Smartphone BOGO Extended, Again Till May 9th

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T-Mobile just loves this BOGO promotion, so much in fact that they have extended it yet again. This time around, you have until May 9th. Just a friendly reminder that this offer is good in both retail and through customer care, you MUST select two of the same devices when upgrading through customer care. In store, you may pick two different smartphones. That is all.

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  • mikeeeee

    let’s see what’s the best choice on may 8th.

  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmm…. So that is why the HD2 and Nokia Nuron continue to be sold out………

    Go T-Mobile!!!

  • niididy

    Sweet. My wife gets to renew, and I get yet another new phone to mess with. Hd2…here I come.

  • Hans

    Is there anyway to get only one data plan for this? I want a HD2, my dad a Blackberry…but he lives in a place where it’s still GSM, so a data plan for him would be useless.

    • nameless

      pssst…get the phone, slip the SIM into a non-data phone, like a Razr, make a call to register it on the network, log in to T-Mobile’s website, and modify the features on your account, to get rid of the data plan.

      It’s worked flawlessly on the two Fenders in our family that never leave sight of WiFi. No matter what customer care tries to tell you, the smartphone requirement, as it is currently worded in the contract, is UNENFORCEABLE!

      For it to be a valid requirement, per FTC/FCC (not sure which one it was) guidelines, there must be a way to bail out…they could even say there’s a $5,000 termination fee..but they don’t, so the “requirement” is bogus. You must, however, activate the data portion when you order the new phone, so you might get stuck with a few days of prorated charges.

  • imagine if the Nexus One was in TMO stores during this BoGo there would be HD2 and N1s every where and Google would have looked smart for making the N1…

  • WXman

    I thought most people were on Even More Plus now? Which would mean this deal is worthless.

  • cu2cool

    Why do they keep extending this deal? Either they are trying to make it appear to be THAT MUCH in demand, or not enough people are buying it single.

  • Dalton

    How long are they gonna keep extending this? Jeez. Wish I could take advantage of it though :(

  • kyiske

    We keep extending it because its good for business. :)

  • TMORsA

    Call your local tmobile store before going in for the BOGO, our store is not doing the BOGO past the 19th scheduled end date, although customercare will for sure have it till the 9th of May. Just a heads up.

  • WXman

    Woohoo! I was wrong! Went to a T-Mo store, and walked out 4 minutes later with two Cliq XTs for the price of one! And I’m on Even More Plus, so I got to finance the one I did buy! $16, and I walk out the door with $660 in phones! Yay!!