Nokia Nuron Now Available


Mostly overshadowed by the release of the HTC HD2 today but not to be forgotten is the Nokia Nuron which is out now.  I’ve had some hands on time with the Nokia Nuron here at CTIA and I have to say that, while the reviews have been less than stellar, I honestly think it’s a cool little device.  Yes, it’s not fancy shmancy like Android or the iPhone or even the HD2.  The reviews have been a little mixed so it might fall into the “try before you buy” category but it’s definitely a good bet for the money.  This isn’t a phone that is going to match feature for feature with an Android device but it’s certainly equipped to get you through your day with a decent set of smartphone features.  Coming in at the low price of $69.99, this phone definitely has enough to offer for the price and certainly makes a perfect mid-range or even introductory smartphone.

On a side note, I stopped by the Nokia booth yesterday and got a hands-on demo with Ovi Maps, well as best as I could anyway inside a building with a scarce GPS signal.  Ovi Maps is damn cool, very responsive and a definite, definite reason to consider this phone.

Pick up the Nuron at T-Mobile

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  • Aston


  • jay

    with $10.00 internet and a full web experience this is an awesome buy!!

  • lacandela

    I love Nokias but they have taken too long to catch up with Blackb
    erry, IPhone and HD’s and prices are still astronomical

  • queensnewbie

    why does this phone look like an 8 year old MDA with an outdated Symbian OS? This phone is DOA.

  • MikeTeeVee

    The #1 feature of this phone is the $10 data plan. The reviews generally fail to mention that. With the built-in Webkit browser, plus Opera Mobile and Opera Mini available, is there a better 3G web-browsing phone on any US carrier for $10/month?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Can you use the maps feature without having the $10 data plan or is it required?

    • FILA

      You can use the Ovi maps without Data. You do not need any connection to keep the Maps on. The maps are preloaded on the phone, so very very cool. Its like a standalone GPS pretty much. im sure they will roll out updates periodically for the maps to keep them updated. I think Android will eventually make this move

  • nokiabrock

    This is a reply to all the people that say the Nokia 5230-Nuron would only be a deal if it were free. So to all the whiners, crybabies, and Nokia haters here you go. It can be had for FREE with new activation at (newegg) It looks like this is the route I will be taking since T-mobile wont work with me (price wise) on a handset upgrade.

  • mrbuyit

    Anyone knows how much it will cost on update from Wal-Mart? I couldn’t find a single store that had it today… therefore no price. I heard somewhere $29.99 but wanted to get a confirmation.
    RadioShack has it for $19.99 new contracts & $49.99 for upgrades.

    • cheap

      for radioshack, will they change your plan when you upgrade or can you keep your old plan and features like at walmart?


      • nokiabrock

        I’ve done some research. Radioshack nor Walmart will allow you to keep your old plan. You must switch to one of T-mobiles latest plan. If I’m wrong please tell me how to keep my promo 1500 plan for $39 a month and do a handset upgrade. I have called both corporate offices and they both tell me the same. As a mater of fact. None of the online sites (eg. Amazon, Newegg and others) will allow you to keep your old plan.

  • fumanstan

    Amazon Wireless has it for one cent for upgrades. I ordered it and will be here on Friday.

    • mrbuyit

      Shipping in 8-9 days? Too long for me… Did you pay for expedited shipping or their estimates are off?

      • fumanstan

        Oh wow, earlier in the day it was the normal “ships in 24 hours” so it shipped for me just a few hours later after my order.

  • coolmen777

    Looks like it is back in stock. Bargain if not steal at $.01 with an upgrade!
    Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

  • mark strong

    i picked this phone up from a corp store yesterday for the 79 price tag…would it be so wrong if i took it back to the store and returned it then turned right around and bought it again from amazon for.01 ? i checked and thats the price for upgrades also and i can keep my old myfavs family plan…

    • jstone

      Are you really able to keep your old plan on Amazon? I upgraded today and was only given a choice of T-mobile’s new plans. The price is not that much different, but I would have kept my old plan given the choice.

      • fumanstan

        There’s an option to upgrade your phone and keep your existing plan. This is off of, not the regular store. I upgraded a line on an old family plan.

      • jstone

        Update: I called amazon wireless and they said that to get a device discount, they are required to sign you up for one of tmobiles new plans. No phone upgrades without a “plan upgrade”.

  • jeff

    I’m in the same situation, I have a MyFaves plan and I don’t want to have to switch over to one of their horrible new plans just to extend a service contract. What happened to the days when they actually wanted your business. Now I feel like its, “Hey if you are a new customer we will give you an awesome deal on a phone! Oh your just a loyal customer looking to extend his contract. Well we can give you a smaller discount on a new phone. Oh btw, you have to drop your old plan sign up for one of our crappy new plans unless you deal directly with us. Thanks for continuously supporting t-mobile, even while we were the underdog, here is to another two years.”

    Hopefully this phone drops in price through t-mobile by next month. If not i’m sure another carrier would be more happy to have my business.

  • JD

    My Nuron screen is flashing/refreshing itself, and I can’t use it at all. Any thoughts on a fix or similar experiences?

    • jeff

      return it or update firmware

  • xnos

    FREE voice guided GPS for life and no data plan needed…is that a good enough reason to buy one? …oh, wait..that’s FREE too.

    • Jeff

      Last I checked data plans weren’t free and most phones only have assisted GPS which requires a data plan to work. This phone doesn’t need a data plan to acquire a GPS signal, and for people who don’t want a data plan or don’t want to be forced to have one, such as myself, this would be worth buying.

  • xnos

    I was unclear in that communication…the phone was free, not the data plan. However the data plan is free for a month but my understanding is you don’t need it for A-GPS since that is a Nokia built-in feature. Please correct me if that is wrong. I have the data plan and it is handy to check weather radar, etc.