T-Mobile Even More Family Talk Promotion For $5?


Rumors and “not finalized info” ahead, subject to change!

Well, T-Mobile says they are the low-cost carrier and they are out to prove it.  Starting April 3rd and lasting through May 19th, rumor has it that T-Mobile Retail Partner Sales will be offering $5 add a lines on Even More Family talk 750 and 1500 plans.  The Even More unlimited family talk plan?  Dropping from $15 to $10 dollars for add-a-lines?  Even More Plus plans look like they are staying the same.  For now, I can’t say anything about corporate stores taking part in this offering and, since its worth reiterating, Retail Partner Stores are currently the only stores I have been able to receive info from.  Rest assured, we are working diligently to confirm through our sources all the exact details regarding this special offering.  When we know more, you’ll know more!

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  • Tito

    This is already happening, I believe? In SLC, Utah. I swear I saw window advertisements, in big bold letters “$5” & blah blah blah. Lol

    • David, Managing Editor

      That’s for Even More plus, this is Even More.

  • WOW. That’s Pretty Cool.

  • Andrew Johnson

    I can confirm this is for corporate retail stores as well. I got confirmation today.

  • rjwisniewski

    This is for all store. It’s a promotion, but all stores will be able to add the promotional plans, even Wal-Marts are getting info on these.

  • poopman

    so is there any way to get the $5 line if i were to upgrade or would i have to get a new line.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is there some promotion for Even More Plus.

    I have two lines unlimited everything for $140 monthly. I said before that the carrier price wars would see that go down.

    Is there some promotion for which I should be calling 611, or is this only for add a line stuff?

  • Sam

    This explains why the loyalty rep a month or so ago told me I could get the Nexus One on an Even More plan, then transfer over my existing family plan lines to the new plan at $5 each and actually save money. I was never able to find that $5 on the web site, so she must have gad advance notice. Hmm. I had decided today to switch to Sprint, but now…

  • Joe

    Can someone who already has an add a line for 15 bucks get it changed to 10 bucks a month?? or is this for those who add a line now?

  • cyberjr

    this is for new act’s during the promo period, i guess you could ask care if they will change it for you, but you might have to sign a new 2 yr agreement..

  • sam

    so what exactly is a “Retail Partner Store”? Does that mean Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, etc.? Or is that the T-mobile kiosks at the mall? when I go to the Tmobile site, it lists both the mall kiosks and the standalone T-mobile corporate store as T-mobile-owned.
    I am on the list with the kiosk to call me when more HD2s come in, and I would like to add them for $5/line.