me and spend $450 on it (oh, suddenly $300 isn’t so bad anymore, now is it? Jerk).

      Either way, your whining sucks. When you ask them what the hell is up, be sure to jump up and down and flail your arms… maybe tell them you’re going to hold your breath until they give you an HD2.

      Look, I know people get frustrated, but one thing you always notice about EVERY complaint is these people don’t tell the full story (like how a guy under contract is complaining how he can’t get a better discount than $300… EAT ME). Its like you want to tell a half-truth, then get off on some kind of affirmation from strangers online.

      • tchez27

        future I couldn’t disagree more. I called regarding my upgrade abilities and was told a new program was rolled out in january that allowed an upgrade after 12 months as long as you were getting a smart phone. the rep never said it was temporary and subject to change. people need to be held accountable. bottom line is for those of you who were told the same thing should make them honor that. future dont be upset with someone who wants a better deal based on what they were told.I got mine for full discount because of this, that’s not bragging I just like to be given accurate information

  • skyhigh

    SOLD OUT of course, One T-Mobile location in Astoria, Queens, New York City had 5 htc hd2s…. 5 as in five!!!

  • RCornelous

    I got mine at 11:00 this morning in Raleigh, NC. Third in line! There was some type of glitch in the system that wouldn’t allow them to let me break the phone up in installments, but after the rep called CC and told them I threatened to cancel my three lines of service, all of a sudden the “glitch” was fixed. I am lovin’ this phone right now!!!

  • bsanto9

    so i was in a pissedoff mood when a tmobike rep called me stupid and Hung up on me soi called back and raised major helm but now i got.my hd2 and everythingis great

    • Marilyn Monroe

      Hey man it wasnt me. It must of been Jesse

    • Kevin

      If a Tmobile rep called you stupid and hung up, then you must be pretty dang close. Just saying, thats a JD power approved insult

  • gargoyle999

    Why does OS version listed under Software Information show as 5.2.21889? Where does it show I have Windows Mobile 6.x?

    • Matlock

      it hows it on the boot up screen! I think the info on the software screen refers to the Sense software!

      • J-Hop2o6

        5.2 is WM6.5 core (Windows CE 5.2).. and 21889 is the build number

        on my TP2, im using WM6.5.5.. its core is still 5.2.. and its build number is 23542.. the new WP7 is based on the new core (CE 6).

    • gargoyle999

      ha ha…ok. Nothing like making it straightforward!

  • myg1

    When I. Get some money ill definately get this phone its one phone up2date that will make me jump ship from android to winmo and for those complaining about the upgrade options tmobiles not shady nor sneaky..the earlie upgrade plus after 12 months are like a promotion for a period of time..starting today its 12-17 months to get a better discount then then 18-21 to get full discount and they do have family plan upgrade options just ask

  • David

    I was first on the waiting list over 3 weeks ago, when I get rid of my two crappy defective Nexus One’s. The HD 2 is awesome!! My store in Sunnyvale CA (Silicon Valley) had 11 on hand, and sold out in less than 1 hour. My store got more than others in the area, as its one of the busiest T-Mobile stores in the San Francisco Bay/Northern California area. More are on order but won’t in till late next week!
    Suggestion: Wal-Mart is selling it for $ 148.99 for a 2 yr contract or Flex Pay agreement for SAME PRICE $ 148.99!!! Unbelievable!! As with Flex Pay there is no contract or commitment.
    If you purchase it outright, from WallyWorld its $ 500.
    Radio Shack is pricing it about the same also. Check it out people don’t give up, the device is out there!!! Its awesome!!! And beats the N1,Palm Pre, and HTC Hero and Blackberry Curve 8520 I have had recently!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Not to quibble, but on your list of phones the HD2 beats out, the only one I consider it really competitive with is the Nexus One. The Hero, Palm and Curve are not even close to being in the same league as the HD2.

      With Snapdragon dual core Scorpion processors, increased RAM, HDMI ports, AMOLED/HUGE displays, all appearing on this holiday’s superphones, the BlackBerries, anything with a trackball, and phones with displayes smaller than 4″ are going to be relegated to third world hand-me-down status.

      And if 4.3″ becomes the new standard for display size will be amusing to see how Apple reacts and what they come up with.

      Between the current carrier price war and new handsets, put your seatbelts on, it’s going to be a fun couple of years for consumers. (And the suffering economy added a bonus to all this, low prices for the hottest tech.)

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        “phones with displayes smaller than 4? are going to be relegated to third world hand-me-down status.”

        LMFAO!!! Michael, that has to be one of the best predictions I have seen yet… I can only hope that one comes true… Kudos…

    • Kevin

      @ David

      Not entirely true about flexpay. There are month to month options, but there is also an annual contract option flexpay. So you can still sign a contract to get a discounted phone, but you still “prepay” for your monthly service

  • chon

    anyone know how to link your contact w/ their FB profile…with contacts on your sim card…?

    • Matlock

      you have to move the contacts from the simm to the phone’s memory, it wont work unless you do that!!

  • tmogeek

    Arrrrgggghh………..BOGO…..left the tmo store with two! WTF am I going to do with two? Now I gotta teach the little woman how to use it. Looks like migrating her from the cozy G1 to the HD2 is going to take a little work.

  • J510

    I have a nexus one and my screen broke and asurion said it would be a month to get me a new one or could by a new and they would send me a check minus the 130 deduct fee. like I have an extra 600 dollars laying around. so off I went to the mall here in Modesto Ca, where there is two corp stores in the mall and they were sold out but was told an exclusive dealer here in town had a lot went there had my money ready to go for the hd2 but then was told they were not selling it to even more plus customers till the end of the week only to new customers and 2 year upgrades and I was like what crap but just in luck was going down the road ticked and seen a repair shop for any phones and guess what for 100 dollars my nexus one is better then ever. I still wanna play with an hd2 though maybe later..
    evo 4g looks cool but sprint rather be on metro pcs and that’s saying something

    everyone enjoy your hd2’s

    • Kevin

      Sorry to hear that your screen got jacked. Nice that they were able to fix it for you. Seems crazy that some repair shop would just so happy to have a nexus one screen. I guess lucky for you they did.

      • J510

        I guess the repair shop guy ordered a screen for a repair for another customer
        and while working with the phone he fell in love with it so he bought two nexus one’s for him and his wife and he was looking into and noticed know one else had the screens in the area and since he runs a big repair shop he ordered 4 extra screens.. That’s good luck I had and to think htc wanted to charge me 225 if they did it.. lol

  • alan

    hahaha some douchebag tried to return his cliq and get an HD2 and manager said NO! douchbag called customer care trying to pretend he was important and they couldnt do squat!!!! we sold like 25 by noon so hopefully we get a lot more by friday!!! Way to go Tmo!

    • Anthony

      That’s some great customer service there…..no wonder you work in retail.

    • rjwisniewski

      Was he within his 14 day buyer’s remorse period? If you guys denied him within that period who could actually have grounds for legal action.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      There was a guy at my local TMO in front of me that tried the same thing… claimed he was within his 60 day trial period (of course, there is no freakin’ 60 day trial period) and got all huffy and puffy when the rep told him no… I couldn’t help but smile.

  • harvey

    dude i am pissed… i can not make or receive calls on my hd2. At first I had no signal just a ” ! ” instead of bars… then I had bars but could not send and receive data or calls.

    called tmo they said since I had android data plan , that the switch to smartphone data caused this.They said it would take 2 to 48 hours. I said so you are telling me that all tmo customers that had an Android phone are going through this? She stuttered and said yes.

    hellllp… i am back to using my 29 buck nokiA from target because my HD2 is just not working

    • twitch110

      that’s not true. i had an Android device prior to this phone and it worked fine for me. but then again, for some reason it listed that i have a blackberry curve the on tmobile website. so maybe thats why it worked for me.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        She should not have said yes, she should have said that some do and some don’t. Bad reply.

        No, I had no issues switching data plans. But the problem is they give you the disclaimer of ‘2 to 48hrs’… but don’t wait 48, if its still not on today, keep calling them. I remember once (different carrier) they kept telling me the same junk “up to 48hrs”… after half a day, I really couldn’t believe the phone wasn’t activated, so called again and told “blah blah blah, you just called… blah blah blah need to wait 48hrs”… I waited ONE hour and called back and asked someone else to verify all was in order… and whaddaya know?? The original rep that helped me SCREWED UP and all those subsequent reps were lazy bastards who wanted me to wait 48hrs. The current rep fixed the error and the phone was on in a few minutes. Suffice to say, that carrier no longer exists! So don’t be afraid to call and call again.

  • Rene

    This is how it went for me:

    11:32 – Clocked out for “lunch”
    11:44 – Arrived at the T-Mobile store at the Miami International Mall
    11:49 – Serviced by a T-Mobile Associate
    11:55 – The HD2 Box I was to take home was presented to me
    11:58 – Charged $53.99 to my VISA checkcard
    12:13 – Clocked in from “lunch”

    09:13 – Bragged about how quickly and effortlessly I got my HD2 yesterday XD

    God I love my new HD2 and I already XDA’d some things into it X))

    • KiltDaddy

      $53.99 was your cost? Could you please give the details of your transaction?

      • Rene

        I’m on the Even More Plus plan, so I have to pay retail ($449) for the device. I also have a $600 credit under the “Equipment Installment Plan” which allows me to pay $26 a month at 0% interest – same as cash.

        That said, I paid the first month + tax as the down payment ($54) for purchase and my next $26 payment isn’t due on my account until my June bill.

  • tmoboss

    Ordered online yesterday .. but couldnt place the order until 10AM Pacific !!!
    Now, there is ABSOLUTELY no news about the status of the order. Anyone else in the
    same situation? Is there a way to track “order status” online ?
    (I know about the so called order status under support which shows you another link for UPS tracking) .. i am asking about things like “Order received .. out to warehouse .. waiting for shipper to pick up kinda status)

    • SirMac

      I just went ahead and got mines through wirefly, tmobile didnt offer next day service and I definitely wasn’t going to wait 3+ days to get it.

  • RayLebron

    Im having trouble syncing my HD2 with my google contacts that I had in my G1. I used the link someone posted here but when i filling all my info I noticed that the password box is full of characters. Has anyone else noticed that? Also sometimes when Im writing and try to change from portrait to landscape, it gives me an SystemError.exe and asks me to send the info to Microsoft. Thanks in advance.

    • RayLebron

      Also is anyone else experiencing weak signal? Im seeing less bars in places where I used to have pretty good signal.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        “Im having trouble syncing my HD2 with my google contacts that I had in my G1. I used the link someone posted here but when i filling all my info I noticed that the password box is full of characters”
        Before or after you enter your password? Yeah, they just mask it after you enter it is all. Erase it and re-enter your password if you’re not sure.
        And you’re using Outlook/Active Sync or the standard email app? There’s a difference. With outlook, you can set it up to push the Gmail to you. Google ‘sync gmail with windows mobile’ and look for Google’s instructions. I sync’d with no problems.

        No weak signals.

      • RayLebron

        To FutureGuy: The thing is that I know for certain that the password thats in the password box is not mine cause it has more characters than my password. Everytime I delete it and write my password again, when I try to do the setup again( befause it didnt work the last time) I find the password box filled completely which is strange cause my password only takes half of the box. Honestly I dont understand whats going on. Same thing happens with my gmail account but my gmail messenger works just fine. Maybe this is to high-end for me. lol Thanks any way friend.

      • Duck Dodgers

        @RayLebron, The OS puts all those asterisks in so someone doesn’t know how many characters your password is and try to guess at it. It is a might easier to guess at a password when you know how many characters there are.

  • Doube U Dee

    Man, I LOVE this phone! I literally played with it for 3 hours when I got home after unboxing. Usually i’m on my laptop at home but just couldn’t put it down. I really need to find a case for it because i’m really nervous about dropping it or cracking the screen. Anybody know of any good cases for this phone?

  • Darsh

    I have a even more plus plan, and I went to 2 Tmo stores, and they refuse to give me the installment plan, and they want to make me pay the full price upfront, or take it with 2 year plan I was very upset, and I called the customer’s service and I was able to order mine over the phone it will take a few days to get it.
    Shame of T mobile stores

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s because stores are not set up to execute the installment agreements. AFAIK only the CSRs on the phone can look at your account and then sell the phone.

      Makes sense since store CSRs don’t know much about all this stuff except how to ring up a sale on the cash register and open new accounts. Would seem near impossible to train them to competently deal with sophisticated credit transactions.

  • manushka

    OK, I’ve had mine for a day and as nice as it is I am having a shiteload of freezes and weird glitches. Probs the biggest issue I have with it is the internet.
    With my ancient Axim30 I go to CNN or Facebook and I get a mini version of the page on my laptop. It is the same on a friend’s Iphone; a mini webpage. When I go to CNN or Facebook with this it is not the same page.

    We’ll see after a while.

    • Tig

      If you are getting freezes – I would return it for a new one. Mine is flawless so far. I hear people complain about freezes, bad call quality and slow downs.. I don’t have anything like that. So I am inclined to think there are a few duds floating around in the first release.

      Let me tell you though – if anything like that happens to mine I will be at the tmo store requesting a new one in a heart beat.

      GL and I hope your device plays nice soon!!

  • manushka

    Oh and what is with these weak signals?! I keeps going back and forth between 3G and Edge like a pendulum.

  • JBLmobileG1

    The reason why I am pissed is because after I called Tmobile mentioning I was interested in upgrading my phone.. the next thing you know I goto Tmobile.com and the prices went up. The MyTouch 3G with the 3.5 jack went from $149 to $263. And as for the prices being cheaper on the phone… I asked about the Cliq Xt before I looked at the site and he quoted me $189… well I goto the site and it is $189. So how is this a FULL discount? I even mentioned at my work its $48.88 with a 2yr new/upgrade conract although we can’t offer the early FULL discount upgrade into our system. So I may be crying but you know its not fair that Tmobile offers you one price then jacks it up over $100. The only phones I saw that were even close to the $100 was a cheap candy bar stye Nokia for $20. Its basically their cheap pre paid (only good for a spare) phone.

  • gargoyle999

    Is GoGo preinstalled on the phone? I can’t find an icon for it?

    • gargoyle999

      Nevermind! Found it under the Internet tab.

  • Michael

    I thought this has Swype Keyboard Feature. Doesn’t anybody know where is at?

    • gargoyle999

      you hit the triangle next to the little keyboard at the bottom of the screen. It brings up options to choose swype, full qwerty, , compact qwerty or phone keypad.

    • NCole

      Hey Micheal, you go into the keyboard click the triangle on the right side and pick swype:)

      • Michael

        Omg. guys, i think i dont have the swype feature..could that be? i dont know where is at

      • Michael

        I found it.. Thanks

  • gargoyle999

    battery life is not very good. Full charge overnight and I’m down to 50% after a couple hours.

    Need to get some spares, that’s for sure!

    • Shayne Carlos

      did you let the battery fully drain too the point the phone will no longer power on then LEAVE THE PHONE OFF and charge the battery COMPLETELY, try that 2 or 3 times…this should be doone with any new cell phone battery. so use a back up phone while your phone is charging or something

    • Tig

      If you wanted good battery life – you most certainly bought the wrong phone.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        On battery life complaints: All smartphones have generated complaints about short battery life. There’s the same complaints, millions of them: “battery life is poor, please, more battery life.”

        Does anyone think that the carriers and manufacturers are unaware about this issue? Come on, if there was a way to make a smartphone with great battery life, someone would make it and it would be the first thing mentioned in an ad, “REVOLUTIONARY BATTERY LIFE!”

        The fact is the manufacturers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. People want small smartphones and great battery life. But current battery technology prohibits it.

        The ONLY thing that can increase battery life if to make B I G G E R batteries. But consumers don’t want that. (Check out the comments on YouTube extended battery videos. Most people will say “That’s ugly huge dude.”)


        Fact is, phones can only be so big before consumers reject the phone as being too large. (On the extended battery reviews I posted for my Pearl, Curve, G1 and Touch Pro2 I would get comments like “Oh, that’s too big, oh that’s butt ugly with that big battery. I am not putting that on my phone.”) That’s one’s choice, but don’t complain about battery life.

        So why the battery life issue? Well look at what people do with their smartphones while expecting or demanding great battery power:

        Phone calls;

        Net access;

        Playing media (When playing a movie that drains a battery in about two hours);



        Playing games;

        E-mail and texting;

        And on top of that a huge 4.3″ backlit display (“backlit” means when the display is on there’s a “flashlight” on, in the background).

        The best way to deal with it is to get an extended battery.

    • gargoyle999

      I already ordered 3 regular spares and one extended battery (with kickstand) and a charger.

      I wasn’t really complaining. Just sayin’…

  • lebron1189

    yea my phone keeps switching from the 3g to edge but its still working fine. oh except – when I go to my albums my phone like starts running slow so I have to turn it off then back on again. its kinda making me mad.

  • calvin

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to move my music from itunes to windo
    ws media player. Also can you use the hd2 as a modem for a computer i am using a web connect now and was wondering if i could save some money and just use this phone.

    • J510

      Download double twist syncs all of your itunes incld playlist then connect your hd2 and the rest is history and your good to go

  • NCole

    So my G1 data plan doesn’t work with this phone

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You have to call 611 and tell them to switch you to the WinMo plan. Until you do that your phone will only work for calls, not data.

      And it should be a no charge transaction. In other words, whatever your data plan price is, it will be the same on WinMo.

      • Joe Pa

        My data plan works and I didn’t make a call or anything. Just pulled my sim card from my MT3G and put it in my HD2 and everthing come up roses.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Hmm… my comment did not post.

      I said… you have to call and tell T-Mo to switch your plan from G1 to WinMo. Until you do that your phone will only work for calls.

      And it’s a free switch. Whatever you are paying for G1 data should be the same for WinMo.

      I base this on experience, switching from all the data plans over the years, BlackBerry, WinMo, G1.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Sheesh… I hate when my comment does not show up for some reason and I end up double posting. Oh well, now this is almost a triple post.

      • Shayne Carlos

        i so agree with your screen name lols..my real name is Michael && some peeps tend to call me Mike…i dont know if your being sarcastic but i hate being called Mike lols..

      • NCole

        Thank you Michael:) The lady I spoke with was an idiot!……

    • it works dont listen to tmobile. i have had the g1 data plan on my account and been using it with every phone i got so it works fine. i also use the visual voicemail from the g1 data plan

    • ryand

      i still have a g1 data plan and bought the phone without contract. everything works. data, i.e. 3g etc etc.

  • Randall

    Glad i ordered my HTC HD2 from T-mobile Yesterday Morning cause now there nowhere to be Found !!

    • Dashi

      MY STORE HAS ONE IN STOCK lol and we want to sell it xD

  • NCole

    So I just spoke to a customer service rep @ tmo and if i was her boss she would be out of a Gig right now……anywho, My internet isn’t working, because I had the G1 package and she tells me 2-48hrs for my internet to work WTH????!!!!! Then she told me the package is the same…ummmm no actually the package is 5 bucks less than the G1s…..Sorry just had to vent calling back to speak to someone who has wisdom.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It starts working pretty fast. They just tell you the worst case.

      • NCole

        @ ItsMichaelNotMike thank you:)…I thought I was going to lose it lol! After the wait, the web geez I’m really learning patience! lol Yea I Called and a nice rep told me the same thing:) Hope your enjoying your device….I Like your name 2, I HATE when people call me NIKKI, and I’ve known them for like 2 seconds!! Please ask before you give me a nickname…..WELL THANKS AGAIN:)

    • Joe Pa

      I don’t really get this. I have a My Touch 3G, which is basically the same as the G1 in terms of the operating system and I took my sim card from my My touch and put it in my HD2 and everything worked fine (voice, data, i.e. internet and text messaging). I wonder why it wouldn’t be the same for you?

      • NCole

        its just the devil! Lol It’s working now:) But I thought it was strange too, yesterday morning it was fine, but towards around 10pm it stopped…..Oh wells enjoying my complete phone now:)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Sorry for the Super Late Response NCole (Been Playing with the HD2). Yeah I’ve installed Mobile Shell on my device and it is great!!! Hit Me up at lannyfilmer@yahoo.com. I have some interesting info on Mobile Shell that I think you may find pretty cool.

  • manushka

    Hi all, So now that I gots this puppy I need to apps the frak out it. But there so many place to go!! Can anyone help with a list of sites that have Wimo apps?


    • kershon

      Handango.com, mobihand.com, handmark.com, wmexperts.com. These should give you a good start.

    • Josh

      Go to FREEWAREPOCKETPC.NET, register and login and you can have access to more than 6500 Apps in there all for free.

      It works like Windows Marketplace and it works very nice actually.

  • Tim

    I bought two hd2 at the T-Mobile store yesterday with BOGO deal. Man, was I disappointed!! I’m a guy who coming from N1, I thought this phone could perform as well as the N1 base on the comparison test and most of the ppl here who hyped it up. So I give it a try for WM OS. I feel the phone overall is very laggy, it would freeze on me all the time especially the mobitv app. The browsers speed on the phone are below average, and is very choppy. Whenever u scrolls down the webpages, u always see the checker pages board. I had a unlocked version of the diamond 2 before. Didn’t like it and sold it. I thought the 1gz processor and the capacitive touch screen would overcome those issues, but I was wrong. So the same day I returned it. I guess I’m just gonna stick with my N1 for now:)

    • cycling56

      I’m with you, day 2 with it and it’s just not what it was hyped up to be. Will return it after work and stick with my iPhone.

      • haha go back to your iphone! thats a downgrade i hope you realize that.

    • Josh

      None of HTC HD2 phones we got yesterday has that problem. They all work perfectly fine, smooth and fast.

      Browsers speed is good and no lag at all.

      And FYI I got 5 HTC HD2 for all five lines and they are all perfect. So I don’t really get what you are saying. And I didn’t see any of those issues you mentioned in any of them.

      Hope you are not just one of Android fans and you know…

      • laphoneuser

        I have to say that I have been having the exact same experience as Tim. I bought my HD2 yesterday, was very excited, and although the phone is fantastic in many ways, I will be returning mine as soon as I can get back to the Wal-Mart from where I purchased it.

        -Definitely experienced lags
        -Have had several freezes
        -Do not like the WM experience

        If you are coming from a feature-phone, or are familiar with WM, I’m sure this will be a great phone to have, but as a G1 user for the past year and a half, I have not been happy with the overall experience.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    If you want to the HD2 and HTC at CTIA, here are some good shots.

    I have to opine HTC sure goes all out on their booths at these events.


  • pavel

    I barely got an hd2. a tmo rep told me i was on the 3-24 release wait list, but when the day came, they did not save the phones for the ppl on the list, so i had to scramble to find one. i called almost every store in northern california and after 1 hr i was able to find 2 hd2s 90 miles away. i went down there and got the 2 hd2s!!!! they are awesome!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… remember the discussion in another thread where some of us said those lists were bogus.

      From the comments by everyone it looks like it was hit or miss being on a list. Some were honored others ended up like your situation.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    By the way, I assume you are all ready to start loading custom ROMs on to your HD2s, since it’s getting old now. So check this out:


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Seriously though, keep in mind those custom ROMS are for the OLD HD2, not the T-Mobile version.

    You are going to have to wait for the experts at XDA to come up with a HSPL (hard secondary program loaded) file to “open the door” to the HD2’s ROM so you can install ROMS and customize aspects of the HD2.


    But take a look at the link I posted to see the beautiful custom ROMS you can install on a WinMo device.

    That’s one of this things I like about WinMo, a huge support community who develop all levels of customization.

    • actually hardspl for the tmobile hd2 was just released today! i just did mine flashing a new rom now! feels good to get rid of the stock rom and all that junk. tmobile keep all your demos losers.

  • mark

    Amazon has this for 100 dollars already with no rebate required. Looks like this phone is going to be a fire sale. For anyone not worried about 6.5 this phone is a great deal.

  • Daniel

    Do you know why it’s sold out? Because retail stores got only a handful in. Same thing happened when the 8900 came out. And by a handful, I mean 5!

    This is probably done to create the hype of “SOLD OUT”.

    • Duck Dodgers

      @Daniel, My local store got 47 HD2’s in. They were sold out by 5pm yesterday.

  • Dwight Schrute

    Anyone know a good way to take the T-Mobile branding off the front of the phone? I read a sugar cube works…anyone try this before.

  • SirMac

    Finally have my patient/ anxious hands on this device. . . I feel so bad that I just threw my tmo wing back in the drawer upon answering the door for fedex. . . I beleive Htc makes good winmo devices cause I’ve had both the g1 and mytouch, needless to say, I always resorted back to my trusty wing after android wanted to act silly. I have had high hopes for this beautiful phone and it has yet to let me down. Good luck and happy hd2 hunting. . .

  • tmohelp

    I purchased an HD2 yesterday and am having some trouble. Figured I would see if anyone knows how to fix it.

    Whenever I turn the screen horizontal to get a bigger keyboard while texting or for emails, it switches back to the vertical view in exactly 1 second. It just doesn’t stay in horizontal mode.

    I calibrated the g-sensor, and still nothing.


    • Jonathan

      Mine worked at first and then started doing that last night, haven’t figured it out though :(

  • Jonathan

    I had to call 7 stores and drive 120 miles round trip but I got two with the buy one get one free deal. Had to get my even more plus line canceled and open up two new even more lines and it took the sales rep arguing with tmobile for an hour and a half but I got my free phone! Mobile 1 in the independence mall (KC MO)rocks!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You get the award for most dedicated and persevering HD2 purchaser.

      I think diamond smugglers sneaking through U. S. Customs at the airport have it easier than you.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • scc

    its crazy that this phone has been released yesterday & there are problems already. Ive been experiencing some weird glitches that occur when I close out of problems from time to time. Now its $100 cheaper on amazon. I’m debating if i should take this phone back and go back to my blackberry.

    • scc

      ** when i close out of programs.

      • i have owned several windows mobile phones and one thing i learned is they all suck with stock roms. the rom on the hd2 isnt too bad but i thought it was laggy and i did freeze it up a bunch of times. now that i have a new rom and all the bloatware gone and tweaks added its running super. been playing psx games all day haha. ive never owned a blackberry and never plan too looks like junk to me.

  • gargoyle999

    Is there anyway to have the phone in silent mode but specify some phone numbers that will still ring? I could do that on my BB Curve and that was a nice feature. Just seems you can’t do that on the HD2?

    • check in your contacts you can edit the ring for each person and i believe you can make them silent if you want. but the contacts have to be on the phone with not on the sim. use the sim manager to add your contacts to the phone.

  • Michael

    so which browser do you think is the best?

    • gargoyle999

      I like the pinch and zoom on Opera.

  • I just ran the hardspl and flashed a custom rom wow what a difference! no more bloatware and i even got the new facebook tab in sense!

    • zeman

      what rom did you flash with?

  • gargoyle999

    Wonder why HTC made the Windows and back arrow as one button instead of separate like the other 3?

  • gargoyle999

    Just got an email from Blockbuster thanking me for activating Blockbuster on my HD2. A few “coupons”. I’ll use the 50% off 1 download in a couple weeks before I go on vacation.

  • ms. Matrix

    The Tmo shop I go into and where im cool with the reps. He said a lot of people come in looking for the phone, but they are all out. One of the reps said he has to wait for his, so its crazy right now for his phone.

  • david

    Wow been in 3 tmo stores called 2 went to 2 walmarts all sold out!!! That’s sucks!!!!

  • manushka

    I am going back and forth between loving and hating this phone! the damm glitches and freezes are driving me nuts

  • Richard

    thats par for the course, couldnt get fender, its sold out, why is it so hard to get the phone you want,? Im fed up with all the carriers, iv had to settle for second choice, behold 11 was defective, got mytouch, good but screen is too small, crap, I guess ill have to order nexus online an wait, should just cancel all really with thee sorry way we as consumers get treated,

  • Diligent

    Does anyone know when tmobile will receive more htc hd2?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Call 611 and ask.

      I read somewhere in here that it would be the first two weeks of April.

      The CSR I talked to just now about my order said something about 30 days. For your sake I hope she was not referring to when they will be getting more HD2s.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I saw somewhere else about “30 days.” That’s apparently how long employees have to wait to get an HD2 themselves.

        That’s a cool rule, prevents employees from buying up the stock.

  • Simply Amazing

    Very disappointed with T-Mobile right now. I ordered my phone through Customer Care on 3/24 and the rep said it would be here on Monday. Called to check the status of the order today, and they said it is on backorder starting 3/25. So what I don’t get is, if I placed my order on 3/24 and you had phones and you didn’t run out until 3/25, WHY THE HECK is my order on backorder?!?! Makes no sense.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I understand your pain. And it’s very frustrating.

      I don’t pretend to know how all this works, but I had predicted when I ordered mine on the phone, at 3:00 a.m. PDT that the HD2 would sell out that day. (That’s why I stayed up to order as soon as CC opened, 6:00 a.m. EDT.)

      When you said your ordered it on the 24th I became concerned so I just called CC.

      She confirmed my HD2 was shipped and gave me a tracking number. I took the opportunity to ask some questions. I don’t endorse the accuracy, but here is what she said:

      The HD2 completely sold out in 10 hours, everywhere.

      She said something about even the employees can’t get one. She said something about employees waiting 30 days, but I don’t know what she was talking about.

      She said that they did suffer some computer “glitches” to where the computers were not updating order status and inventory.

      She said that people are calling to order the phone because it is sold out in the stores in their areas.


      What time did you call? If it was after or near 4:00 p.m. EDT, the phone went on backorder at that time.

      Moreover, I know a lot depends on WHEN your order goes into the “hopper.” If there’s other orders waiting in line, so to speak, while there may have been phones available at the time you ordered, your order by the time it makes it to the “ready to ship line,” again so to speak, the supply may have run out.

      Repeat, I don’t know about any of this, I am just guessing on why one could order a phone on the 24th and then be told it’s back-ordered.

      It sounds like one of our CSRs is mistaken. They ran out of phones within 10 hours on the 24th or not until the 25th. My CSR did say it with authority, like she knew what she was talking about. Additionally, assuming that meant 4:00 p.m. she should know since that was probably on her shift when the HD2 went on out-of-stock / sold-out status.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Maybe it will be of interest to see how shipping works, for those of you who ordered over the phone. So here’s my story:

    I ordered the phone at 6:15 a.m EDT, March 24.

    I have a P.O. Box so that is to where it will be shipped. (That also means I get Saturday deliveries!)

    I called CC just now and got a tracking number.

    The tracking info says:

    Class: Priority Mail

    Your shipment was accepted/picked up at 6:30 PM on March 25, 2010 in LOUISVILLE, KY 40221.

    Shipment Accepted; March 25, 2010, 6:30 pm, LOUISVILLE, KY 40221 (interesting that my Touch Pro2 came from up north, Washington; my BlackBerry 9700 from Georgia; and now the HD2 from Kentucky).


    Bonus Tip: USPS also has an option that you can select, to be notified of all activity regarding the shipment. So I selected “HELL YEAH, KEEP ME UPDATED.”

    Also, as I said elsewhere, because T-Mobile uses Priority Mail that means I get my packages within the USPS Priority Mail advertised two to three days. So that means I should get the HD2 on Saturday.

    You know how that goes. It gives us a reason to bolt out of bed on Saturday because, after all, we have super important business to attend to, a trip to the P.O. Box. Any witnesses wonder “What the hell are you all excited about?” The dog barks, the cats scream. Everyone flees in terror and locks themselves up in the bedroom.

    And if the phone is not in the PO Box? Well, people driving by look into the post office window and wonder “Why is that guy pounding on the wall and screaming profanities that I can hear all the way out here?”

  • Bill Berry

    Every device I’ve ordered from T-Mobile has never taken more than 2 days; today, day 3, no HD2 at my doorstep. Sold out? I’d like to see some sales numbers because I don’t see how 13,000 T-Mobile stores, T-Mobile Customer Care, and other partners; the number is 21,700 units? Are you kidding me? Our two stores ordered 20 each and it’s only 21,700; that’s it? C’mon, where are the numbers; they didn’t deliberately keep the available units down to promote “SOLD OUT”.

  • G.Hill

    Their are plenty of phones at the retails stores. Ran around all day couldn’t purchase the phone at all because system kept saying not eligible for upgrade when i have three phones that are eligible. Walmart and Radio Shack, both have the phones some how tmobile has it set up to where you cant get a phone from these guys at all. Tmobile is making it impossible, they want you to get the phone directly from them so they don’t loose out on any money .

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I don’t think that’s it, it is just that third parties are not connected to the T-Mobile computers to check your records and calculate upgrades.

      If I was T-Mobile I would not trust a vendor to have access to customer accounts. There would be all kinds of slamming and whatnot going on.

      I would think that all retailers can do is open new accounts.

      A T-Mobile employee can chime in about that.

      • G.Hill

        I actually stood their while the guys were checking to see if i was eligible for an upgrade.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Don’t know what to tell you then. I don’t think it’s because T-Mobile does not want to “loose” (sic) money. I would think a sale is a sale regardless of where it comes from, including vendors.

        Your post does surprise me, however. Are you saying that places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. have access to detailed T-Mobile customer account information?

        In this competitive world if I were T-Mobile I would not want vendors who sell competing carrier services alongside T-Mo’s to know a T-Mobile customer’s history. Seems a great way to spy on T-Mobile.

  • diligent

    its all good ill wait till they have more in stock at the retail store… its worth the wait!!!

  • Samuel

    I had a lil feeling that this would happen. I think T-Mobile was smart to only ship a ceartin amount of phones to stores….on one hand they know the Computer Techies would be on it on DAY ONE….Everyone else would be getting around to it a lil bit after mostly. Now they are seeing the demand for the phone and is about to start the advertising promotion campaign now after the release. I was talking to a two reps. after the phone came out on CC and they said they sold through their whole inventory and that everyone is calling in and ordering and asking about the phone. ;). Everyone at work who have seen my phone LOVE IT. First thing “It’s so big, But i love it, i gotta get this”.

  • Ash

    I called my local tmo store on thursday they guy told me all of eastern pa was sold out. Friday i called customer care and she referred me to the tmobile store to put my name on a waiting list.. I walked in they didn’t know what i was talking about, i was getting worried but it was because they had em in stock! This phone is awesome

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So as predicted my HD2 was waiting in my P.O. Box today. So some closing remarks on shipping:

    1. Ask for shipping by USPS. If the CSR says no can do, tell them that you need USPS for security reasons, that UPS deliveries are left outside and you don’t want to risk it getting ripped off.

    2. I reported earlier that the USPS tracking showed drop off in Kentucky. That must simply be the first place a scan entry was made because the shipping label says La Grange, Georgia.

    3. USPS shipping is by two to three day priority mail. This is yet another phone that I have ordered on a Wed and received three days later, on a Saturday.

    4. In addition to faster shipping than UPS, if they ship USPS you can get Saturday delivery if your area has that.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, forgot to mention, my P.O. Box is next to a T-Mobile store at the San Francisco Embarcadero Center. I needed a pen to sign a check for deposit so I walked into the T-Mobile store to borrow one.

    I then showed the guy my HD2 package and said “Got my HD2 in the mail.”

    He then asked a few questions, like how did I get one. Told him the above.

    He then said that they had 12 allotted to the store and they sold out in two hours on Wed.

    That’s amazing for the following reasons:

    1. It was a work day and the only people around there are people at work. So that means they went to that store during a break or whatever, between 10-12.

    2. There’s lots of T-Mobile stores and Radios Shacks in the Financial District. That store is not in a heavy traffic area. Matter of fact, during the week hardly anyone shops at Embarcadero Center. It’s dead until the lunch hour, from 11:30 to about 2:00 pm.

    3. So that means people went to that store specifically to get the HD2 and I suspect the other stores sold out too.

    The CSR was talking to two people when I was. Guess what they were talking to him about? Yep, they wanted the HD2. I was wondering why they were giving me the ol’ stink eye when I said I had an HD2 (in the envelope). If I fainted or something I think they would have swiped my HD2 :( I got out of there while the gettin was good.

  • Diligent

    Htc hd2 are comeing in on tuesday.

    • andriana

      where did you hear this from? i ordered mine 4 minutes after it went on sale and still didnt get it. i called customer care and they told me that it was on backorder and they would give me free shipping. thats bull! i want more than that.

  • Sharma

    My local t-mo store is getting another shipment in on Wednesday
    There are already over 30 people on the wait list!

    • Jack Chord

      I walked into TMO today & was told that another shipment was arriving on Friday. Asked to be put on the list & was told that I couldn’t buy the phone outright i.e. had to be on a plan. He mumbled something about a corporate directive. That TMO is only servicing new customer accounts. They had also upped the price from $450 to $590 on the price display. What up with that TMO?

  • chris p

    hmm.. reading some posts, i see some people having lag problems… I haven’t had any of these problems at all. I had way more lag experiences on my g1. Don’t get me wrong, I love android, but I just don’t get why people have lag.. did u guys like open 10 – 15 apps and never properly close them via task manager?

    but anyways, i’m having fun with this phone and whenever i look at my g1, i just feel like my g1 is too small lol. I’m hoping the next iteration in the Touch HD lineup to be with T-mo again, whether its android or wp7s, i’m buying another HD phone.

  • KenishiaHasHD2


  • tmoboy

    Tmo employees got major screwed. We waited for the phone just like everyone else. We ordered it. Then were told that phones we ordered were being given to customers instead of being distributed evenly. Why should we even care about selling this phone when we’re treated this way.

    I saw somewhere else about “30 days.” That’s apparently how long employees have to wait to get an HD2 themselves.

    That’s a cool rule, prevents employees from buying up the stock.

    • jm

      DUDE! i know! i got screwed royally. i ordered it as soon as it can up on the site and it said i received the phone then later that day it said will be shipped in appr. 30 day. BS!

    • It’s been longer than 30 days now,howerver if tmobile doesn’t get the phone from HTC what else can be done,I want this phone but i don’t need it.My contract is up the first week in June,I figure if i don’t have my hands on one by then,I’ll just have to take my loyal service elsewhere for the device i want.
      The HERO is looking better everyday.But overall i heard that all of this may be short lived when Microsoft breaks out with Windows Mobile 7. That should be a concern for all… There is also another storm brewing about this phone in regards to iphone crying foul…this could bring grief to alot of folks waiting on the next pallet of Phones to arrive..But still i want one,but have set a limit as to how long i’ll wait.When i spoke with 611 this morning they were still waiting on HTC to send them. Something is rotten at T-Mobile!

  • GFAB

    ya know, michael, i definately appreciate the time you take to actually gain knowledge with the processes of new phones. i go over all of this every single day, over and over and over….the HD2s did sell out, there isnt really word yet on when they’re coming back. and all of the employees actually their phone orders released to the customers, so we’re all waiting too! thanks :)

  • GFAB

    AAANDDD ! the waiting lists are not something that are supposed to be there AT ALL. i would not recommend relying on them.

    • I agree you maybe just holding your breath.!
      Also the deals online are not the same as in the retailers.
      If you got a deal online and you want it to be honored at the retailer,have 611
      make a notation on your account to that effect,cuts down arguing about it.
      so pick your poison carefully,and do your research.

  • chrisradioshack

    go to ur radioshacks they bound to have it im a sales associate there giv us a call if u live in southern calif were in gardena 3103231078

  • DaveGravy

    I think I found out whats going on with the HD2’s so called Lag, and Freezing up issues,…Its called your a bunch of freaking Idiots!!! This phone does not lag or freeze up if you close the application properly before open another one,…Its Windows Mobile, its purpose is to make the phone users experience as close to as possible as using your desktop, if you run 10 apps at the same time on your PC with a 2ghrz processor and see some lag then why on gods earth would you expect a 1ghrz Snapdragon processor to carry the same load without freezing or lagging?,,,Problem exist between keyboard and chair (PEBKAC)…New Version (PEBDAI) Problem Exists Between Device and Idiot!!!! Shut down your apps properly and you wont see the lag imbecile!!!!

    • Robert

      HD2 Phone just sucks period… Stick to android or iphone… If I wanted to run a desktop as a phone I would just get a netbook…. The idea is to make things a bit more easier. Why should I have to remember to close out programs when every other phone on the freaking market does it for you…..

  • abs

    Ok..HELP! For everyone who has this phone please let me know ur honest opinion, I am debating on waiting for the Galexy S but I’m running out of patience, I have a g1 and am pretty content with android..but I hated the Wing and that ran off Micro too..sooooo??? If anyone can give me some advice id appreciate it. Is this phone worth it?

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