So Why Aren’t You Buying The HD2 Again?


I have to say that I’m a little puzzled by the comments I see regarding the HTC HD2 and its upgrade possibilities or lack of them. A number of you have expressed complaints over the lack of a Windows Phone 7 upgrade path for the HTC HD2 and I have to really wonder why.  I get it . Windows Phone 7 looks cool, seems to function far better than Windows Phones have up to this point, but it’s all an unknown now.  You can’t sit and say I don’t want to buy a phone because it’s not going to be given something down the road, especially when that something is a complete unknown. In that case, don’t buy another computer, another car or another television because the model will change on you in the future.  Might there be improvements?  Absolutely!  What about Windows Phone 8?  Someone somewhere is in a room working on that project right now so maybe it’s worth waiting another 2 years for that to unveil.  The actual realm of knowledge regarding Windows Phone 7 is slim pickings at this point and, while it’s disappointing to know that the HD2 isn’t going to be upgraded in the future, it’s not a reason to skip the purchase.  The phone is amazing.  I’ve told you so  myself and it’s a phone that has plenty of longevity should you purchase it, Windows Phone 7 or not.

I really don’t understand the disappointment some of you are expressing.  I just don’t.  Windows Phone 7 looks great, but how does it actually function in a real-world test environment?  Will it offer the features you want and a market that has the apps you require?  While the last part may be an inevitable yes, it’s still not reason enough to not buy the phone.  The HD2 is a terrific smartphone.  It’s a lean mean fighting machine and it’s got the goods to play with the big boys.  Not buying the HD2 because it’s won’t follow an upgrade path to something you don’t even know you really want is just plain silly.  Failing to pick this up for that reason alone will only allow you to miss out on a perfectly good great smartphone.  So I hope some of you who are hesitating see the light, get into a store and try it out or just buy it because I told you to do so.

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