T-Mobile BOGO Extended Through April 19th


The T-Mobile BOGO, currently available and offering smartphone lovers everywhere a chance to purchase not one, but two smartphones for the price of one, has been extended through April 19th.  Originally set to end March 31st, our sources are telling us T-Mobile has decided to show some extra love to the faithful and fresh and extend the offering. So if you’ve been holding out, fortune is on your side as you have 3 weeks left to decide to make a move.

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  • bing bang

    I upgraded recently but wasn’t due until an upgrade until October of this year. So to make things clear. I wasn’t eligible for this BOGO deal, right?

    • tato22


  • Chebus

    will this still include upgrading to got a free phone? also do i have to upgrade two lines on my family plan to by one get one free?

  • Asudave

    Now. if only they will introduce the desire by then. *fingers crossed*

  • miggedy

    I got 2 HD2’s on a BOGO today. Manager @ Tmo did not want to give it to me, but I spoke to CC earlier and the put a note in my account. Be sure you are well versed on the BOGO because they may try to get over on you. Oh yeah I still had to pay the upgrade fee.

    • Jmac

      Did you just upgrade and get a free phone or did you have to activate a new line to get a the free phone?

  • HD2 FAN

    Yes, you can upgrade with this. I spoke to a T-Mobile Rep on the chat thingiemajigger and she said this: “It ends April 19th. Customers who purchase one smartphone and activate or extend a 2-year postpaid contract with an Unlimited Web feature may be eligible to receive a second smartphone of equal or lesser value for free when they activate or extend a second line on a 2-year postpaid contract with an Unlimited Web data feature.”

    I’m sure I’m understanding this correctly. Of course, you’d have to extend your contract, too ..

  • Mike

    Now if only they can show us a little love and re-introduce the smartphone upgrades after 12 months. I have $200 sitting waiting until I can get an HD2. If I have to wait three months until I’m eligible I will but I’d much rather get it earlier. $309 is too much when I know I can get it for $199.

  • Oleg TMO

    Ha! T-mobile is desperate

    • bing bang

      I know, right? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Yes yes yes yes! More time to convince my mom!

  • Tony

    So… is this offer only in selected locations (can’t do it through internet)?
    And if it is selective, anyone know anywhere that does this in Washington?

    • Michael

      Only through t-mobile corporate stores. Good on full upgrades, new lines, and new plans. Hoping they get some in stock soon…

      • Tony

        what is a corporate store?
        just any t-mobile retail store?

      • Tony

        ok, i just spoke to one of the representatives.
        you have to be eligible for a FULL upgrade.
        there is 4 levels to upgrade discounts,
        and the 4th is between the months 19 to 22 or something like that.
        and you have to go to a t-mo retail store to do it.

  • JM

    I think they may have realized that quite a few people were about to be angered at not being able to take advantage of the offer and get the HD2 on two lines since it is unavailable in most stores still. I am on of those people.

    I know for certain that T-Mobile did not have even close to enough of the HD2 in stores to cover demand for even a single day. The stores that ran out of them around here did not have people lined up at the door or even a full store in the morning but were out of the phone within an hour.

    The rest of us who wanted the phone were calling customer care only to find that they are unwilling to honor the BOGO, though CC is the only place that has the phone, thus there were about to be some really steamed customers. Hopefully T-Mobile gets some of the HD2 phones to the stores by mid-April. Might as well call March 24th a pre-release offer…

  • Rob

    It is unclear if this applies only to retail stores or (as earlier post suggested) Partner channels (whatever those are) or only online. It would be helpful if you would clarify this.