Dell Mini 10 Now Available


The Dell Mini 10 netbook is now available from  It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic day for T-Mobile with the release of something for everyone, the HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron and, for you road warriors out there, the netbook!  Let me just go on record as saying I have my netbook with me at CTIA and it is perfection to carry around and use.  I feel quite bad for those lugging around 15 inch laptops and, while they might be perfect for video editing, at the end of the day my shoulder doesn’t hurt as much so HA!  Coming in at a penny under $200 at $199.99, the Dell Mini 10 is the first netbook for T-Mobile and its first device from Dell.  Scoring one of these will cost you $59.99/$29.99 for 5GB and 200MB of data respectively for Even More customers.  For Even More Plus fans, it is $49.99/$19.99 for the same packages of data.  The Dell Mini 10 is available now for your buying pleasure.  Hit the link below.

Dell Mini 10 from T-Mobile


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  • lensovetp

    So where are the EM+ data plans? Everyone keeps talking about them but I can’t find them anywhere on TMo’s site.

  • Green Robot

    What do you mean: ” This morning is looking to be a fantastic day for T-Mobile with the release of something for everyone”. There is absolutely nothing this morning for Android users from TMO – that’s not everyone then. Does this site have something against Android users?

    • Reece


      Yea, reading sites that gloat on technical stuff in general this is on deaf ears while everyone gloats and swoons about Sprint getting HTC’s baby the Evo 4G :(

      While we get an HD2 with beautiful hardware running a lameduck OS.

      I’ll try to keep positive though for the summer and hopefully a 1Ghz Android monster will come to us also … at least we can hope & pray since I actually like my T-Mob service :(

  • bunny22

    I am sorry but I looked at the specs….can we just use our wifi instead of the 3g? From the specs correct me if I am wrong it doesn’t say it has a 802.11 n router???

  • StevenG

    It looks like it’s already sold out, according to the T-Mo website.