Nokia Nuron Now Available


Mostly overshadowed by the release of the HTC HD2 today but not to be forgotten is the Nokia Nuron which is out now.  I’ve had some hands on time with the Nokia Nuron here at CTIA and I have to say that, while the reviews have been less than stellar, I honestly think it’s a cool little device.  Yes, it’s not fancy shmancy like Android or the iPhone or even the HD2.  The reviews have been a little mixed so it might fall into the “try before you buy” category but it’s definitely a good bet for the money.  This isn’t a phone that is going to match feature for feature with an Android device but it’s certainly equipped to get you through your day with a decent set of smartphone features.  Coming in at the low price of $69.99, this phone definitely has enough to offer for the price and certainly makes a perfect mid-range or even introductory smartphone.

On a side note, I stopped by the Nokia booth yesterday and got a hands-on demo with Ovi Maps, well as best as I could anyway inside a building with a scarce GPS signal.  Ovi Maps is damn cool, very responsive and a definite, definite reason to consider this phone.

Pick up the Nuron at T-Mobile

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