T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out Online (Again)


Looks like the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 isn’t all that’s sold out on T-Mobile.com. The HTC HD2 is once again sold out. The Windows Mobile monster has received quite a few attention, and even with the lack of advertising, this bad boy sells like hotcakes! According to our sources, T-Mobile stores received an additional shipment of HD2’s today but quickly sold out within a few hours. The HD2 definitely is a winner for T-Mobile, but Magenta needs to hurry up with getting this baby back in stock! Additionally, T-Mobile has decreased the price on the HTC Touch Pro2. For those that can’t live without a physical keyboard and love WinMo, the Touch Pro2 is now $199.99 with a 2 year contract.

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  • trife

    Looks like TMO definitely has a winner with this one.

    After all the complaints that I read online before mine came in the mail, I was somewhat skeptical. After owning this thing for 4 days, I’m sold. Everything works just fine for me and WinMo isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. There’s a definite learning curve but part of me likes that. I think a lot of the complaints came from people who picked up the device and expected it to work exactly how they wanted it to right out of the box.

    I’m glad to see this selling well though. I feel this definitely sends the message to the TMO higher-ups that high end smartphones CAN sell well. Maybe this will push them to offer more in the future, which is a win for all of us even if you don’t like the HD2.

    • J-Hop2o6

      great post.. and about the HD2 being sold out again online… wth!? why didn’t Tmo order more than what they initially bought for the 1st wave?

      • Otto

        Likely gone through the phones set aside for employees, talk about self sacrifice…we gave up our phones for the customers! Once they sold out ours got re-routed to sales and upgrades to help until more come in. Hopefully we’ll see some more in the next couple of weeks. I really do hope so, I ordered mine before it even hit midnight and I probably won’t see mine until the end of April!

      • Brandon

        Nothing different than the realeases of the iphone… It is simply a popular device that everyone wants. At our store, we received 85 devices on launch day, and they were sold in an hour… I don’t think HTC or T-Mo expected this, especially since there was ZERO advertising before launch.

  • johny

    why should i vote for you if you crushed my dreams i actually thought the iphone post was real :-/

  • damien

    T-Mobile based the sales of the HD2 on the Touch Pro 2, and thats why there are not enough HD2 in stock, T-Mobile underestimated the potential of the HD2. Sold out again in my store in 5 minutes, only recieve 7 HD2 in stock, half of what we got on the 24th. Doesnt look like we will get anymore in until middle of april in the stores

  • johny

    i want this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i might get it for my birthday :)

  • Mockerfab4

    Just saw the ad on the TV on ESPN tonight. Very sweet looking phone. So glad this phone is a sell out for them. Onwards to some more great new phones!

  • Kal

    Glad to see it is doing well.

    However “even with the lack of advertising” This part I don’t get.

    You cannot watch TV without seeing the commercial.

    They are advertising it like they did the mytouch

    • TheDude

      I do have to agree. I was about to chime in, “Not everyone watches a lot of TV” but I turned mine on for the first time in a week and half an hour later I had already seen two commercials for the HD2

      • Brently

        What he meant to say is that there was no pre-advertisement for the phone and it sold out. Meaning it sold out before a commercial even aired on tv.

  • It definitely is a good sign to see this phone selling out for T-Mobile. As others have said, maybe this will be the sign that T-Mobile needed to see to start stepping up and offering more and more hot smartphones that their customers so badly want.

    On the other hand, I would think that T-Mobile would be better stocked for this phone (especially after the first wave of the phones selling out). They should definitely learn from this for future smartphones that they plan on releasing.

    Oh, and I just bought a TP2 off of eBay. It came with all the original accessories, box and is in mint condition. Also comes with a protective shield and a 16GB card and I got it for around 240 shipped (because I didn’t want to renew my contract, saving that for another day). Just putting this out there for anyone looking to get a Touch Pro 2 without signing a contract.

    I’m definitely excited to see what T-Mobile has in store for us with future phones. Should be an interesting year (atleast I hope).

  • recon01

    The only retail stores to carry this phone is Walmart and Radioshack! If you qualify for a upgrade ,add a second line, or are a new customer you can get the Hd2 at either store.

    • Doug

      I bought my HD2 outright at a walmart here in Tampa on the 26th. They had 2 left in stock and after about 10 minutes i walked right out the store with one.

      • laphoneuser

        I also bought mine at Walmart. Day 1, for $150, and tax on only the $150 (unlike the full price at t-mobile store).

      • Brandon

        uh what? the t-mobile stores don’t tax on the full price… that is illegal… unless you put it on EIP

      • john

        or if you live in CA since the state requires that you pay the full amount’s tax on sale.

  • ulysses salcido

    yea…as i said with the dell not sold out…radioshack, walmart, retail store…make sure u tell them u want to add a line ;) then at the laste moment when u see the phone say upgrade (if you dont actually want to add a line)

  • ulysses salcido

    yea…as i said with the dell not sold out…radioshack, walmart, retail store…make sure u tell them u want to add a line ;) then at the last moment when u see the phone say upgrade (if you dont actually want to add a line)

    • Davidohio

      Wtf? Some of us are not bottom feeders.

  • Davidohio

    I’m happy this device is doing so well but come on T-mobile…somebody is not doing something right if this has happened a SECOND time…how can you keep running out? I mean, is HTC not producing enough? Or is T-mobile not ordering enough? Are people buying them up and shipping them home to India unlocked? What is going on here? At any rate, I am glad to see this device is a huge hit for T-mobile. Once all the bugs are worked out, I may get one.

    • Oce

      ” Once all the bugs are worked out, I may get one.” Unfortunately, you will never own one then. =/

  • Chaz

    I was lucky enough to purchase an HD2. I bought it from an authorized dealer and heard about the employees giving up their orders for the customers. This is awesome and another fact why I stayed with TMO, my contract was up and had the chance to jump to better coverage. I choose to stay with Magenta on the shear fact of customer service. Giving up your phones for the customers is honorable. Now for some HD2 goodness, it runs great, my ONLY complaint is trying to figure out how to covert movies that don’t lag with the voice tracks while playing (Transformers doesn’t). This is a work in progress…. Hope you all get your long awaited phones, it will be worth the wait.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… you did see the employees in here who were cussing at customers (that’s you and I) because the Company told them they would have to wait for the HD2 since the Company was going to use employee-designated HD2s for customers.

      Nothing “honorable” about that. In fact, I find it hard to picture employees calling the main office and saying “Here you go sir, I want to give up my phone so a customer can have it.” (Rocky motivational music playing in the background.)

      On movies, there’s free programs that provide synchronized conversions, but you have to make sure the settings are correct. The HD2 should be able to play the files as well as it does Transformers.

      Before playing any video file make sure you have “cleaned out” the HD2 of any lingering programs (using the included Task Manager).

      And personally I have used the Slysoft line of products for converting my DVDs. But those programs will cost you.


      Lastly, in any conversion program use MS Zune or MP4 (mpeg 4) as the code or format.

  • bob

    Employees didn’t choose to give them up they were like to bad we sold out can be a month tell you get it I had to pay 300 for this phone more then most customers and still waiting to get it

    • tehseen

      I don’t understand what you are saying.

    • Brandon

      lmao. puncuation please.

  • hoodied.hello

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Does anyone else have a problem with sending an SMS message on their HD2? My HD2’s fine with receiving SMSes, but I just can’t send. I’ve been getting the “Unable to send the message” since the day of its release. Though, I’ve been getting by it by using Google Talk to chat with the gf. It has rather become a nuisance when I need to reply to a text to friends who don’t have Gmail.

    Just curious to see if there are many out there who are in the same boat as I am, and to see if anyone knows of a way to fix it.


    • Jesse

      Either check ur SMS service center on the phone or contact customer care so they review IHLR and verify if everything is set up properly.




    • steve unemployed

      Iphone killer?? I beg to differ, the hd2 is a great phone with a beautiful screen, i am glad it was not marketed as “an iphone killer” like the way the droid marketed and failed miserably. Htc focused on htc and that is all and they are very sucessful with this phone. My personal opinion though is how can you call it an iphone killer when the APP store from windows is horrible. Lets just say the hd2 is a top notch phone and leave it at that.

  • Ktwist


    We did not choose to give up our Employee Orders, they were given away by Customer Care. I ordered mine the night before the 24th thru a preorder and was told on my checkout ticket, that it would be on my door by April 1st. Employees receive a confirmation in our email when its shipped and a tracking code is provided. When I didn’t receive my tracking code, I called and that’s when Customer Care said they gave our orders to customers, lol. I was a little disappointed but that was the right thing to do for our customers. Only problem I have is now it’s going to take me a little longer to get to know the phone. I talked with my HTC rep and he said T-mobile only orderd 35,000 phones from HTC initially. He said when they sold out the first day, they ordered another 30,000 plus phones to be made. Customer care said my phone could be back ordered for 30 days:(

    • Jesse

      Yeah, kind of sucks having to wait. I had got one from Walmart back before the phone got released. Returned it under buyers remorse so I could receive my employee discount and dunno when I’ll be able to get if back.

      I did order some sweet accessories on Ebay and im jealous that I dont have my phone.

      • Wow, that’s awful of you to buy it knowing you were going to return it. I lol that you have to wait now.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good inside info. Interesting the number of phones ordered and reordered.

      I wonder how many will sell in 30 days.



    • jack makokov

      Please let us know the location of the store where you work (an authorized dealer maybe?). I’m surprised T-Mobile would hire someone as incoherent as you.

    • Brandon

      I am an employee AND have the phone. Na na na na. :) But I was at the HTC launch party and I won it.

    • john

      I hope you aren’t in customer care, seeing as how if you left memo’s in an account that says something like that, I’m sure the follow on rep’s would have to release a resounding WTF?!?

  • analog spirit

    Well, they’re completely sold out again here in Southern CA as well. It’s really disappointing, as I was all ready to buy one today. I was literally on my way to T-Mo to get one, but then I figured I’d better call and verify that they still have it, before I waste all that time going down there for nothing.
    So I called and found out that they had sold out within a matter of hours, again! At least that saved me a trip…
    Then later I found out from HTC’s website (in their HD2 Software Upgrade section) that the HD2 is only upgradeable with a Windows computer, and I have a Mac. And as I’ve said before, I’m not that geeky or tech-savvy, and I don’t really want to have to hack my phone (and risk bricking it) to make it do what I need it to do. Can anyone confirm if there might be some other way I might be able to get around the Mac-incompatibility problem, like maybe by getting an OTA update, or downloading some other software onto either my Mac or the HD2?. ‘Cos I’m not going to buy a Windows computer just to upgrade my phone’s software.
    But I guess this is all a moot point anyway, as I can’t even buy the thing in the first place. I’ve looked at several T-Mo shops in my area, and they’re all sold out, again…
    So now I’m just totally fed up and disgusted with this whole situation, ‘cos for about 6 months I’ve been trying to find a newer, better phone to upgrade to, and yet I’m still stuck with my old BB 8320 (for now), as T-Mo doesn’t have anything else in their current line-up that I even want enough to justify spending that much money on.
    Thank God for that unlimited Even More Plus plan; that’s the main reason I’m staying with T-Mo. We already have arguably the best plans anywhere; we just need a better variety of the best phones, ASAP.

    • SEFan

      As a long-time Mac user I understand completely. I would think software upgrades for the device would come as OTA updates. That still leaves the issue of syncing contacts and calendars, since Outlook and ActiveSync aren’t available on the Mac. Oh, and media from iTunes.. Still, with a little looking I think these issues can be resolved. The MacOSXHints.com website usually has pretty good tips about getting things to work with Macs.

      Much as I’m impressed with the HD2, I still find myself hoping for a T-Mo iPhone. I’ve been using my iPod Touch a lot lately. No phone obviously, data only when in WiFi range, but I like the form, and the OS works seamlessly with my Powerbook. Like you I don’t want to have to hack the phone to get it to work with the rest of my life. And like you I’ve been disappointed in the overall phone choices brought by T-Mo.

      • analog spirit

        Thanks for that link (MacOSXHints.com); I’ll check that out.
        Here’s what HTC’s customer service said in their response to my inquiry about Mac compatibility (or lack thereof):
        “Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support by E-Mail about updates for the HTC HD2 and the inability to update the device using a Mac computer.I understand the desire to have this latest device from HTC and to be able to update the device. Unfortunately, HTC does not have support for Mac computers. Since the device is a Windows Mobile based device the use of a Windows computer is the only form of support that HTC has or offers for updating or the syncing of the device.You can find other self-help and information about our devices at http://www.htc.com/us/. You may also wish to follow HTC on our Twitter page for new device release information and software updates for our devices. Our Twitter page can be found at http://twitter.com/htc. There is also a customer survey that you can take as well at http://survey.htc.com/worldwide/.Sincerely,Kay HTC Technical Support”
        I just find it really ironic that HTC apparently evidently don’t offer any Mac compatibility in their devices, and yet Apple (and their iPhone) is the very adversary they’re directly competing against. I just find that totally nonsensical, especially if they’re trying to convince iPhone users (at least the ones who own Macs) to switch to their devices.
        I know, Macs aren’t that big of a piece of the world’s PC market share (what is it, like 10%, if that?), but they’re not so small that they should just be neglected entirely.

    • poopman

      where in CA did you check, im here in orange county and was about to check some store but i didnt.

      • analog spirit

        I’m up in L.A. County, near LAX. I’d recommend going to T-Mo’s website, typing in your ZIP code, and see what pops up in your local area. There have got to be a lot of T-Mo shops in OC. I’d just keep calling around, ‘cos eventually there’s got to be at least one T-Mo shop down there that has a few HD2s in stock. It just takes a bit of patience and persistence, I guess; more patience than I’m willing to muster up right now. I’m just tired of wasting all this time on it…
        It was also annoying that they had put me on their wait list, but then when I was on my way there and called them, they said they were all sold out of them again. Go figure…
        Now, if I would’ve had a Windows PC, and had already invested in the whole MS ecosystem, it would’ve been a no-brainer; I would’ve gotten an HD2 a long time ago. But I have a 24″ iMac that I’ve been nothing but happy with…
        Now it looks like I’m just going to have to wait til June and see if Apple will finally condescend to let us have their next iPhone on T-Mo. If not, then I’ll probably just give up on the iPhone and get an Android phone of some sort (hopefully a GSM version of the Evo on T-Mo!), and be done with it. I’m almost at that point already.

    • There are a few choices. You can pay $40 for this software and sync your phone with Mac. Check it out at this link http://www.markspace.com/products/windowsmobile/mac/windows-mobile-sync-software.html

      Also, you can either install Windows via Parallels, Fuzion, or BootCamp on your Mac (I have it installed via Parallels). So whenever I want to sync my WM phone with my computer, I just open the program (which turns Windows on) and plug in my phone (and it syncs).

      If you have any questions you can contact me and I’ll do my best to help (but I feel you, I wish it was easier to sync a Windows phone with a Mac since I have a Macbook).

      • analog spirit

        Thank you for that link, and all that other stuff (Parallels, etc.); I’ll look into that, too.
        I already knew about Boot Camp, but I didn’t feel like spending $100 on some software that I’m not likely to use that much. But I didn’t know about Parallels or Fuzion; I’ll go ahead and check them out.
        If I could actually find an HD2 anywhere, maybe I’d be able to try it and see how it works for me. Maybe after all the hype dies down (and the whole iPhone silly season kicks into high gear, diverting a lot of people’s attention toward it instead of the HD2), I’ll finally be able to find one. Or maybe T-Mo will get some more nice smartphones by then(crossing my fingers big time on that one!), like that Evo or something similar.
        Sometimes I’m still kind-of tempted to just cave in and get a N1, but I just find it way too risky, with Google the way it is now (and that damn trackball!). I don’t want to roll the dice on that one, esp. for that much money…
        Thanks again.
        And BTW, Happy Easter to all…

      • analog spirit

        I just checked out markspace.com, and it’s exactly what I was looking for, and looks really legit. So if I end up getting an HD2, that’s what I’ll use to sync it.
        Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

    • @analog

      No problem at all. Boot Camp actually comes pre-installed on the Macbook (especially the more recent ones). All you would need is a valid Windows CD to install. I prefer Parallels because I can just open a window and have my Windows OS run in my Mac OS. Whereas for Bootcamp, you have to restart (i.e. boot up) into Windows OS.

      To install Boot Camp, go to Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant

      Hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend/holiday.


      • analog spirit

        Cool, thanks for pointing that out; I didn’t know that Boot Camp came pre-installed on MacBooks now.
        I’m considering selling my iMac and getting a MacBook Pro (‘cos I want something a bit more portable), so that’s an even easier decision for me to make now.
        Does Boot Camp or Parallels slow down your Mac at all? I’d think (from my admittedly non-techy point of view) that it might take up a lot of hard drive space and slow things down a bit. But maybe not…
        That’s pretty sweet that they come preloaded with it now.

      • analog spirit

        Quote: “I prefer Parallels because I can just open a window and have my Windows OS run in my Mac OS. Whereas for Bootcamp, you have to restart (i.e. boot up) into Windows OS.”
        In that case, I’d rather have Parallels. I like the simplicity of just opening a window, and not having to reboot.

  • Pat

    Well I just got my sweet HD2 from Costco online! I was able to upgrade with a new 2 year extension and also got a bluetooth headset and a car charger. Free shipping should be here by Wednesday. I can hardly wait, and oh yes it was $149. Not bad–eh!!!!

  • citizeninsane89

    does the hd2 come with winmo 6.5.3

  • WTFisupwithPALM

    NO its comes with wm 6.5 but you can flash to 6.5.3 but i dont know if its compatible for hd2 tmous but you can check all that at xda developers. they were nice enough to give us our own section :D

  • Jweb

    What I don’t get is why you can’t order the device even though it’s out of stock, How on earth is T-mobile going to know how many to order.

    Let say they ordered an additional 30k handsets, allowing people to purchase them and reserve their handset would give them a good idea if the amount they ordered is going to make it. As the reserve number starts to climb towards the order amount, they would know they need more.

    T-mobile you can’t run a commercial all day and all night on a phone like this and not have 100k of them on hand

    • Brandon

      There’s more to it than that. You would have many customers reserve it, and then try to cancel their reservation, or think they can use it for a different line/account… etc etc. It would probably cause more headaches. For now, go to your local T-Mo store, put your name on their waitlist (our store has one, and yours should too) and wait for a phone call.

  • tmohelp

    Funny how well this phone is selling with the apparent setbacks it has (lags/freezes), which make one reset the phone at least once a day. Tmobile better send an update to fix the texting issue.

    Today I was editing a contact, and the screen straight up froze. Had to take the battery out for that one, which was a first.

    • analog spirit

      Wow, really? I didn’t know there were that many problems with the HD2 lagging and freezing. Almost every day, I have to do a battery pull on my BB 8320 due to it lagging and freezing too, which I’m getting really sick and tired of. That’s the main reason why I’ve pretty much given up on RIM/BlackBerry; their ancient OS has got to go. I deleted a lot of the apps I wasn’t using to free up some memory, and that has helped somewhat.
      I’d be so pissed if I spent $450 on a brand-new phone, just to have it do the exact same thing! So in that case, maybe it’s better that I didn’t get one yet, and I should wait til they fix that.

      • vin

        when youre talking about very high tech electronic devices, there are going to be problems with ANY line of phones.. hence a warranty exchange! Do you think a smart phone has every been released that has had no problems once so ever? How about you join the real world. Also maybe instead of being an idiot and resetting your phone every day you process an exchange. Nothing drives me more insane then seeing somebody get a bad phone (which happens every so often when you get top of the line electronics, a risk you should realize) and they claim the entire line of phones is crap, the maker is crap, etc.

      • analog spirit

        LOL… Wow, somebody’s cranky… Vin, I do live in the real world, and am painfully aware of the risks and problems with high-tech stuff. Why are you insulting me, tho? I said I had to reset it “almost every day,” not literally “every day.” Maybe I was slightly exaggerating, but your negativity and insults are uncalled-for. I was simply mentioning the issues I’ve been having with my 3-year-old BB 8320 recently. It’s not like it’s a BB 9700 that’s still under warranty. Of course I would’ve exchanged it, had that been the case. I may not be the most tech-wise guy, but I’m not an idiot…
        And I never said that it was a bad phone; it was actually a very good phone back when I got it. Despite some annoying but minor issues, it’s been a solid phone. But now it’s getting old, and has been acting up lately, so I’m ready for a new phone.
        And I also never claimed that “the entire line of phones/maker is crap, etc.” I just said that I’ve “given up on RIM/BB,” because they no longer suit my needs as a platform. RIM makes some pretty solid hardware, but they do need to get their act together and modernize their software. I think that’s pretty obvious by now. I would strongly consider staying with RIM if they made a BB that I actually wanted.
        “Nothing drives me more insane then seeing somebody get a bad phone (which happens every so often when you get top of the line electronics, a risk you should realize) and they claim the entire line of phones is crap, the maker is crap, etc.”
        Seriously? You get that upset about it? I hope you don’t work at a T-Mo store and have to deal with customers…
        If hearing somebody voice their complaints about a phone (justified or not) drives you that “insane,” then maybe you just need to relax your mind, take a deep breath, chill out for a moment and re-evaluate your priorities in life…
        So, instead of being so rude, negative, and insulting people (who never would’ve insulted you), here’s a thought: Try offering some positive, constructive input or advice and try to help them out, or at least don’t say anything. A little bit of politeness goes a long way…

      • thechemist

        To VIN…

        My wife and I BOTH got this phone day 1. They BOTH lag/freeze. So, her and I are both idiots according to your theory, right?

  • rushmore

    “Sold out” is a relative term. If supplies were low in the first place- so what? ;)

    Seriously though, the HD2 has already sold more than the Nexus and its entire release time. Just imagine how many Nexus would have sold if they let Tmo manage it and offer better pricing deals for current customers.

    • rinklighter

      Good point, and I think that’s exactly what happened. Have any sales figures been released? Haven’t found anything other than articles about the phone selling out.
      T-Mobile–along with some mentally deficient Android freaks that post comments here–didn’t expect a Windows Mobile phone to sell so well.

    • analog spirit


    • poopman

      if they sold the N1 in stores id probably have one right now, so since they dont and im on a family plan i might get the HD2

  • ejay206

    I agree Google botched the launch on what is arguably the best phone ever made so far . but saying that the Hd2 is not bad however I’m not much of a windows fan and I happen to have a nexus so I am well taken care of. still its cool looking and I herd of a Rom to get it under the android OS. super cool

    • SEFan


      Agree and more. Not only did they mess up the launch, but the entire sales model seems questionable to me. I think a lot of people want to play with the device a bit before they plunk down that much money. With the Nexus you couldn’t do that without buying the phone. Not even a decent return period…

      Should have let T-Mo roll it out for them. But after T-Mo’s previous Android picks, perhaps Google felt they couldn’t trust T-Mobile to even WANT the N1. Perhaps they were trying to show T-Mobile what a modern Android phone looks like..



    • thechemist

      You sir, are’s whyda inernet izsweet.


    yea for the first time i have to actually say that TMO let its employees down, just like any job has its perks, we have to get online like everyone else and order them at midnight, to then later be slapped accross the face and told that we have to wait up to 30 days, but it doesnt only hurt us but it hurts the customers, the more time the customers have these phones and employees dont the larger the barrier is gonna be, as far as tech goes, by using these phones is how we find solutions and shortcuts that the magenta isnt even aware of, kinda sucks when you know about this phone months before anyone else does you get ur training on it and then have to wait to actually own it, id understand if we were gettin it for free or discounted, but hey we are gonna dish out fullprice for these phones and have to probably pay them before we get them.

    • Brandon

      So are you saying you buy every new phone that we release? I doubt it…. Why don’t you go to your business support group, or your store manager (Depending where you work) and partner with them to implement a barrowing program like we have… You sign out a store demo to use for a few days to learn the device…. wipe it, and then the next rep signs it out. Instead of sitting on your hands complaining that YOU don’t have the phone, do something about it.

      • TMOTECH

        LOL dude i work at the tech center not retail i can afford to and yea ever since the sidekick lx 2009 came out ive bought every phone worth buying, and even if i hadnt bought them, im a tech rep bro, which means i touch these phones before u even know about them at the stores, know your roll buddy.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        The Company needs to find out who this employee is and get rid of him. Not only does he exhibit that he is not be the sharpest pencil in the box (working in tech, no less), but he is rude to the public, and disses his employer on the Net.

        Not cool. I’d fire this person and give his job to someone more intelligent and appreciates working at T-Mobile.

        Way to represent and bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Billy blanks

    Of course a phone is going to sell out when it is the ONLY respectable phone on the carrier. t-mobiles future slogan that im coining now – “We provide great service.. You provide the phone :) “

    • analog spirit

      @Billy blanks:
      “We provide great service, you provide the phone.”
      LOL!!! Nice!




    (tmotech)agree on that . by this time ppl know more about the handset then us… krazyyy but true

  • SKA

    Like I said before I am waiting this one out. It is Windows Mobile, I have had a MDA, Dash, Dash 3g, and Touch Pro2. I am not falling for the hype, my bro-in-laws friend has a HD2 and it crashed on him. Its an amazing phone it just needs to drop the Windows 6.5 part and it will be fine.


    why would you buy any dash? i can understand the MDA and the Pro2 those are respectables phones, and come on guys we are all consumers and know how electronics work, some are defective just like any other bulk of appliances.give it a try thats what buyer remorse periods were made for but i guarantee you that this phone is not just like any other phone, it wouldnt be as sold out as it is.

    • IhaveDASH

      Why anything wrong with dash? I am still using THE original dash (grey one) with windows 6.5 rom. I don’t see anything wrong in using it, i had it since day one. Heck if it want’s for the Dash with WM i would have never thought about buying a smartphone at all.

      • TMOTECH

        i just now understand why you are still speculating about the HD2, but if you love your dash as much as you say you do, i mean why would you want something that does things faster and full of new things, its not just about the hype if a phone sells out as much as this phone has been sellin out i mean come on logic should kick in and tell you there is somethin about this phone that is making people cooku to miss work to miss their lunches to go buy this bad boy, and trust me if employees are hittin up this website complainin that our phones that were set aside were taken away, that should also tell you somethin. you think its hard for tmobile to impress customers with these phones, trust me its harder to convince its employees, especially their PDA technical support employees

  • We have them in stock in Plainfield, IL with a large supply in our ware house for the limited locations =D

  • Joe

    So what I am curious, to all the employees out there, were you offered a refund, or are they just keeping it and putting you at the back end ?

    Bottom line, if you work for a company and you are an employee, and you are trained in advance and likely have used the phone months in advance, to wait until midnight. To order the phone and then later be told ” Sorry dude, It’s for our customers right now, your just an employee…” I mean… That’s a little messed up in my eyes.

  • Joe

    So what I am curious, to all the employees out there, were you offered a refund, or are they just keeping it and putting you at the back end ?

    Bottom line, if you work for a company and you are an employee, and you are trained in advance and likely have used the phone months in advance, to wait until midnight. To order the phone and then later be told ” Sorry dude, It’s for our customers right now, your just an employee…” I mean… That’s a little messed up in my eyes.

  • Cybersedan

    Plainfield IL, wow that’s a bit of a drive for me.


    every hd2 owner needs to download the opera smooth cab. It makes the scrolling so smooth.I wonder why they didn’t make it this smooth out of the box

  • john

    Tmobile isn’t a dumb company the Buy one get one free is still going on and this device is a steal when you can get two for the price of one after April 15th you will see plenty in stock. That’s when the buy one get one fre offer is over.

    • J

      Nice conspiracy theory, but incorrect. There isn’t a secret stash. The BOGO deal sounds like it is all about giving the customer a deal, but it also brings a lot more profit to T-Mobile. T-Mobile loses money on phones anyway. If they can guarantee more data service profits, it is a huge win for T-Mobile. With the success of this promotion, you are only going to see more of them.

  • Richard

    I’m sure it was the buy one get one smartfone for free,,and now they r just holding off till the promo ends,,u will see the HTC HD@ in stock everywhere

    • Richard

      just saw what john says: its true they r just waiting for the promo to end,,then u will find it everywhere,,,,,sorry john didnt see your comment b4.

  • Bubba

    Hell, I’m hoping to see my employee purchsed phone hopefully sometime before christmas… banghead against wall

  • Frank

    Wow after reading some of the awful comments here.

    I wonder if tmobilenews is full of people that end up on peopleofwalmart.com?

    Horrible. You cant understand some of the comments here.

    Notable Mention


    Maybe some of you need to stop worrying about getting a phone and concentrate more
    on improving your communication skills.


      Wow dude this is an electronics site, sad when people try to make themselves look better by makin fun of people because of their grammer skills. Who made u the grammer police bro, and plus if u dare say that its ur major in college, or that ur an english teacher seriously check that shit at the door, no one cares about spelling or grammer, this is a site where people come together and talk about phones, get help im sure u probably had a traumatizin child hood and probably gor picked on as a kid but seriously lets keep it real and talk about phones not elementary bs.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      In defense of those people posting with horrible grammar or misspellings, I think they are foreigners where English is a second language. So that they can write English is actually commendable.

      They also may be mentally disabled.

      So we should not be so quick to brand them stupid, front tooth missing morons who got a D in high school English, before dropping out their junior year.

  • Well they’ll have one more in stock soon. I sent my back. I thought the phone sucked. The design is great and the screen size is awesome but WIndows Mobile sucks. I thought when typing landscape on the key board it had some serious lag issues. I got a lot of lag trying to watch transformers 2 and the Windows Marketplace sucks too. If the phone ran Android 2.1 it would have been the absolute perfect phone. I might switch to Sprint and get the Evo 4G if Tmo USA doesn’t get a 4.3in screen phone that runs Android.

  • chicago081

    Sprint is coming out with the HTC EVO 4G that is better than the HD2. Google it, check it out.

  • thechemist

    Well, there will be 2 more available after my wife and I return ours tomorrow!

    • Good, the OS sucks…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Your post sucks.

        It’s a tie. So now what?

      • I owned the phone for 5 days and got sent it back. I know it sucks….Android is so much better. You have to pay for Telenav, Google Nav is free, mobi tv is 10 bucks a month and not much is there. The only thing great about the phone is the screen size. so you suck sir.

  • Wyatt

    “Don’t buy _____, wait ____ months until _____ comes out on _____”

    Fill in the blanks and repeat ad nauseum.

    At some point you just have to put your foot down and get something or you’ll never be satisfied as technology advances. If you’re a T-mobile customer right now, this is the best phone they’ve got. HD2 is going to be all about customizing it to fit you because it’s WinMo. If that’s not your thang… get a Cliq? :-)

  • p2

    It seemed HD2 was not sold out in Boston. I found 2 corp stores carrying the handset. It’s strange though that all 3 corp stores I’ve visited advertised 3 different prices, $239, $243 and $199, with 2-year contract.

    • zMOFObia

      When was this and where? I’ve been looking for HD2 since 3/29 in downtown Boston and Revere, and most locations won’t be restocked til the end of this week and have long waiting lists. Sigh…dunno when I will get mine..

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    My HD2 suffered some of those issues. But they have all been cured.

    What I can conclude is:

    1. The free apps that were included on the HD2 are resource hogs. One cannot use more than one app at a time, to avoid lags, time outs and crashes.

    2. Most people, myself included, forgot to (or most were unaware of) use Task Manager or a third party app, that would close open apps. On using Task Manager my phone has run blazing fast. And not a lag or crash since.

    3. Many people thought when closing a program by pressing the “X” that the program was actually closed. In fact, the programs were still running in the background. Opening Task Manager was a surprise to most people, to see just how many programs were still running. Some reported as many as ten running at the same time.

    4. Some programs conflict and that’s just a fact of computer and electronics life. Personally, I don’t see developers for each app being all that concerned about how their software interacts with other programs.

    When you have an OS and “computer” that are not much different than the computers of those days when we were running Win 95 and 98, this is a major problem.

    I say the programs are the culprits because when I ran WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2 there were no problems whatsoever. Thinking things through it can only be the apps that come on the HD2 that’s the problems.

    5. As to my earlier complaints, I have even resolved my MobiTV issues. Turns out that MobiTV does not like a fluctuating signal, 3G to EDGE and back. If the signal fluctuates the app will freeze, hang up or play choppy video. (MobiTV needs to build in a buffer, just as NetFlix does for online viewing of movies. And also just like the CD plays of the old days. To remedy the jarring of the sports models, companies built in a 10 to 20 second buffer to handle the “skips).

    Bottom line: The HD2 is one fine phone. About the only think I don’t like is that HTC and T-Mobile are not getting their due on this fine device. People who see it think it’s a new larger iPhone. :( Of course I tell people it’s the HD2 from T-Mobile.

    And I am doing my part online with some YouTube videos, where the HD2 is in the pop-up ads. See attached screen shot.


    Doing my part T-Mobile. How about a free HD2 for the effort. ;)

  • p2

    In addition to my comment above, HTC US Store and Amazon Wireless all carry TMO HD2. HTC sells for $99 new activation and $299 upgrade but there are only 1 or 2 plans available. Amazon sells for $199 disregarding new or upgrade.

  • sudocrashr

    i just bought mine from amazon yesterday for $99 (with contract) and free 2 day shipping.

  • chicago081

    The Costco website has this phone for $149.00. I think you have to be a member to buy anything from Costco.

  • Wyatt

    Back in stock this morning – just placed my order over the phone! :-)

  • analog spirit

    I just went to T-Mo on the way to work, and they’re STILL sold out. They said they have no idea when they’ll get another shipment of them.

  • J.C.

    I just placed an order too. The lady claims that the store should get more by the end of the week. Fingers Crossed?

  • Damia

    Calling T-Mobile now to confirm purchase. Can’t wait to have this phone!!!! :-D

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s worth the wait. I got mine in the mail on March 27. I still marvel at its feel, quality and the software (I’m loving the large screen to play movies and I really love MobiTV because I can play MSNBC, which is one of only two live broadcast TV stations on MobiTV).

      Check out my videos on movie player and MobiTV:



      This is the best phone I have ever owned and I have had maybe 300 over time. So that’s saying a lot.

  • Seems like stock is back up. Ordered mine last night

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I was walking past a T-Mobile store and an employee was smoking. He saw my HD2 so we struck up a conversation. Some interesting news in light of these shortages, etc.

    1. I have seen three different employees in that store. ALL THREE have an HD2. So not sure how come these employees have them yet others do not because they are being given to customers.

    2. He said that they are getting two to three at a time, BUT HERE’S WHY!

    3. He said, and I’ll try to quote so you can interpret it as you want:

    Me: So are you back ordered like others?

    EE (Employee): Yes.

    Me: Guess this surprised T-Mobile, it’s popularity.

    EE: Not really, it’s because of the defect.

    Me: Defect?

    EE: Yes, a lot of screens were defective, they would crack too easy. So HTC had to recall them and issue us new ones. The displays did not pass the drop test and T-Mobile has to send them back. HTC is covering the defects but we are only getting two to three phones at a time.

    Me: I got mine on the phone, shipped from Georgia, is mine defective?

    EE: Oh no, yours is fine, it’s only the ones that were shipped to the stores recently. It was a batch that were bad, so they had to be recalled and new ones sent out by HTC.

    Me: Well, that’s good to hear, I don’t want a screen that will crack easy.

    EE: You have no worry, like I said, the one’s sent back did not pass our drop test. Yours passed so that’s why you were able to get one. Like anything, this was just a bad batch and the company has your back.

    I then showed him my “mods” and he asked if I had installed a ROM yet. Told him I wait two weeks for that. LOL. He then asked if I had any games. I was able to give him 40MB in free games that I had on my HD2’s chip.

    So all in all a very interesting conversation.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    So hey TMoNews, maybe that’s a scoop you better get on (investigate and report), a batch of HD2’s had too easy to crack glass screens and there was a “secret recall.”

    Get on it, that will give TMoNews national attention.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Hmmm interesting, let me do a little poking around, see if I can’t confirm it?! Unfortunately I sometimes think this is just employees blowing smoke but I’ll dig around?!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Could be, but he said it matter of factly and was very detailed, indicators that he knew what he was talking about. (Having been the recipient of smoke blowing, IMHO he was telling the truth. Moreover, why make up that story, kind of boring and there was no need to impress me with his inside info).

        By the way, it was a San Francisco company store, so that would be the region or area to check. (And knowing what stores pay for space in the Embarcadero Center, I suspect that the store is a major one. Seems the employees would know what’s going on, over some remote T-Mobile outpost.)

        And just why did three line employees in that store have HD2s? Well connected with corporate?

        What I like about this is that it shows T-Mobile is looking out for us and is a demanding carrier. It’s impressive they caught the issue and demanded a fix.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      David, check these out. These links are not related to the defect/shortage I am talking about (that the guy at the store mentioned), but these do show the screen can crack (that we all know).




      This confirms that the screen is glass (in case anyone was wondering).

      Does T-Mobile do the same tests as in this video of Google on the N1?


      Bonus comment: I ordered insurance through T-Mobile, especially since I paid full retail for the phone (Even More Plus plan).

      So any of you buying the HD2, or who have it, get insurance.

  • weezy

    T-mobile is out of the HTC again tried calling last night=(

  • weezy

    T-mobile is out of the HTC again tried calling last night=(