Cliq Update Trials Tonight


If you are a tech-savvy Cliq user and want to try out a new software update, then T-Mobile is looking for you.  Beginning at 6PM PT (so 9 EST) today, T-Mobile will be announcing to their forum community that the latest trial software for the Cliq will be available for a short time.  Be quick though, because they are limiting the test field to 1,000 participants who will be asked to provide feedback.  The update will update the system to 1.4.8 and fix a variety of issues, including:

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved software performance and stability (homescreens, widgets, less “force close” error messages)
  • New manage SIM card application
  • Added support of WMA and WAV media files
  • Removal of  imeem mobile application

Remember, this is just a trial, but an official OTA update for remaining Cliq owners is supposed to roll out later this week.  Look out for that trial update and be quick.

Update – To participate, check out the T-Mobile forums and manually check for an update

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  • Gr8ful1

    I’m going to try this out later. I already did the OTA update, that everyone complained about. Hopefully the battery issues I’m having will be fixed.

  • shakarak

    Um this update was already rolled out on the cliq.

    • I think you meant 1.3 was rolled out… This is different

    • Gaga

      shakarak….i got this update 1 mounth ago. this is the old one

  • yo

    Where do you guys get these pictures from?! and why can’t you just take screencaptures instead? just sayingg ;o

  • mattshomeworld

    Um… we don’t need this update. We need Android 2.1, and I guessing by this update that its not coming anytime soon.

    • groundhabit

      the 2.1 will never come out for the cliq… you dont get it the cliqs processor cant take that OS there is a reason why the nexus and every other phone that sports the 2.1 OS runs on a snapdragon processor and not the one currently found in your cliq

      • Gaga

        groundhabit do u do research because idk what the hell u r talking about. other phone that doesn`t have the snapdragon processor already have android 2.1………like the Spain milestone.

        i do not think you even know the spec for the snapdragon processor.


      • psnfan

        Dude seriously go punch yourself in the fucking throat I have had 2.1 on my g1 for a long time u are dumb you obviously don’t have a clue about what you talking about

  • Andy

    Yeah nothing new.

  • sfji

    irst, let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S. The device has a 4 inch WVGA capacitive Super AMOLED display (which is said to be the most vivid phone display ever), 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5 mp camera with 720p HD recording, front facing VGA camera, 1500 mAh battery, Wi-Fi b/g/n, 16GB or 8Gb internal memory plus mircoSD expansion, HSPA 7.2, Bluetooth 3.0, Android 2.1 with Samsung’s customized UI on top, and the everything else you’d expect in a cell phone. yeah their is a reason why the nexus one suxs on tmobile.
    Do me a favor tmobile get this phone or something like the EVo you know the one on sprint not it’s ugly undatable sister(HD2).

  • kurtis

    this actually is new…obviously. it’s 1.4.8, not 1.3.8. if you go here it lists what this update consists of. yes majority of it seems to be what the 1.3.8 update was, but as we all know…that update flippin sucked! so hopefully this update that is being released is to officially fix what didn’t get fixed in the 1.3.8 update

  • when da eff are we going to get 2.1, next keyboard phone for tmo that is android, ima get cause the cliq ain’t satifying me, shoulda stayed with the nexus

  • eYe

    #fail . I’m getting this feeling that Cliq will never get 2.x update.

  • kurtis

    come one people.. enough with the whining about the 2.1 update. it has already been stated the CLIQ will get 2.1…and it was already stated that it is expected to come in Q2 of 2010…Q2 starts April 1st people, and runs until the end of June…so be patient. one way or another, offical update or someone porting it over, the CLIQ will receive 2.1

  • Does anyone have a link for where this announcment will be made?

    • Raymatthew

      You have to look for it.

  • Raymatthew

    I’m doing the two part 1.4.8 update. I will post about what I see later.

  • Ritchie

    Same here, started downloading the new OTA trail. More to coe…

  • sdguy

    Update 1.4.8 downloaded and installed. All seems good, touch screen seems more responses, will play with it and report back more later.

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    yea everything seems it is running more smoothly right now

  • John

    I went to the website and saw nowhere to download the ew update? Or do I have to register first?

    • poopman

      just manually search for the update on your phone from the about menu

  • jeff

    Got it at 5:54 PST. Touchscreen more responsive and app load seems faster. Maybe in my head though. Didn’t check status bar lag.

  • jeff

    Status bar issue seems to be resolved.

  • John

    Nevermind. I thought it was for the Cliq Xt. Instead is for the first one.

  • jeff

    One big improvement is the web browsing. Very responsive and doesn’t click every link and picture while scrolling. Great improvment.

  • jason

    downloadin now and will see what it will do. Wonder how they are goin to get feed back from us? Lol. Just checked for update through the setings menu and there it was….

  • timmyjoe42

    Downloading. Rebooted very quickly when it downloaded part 1 of 2.

    I hope I don’t lose my data.

  • Rico

    you gotta manual check for the update on your phone. i just finished downloading it. will report back later on how it is. oh its a two part update. first itll update you to 1.4.2 then manualy check update again and then itll update you to 1.2.8. then your done.

  • TmoMobster

    Downloaded it. I had the jacked up texting on mine when the last update came out. That’s the first thing I went to, and it seems to work now. Hmmmm, I was just about to trash this phone. Ehhh I probably will anyways, my HD2 is on the way in the mail.

  • Rico

    to correct my last statement itll update you from 1.4.2 to 1.4.8

  • Justin

    YES! I got the update! I’m downloading part 2 right now.

  • Rikki

    well I’m updating my phone as a write ill report in tomorrow to see how the update is going for me =]

  • Len

    I went ahead and played guinea pig on this and so far i notice improved screen response and apps opening faster.
    I will report back again tomorrow.

  • Justin

    My phone just got done updateing but one thing that I discovered was that after it installed and the phone turned back on it was frozen on the pink “stick together” picture so I held the lock button and then the motorola M with the blurry blur sighn on it. The phone came on after that lol. So far everything is the same. The messed up update didn’t do anything to my phone even tho it infected some peoples phones.

  • Jay

    Got the new update and was immediately told that my swype beta was not compatible with my phone!…..That really sucks because I enjoy using swype for simple text messages to my friends…..Other thab the swype problem the phone is running much smoother and no force closes yet……I just hope the battery life is better……Did anyone else have the same Swype problem as me?

    • PopArtist

      Jay, read the topic in the T-Mobile forum…if you uninstall Swype and then reinstall it, the problem will go away.

      The update is working great for me, fixed a couple of problems such as dead p and del keys on the touchscreen and everything is very snappy now!

      • Jay

        Thanks so much PopArtist! …..That’s great news…..I just hope I can re-download it since it is a beta build……I also noticed a great new interface when I was on a phone call just now….The end call button has been moved up from the bottom of the phone which should eliminate the occasional accidental hang ups that I have had since buying my Cliq!…..Finally a worthy update with noticeable improvements…..Thanks Motorola but you will really have to work some magic with 2.1 to keep me as a loyal customer……And PLEASE give me the ability to only get Facebook and MySpace happenings from the people I want! ! !

    • donnie

      What is swype beta and how do I get it

  • jaron

    Did the update way earlier and no problem with my phone since. Improved t.ouchscreen accuracy, battery life has shown some improvement we will see how this does until 2.1 I actually like this CLIQ so hope Motorola works out all of the kinks

  • gir2040

    i have been testing it and so far it has been good to me will post more later

  • I’m guinea pigin’ it here, too. I have noticed significant performance improvements. Opening and closing apps, messaging, email, etc are all much more responsive so far. Even just moving through the home screens and expanding the status bar actually feel snappy again. Things I’m looking for that will take more time to determine-

    Battery life – I’ll see how it does after a full charge and a day of use tomorrow.

    Missing calls – With the last update, people would say they called me, but my phone never rang, nor gave any indication that it had missed a call, unless I got a voicemail or something.

    Touchscreen deadspots – I had the same deadspot problems other people reported, but it was intermittent and unpredictable as to what part of the screen would become unresponsive.

  • jimx2

    I downloaded and installed it at like 730 cause i fell asleep xD and so far I think my battery is lasting longer than usual and the touch screen is more responsive.. other than that I haven’t realized anything else..

  • Rico

    My cliq has been working awesome with the update. I’ll check battery seems more accurate I haven’t gotten the dead spots.I tested the screen by playing wack a mole which I use to have problems playing because of the dead screen spots .also played guitar hero and bejeweled.all three worked great

  • Jose

    Is not available for me…

  • How was this update any different than the 1.5 one that rolled out about a month ago? I’ve been running on that without any issues.

    • timmyjoe42

      You mean 1.3.18, not 1.5.
      This new 1.4.8 is just some bug fixes. I’ve noticed a more responsive screen, especially around the edges, the battery is a little better, and I haven’t experienced the “lagging screen/slow responsiveness” if I haven’t used it in a couple hours.

  • Rikki

    The phone is much better at performance but the battery life still sucks ;/

  • Len

    Ok, reporting back. The battery life is a little better but not by much.
    For me, it recharges a hell of a lot quicker.
    Screen response and performance are still good and I dont seem to have any dead spots on the screen.

    That’s all for now.

  • Gary

    It messed up my phone do I need to tell t mobile about this or what